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Hmph. You stumbled upon my profile. Are you lost? Because the door's right over there. You can slip on out, right there. Your escape.

Not lost? Oh. Okay then. Here's some random information. I guess...

Name: Miyako Mizuki. Was it not clear? Oh. Sorry.

Age: Immature.

Gender: Take a guess. You have a 25 chance of guessing correctly. XD


Color: I love the colors orange and midnight purple. Orange: It's amazing. Midnight Purple: The person I love the most loves this color. XD

Interesting word: Nom!! Backwards, it spells...moN! LIKE IN JAMAICA, MON!

Mental State: Interesting question...

~Things I love~


My netbook, Walter!

My iPod!

My Avatar!










My awesome pajamas!


Hana Kimi!

Vampire Knight!



Mamotte! Lollipop!

Shugo Chara!




Staying Awake!

Jasmine~ ( Look to the bottom of this profile! )

\Things I hate/


People who claim Puzzleshipping is not cannon. In the words of a /mot/, when two male characters spend more time touching each other than even LOOKING at the female characters, there is something going on.


Sleeping. Waste of time...





Batteries on iPod dying when you need them most.

Batteries on ANYTHING dying when you need them most.





Doctors. Creepy...

Commercial Flying. It's not the flying I'm afraid of, it's the loudness.

More on this later...



Hellooo! Um, working on new chapters for SotCR and possibly ABTF. I completed a pipeline story today. The HorrorOne-Shot for Fruits Basket is done, happy to say. I like it. Go read it...please?

Um, to replace the old pipeline story, I came up with two more by accident, so if I don't get the needed updates done today, it's because I was working on those...

So, have a nice snow day! Because it's snowing here~


Are you amazed? I actually got the update for ABTF up on time! It's still January and everything, so I'm pretty happy I made the deadline. I originally planned to go back and redo all my previous chapters, but I like comparing my writing styles. I've changed a lot, and I'm pretty proud of it. To top it off, it seems 2o1o is a great year for FanFiction, because I've read a lot of really good ones lately. The newest upated chapter of ABTF was actually dedicated to FutureBCullen (GO READ HER STORIES NAOW!!) for her great encouragement and to give her encouragement for her new story, LoveGame, which is a continuation of Truth or Die, the inspiration of A Bet Too Far. Thanks, hun!

The update for Secrets of the Chat Room was missing for December, but I was endlessly happy with what I came up with for January. The next chapter is in the works at the moment, and I am pretty excited for this story. The feedback has been great, minus one canon fan that has to be EXTREMELY upset with the turn the story has taken...sorry, no Kaname/Yuuki! BLEH! I left off on a cliffie, so I hope you are good and ticked off. Flames will be used for marshmallows, melting chocolate, burning down my school, etc. etc.

PLEASE keep an eye out for me. I have a tendency to act on the before-sleep-plot-bunny invasions. I am beginning a vacation!YGO fic, which I'm REALLY excited for. But I probably won't post it until either A Bet Too Far or Secrets of the Chat Room is finished, as they are my only unfinished ones. The One I Love is being switched to Complete for now, but may be continued later on. I want to change the summary, because it seems misleading, but it gives me flashbacks, which are totally awesome. So it stays for now.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'll go work on the next chapter of SotCR. >_


The update for SotCR for Decemeber may of my not be up in time. We'll have to see. The promise of updating A Bet Too Far in January will most likely hold true, so PLEASE threaten me to get my motivation up. I have been rather depressed lately, so everything I end up writing ends in someone dying or hospitalized. Which is why nothing is getting posted. And the longer my writing lays dormant, the greater space my writers block causes in my already failing brain. I'm trying though.

Updating during the month of November will be few and far between as of now. I am a participant of NaNoWriMo (Google is your friend, guys), so that will eat up a lot of my time. I will update, however.

Secrets of the Chat Room will be moved to my "writers block" list, as in, I will update this when I have writers block on something else.

A Bet Too Far has gone on official hiatus, however, I SHOULD begin updates starting in January. It really has become a drag to write for Twilight. I have no idea why I started this in the first place. But I'm a writer. Throw it in the corner for now and come back to it later trying to remember why I stopped writing it.

Expect a bundle of one-shots. I really do get attacked by plot bunnies a lot. Please forgive me!

Uh. I think that's all.




Still Working



The One I Love: Possible that I might continue this. Motivation needed.

A Bet Too Far: Officially off hiatus, but I'm still hating this fic. Only continuing because of readers, so feel the love. >_

They'll Never Love Me: D-U-N. Please review, this story feels neglected.

Secrets of the Chat Room: This is going to be the slowest coming story (aside from ABTF. hee~). I should update...not that often. Shooting for once a month.

Memories: Done. I thought this wasn't very good. I had the idea for a while and this is what came out of my fingers when I sat down to type. Reviews are much appreciated.

You Can Never Escape...- I am pretty excited about this one. I was shaking as I wrote it. Pretty awesome. Please review!

In The Pipeline-

Christmas Chaos - Totally out of season. But whatever. Mokuba has a gift for everyone! He got them an all-expense paid trip to the US of A with Seto's credit card! Uh...surprise? (YGO)

Not-So-Thin Insecurities- Joey is beginning to rethink that last ice cream cone. And the one before that, and the one before that... (YGO)

Exploring the American High School Life- This is probably going to be a really long one-shot. Kaname is taking a group of vampires to a regular American high school to learn about self control amongst their natural prey under Cross's suggestion. Sadly, Cross expects a certain silver-haired ex-human to tag along for the ride... (Vampire Knight)

A Certain Party...- An overexcited President decides to throw a party for the end of the year. Sadly, this involves only two options. Truth, or Dare? (Code Geass)

Hm. Maybe more later...

~Miyako Mizuki

((Everything I write is dedicated to Jam, because she may not like green eggs and ham, but she'll never be just another Sam-I-Am.))

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