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Author has written 4 stories for Crash Bandicoot, Misc. Games, and Pokémon.

Life is great right now, applying for an awesome job as a research assistant. If I get it, I'll have my own office and everything! Plus, my ex won't be able to flaunt her new boyfriend around me while I work, because I will have moved on!

By the way, if you're reading these stories, make sure to Favorite or Follow, so that you can keep updated with the latest chapter. I know it feels a little...forced right now, but that's because I'm trying to introduce vital pieces of information while keeping the essential format of the timeline. When I break away from the games, it's going to get wild!

Let me know what you think, good or bad! Email me at [email protected]

Known Characters:

Joseph Talins- Talins has sided with Nexus completely and is on board with reviving Nexus' Angels.
Dr. Neo Cortex- Now determined to capture Crash by using Tawna as bait, Cortex has prepared in his defense a very powerful ally.
Dr. Nitrus Brio- Cortex's lab crony, Brio has repaired the Vortex in vain for Cortex's next general.
Dr. N Gin- A character who hasn't actually appeared in person, N Gin, like Brio, was a loyal Cortex Commando.
Crash Bandicoot- Determined to save the islands and Tawna, Crash has moved on to the second island, one island away from Cortex.
Koala Kong- Formerly a Cortex Commando, Koala Kong was killed by the possessed Crash Bandicoot.
Ripper Roo- Recently confronted Crash and Aku Aku and lost, Ripper Roo has disappeared into the jungle without a trace.
Pinstripe Potaroo- Pinstripe now protects the Castle, waiting for Crash to come so that he can shoot him up.
Aku Aku- A mask that is sworn to protect the Wumpa Islands and the creatures that walk on its beaches.
The favorite project of Talins, Nexus seems to have something more in mind than simply reviving his 'Nexus Angels'.
An ancient being revived by Nexus, Polyphemus closely resembles a cyclops and is the first of the Nexus Angels.
Once again captured, Tawna now waits as bait for Crash who is determined to save her.
Cortex's newest Commando Project, . (Cortex Commando) has shown that she is relentless, and is ready to take Crash on.
Manum Domini
A mysterious new Nexus Angel created by Nexus using a special summoning ritual.

Next Story: Chapter 18: The Final Gem

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