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Hi all!

Since you chose to read my profile, I will try and entertain you...

I am a 30 something woman from Michigan (yes, age has finally become an issue). I have, like Bella Swan, always liked books. And like her again, I've never recieved any awards for reading great quantities of them. That's pretty much where our similarities end.

Writing is something that I do fairly well - in a technical sense. Let me see if I can clarify...

My brother is autistic. Many people with autism have a gift - sort of like the gods were almost trying to make up for the disablility by providing them with some fantastic, unique ability. My brothers' gift was drawing. He could, at age 8, draw better than most high school students. However, he could not imagine his images; they had to come from reality. To be sure, once he actually saw what he wanted, he could draw it perfectly. But wild flights of fantasy - monsters from the deep, lollipop trees, starry, starry nights - all were foreign to him.

My writing is sort of like that. I have almost no ability to come up with my own plots. Characters I am a bit better at. And I'm a natural editor - much to many of my co-workers and friends' chagrin. Words are tools, to make myself happy, mostly - but to make things flow better. It satisfies my natural craving for beauty.

I would be a perfect writing partner. If I had a partner who could come up with the plot, and let me run with describing it and the characters...and their interactions. And pretty much everything else. Then we would have a book. Chuckle. Dreams...

So, I am not an author. I graduated from university with a degree in pyschology, a minor in history, and a deep need to fix things. Make things turn out right like in my favorite books - searching for my happy ending by helping others find theirs. And always wished I could write...because then real life couldn't come along and muck things up.

I know what they all say - "write what you know". Ugh. I have been blessed with probably the same amount of pain, joy, wonder, anxiety, love and fears that the rest of humanity deals with. It's what connects us. But really, do you want to read about all your neighbors' day-in, day-out dramas? Miracles of babies being born and growing up? Who's been sneaking around on whom? Their little work dramas? That's why they make soap operas - all that, but the people have better makeup, hair and clothes. Not to mention more money. Chuckle. And really, did Stephenie Meyer actually KNOW some vegetarian vampires? (I have to admit, part of me still hopes so - the part that's like, still 7 years old and is teetering on the edge of NOT believing in Santa anymore).

Still, there are very special things about me; I am Wiccan for one, so the belief in magic is very much a part of my daily life. But not magic as in "Charmed" or other Hollywoood productions. Magic is the impulses that make your muscles obey your brain; it's what happens when babies are concieved (did you know that we still don't really know the mechanism of conception? That, although we can duplicate it in a lab, what actually goes on is a mystery?), it's what happens when the sea crashes on the shore, when the wind whistles through the trees, when a volcano erupts the Earths' molten core into the air. That's my magic. But I won't write about it - fiction does not and can not do magic justice.

Some fan fiction kills me. I sit at the computer and giggle endlessly, making my poor husband wonder what I am up to. Especially the "lemontastic" stories. I really can't imagine Edward using scatalogical language - it kind of goes against the grain. Yes, a few of these stories fill the holes that Stephenie left, relying on our imaginations to do it for her. Some of us had the desperate need to fill that hole. I could wish that most of them paid more attention to and followed the character's natures, however. Some fan fiction intrigues me. There are a few writers here who do our dearly loved fictional lovers justice. A few stories actually inspired me to write my own finally. I have to give thanks to Shavera, for showing me it was possible to get into a different character's head, as she did it beautifully in Conflicted Thoughts. I hope that my stories have the same affect on people as hers did on me. I also give kudos here to TwillightMomofTwo, who has proven that I am not alone in my Edward obsession and not alone in our age range and for letting me know that yes, I may be crazy - but I may as well enjoy it while it lasts! My eternal gratitude. And my new favorite writer here, OneDerangedScribbler, who has given me so much insight into Jaspers mind. And lots of encouragement to keep writing. Thanks, sweetie!

Favorite Books: Anne Bishop's Black Jewel's Trilogy - actually any of the Dark Jewels books. I like her other stuff, too, but the Dark Jewels books have become my "comfort books." Am actually playing with writing a Surreal-based story. Guy Gavriel Kay's Fionavar Tapestry and pretty much anything else he's ever written. Bernard Cornwell's Saxon Tales and The Archer's Tales. Robin Hobb's Assasins Trilogy. J.K. Rowling and her Harry Potter, for sure. Anne McCaffery's Pern Series. Of course, J.R.R. Tolkien (who's list isn't he on?). Pretty much all of Robert Heinlein's works. The Dies the Fire Series by S.M. Sterling. I adore historical fiction - but not the bodice ripping type - more Philipa Gregory. And when I need a little fluff, Nora Roberts/J.D. Robb suffices.

And, of course, Stephenie Meyers' Twilight Series. Much more so than I thought I would - I really wasn't expecting to become fairly obsessed. I loved all the other books I listed and more, but never felt compelled to read or write fan fiction due to them! Of course, most other books don't highlight the lines drawn between sex and love and death and then blurs them as much as this series does. It truly reaches into our psyches and twists with a vengence. I love it. We all love it.

Most of what I'm planning will be in Edwards' POV - it's just so much more fun. Let me know, however, if I go over the top with his teen angst. I tend to get carried away - and he'll let me do it, too! LOL

For all who read my efforts, my deep thanks. I try to answer every review I get, and when I do get them, they thrill me! :D

Brightest Blessings.


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