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Author has written 4 stories for Hetalia - Axis Powers.

Name: Tori aka Haru~

Age: 20

Favorite things: anime, cosplaying, going to conventions, drawing, etc etc.

Favorite shows/books/video games: House, Hetalia (LOVE THIS MANGA/ANIME/GAME XD), Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, Fruits Basket, Weiss Kreuz, etc etc.

Least favorite things: TWILIGHT!! OMG I HATE IT D8

Favorite characters: (theres a lot but heres the top one 4 from each thing)


D8 I LOVE THEM ALLL~ no seriously o_o can NOT have a least favrotie...but top 4 would be...

1.Gilbert (Prussia)



4. Seychelles ((she doesn't have a name yet so i usually call her by Sey,Chell and suprisingly Ester))

Kingdom Hearts




4. Luxord

Wiess Kruez




4.Edward((Side B))

Final Fantasy


2.Zack >w

3 Rufus and his Turks XD(FF7)

4. Fran~!!(FF12)

Fruits Basket

1. Tohru~ she's so adorable




Favorite pairings: D8 dear lord i have a lot!! But heres a small list XD

Hetalia: XD i love alllll the pairings but my favorites to read or draw are

1. CanadaxSeychelles!! (like OMG i love this pairing like WHOA XD they need more fandom!!))

2.EnglandxFrance (o_o they're mama and papa to me lol)

3.AustriaxHungary (LOVE LOVE this pairing! So cuuuutteee and its canon 8D)

4. GermanyxItaly (okay come on lol they are just too darn cute together lol)

Fruits Basket

1.TohruxKyo ((DUH))

2.HatorixShigure (>w

3.HiroxKisa (8D they are adorable together!! o_o course i can only read things with them being all fluffy and cute >> not into the whole loli thing lol))

4.ShigurexAkito(oh the drama, the heart ache, the loyality!! 8D haha)

Final Fantasy

o_o AerithxZack lol I'm sorry but due to fact that i could write an entire page about all the pairings that i love to read would take FOREVER! so i'm just going to state my all time favorite of the favorites and sadly o_o;;; this pairing is soooo unpopular D8 I must really like the unpopular couples XD lol

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