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Hi, I'm Nightfalls in Silence, I have been reading Fan fiction for many years and have decided to try to write my own. I will only publish one story at a time, that way I can avoid having multiple stories that are incomplete. Hopefully this will minimize the amount of time it takes to update. Some of my stories will contain abuse, rape, BDSM, slash, underage sex, drinking coarse language and possibly other things that I can't think of right now, but will be added to warnings in the story. I like getting reviews, it lets me know what people think, and gives me ideas. However if you complain that they story contains slash, or abuse, or anything else that I have mentioned I will simply ignore it. i will try and mark any graphic scenes in the story, i apologize ahead of time if I do not remember to. When I say a story will contain BDSM, it does not mean that the story will contain rape, non-con, of dubious-con. To include these would mean that there would also be a rape warning as none of these things fall under the category of BDSM, all BDSM is consensual, and the motto is SSC( Safe, Sane, and Consensual), meaning that everyone involved know what is happening and agrees of their own free will. other than that i will try to catch all spelling and grammer errors. i am dyslexic, so it can be hard sometimes. If I make any glaring errors please let me know. I am random, and very blunt, but I can also be very sarcastic. I love reading, writing, walking, swimming and horseback riding. i am not religious, I am against homophobia, Pro-choice, and very open minded. Even if do not like how a character is portrayed in the books, I will still use them.

July, 15th 2009:

Hello everyone, I am sorry that chapter 19 is taking so long. I seem to be having some computer difficulities hopefully they will be resolved by the end of the week. Thanks for being patient. The next chapters should be posted quicker. Thanks for reading!:)

July 21 2009:

Hey, everyone. I just found out that my beta was in a car accident, she's going to be okay, but for obvious reasons can not proof anything. Thus, the long wait. I will start posting chapters again, but most of them will be unbetaed. Thanks for being patient.

August 4th 2009:

Hello, everyone I am having computer problems and I do not know when the internet will be running, therefore there won't be any updates for a while, hopefully no more than a week.

I am currenty looking for another Beta. I you are intrested please PM me, and send your e-mail adress so I can send you the chapters, Thanks!!

August 19th:

Hello, I am sorry that the next chapter has taken so long. Life has gotten in the way. My dog died on Sunday, she was 12 so I had her for a while, but my concentration is a little shot. Add work, a cold, packing, and my sister being sued (long story, she rented an apartment 2 yrs ago in scholl, and now they're sueing for damages, it's not ligit, but it takes time to file everything). Well, as you can see I'm busy, I'll try to have it up soon. Thanks for being patient. Hugs, plushies and cookies:)


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authors: JRR Tolkien, JK Rowling, Terry Goodkind, Tamora Peirce, Marion Zimmer Bradley, Jules Watson, Caitlin Breenan, Melaine Brawn Etc.

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