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Can You Tell Us A Bit About Yourself? I am an anime freak. I write stories about Naruto, Death Note, Ouran Host Club, Bleach, Twilight, And Harry Potter. I have just recently started writing a Naruto fic called Hybrid, The Sequal to The Dangerous Mistake. I have also started on a fic called" The Diary of Sakura Haruno". I will post more chapters. I have not been able to post other fanfics until now.I am a complete comedian. I have a cosplay group with my friends. I cosplay as Naruto.I want to be a writer when I grow up. I am only thirteen. I also draw quite alot. I can't say much about myself.T.T I am currently writing a book.The pic you see is of my cosplaying. I like cosplay. I have a full notebook of ideas for stories. So, expect a lot from me. Our cosplay group includes : Me, Naruto. My Step-bro, Gaara and Ichigo. My sis, Ino, My two best friends, Deidara and Hinata. I like pocky...ALOT.

What Pairings Do You Intend To Write About?

Naruto/Sakura (OH YES! Its the frosting in the middle of the oreo. I like frosting.)

Ron/Hermione (...I can't say much about this...)

Harry/Hermione (We couldn't leave Harry out!)

Shikamaru/Temari (Forgive me..)

Edward/Bella (What else is there?)

Jacob/Bella TWILIGHT?! (fan girls scream)

Light/Misa (...Light's a jerk) =P

Sora/Kiari ( 4- eva!)

Roxas/Namine (pretends to laugh ahh..alergies.)

Do You Have Any Other Contact? ...oh well I own a website. heres the link: Check it out! I also have a youtube account. heres a link:

Well...I wish I could stay here and tell you all about me but, I have a lot of writing to do...wait a second...even though I have a whole notebook of stories to write...i have all the time in the world!

What Pairings Do You NOT Intend To Write About?

Harry/Ginny (I know they get married but, I didn't think they should be together.)

Ron/Lavender (HECK NO!)

Edward/Jacob (I hate gay couples...)

Naruto/Sasuke (EWW! YAOI!)

Sasuke/Sakura (Sorry fan girls, never gonna happen.)

L/Misa (Who likes this anyway?!)

Sai/Sakura (He hates her and she hates him..)

What Are You're Upcoming Stories?

hmm...well I have been think about a story...ummm...let's just leave it for a surprise.

Most likely, I will be doing stories on the pairings I LIKE. But, I am full of ideas and I may do a story on a couple I don't like...for my fans .Right now, I am mostly all about Naruto. More specically, NaruSaku. I totally think the'll end up in the end of the series. Now, I used to LOVE Harry Potter. My friends thought I was wierd and now, I have moved out of that stage! Well...I will do a poll on which pairings they would like me to start...

Uh Huh... Will We Be Able To See You Somewhere, Sometime Soon?

We plan on going to Anime Alabama '10 and some other cons in our area, so hope you see us there!

Happy Cosplaying,


A New End by rueri-chan reviews
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The Deadly Mistake reviews
Naruto has a deadly secret...and it causes him to leave the village, while Sakura still recovers from an attack...NaruSaku. I suck at summaries T.T
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