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Right then, welcome to the profile page of Crazy and Little Kookoo,

I've been meaning to change this for a time seeing as this is now run by two different people. The first is Crazy, take it from here Crazy.

Crazy: *rolls eyes* Well I'm Crazy by name and nature, I'm little Kookoo's best friend and I do the Dark series fanfiction and anything thats just too much for Little Kookoo's mind, she still thinks the moon is made of cheese. I'm 19 and love reading adult and childrens books, any book is good, I love music Evanessence, Within Temptation and Eminem. And now I hand you back over to Little Kookoo seeing as I dont talk much and she wants to post loads up on here, enjoy her rambling.

LittleKookoo: Okay one I do not ramble and two, the moon is made of cheese, I mean where do you think we get it from? Cows? *Scoffs* Right I am a huge Maximum Ride fan as well as a Twilight fan and House of Night fan and Night World fan, and a fan of many more things just not mice. So I will be doing the Maximum Ride fanfiction and possibly some others from different novels in the future when I get some inspiration. I like loads of music, all the way from Katherine Jenkins to Fergie and to Chemical Romance, I'm 18 and I will cling to my childishness just to annoy my friends and family.

We both live in our beds, love animals and are two favourite lads in the world is Ben and Jerry, they can mend a broken heart and never break it again. YUM! Crazy has a pet cat that thinks its a dog and tries to bury tuna, I have a dog that thinks its a OAP and can get what it wants with puppy eyes even though she is not a puppy any more.

Little Kookoo's random bit...
If you dont like reading then you are either insane or a box brain (loves too much TV).

Some of my weird random sayings (that I think are cool/funny)

When life guves you hell, you charge in with a bucket of water.

When you're not sure, you look at the persons sheet next to you.

The best way to stop a war is to fight it (which is true this day and age)

How do you make half a hole?

Don't knock deaths door, ring the door bell then say trick or treat!

Blood is thicker than water. Family or friends?

Live life to the Max and have the Ride of your life.

Live fighting, to die free, to live free, to die fighting.

Dont be sad! Just smile :)

Reasons for non-attendance:

wasn't born so i'm not here. Woooo! Spooky.

Got arrested for trying to steal the queens knickers.

Got stuck in a train door when running from a giant cabbage.

Not in as i was hunting vampires. I will slay you! Spawn of Satan!
Signed by patient 122333 from the Nutty Farm

Pain is what life is, stick it out, live through it, in the end you're even stronger.

My life may be a joke, but its nowhere near as funny as your face :P

Boys are like pennies, two faced and worthless.

You can kiss a fool, a fool can kiss you. But never let a kiss fool you.

To know the dark you need to know the light.

I like dark corners because they are warm. (And no one can see you with your boyfriend)

In the night the moon is the only light, in the day the sun is the only star.

Flames burning, heads turning, I'm crashing and burning.

FLAMES melt away the shadows that haunt me life.

Fire, fire burning bright, burn the shadows of the night.

Heres a free piece of advice:

Never ever, ever, ever allow your ex to give your younger bother the sex talk.

Nothing is impossible? Ever tried slamming a revolving door? I didnt think so.

I'm going to die in seven days. Cant i reshcedule i got to work the bar that night.

Silence is golden and duct tape is silver.

When life gives you lemons throw the in lifes face, they're probably poisened.

If you read Maximum Ride Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports in under fourhours, copy this into your profile.

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~pass the ribbon around if you know someone that has survived, DIED, or is living with cancer.

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When I read Maximum Ride I wanted to kill Fang for not kissing Max sooner. I mean, COME ON!

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How to Tell if You're a Writer
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Crazy: Okay that was a whole lot of random O.o


Maximum Ride Series
Cara: (They're all of the same person sorry I couldnt find one on its own lol)

Littlekookoo: Im the only one putting up pictures to go with my stories cause Im the only one who does this sort of thing

Max's Tattoo that features in A Nightmare Lived, slightly appears in A Haunted Past and will appear in Living For Memories(comming soon):

Max's Tattoo in Never Forget (I have a thing for what I consider cool tattoos obviously X)):

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