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Hello Readers!!!

So, you want to know a little about me? Well, I'm a 25 year old female from Alabama, USA. I am currently a third-year high school teacher. Teaching is awesome, but it's a job where you're never really off the clock. I write mainly for fun, though I do have a couple projects I'm working on that are more on the serious side. I probably have grammar and spelling errors throughout my stories, but that's what happens when you get lazy and don't proofread. This is an apology before hand; my bad y'all. I write for One Tree Hill and Glee, and I hope to one day add Smallville to the list. As far as updating goes, I really try and set dates and timelines, but you know life...it really gets in the way sometimes. I won't ever start a story I don't plan to finish...it just might take some time. I want to thank all of my readers- you all rock and I love you to pieces. Honestly, your reviews and feedback are what keep me going. I just hope I can keep up with all of my stories to make you all happy. Because let's face it, when readers are happy, writers are happy.


December 21, 2014- I just posted the epilogue to Back to You. Yes, the epilogue is finally finished. I can't believe that this story is complete. Thanks a ton to the readers/reviewers who made this story what it is. I really appreciate it.

Favorite TV Shows- (Currently on Air)

Glee- I still enjoy watching this show. I wish Puck and Quinn had been a legitimate couple when they were still on as series regulars. Oh well, but I have found a new Puckerman I'm rooting for.

How I Met Your Mother- I think that is one of the best titles out in TV land, ever. I also think the concept is great and it doesn't hurt that it is pretty darn funny. Marshall and Lily are super sweet and adorable, so I totally love them together. They're one of the best TV couples out there. Won't lie, Barney gets a little annoying but he makes up for it on occasion. But Oh My! Ted and Robin...I keep waiting for the show to reveal the mother and then say. "Alright kids, now you know how I met your Mother, but this is how I'm gonna get Aunt Robin back!" I would die if that happened, seriously. EDIT: Robin and Barney...eh. I trust the show, but I still love Robin and Ted together, even if they are just friends.

Grey's Anatomy- I've liked this show from the get go, and while it has had its ups and downs, I'm totally excited about the seventh season. MerDer is great. They are the first TV couple I remember really rooting for. Other couples from the show...I like Sloan and Lexie (WTF, Shonda... you killed them?), Owen and Christina are just alright. Recently I've become attached to April and Jackson.

Bones- A procedural with heart and a sense of humor!l I love everything about the show. I love all of the characters and the plots are usually interesting.

Other shows that are quickly jumping my fave-ometer. (Just made that up, ha).
The New Girl
Happy Endings
Modern Family
Past shows that I love-

One Tree Hill, Chuck, Smallville, Lost, Gilmore Girls, ER, Friends, and I did like the first three seasons of the OC.

Story Information-

All At Once- This story is technically on hiatus, but I do plan on picking it back up. I've got the last couple of chapters already planned out...I've just got to write them. I'll attribute that to not wanting to let it go, but I guess all stories have to end sometimes. Thanks to everyone who ever reviewed and alerted it. I haven't forgotten about y'all, I've just kinda started to do other things. Don't worry though, everything will be wrapped up soon...eventually I mean. ;) I'm crazy busy but this story will be finished. I promise.

Back To You- This is my 'baby.' I guess the idea came from watching all of those Life Unexpected promos when OTH was on and I was like, "Hey, what if Naley had given Jamie up? That might be a good story." Thus, Back to You was born. I've had awesome feedback on that story, and I humbly thank everyone. Some of you might have questions, there are a lot of things I vaguely describe (Naley break-up is the biggest) but it will all make sense. Timing and patience is everything. I think the story will be about 35 chapters...just a rough estimate.

It's Always Been You- So I love Glee, and pretty much everything about it. But what keeps me going back week after week is the crazy pairing that is Puck and Quinn. I literally can't get enough of them. As I watched the finale, I knew they weren't going to keep Beth, Quinn wasn't just going to up and change her mind. But, because I think they should have...it would have made for really good TV...I decided to write a one-shot with them deciding to keep her. That one shot has turned out to be a feature fic and I have some really great readers to thank for that. It's chronological, meaning it starts with them deciding to keep her, then it will follow the progression of their relationship, and how they handle Beth in certain situations. It's fluffy, yeah...but everyone needs fluff, especially with Puck and Quinn. I do take requests for this story. Do you want to see a specific scenario??? Like Beth getting sick, Puck and Quinn's first real date, their first real fight, baby milestones (sitting up, laughing, those types of things), tell me in a review and you'll probably get it.

Random one-shots- These will come out when ever I feel inspired.

Reader feedback is key to all of my stories. Half of it is because I want to know that I'm still (or trying to) write in character, and the other reason is because I want to make you all happy. If there was something you didn't like, or maybe loved...tell me in a review. There's nothing better that hearing what my readers think!

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