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So, Christmas Eve, or Christmas morning for some of you. And I've got two new things up.

First, the finale of "A Mirror Darkly". My first completed story, in fact! How do I feel about it? Eh, not as happy as I'd like. If I had to do it over again, I'd probably set it post-series, but when I went back to try that edit I realized that it was just too dependent on some of the mysteries from the show still being unsolved. Still, there are some things that I felt I really should have gotten. I may revisit the Mirror Precure universe at some point, most likely following Nozomi's journeys through the Happiness Charge era. I have some ideas for that one.

With Mirror completed (for now) it's time to try something different to cleanse the palette. Since I just finished a dark and, well, somewhat depressing work, let's go for a comedy! Admittedly, Ranma 1/2 is a bit of a black comedy if you know more about Japanese culture than we did in the 90s. But I'm hoping a positive role model like Kousaka Honoka will be able to get at least some of these guys out of the middle ages. For the record, "Make or Break" makes some significant tweaks to the Ranmaverse to introduce current communications technologies, mostly because Love Live couldn't happen without near 100% internet penetration.

As for Crystal Energy - I hesitate to set a firm date, but I'm going to try to publish the next chapter by MARCH 31st 2015. No guarantees of this, but it's still my most-read work, and I do feel guilty about leaving it despite the production problems it has had.

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The school idol craze is sweeping the country, and carrying along a certain couple of redheads with it. But when the kids of Nerima notice a fad, they tend to get carried away! Now the Wrecking Crew are set to turn the movement on its' head, but if there's anything they have to learn, it's that Kousaka Honoka doesn't lose - and she's got the best teacher out there in not losing!
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