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Hey y'all! I am a 16 year old American who is obsessed with writing and loves Harry Potter. WEll, the series. I love Remmie-chan the most,though! Draco's in close second. OH, and I want to lick Tom Felton.

Pairings? WELL
I think Sirius and Remus are meant to be, James and Lil (duh), Harry and Draco (of course, can you see them with anyone else?) and Ron and Herm. I also think Ginny needs to take a good look around Hogwarts. Im sure there are plenty of great guys she can hero worship (get over Harry, Gin, he's Draco's!), and Seamus and Dean go together too...*grin*. Sorry if you don't agree, but that's just how I see it. Oh, and I hate Peter...very, very much.

ALSO>>> I wrote this poem as like a 'prophecy' for one of my stories (which if you want to check it out, is Living Life The Hard Way) and I am so proud of it I just had to put it in my bio...so here it goes.

When the moon has come to whole
Shining down at the midnight toll
Stars above the forest shone
As a secluded wolf prowls alone.

Three betrayals set in marble
One’s emotions were all a garble
Two remained treacherous to the fold
And Three trusted none with hair of gold.

Three loved Four as a brother
Vowing to protect child and mother
A connection so pure with love and affection
Three conceived a plan of deadly perfection.”

The last night of October’s reign
Shall be a night of spooks and pain
For Three shall betray Four by Two
And bid all his friends a cheerless adieu.

Ending this, Riddle will
Two is the key to an easy kill
Four and mother are no more
But child lives on at Privet 4.

Three will never be the same
He lives only to even up the game
Two destroys himself with maim
As One becomes once more tame.

Four is dead, Three is caged
Two is cloaked, One feels aged.
So ends the legendary fold of four
But this is only an opened door.

In the past, two years before
The anniversary with a painful core
Born is a boy with silver eyes
Whose life is built with hate and lies.

Four’s child banished to the muggle-world
A part of the prophecy unfurled
Emerald eyes and ebon hair
His life is not made with glam or flair.

Ten years later, letters sent
From a school with magic intent
Their first encounter, out buying supplies
Their relationship starts with despise.

Despise blooms quickly into scorn
And scorn grows to an old hate reborn
Another generation though it may be
History repeats itself with startling clarity.

Years pass by in a mere blur
The Slytherin Ice Prince, a manly cur
Struggles to one up and destroy
The Little Gryffindor Golden Boy.

The future’s black as black can be
Black sheep in the black clan soon is three
Lion and Snake encountering untold woes
Both nevertheless determined foes.

Reconcile these two boys,
Scorpio with his everlasting poise
Leo with his lonesome fame
Their friendship will end Riddle’s wicked game.

So there you have it. *Beams* It's so pretty!

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