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2009: I love writing, period. But I haven't done any writing in 5 years, not since my high school years. And back then, I was quite a bright and quirky writer. Now, my English's rusted a bit off the edges (since I've to practise speaking other languages) much to my dismay. But I can't really be bothered with it. Being a medical student means you're on your toes all the time, or rather on your chair all the time, reading. Life's boring, and it takes a toll on your...well, life in general.

I've always loved anime and mangas, but I don't do them very extensively. My favourites are Bleach (definitely), Naruto and several Shoujo series (VK, Maid-sama, Ouran High School Host Club).


I love Kuchiki Byakuya and Ulquiorra Cifer. Also Ichigo Kurosaki. These are my top three favourite Bleach males.

For females, my favourite is Kuchiki Rukia. I like her a lot, because she reminds me of myself... short hair, rough girl, loud girl, tomboyish... my friends often comment that my hair reminds them of Rukia... oh well. I take that as a compliment, because I really do like her. A close second would be Shihoin Yoruichi, and I find her really really sexy. Looks-wise and even her voice...so I can imagine how it would be for the boys...

I am a 100 percent supporter of IchiRuki or ByaRuki. Either one will do fine with me. I essentially support Ichigo with Rukia actually, because they are the reasons Bleach exist, and I like their bond. But I also like the Byakuya-Rukia relationship, it's fascinating. I've always pondered what would be going on in Byakuya's mind because Rukia looks so much like Hisana... no feelings at all?? Hence, my first ever fan-fic...

I don't like RenRuki...in my opinion, Renji fits the secondary character really well... the unrequited love kind... ah, poor him. But he and Ichigo are hilarious! I don't like Ichihime because I don't really have a tendency to Orihime... I don't hate her... but between her screaming and damsel-in-distress role... hmmm I don't know... but I really liked the love confession she made to Ichigo, made me feel for her...


I've recently caught onto this series really late and have fallen in love with it, it's so emotionally-engaging... more so than Bleach. My favourite male characters here are Neji, Naruto, Gaara and Kakashi (and also Rock Lee and Guy-Sensei) and my female one is Hinata. I know, I don't usually like female characters like her but there's something just so loveable about Hinata! :D

And my favourite pairing for this series is NejiHina (Hyuugacest! Lol, adding this to my KuchikiCest obssession... I know I probably come across as twisted pretty much). I side-ship NaruHina and ShikaTema.

Vampire Knight:

I have gotten hooked on several Shoujo series namely VK and Maid-sama. I love the pairing Kaname x Yuuki (now, coupled with my ByaRuki and NejiHina fascination, you can definitely say I've got some serious tendency to anime/manga cest couples! Forbidden love ftw). XD


The link to my new LiveJournal is: ev3nstar_lady

I also do have a Deviantart account, which houses my basic colouring abilities. XD The link: evenstar-lady

My very first AMV, an IchiRuki AMV (do comment and give me feedback :D): AMV link

I've recently started a Twitter account (yes *shakes head*), and it is here: evenstar_lady (Evenstar). Do add me if you are interested. :D

I welcome any feedback regarding my writing, whether vocabulary-wise or story-wise or anything-wise.

This is my personal quote, my very own. :)

I have fallen in love with something, and I want to make you fall in love with it. But words are all I have.

No beautiful pictures for the eyes to feast on, nor moving videos to engage your attention.

But if every word is tastefully selected for just the right moment, I believe you will read and feel them in the heart. If you don’t, then that is my failure. If you do, then that is what little I have offered… as an author.

evenstar lady

UPDATE (27/7/2014)

I just woke up to an extremely rude review on my IchiRuki fic, which I subsequently deleted easily. I considered leaving the review there for all to see but it was just so offensive in language and rude that I found it so distasteful so I got rid of it. It was anonymous of course (as all rude reviews are), because the person didn't have the courage to post it up under an account name. But the beauty of a rude anonymous review is that it allows the author to delete the review with just one click like the rubbish it is.

In that review, the person was going on (with extremely colourful language) about why I wasn't updating one of my older ByaRuki fics, and calling me names... and (this is the ONE that really did it) said it was being disrespectful to my readers.

Authors do not write FOR readers/reviewers. I have real-like commitments, and most of them involve saving lives of patients. I don't get PAID doing this, I don't get anything out of it. More than three quarters of the people reading my stories don't even review anyway, so am I supposed to get angry? No I don't, because I am sharing and I do it for the love of writing.

So do not DEMAND me to update (on top of that, being so offensively rude), like I OWE it to you. I don't owe it to you, who is the one using the time and effort to come up with chapters? It's the authors... you do nothing but leave rude reviews and try to cut their hard-put effort down. SO who's showing who disrespect?


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