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Author has written 4 stories for Sonic the Hedgehog, Bleach, and Naruto.

Dellanotte, yes that is Italian. Just call me Ara, since I'm not giving out much of my real info. Nothing personal. I have written a #_#load of fanfics, but have never posted, so please bear with me on that. I am an Otaku (doi), and my fav. games are Sonic Adventure Battle 2 and Super Smash Bros. I write pairings, but will take Shonen first any day of the week, including Tuesday. You, poor reader, will probably hate everything that I post; feel free to flame, I will ignore you. Thank you and have a nice day, but the above doesn't count for sincere reviewers.

I apologize for still not updating. My current excuse is that college is a very heavy workload. Yeah, I know; lame. Anywhoo, back to the profile...

Fav. bands and artists include Lacuna Coil, Nightwish, Leaves' Eyes, Within Temptation, Spirit Nation (if it counts as one...), Tarja, The Rasmus and Evans Blue.

Fav. colors are black and blue, fav. song tends to vary. Almost always "Neverending Story," but am currently a big fan of "Where is the Edge." If you don't know them, YouTube them, you lazy bum.

I will have three habits with my stories that may or may not have become obvious.

1) I name my chapters after songs. I like to give said chapters a particular mood or theme, and having that one song in the back of my mind helps. So, yeah.

2) I post a lot of stories before finishing any of them. This is actually for the benefit of the reader, believe it or not. I almost always have a story buzzing around in my head, but the odds of it being the same one for an extended period are extremely tiny. So instead of forcing it and lowering the quality of the story (big time), I will simply switch stories for awhile. I promise to get back to any of my projects, maybe even more than one at a time, but it may take awhile. Not that you don't have plenty of other stories to read on this site, anyway...

3) Nothing is sacred. Not Konoha, not Ancient Greece, not America, and most certainly not the sanity of my subjects (see my Bleach fics for details). Not even reality. [Exception: Character integrity. I will avoid OOCness like the plague, especially if it will lead to fluff, for the sake of my pride as one who does not practice character derailment. This means that Kurosaki Ichigo will never be Cassanova, Uchiha Sasuke will never sweep Sakura off her feet and onto a white stallion as they ride off into the sunset, and if you want them to you can write your own story.]

Attention Anyone I Wind Up Reviewing the Story of; YOU MAY WELL BE DOOMED.

I, like many people, have pet peeves. Many of my personal pet peeves, as it so happens, have to do with writing. I will apply them mercilessly as I read and subsequently review, and several have even come into existence solely thanks to this very site (no real surprise). They include but are not limited to the following rant:

1. Flailing too chek splling n gramr. If yoo life in Amerika n arn't a 1st-gen. imigrant, i wud hope tat u can at leest comprihind ur own lang. if not, pleeze dont try writin w/out lerning how. Failing to do so is simply a headache for the poor, defenseless readers for whom you are supposedly posting. It also makes you look like an idiot for not even bothering to spellcheck, no matter how tedious it is to sort through all of the foreign terms Word doesn't recognise. If you don't even care enough to read over your own story, why on Earth should the rest of us?

2. Purple prose. What is this, you ask? Here's an example! "'Oh, my love,' she breathed softly as the mountain dew, gazing lovingly into his deep azure orbs with the longing of a deer longing for the waterbrooks and causing the readers to grip their beleaguered brains with all the frustration of one who just read 30 Total Drama Island beginner fics..." That is purple prose. Drawn out, too-poetic-to-live headaches that should come with more warnings than spoilers. On the plus side, these at least tend to at least try to follow basic grammar. Or not, given the run-on sentences. Not the worst annoyance, though, although the next one may well count.

3. Text-speak. I will not type an example, as I will assume that we all know to what I am referring (see FFN demographics for details), and skip right to why this is my 2nd most hated pet peeve (the 1st being 6): THIS IS NOT WRITING. The whole point of texting is to cram the most info into the least amount of space. When knocking down the obscene figure on the phone bill, fine. When trying to keep up an IM at somewhere near speaking speed, fine. WHEN CRAFTING A STORY, NO. Big, fat, hairy, NO! When writing, you have all the space and time you want. If your story is any good, readers may want longer chapters, anyway. Furthermore, you are not the only writer on FFN. Doi. Your readers are mostly fellow writers. Take the time to write it right, and for God's sake give your story the time you think it deserves. If you don't think it deserves your time, it probably doesn't deserve mine, either. You're really just cutting yourself down. How is one supposed to weave phrases and engage in wordplay, one of the greatest components of writing, if one limits oneself to "lol she luvd him 4evr n ever"? Really.

4. Run-onsentences and blocks o' text that run the length of the page, sometimes with no sign of a period or even a semi-colon (;) unless used egregiously outside the standards of modern English; and give the readers a concussion on sight. Dear Lord, there is an Enter key for a reason. There are periods for a reason. There are spaces for a reason. There is a reason why you are neither Hemingway nor Poe, no matter how long your supposed sentences are.

5. Alternate Universe High School Fics. I liked these at first. They were quaint, and reminded me of everything that I expected my own high school years to be like when I was 13. Except high school doesn't actually revolve around the talent show, queen bee, and a ridiculously small number of hot guys--and my own years were nothing like most of the fics I find. Basically, if your story can be summed up as "favorite character posession sue becomes new kid at school/starts new year, makes friends from cast, meets soulmate, battles queen bee deluded bitch for him, fails to realise that said soulmate was doomed to fall for Sue on sight, wins love at talent show/damsel in distress scene/both, and lives happily ever after... I will find your hard work quaint, silly, and to have probably been written by a middle schooler. These either have nothing to do with the original story or are predictable because of it, derail characters to provide a suitably 2-dimensional antagonist, prove that the author has never really been in a relationship, or D: all of the above. If they have a gimmick such as "so and so is secretly famous/a secret agent/ a vampire," but still stick solely with the above plot, they can be even worse. See many Naruto fics for details.

6. Character Derailment, aka OOCness. While some liberties may well be taken for the sake of plot, a good FAN fiction would do well to preserve the integrity of the characters being written about. If you change the fundamental nature/make them behave out of character, it's not a fanfiction. It's In Name Only. Especially annoying if a well-developped character who breaks the mold or at least comes from a deeper one is suddenly ditzy, random, naive, weak, clingy, shallow, or many of the other attributes FanFic females suddenly seem to "gain" because the writer can't even be bothered to write about the actual character. Posession Sues are pretty annoying, like their parents...

7. Mary Sues and OCs. Self-insert fics bug me. Mary Sues, aka perfect versions of the writer, bug me even more. It's fine to want to write about your own exploits in a new world, but remember: most people on here want to read about their favorite characters. Not some perfect chick who comes along to save the day singlehandedly and destroy the need for a plot. Same for Marty Stues, the male counterparts. Too many OCs can also be annoying, and kids of the characters can be even worse. Maybe this is why I go so crazy with crossovers?

In short, a quick explanation. My parents are both English professors. Not teachers. Professors. Furthermore, I grew up reading Jack London, George Orwell, Lois Lowry, and Rachel Caine. Good, talented authors who gave me a taste for good, talented writing. It raised my standards, like home cooking versus McDonald's, Elgar versus Lil' Wayne. That's why good writing is, on this site, more precious than gold to me. Too much of it is like what my mother, who works at a community college, has to deal with. Which reminds me...

If you write like #1-4 and your teachers praise you, congratulations. You are being coddled. You are being coddled and cheated by a school system designed to pass as many kids as possible without actually teaching them anything, pushed to new heights by No Child Left Behind. You are the scum known to college teachers as the Boneheads, and I guarantee you: as soon as you get a teacher willing and caring (or merciless) enough to bring you down to size, you will know. You will get failing marks on your papers. You will be forced to face reality. You will never be Plato, Jack London, Ray Bradbury, J.K. Rowling, or even (shudder, twitch) Stephanie Meyers.

If you do not write like #1-4 and avoid the other 3, thank you. Thank you for taking time on your work and making it something. I look forward to reading your stories.

Unless, of course, you are...

A Flamer. Alright, I can understand if you do not like someone's story. I can also understand if the grammar is so horrible that you feel the need to inform the author. I can even understand if you hate every so-called "twist" because you could see it coming a mile away. What I cannot understand, however, is why some people feel the need to bash beginning writers over the head with a giant, golden hippo of a flame. Okay. You didn't like it. Explain why, nicely offer a hand with editing if they are so inclined... but please don't go about being worse than they are. Places like this are a chance to learn to write better, not be scared away from doing something enjoyable. Well-rounded critiques, please!

By the by, this is not to say that I am completely against OCs. Sometimes they are necessary. Hell, I have several, but try not to let them take over the story...


Ara is me, the writer, when referenced by characters such as Aubrey. When Ara speaks, it is A/N in the form of \blah/.

Aubrey "Aralura" Malgen, real name Anoh Miolryuu.

Human, female, looks 16, brown hair, lapis eyes, glasses, funny spikey ponytail somewhat showing on the side by her ear, pale. Black jeans, modest black scoopneck low top, black converse, pale blue thigh-length haori. Is a witch, has been reincarnating with her memory intact since the late Devonian some 390 million years ago. Yes, she is old, genius level, very powerful, and enjoys messing with people even though she associates with protagonists and often hops dimensions. Is aware of the author, and often said author's intentions.

Anona Malgen, real name Anoh Miolryuu.

Yeah, at some point or another Aubrey dies in her dimension and reincarnates into a dystopia as Anona (I'm writing a novel. Ignore it). Is used when I need someone more serious than Aubrey. Looks 17, identical to Aubrey except for the hair. Pulled back into fan-shaped ponytail by barette, save for a single braided lock of hair, fastened with a lapis bead, in front of her right ear. Her right, not yours. You probably don't care, anyway.


Is for my Sonic fic(s). Is a black Mobian leopard with tarnished blue eyes (see Amur leopard) and cropped fur-colored hair. Hinata season 1 cropped, minus bangs. Wears an outfit described as Ancient Greece meets ninja. Plain armguards, top like Diana of Versailles, skintight capris attached to Grecian hunter's sandals. All black, silver outlining if I ever draw her. Serves under Artemis, has been sealing 2 Gorgons in our world for about 3,000 years after being summoned from Mobius. Fun. Skilled in magic and combat, uses a naginata and daggers. And a glare. Has all the personality of Shadow. Or, better yet, Teen Titans Raven.

Stheno and Euryale

Are also for my Sonic fic(s). They are the two remaining Gorgon sisters, supposedly immortal and millenia old. See my first fanfic for their history, since I don't feel like typing it here as I am lazy. They are modeled after the traditional Gorgon myths for the most part: Snakes for hair, metallic colors, that are smoothed behind their ears and fall like elegant dreadlocks (unlike Knuckles); Tall and lovely figures that are somewhat snakey but better than Orochimaru; Stone white dresses, classic Grecian and form-fitting, Grecian tie-up dress sandals, bronze; beautiful Grecian faces (unlike the original myths); no nails, bronze claws on hands and feet; skin like marble, same for fangs; you get the idea. Oh, and bronze wings. They're pretty similar, although Stheno is somewhat taller with a longer face--Maleficent-- and Euryale's face is somewhat softer--Trenchbull, not saying much.

They have the annoying habit of talking completely innocently and condescendingly (they are the latter, not the former), and tend to talk in monologues, one line each, to infinity and beyond if they wished. They can be very infuriating, and are both more dangerous and competent than Eggman. Neither is particularly difficult to achieve, but they do it rather well, being extremely anicent, powerful, and ruthless. Powers include- you guessed it- turning people (and just about anything else) to stone, alchemy, teleportation, energy blasts, and other things that would spoil the story if I told you. I'll tell you when the chapters upload. They are villains, they are my attempt at good villains, and Amy Rose hates them very much. ...So does most of Earth, now that I think about it. Anywho, read the fic; it'll be a long one.

More to come, I assure you.

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