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Author has written 16 stories for Tokyo Mew Mew, Card Captor Sakura, Naruto, Pokémon, Harry Potter, Vampire Diaries, and Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir.

Hello everyone!

More info?

Hmm.. Well I'm partial to writing FanFiction about a few things.. and I have a few pairings that I ship! Most are not canon according to the show or book..
I think I unconsciously go for the underdog, but whatever the reason, I love them. I don't think I'll generally ever stray from these pairings, but I'm open to reading others if they are well written.

Twilight Book Series - Bella and Jacob. I also don't mind the Jacob and Reneesme pairing, but too much waiting involved. She would have to grow up and realise she's in love, which I have to admit, makes for some good fluff. Which I had read many of when I was all consumed by the series. Edward hasn't ever been my favourite character, but sometimes, if a fic catches my eye, well, I read. :) I can't ignore that he is very sweet, Edward. He treats her well, even if he overreacts at sometimes.

Tokyo Mew Mew - Watched a bit of it, and instantly fell in love with Kish, that green-haired alien with that loveable smirk! So no surprise that I'm all for a IchigoxKisshu pairing! Or in English, the ones I watched mainly (Although the dialogue is totally, and I mean TOTALLY altered) DrenxZoey! I realise that in the series Kish is kinda (ok, a really) big jerk, and insanely jealous, and kinda a creep. . . but, well, I still love him. But I warn you, I don't like to keep Kish jerk-ish in my fics, for some reason, his bad qualities end up endearing... So be prepared for a bit of OOC, or maybe more than a bit. But he makes for excellent fluff. :) I also support the PiaxLettuce pairing. Both not social, both reserved, both hide their emotions, maybe they both hide themselves for fear of getting hurt... Who better than to open up to than someone who will understand exactly what you are feeling, why you do what you do. Pia, being cold and distant, believing all humans are, to put it simply, scum, can see the kindness in Lettuce that he had failed to see in other humans. So you see, it is really very sweet, and very perfect.

Card Captor Sakura - Don't get me wrong, I love Shaoran, but Eriol gets pushed aside, so I tend to favour the SakuraxEriol pairing, which is all to scarce! Eriol in the series was very very sweet to Sakura, of course most of that was to get Shaoran jealous, but why must it be that way? Why can't Eriol find love with our hero? Well there is no reason he can't! Shaoran is/was engaged, he's cold and distant, why would Sakura not find comfort in a sweet boy who gives her the attention and love she needs? It's not the only pairing I support, the cannon pairing is fine by me, but so many of the fanfics are poorly written. I long to read a well written fic with a good plot. Maybe one day. . .

Vampire Academy - I was totally SHOCKED to see how few of this pairing there were! AdrianxRose! Big time underdog, and yet, hardly any stories! What is wrong with people?! Well, the people that read VA... Adrian loves Rose, he has always been there for her, he promised he will always be there. All he wants is a chance to make her love him, just one chance for her to see how right he is for her. Well, Adrian should get that chance. Rose should realise that there is more than one guy that truly loves her. She needs to consider both. ... I have now read the latest VA book and just WOW. Massive twist at the end! It's sad that Rose is still wanting Dimitri, even while she had Adrian. I'm hoping the next book will turn it around. Hopefully.

Naruto - I recently had a browse through the fanfics, and madly fell in love with a certain pairing! Yes I know it might sound, OK WILL sound weird, creepy, odd, and many other not so complimentary adjectives, but SAKURAxGAARA! I do not know why, but I love those two together. Sakura, the sweet and totally innocent pink haired girl, and Gaara, the emotionally distant, unfeeling, cruel, blood-red haired boy. He doesn't know how to feel, he doesn't know how to love, he doesn't know how to be social in the least. Who better to teach him than Sakura? Patient at times, and right up there with the most dangerous of enemies at others. Once you get past the whole, Gaara wanting to kill people bit, it's really a very nice pairing, that balance each other out. I also shamelessly support NarutoxSakura :) He's gotta get the girl sometimes. :)

The House of Night Series - I have just recently read the series up to Tempted, and am anxiously awaiting Burned. I became addicted to this series almost instantly (my best friend is hooked on it too. :) ) and I have a few pairings that I just like to see, and read about. My main pair I ship at this moment in time is Zoey and Stark. He's vowed to protect her, and he is just mysterious, loyal, caring, and an tinnnnnnnny bit jealous (understatement of the year) and he is just a great combination with Zoey. Heath I also think is very sweet, but because of 'complications' that arrose in Tempted, I fear that any relationship between him and Zoey has been extinguished from all possibility. :( But, nevertheless, I will, if I can, try to write HoN fanfics, because such an awesome series deserves some die hard obsessed fans and fanfics. :D So here, I'm mainly StarkxZoey, and HeathxZoey. But early ErikxZoey is also fine. (He turned into a jerk in later books, a obsessively jealous one at that)

Night World Series - My best friend got me on to these books, and I became totally addicted, very quickly. I've only read the first 2 books (each with 3 stories in them) but I already have a few favourite pairings, which are in the books. :) Vampire and human soulmates. First off, Ash and Mary-Lynette. He's the bad boy turned good, who can be amazingly sweet, and she's the bookish star-gazer who stumbled on to the world of vampires and werewolves. They are just so sweet together. :) The next pairing is James and Poppy. Obvious to say the least, but still very sweet, he saved her from cancer! How much more can you ask from a soulmate?! Last but in no way least, Quinn and Rashel! Both warriors for their kind, both have been hurt many times before, lost their loved ones, killed... Because of the pain they have gone through, they know eachother, and being soulmates helps too. :) Just works. 'Nuf said. So in conclusion: AshxMary-Lynette. JamesxPoppy. QuinnxRashel.

Pokemon - I mean who doesn't love the shows/games! :) It was such a big part of my childhood, and so many hours were spent enjoying it. So now, why not write what I want to happen? It's an odd pairing, I must admit, because not many people actually like Gary Oak. He's made out to be so arrogant, and up himself, but really, I like to think he can be charming when he wants to be. So Gary and. . . . . Misty! Yes, yes, I know that 'she belongs with Ash!' but Ash was off with other girls, and well, she deserves a happy ending. Who better to give it to her than the charming jerk? :P It is odd, but there is already a few Egoshippers out there, so I'm jumping into that boat! :) I've started writing a few already, so hopefully something will be up soon with this pairing.

Harry Potter - I have of course read the books before, but never imagined that I should write any fanfics about it. Everything seems to tie off into a perfect ending, but my friend has turned me into a shipper of Dramione. Yes, DRACO MALFOY and HERMIONE GRANGER. :P It's an odd pairing, but it's much like all my other favourites. It'a out of the ordinary, and often a jerky guy and a quiet girl. Don't ask me why but the combination just works! They guy becomes less of a jerk, and the girl comes out of her shell. Draco and Hermione perfectly fit into this type of story. I have started to write a fic about them already, and I was surprised how easily it seemed to flow.

Mortal Instruments - I read City of Bones and I was hooked pretty much straight away. I've recently finished Clockwork Angel (the prequel) and it's just got me thinking about the books more and more. From the start I've been a fan of Simon. He's always loved Clary, and he just got pretty much ignored while Jace and Clary had their romance that couldn't be then could then couldn't and it was just frustrating. Also, I'm a lover of the underdog. Always have been, always will be. Thus, Clary and Simon. More so after he changes, and then can be part of her world. He's just so sweet and he deserves the girl he picked first. The girl he's been waiting for.

The Black Dagger Brotherhood - I'm four books in and utterly obsessed. I didn't expect to like them quite as much as I do, but I couldn't help it. Funnily enough, with this series, I stick to the canons. They are just SO perfect... You can't change them, it'd just throw everything out of whack. And I love them all.. But perhaps most especially Zsadist and Bella. That brother... Wow. A massive turn around. I adore him. So, yeah, if I ever get back to this website, I think i'd like to write about him. Also Quinn and Blay. I don't need justification for that, they just go together. End of story.

I think those are my main 11 obsessions (the list is just getting longer!) over the last while, the ones I know enough about to feel confident writing about. If anyone starts up a Trinity (book) series community or anything, i'm joining that too! Oh, I think I forgot to mention, I'm kind of a romance story type of girl, I love writing it, it's lots of fun! So, if your looking for that, with any of the nine above (I may move off my prefered pairings, but we shall see, at the moment, i'm in a TMM mood) I'm your girl, or if you like, wolf. :P Which is slightly ironic, as I love vampire books, yet I'm a werewolf girl when it all comes down to it. But hey, my best friends a vamp, so it works!

If you have any special requests that you might want to see, (above preferably) PM me, and I will TRY see if i can put something up for it. (No promises though, sadly I don't get on fanfiction much lately).

UPDATE ON DRAMIONE STORY: Ok everyone, right now this Story titled A Unique Stalemate is up to 36 000 words and growing. It's just been so easy to type for it and I found myself staying up late to add more and edit previous chapters. It amazingly addicting, and right now the first 11 chapters are typed, as is the final chapter, mostly because I knew exactly how I wanted to end it and it just came out. Right now I'm working on the filler chapters, and trying to be as descriptive as possible without being tiresome with it. I'm aiming to finish it before I post it on here, because I KNOW I have a bad habit of not finishing what I start, and I don't want to put this on pause indefinately. So I will finish it before I post. Hopefully that will be within the next month. There is quite a transformation with Draco in the story, but I'm trying to justify it as best I can. I really hate when people just suddenly change him, and make him fall in love with her in an instant.

LIKE DRAMIONE? -If anyone likes Dramione, and wants to read a fan fic that is well written and keeps them in character while also being written by one of my awesome friends (who has sucked me into that ship) check out crazy-chocoholik and her story Compromises. :) You won't regret it. Even if you don't particually like the pairing, check it out, because the chapters are majorly long (and getting longer by the day), the description is impressive, and the characters are spot on! :)


Obsequious - characterized by or showing servile complaisance or deference; fawning.

Phantasmagoria - a constantly changing medley of real or imagined images (as in a dream)

Cumbersome - troublesome or a burden

Flibbertigibbet- a silly, flighty, or excessively talkative person.

Tis, twas, twill. :D


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Nightlight (a twilight parody)

"She reached for the bag of Cheetos she kept under her lawn chair. It was impossible to feel romantic and overwhelmed by grandeur while eating Cheetos."

Night World 1

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"She was crying because she could no longer pretend to be brave; she was crying for all she was scared to lose. Fred did the only thing that made sense to him; he put both his arms around her shaking form and held her to his chest, wrapping her up tightly in the embrace." The war is looming and Fred is confronted with a weeping Hermione. FW/HG. Oneshot.
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Sakura and Gaara, in a janitor closert. Enough said. "She decided she loved the way he said her name, softly, meaningfully, like it was the most important word he knew. "I'd like that Gaara." Her voice was breathless and just plain happy." AU.
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I sucked in a deep breath, ready to plunge into the unknown. I didn’t know how she would react, or if she would at all, but I must try." Songfic - Linkin Park - Leave Out All The Rest KxI Keep me in your memory Leave out all the rest
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“Kish?” She asked warily. “Why are you still standing there?” He said, facing the wall, “I can not clear you conscience so easily kitten. If guilt propels you do not lie to me. Do not offer what you do not mean.” - His heart is hers. What will she do?
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Tokyo Mew Mew - Rated: K+ - English - Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 2,304 - Reviews: 17 - Favs: 26 - Follows: 5 - Published: 6/25/2009 - Ichigo M., Kish - Complete
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