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Welcome One and ALL!!

I'm Nicole. I like writing my fanfic and I dislike when life becomes so busy that I can't devote time to writing said fanfic. My hobby is coming up with ideas for my fanfic and my dream is to some day write a book...not based on another series, but my own original creation. I don't really care if it gets published, I just want to say that I did it!

For those of you who picked up on what series I alluded to above, it should come as no surprise that Naruto is currently my favorite anime. Other animes/manga I like include InyuYasha, Tsubasa Reservoire Chronicles, Rave Master and Bleach.

As far as fanfiction, I only read Naruto fanfic's and only ones that are centered around Sakura (I'm very particular like that). As for pairings, I'm a SasuSaku fan - highly doubting it's possibility in canon but luckily that doesn't apply to fanfiction (gives big thumbs up!). I also have a soft-spot for NaruSaku, but only certain stories really pull it off for me.

To contact me if you don't have a fanfic account, my email is: hadeed_1221 @ hotmail . com (don't forget to remove the spacing!!)

Current Works:

Finishing "A New Destiny" is my one and only endeavor right now...the sooner I can finally get to the sequel!

It's Sakura-centric (with some romance to follow). The basic run-down is that as a baby, Sakura and her parents moved to the Village Hidden in the Rocks. Then, her parents were slaughtered during a civil war and she moved back to Konoha. My version of Sakura isn't a head-over-heals Sasuke-fangirl. The idea of the story is that Sakura now has as much a tragic, lonely past as Naruto, Sasuke and Kakashi; so the whole team understands each other better. There's also another plot within the story that's of my own making.


A depiction of Sakura as she appears in my story "A New Destiny."
Mad art skills courtesy of Miss Chocolat (Fanfic profile at: http://www.fanfiction.net/u/1288826/Miss_Chocolat)

I've posted a sizable set of re-writes (and I'll hopefully be rolling out with another in the coming days). If this reaches any of my previous readers, I highly recommend reading through them. I've updated it quite a bit, and the characterization may seem out-of-context in new chapters without that knowledge.

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