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QUICK UPDATE 11/28/2016

I'll get to the full "where the heck have you been" in the Christmas Update, but an interesting point came up in a guest review on the Mirror series that will probably come up in Make or Break as well, so there's some brief linguistic points to clear up.

One, the characters I'm writing about are, to the best of my ability to make them, Japanese. They're speaking the language, and from the culture. This means they may refer to things a bit oddly from a Western perspective in the name of accuracy.

In this case, what happened was the characters refer to the country we call "Japan" as "the Empire." Now, from a western PoV, the reader was absolutely correct - references to "Imperial Japan" in the West died off with the end of the second World War, as Japan was forced to give up most of its' overseas territory. The thing is, that's not the perspective the characters are speaking from. There are still strong remnants of the medieval mindset in the Japanese language today. While I haven't really been able to track down things to their ultimate linguistic roots (and anyone more learned than I am chiming in is appreciated, feel free to PM me) I feel the use of the term is justified in three ways.

First, the tenno, commonly "Emperor", is still the symbolic figurehead of the country. While it's true the current Emperor has no real power in the government, and it would be difficult for him to gain any, the same is true for a number of European kingdoms with constitutional monarchies today, and they do officially retain that title.

Related to the first, the second reason is that many references to the country as an Empire do survive in its' own language. There's a lot of back and forth with the tenno historically trying to portray themselves as equals to China, which I don't really feel like getting into the nitpickery of. Suffice to say, I feel that it's sufficient to say that, even in their "diminished" state today, Japan still thinks of itself as an Empire

The third reason comes back to that medieval mindset I mentioned before. The historical definition of Empire didn't necessarily require overseas holdings as it did during the 19th and 20th centuries, or even anything as extensive as Napoleon's conquest of Europe. It was more along the lines of anyone holding dominion over multiple kingdoms, usually ethnically distinct ones. To use a European example again, if in, say, the 12th century Richard the Lionheart had conquered France instead of heading off on Crusade, he could have declared himself Emperor. (That's really, really simplified. Kids, please don't try that with your history teacher.) In this case, while there's a potential argument that the various regions of the Japanese mainland would still qualify today, I can go one easier. The Ainu of Hokkaido and the Ryukyuan of Okinawa still exist as ethnically, culturally, and linguistically distinct peoples even today, and are even making a comeback under more enlightened modern attitudes.

In short, in my stories references to "The Empire of Japan" or "Imperial Japan" or "The Empire" should not generally be taken to mean the Japan of 1868-1945, but instead the modern country in as close to an accurate rendering of how they refer to themselves as I can manage without going the gratuitous Japanese route.

(One thing to note is that, when they're speaking English I realize they'd never use the word "Empire" to describe themselves, due to the negative connotations they're aware of as well as sensitivity over how that whole World War thing ended. But they're not speaking English, so...)

UPDATE: 1/15

So, at this point everyone still reading Make or Break is probably wondering "Why the long delay?" Sadly, no real excuse, just a bad case of writer's block on some of the bridging elements.

Nonetheless, I am happy to announce that the first 'part' of Make or Break is, as of tonight, completed. I have plans for roughly two more parts to the story, probably both shorter than the 130 thousand words that this has proven to be, so at this point I would guess the story is roughly half completed.

At this point, I was planning to talk about what inspired this story, where I was planning to take it, and maybe some of the 'could have been' plot ideas. But I find myself struggling to remember what I was planning to talk about, so I'm going to instead open it up to you guys. Feel free to send me questions via PM about the story (or about the Precure Mirror stuff, I suppose) and I'll post the answers to my profile with the next chapter.

Speaking of which, I now don't really have any reserved chapters, so expect posting to slow, if not stop, for some time. Worst case scenario, I'll reach the conclusion that I need to have the rest of the next part written before I start posting, which means that the story will be posted as a second "season" late in the year. And if I lose interest in working further, I will probably post everything that's already complete as a single, unedited chapter just so people who are interested can see what was done to that point.

Not that I'm planning that, but I felt it needed to be said.


Got a guest review that I feel compelled to respond to, although you will not be seeing it in the reviews because I don't feel it properly belongs there.

Guest: :You're an awful excuse for a human being. Please disappear.

Nonsense. I am an excellent human being. I have two of your earth "legs", which both extend downwards from my thorax/abdomen region. Also I am covered with skin.

That is all.

Unfortunately, I have to announce at this time that Real Life has crept up behind me. The next part of Refracting Garden hasn't even been started yet, and while Make or Break has some more material close to ready to post, I fear I simply won't have time to get to it for the next few weeks.

So! Tentatively, I am calling a hiatus on new postings for the next three weeks. With any luck, that will be enough time to get all my affairs in order and do proper editing. After that, I hope to post things on the following dates.

December 23: Make or Break 12
December 25: Make or Break 13, "Mirror Side Story", and possibly some Omake.

After that, new content will probably stop coming until March, tentatively. Rest assured, I've chosen these stopping points intentionally - Chapters 12-13 wrap up the last remaining threads of dangling plot before going into the second part of the story, of three planned. And Refracting Garden. . . well, if you're following it, you know that's probably as good a stopping point as any.

Normally, I suppose this would be addressed in an author's note, but since I don't like doing those except in the last chapters I'll talk about Garden here for a minute.

Refracting Garden is, in essence, the backstory notes for my previous novel-length fic, "A Mirror Darkly" converted into brief vignettes for those people who enjoyed the original tale. My intention is NOT to explain every mystery or go into every single detail of what "went wrong." If nothing else, there simply isn't enough of an audience enjoying the story to justify the literal decade of my life I would need to dedicate to telling the story of that decade. I follow where my muse leads to some extent, but if no one's reading there's little sense in taking my skeletal notes and putting in the effort to convert it into a tale that would necessarily rival "Game of Thrones" for both length and complexity.

Instead, these brief short stories, almost ficlets, are intended to be 'snapshots', significant moments where the ultimate outcome could have been changed, but for the personalities of the involved characters. There is also some setup for the potential, yet-to-be-written sequel in there. There are yet more of these tales, usually one or two per series, that I feel are worth exploring. But if the few dozen of you out there read this and have questions about where things might have gone, feel free to PM me.

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