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Hey guys! Rae here~!

June 15, 2010

Hey guys! I need to apologize again. Anyway, please check out the next chapter in After He Returns. It explains everything. Below, there is a link that leads to my other profile. Pleeeeaaase check it out and don't be afraid to speak your mind to me! I would actually appreciate if you did. Thank you once again. Byez, I love you all~!!! ]

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May 10, 2010

Okay guys, I really need to apologize. I have major writer's block but I have made another chapter of After He Returns. It has gone to about 5 pages but I think I'm discontinuing the series. Over time I have realized that I am soooooo much better at one-shots so that's what I guess I'll do from now on. Since I lost everything on You Belong With Me, and I haven't listened to the song in so long, I have no idea what is going to happen to that. I lost the final chapter I had previously written and the sequel. Oops. So I greatly apologize once again for keeping so many people waiting, but it might not be up in a little bit.

Greatest Apologies,

March 12

Okay... I have decided to write a WHOLE NEW FANFIC. Since I lost all my work, I don't see much point in continuing After He Returns. But should I continue it? I'm not sure. I would like some opinions please. I'm not going to post some author's note thing in the story because that's too annoying for people. Or maybe I should... Ehh, I guess I will. Please email me about what you think. If I start a new fanfic I'm going to try to have everyobne in it. Thank chu, laters~!

March 11

sigh I'm truly terribly sorry I haven't updated in the past at all. My computer had a major virus and when the guy fixed it, he tried to save my documents but couldn't. So that means... I lost everything. EVERYTHING. Which sucks epically, but it also means I can re-start them to make 'em even better, right? Right. So that means... Yeah. I'm not sure where to go from here. Well, I might as well re-install Microsoft Word again right? Yeah I probably should... Laterz~!!

(Newest things on profile...)

Okay so I'm back!! The NejiTen Chapter 6 is up and running and I hope you all enjoy it!! It was harder to write because...well, you're gonna have to read it to find out!! Anyway, I'm starting up another series but it's a SasuOc fanfic. Currently, I'm working on two separate fanfics on the subject and lots of other one-shots. Yeah, I got a lot going on.

So school started up and I've been so busy with it and extra curricular activities. I'm really sorry that some things aren't up as fast as they were, so yeah...

But hey! If you need something to read, check these people out!


They're really good and turtlechick is a good friend of mine so please check her stories out! She's good and got great stories out. If you need something to read, go check them out!! I also really like Lanse's stuff. Her NejiOc story is FANFICTASTIC!! Never heard of that word? Yeah, I made it up...turtlechick likes it so if you don't...well, I actually don't know... Anyway, Lanse has some really fantastic stuff out as does xYaoiXFanx-OzXGilbertForever. They have some really good SasuOc stuff out. I highly recommend checking them out soon!!

(Last things on profile...)

Okay guys, bad news~

So yeah... school is up.

But it's good 'cause I have my favorite teachers! So I hope it's gonna be a good year. So I've totally given up on the whole writing in high school thing. I'm still gonna write fanfics and post them here, so don't worry. I've actually started on yet another -yes, another- songfic. On what? Oh, you'll just have to wait and find out. Heehee... I know I'm mean. But ANYWAY... The NejiTen songfic will be up ASAP and I wanna thank those who still check up on it to see if it's been updated! I love you all and trust me, it'll be worth the wait. I hope... xD I have so many other one-shots, but I never seem to finish them. So I don't know. I keep losing the ideas of even the fanfics to begin with, so we'll see how that turns out.

I'm doing my best to keep updating but things are getitng complicated and I've just been really busy with school and all! I'm sorry to keep you waiting and I know the updates are getting more and more delayed. I'll have the next chapters up ASAP!! I might delete some stories because I've just completely lost interest. I'm sorry!

Okay guys, so right this minute as we speak I'm working on the NejiTen songfic. It's almost done, but you'll have to wait just a tad longer! My other stories are coming along too, so keep checking back for updates!

Yes, I know I'm very bad at this, but please stay with me a bit longer!! I've started a few new things, so jut keep checking back, k? I've got another songfic coming along, so keep an eye out for that!! I love all you guys who're faithful and please check the poll above!!

Alright, so I've deleted the stories containing my character Hime Nara in them, and I'm gonna try to start up another one that's not so bad. So I'm inventing a whole NEW character, a whole NEW relationship with everyone, and a whole NEW plot. Okay? So my new character, I'm looking up some names, and I'm thinking of the plot right now. She might look the same in some ways, but I'm making her personality different. So keep and eye out for that too, okay?

Well, bye-bye for now! ~

~Rae-chan out~

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