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Oh hey kids, it's Thursday, Sept 29 2011... and I'm baaaaaaaack.

I am now accepting private messaging. ]

Currently Feeling: Busy.

Currently Reading: SHAFD - A QuinnXRachel Fanfic

Currently Doing: Asst. Directing the Women of Lockerbie

Current Project(s): Forever Kiss (VVV LuciaxSumire) & My Lady, My Knight (Inu - KagxSan)

Status of Next Chapter: Reworking Forever Kiss

Next Chapter Posted: December 2011

Character Sketches!...and stuff~

- - Uhm... this is like my favorite quote from Forever Kiss.. so I edited a page from the manga. ;3

- - This is just a rough (RLY ROUGH) sketch I did of Roisin, an original character from my story Venus Unguarded. Annnywaaay..I did this during my Ethics class, I hope you enjoy. :D

- - Lucia & Sumire! This is my current Desktop.. It's actually pretty good considering I used paint XD

Just Lucia wallpaper, she's so BA!

Recommendations! This list is EVER GROWING:

Should Have Asked For Directions - - the most amazing piece of fanfiction I've ever been blessed enough to read, following Quinn Fabray and Rachel Berry through highschool/college/etc.

Anything on Dynasty Reader - - a website focusing on Yuri Manga, updating constantly with new chapters of various stories, highly recommended!

Stray Little Devil - - Just finished this one. A it's kind of a Shōnen and shoujo-ai, and a really great story, it's actiony, comedic, romantic, all the good stuff! The characters are awesome! I loooove Pam-chan & Linfa! check it out!

Venus Vs. Virus - - I'm straight..ish, I swear...except for Lucia-san. I would go for her in a second, half a second, less than that! Honestly, I'm in love. This is a really interesting manga, and I think it's shoujo-ai, but it's hard to tell. I watched the anime series, I don't recommend it. Don't get me wrong, it's good but SO UPSETTING. I will die if the Manga ends like that, I'll find out soon though I guess.

Strawberry Shake Sweet - - Very cute, very shoujo-ai. Highly recommended.

Read or Dream - - Cute, strange, endearing. It was a pretty good read.

Read or Die - - the precursor to Read or Dream, also pretty enjoyable.

Ameiro Kouchakan Kandan (Chatting At The Amber Teahouse) - - Soooooo cute..and I love tea... I also have a girl-crush on Seriho, she's so cute.

Penny & Aggie - - Ok, this isn't a manga. It's a web comic about two arch-enemies (that may or may not have unrequinted feelings for eachother WAY later in the comic?), but it's sooooooooo good. It's basically about highschool and the drama involved. It's a pretty good read, ongoing of course.

The Wallflower (aka Perfect Girl Evolution) - - Really awesome manga about an extremely creepy/strange girl that is forced to live with 4 "Creatures of Light" or insanely hot bishonen boys who want to turn her into a "Lady". Uhm, Sunako basically kicks ass all over the place.

The Host Club - - One of my favorites, I can't say much more than that, just read it for yourself. I adore it.

Skip Beat - - probably my favorite Manga of all time. It's soooooo good, shoujo obviously. Check it out!

About My Fanfics:

Hey! I'm new to the Fanfic world. I'm a fan of a bunch of manga and anime. A friend actually requested that I write a Shoujo-Ai INUYASHA story and I turned her down because I wasn't really interested. But after she made me read some of the manga series and some other fanfics I decided I would write one of my own.. As for the coupling in my current story, SangoXKagome, I like it better than the real ones in INUYASHA anyway. Here's the thing, I often publish stories and then read them through on the site and end up editing something. So you might read it once I post it, and then come back a few hours later and find that I edited it. That's because I'm somewhat of a perfectionist and I need to make what I write sounds right or paints the correct image in the readers mind. I'll never change important plot information, but little things here or there that will provide more insight into a characters emotions or actions, so check back on older chapters from time to time and see if I changed anything!

As for my VENUS VERSUS VIRUS shoujo-ai, Venus Unguarded, I'm totally in love with the characters. Lucia is my favorite and I hated the ending of the Anime Series..so I decided not to accept it. This project was initially supposed to be a short, 5 chapter, fanfiction, but as I continued working on it I realized I truly adored the story and was having too much fun writing it. I probably wrote over 100,000 words for this story, because it could've gone so many different ways, but the end result was around 56,000 words and 13 chapters... I was pretty proud. :)

My current project is another VVV shoujo-ai that takes place in an Alternate Reality, I guess you could say that. It's pretty fun and interesting, you should be sure to check it out when I post.

Also, I am working on another SangoxKagome piece that takes place in medieval Europe rather than Japan. It's also a very fun one.

Lastly, I have my No Strawberry Too Sweet Project, which is basically always on Hiatus. I will post that one at random times, when I have downtime, writers block for a main story, or am between fanfics.

About The Author:

My name is Rachel Macklin, I'm 21 and a Theatre Performance/ English double major at a University near my home town. I currently live with my girlfriend of 7 months, she's a 25 year old Grad Student at my University, as well as a dancer and performer like me. She's pretty great, and has inspired me to return to FF.net and finish my stories, and even post some new ones.

Theatre is my first passion, but writing is a close second. I've got plenty of projects in the works, and will be posting very soon! Keep checking back and message me if you'd like.

Interests - I like to party, no joke, but I also am an Anime dork, so I keep myself updated on my favorite Manga and whatnot. I do enjoy video games, I'm not afraid to say it, Soul Calibur is probably one of my all time favorites, along with the Metal Gear Solid series. I will also watch Zombie movies, I love me some undead folks. Infact, I own the Zombie survival guide, so I'm prepared for the Zombie Apocalypse. Aside from all that, I also like to go out with friends, climb trees in the park, dance all night in clubs, and watch silly "chick flicks" which I will often cry during. I text waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much. I'm all for Gay/Lesbian rights, I believe everyone is equal and the world needs to stop the Hate. I listen to music that most people have never heard of, but I have a large collection of mainstream music too. Maria Mena is one of my favorite musical artists. Wicked & Les Mis are my favorite Musicals. My favorite book is..well I can't choose, but it's NOT one of the Twilight series, though I did read all of them. My favorite article of clothing is my black Vest. My favorite food is Pad Thai. Natalie Dee makes me laugh until I cry, and I check Post Secret every sunday. Some of those Texts From Last Night (TFLN.com) you read are from me and my friends, but I've never posted on FML.com. I love life, I love having fun, and I love being myself.

Current/Upcoming Works:

A Totally random Ichigo Mashimaro (Strawberry Marshmellow) comedy shoujo-ai, it will be written for purely leisurely reasons and updated when I'm bored.

My Lady, My Knight - A NEW SANGOxKAGOME SHOUJO-AI - takes place in Medieval Europe - AR story of my own design using Inuyasha characters. - Title has Yet to be Determined

The Epilogue to LoveisLove.

Forever Kiss - new VVV for Melah

Followed by a sequel to LoveisLove. Title has yet to be determined.

Sequel to Venus Unguarded. Title has yet to be determined.

Contact me on facebook or tumblr!

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