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Hello! It has occurred to me that I need a bio. After only like...six...or twelve...months of having this account...ok maybe not that many.

Anway, my name is Katherine. I like stories that are dripping with sadness or incredibly and insanely random parodies. Picture that theatre mask thing with the laughing and crying face. Yep. That's me. But I haven't got the patience to write anything but the latter...and a certain MS. Shudder. I hate MSes, for the record. EVIL. But I was conned into writing this one by one of the voices in my head. Schizophrenia: it's not just a disease, it's an adventure.

Ok, that paragraph scared off all the normal people. Deep breath.

=) Hi! Let me see...I am not obsessed with a)tea or b) BEING JESUS like certain people I could mention...nor am I obsessed with a)ballet, PINK and makeup or b) being SATAN like a couple other people I could mention...though I do enjoy lipgloss, Legolas, Gollum, chocolate, French, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Christianity, clear nail polish, music...and chatting, so feel free to email me to chat!
Unless you're another one of those teenage guys who's awake at 2am in the morning and doesn't go to school but spends the entire day playing video games and then hits on random people online, trying desperately to get a girlfriend.

Yes, that happened to me. SHUDDER.

I* was doing homework. So there.

...anyway, hope you all enjoy my stories, and good night, America! =)

[or should it be good morning Australia? I can never tell.]

Hey, sorry to those wonderful 11 people who are official fans of mine. ;o) I haven't had ANY time recently to update, I will try though--the summer commeth. Cheers!

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