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Whoa. Hi, they kind of just put you in the spotlight huh? :)

I'm just your average anime loving girl. I'm trying my talents at writing fanfictions for Neji Hyuga and Tenten. My favorite pairing ever! I absolutly adore Neji Hyuga. As for Tenten, I mean come on she rocks!

I don't really have much free time, so updates might be kind of slow. Sorry! I'm a working girl and I currently have a full time fiance to entertain on most days :)

I love hearing what people think about my writing, so please feel free to drop me some pointers and if you have any requests please send them to my email address. allimonkeys@gmail.com

Currently, I'm only writing NejiTen fics. But, I love challenges so if you want something other than Neji and Tenten don't be shy to ask :) (Hint: If you are nice, I'll most likely write something for you.)

Questions frequently asked:

Ok, I get questions like this in my email or private messages from people here on fanfiction. Just to set the record straight right away.

How old are you? I'm currently 21!

When are you going to finish your stories? I'm doing my best to finish, I promise!

Will you write a fic for me? Yes, if you are nice. :)

Phone number? I currently don't have a phone, believe it or not! Crazy to even think I know. And if I did have one, I'm not so sure I would give it to anyone besides family. I think my peace and quiet and with my family I don't get much of that so I wouldn't want to add more lol!

Are you in love with Neji? I used to be :) I now have someone very special in my life and even Neji Hyuga couldn't sway me! :)

Favorite Pairings for Naruto:

Neji and Tenten

Shikamaru and Ino

Sakura and Sasuke

Naruto and Hinata

Favorite Naruto Characters:


Neji Hyuga











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