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Author has written 10 stories for X-Files, My Fair Lady, Sherlock Holmes, Phantom of the Opera, and Laurie R. King.

Well now, let's see... I love God, the Navy, the Chicago Cubs, reading & writing, Humphrey Bogart, Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis, Bing Crosby, King George VI, and President John F. Kennedy.

My main areas of interest are: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Harry Potter, Sherlock Holmes, Doctor Who, The Avengers (British TV show), Bridget Jones's Diary, Back to the Future, C. S. Lewis, Hannibal Lecter, House, Iron Man (Movie), Jane Austen, the Lord of the Rings, the Nanny, the Phantom of the Opera, Repo the Genetic Opera, The Riches, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, V for Vendetta, X-Men (movies), anything Anthony Stewart Head is in, X-Files.

My loves tend to manifest themselves in writing. To date, this includes the following: the X-Files, Harry Potter, Sherlock Holmes, the Phantom of the Opera, Hannibal Lecter, Avengers, Whose Line is it Anyway?, Sense and Sensibility, Emma, Star Wars, Star Trek, Humphrey Bogart, Martin & Lewis, Michael Crawford, Basil Rathbone, C. S. Lewis, and King George VI. My one huge pet peeve is bad grammar and spelling. If I run across it in a story, I find it painful to read, even if the content is phenomenal. I'll often simply move on to the next story. In light of this, I promise to thoroughly check all of my submissions to ensure that none causes an aneurism in my readers. If I miss something, I might cry... I hope you enjoy my musings...

I also have a site, where I have published one story about King George VI.

Owing to my infatuation with Professor Snape of "Harry Potter" fame, I felt the need to include a link to the greatest ever fanart study of that dark hero (aside from Alan Rickman's portrayal, of course). The artist is Jareth, and here's the link:

Regarding my story entitled "Further Adventures of the Young Sherlock Holmes," some reviewers have requested a summary of the original movie on which the fanfic is based. Please note that severe spoilers follow:

"Young Sherlock Holmes" begins with a teenaged Watson ariving at a London boys school in midterm. There he meets Holmes, who is incorrectly older than his companion, and is immediately struck by his vast intellect and deductive skill. We then meet Elizabeth, who is clearly Holmes' sweetheart. She lives with her uncle, who is a retired schoolmaster living at said school.

At various times when visiting this eccentric old man, Holmes notices two circled obituaries in the newspaper. The first concerns a man who, after feeling a pinch in his neck, had hallucinations, first that his roast pheasant was attacking him, and then that his second-storey room was set ablaze by his animated hat rack; subsiquently, he flung himself out the window in terror. The death was called a suicide. The second man was an old priest who, after feeling the same prick in the neck, saw a sword wielding knight leap out of a stained glass window. He fled, of course, and was crushed under the wheels of a horse cab. These unusual articles sent Holmes to Detective Sergeant Lestrade of Scotland Yard for help. Lestrade poo-pooed Holmes' theory.

The next scene shows some of the school boys voicing thier dreams for thier futures. When asked what he wants to be, Holmes continues to look out the window at Elizabeth and says, "I never want to be alone." His companions don't respond.

Then we see Elizabeth walking her dog in the snow, when suddenly the dog takes off toward the sound of a tinkling bell (which, incidentally, was heard prior to each of the murders). The culprit just makes it over the wall, but the dog has torn a scrap of the person's robe off.

Soon after, Holmes' rival--a snotty, aristocratic fop--contrives to make it look like Holmes, a stellar student, has cheated on a test. Holmes' fencing instructor, Rathe, tries to save him, but Holmes is summarily expelled for his supposed crimes. Just as Holmes is ready to drive of to break the news to Brother Mycroft, he and Watson hear a commotion down the street. Running to see, they find the old, retired professor--Elizabeth's uncle--dying with a self inflicted knife wound. He, too, had felt the prick on his neck--from a dart, we see--and killed himself in an effort to ward off the tiny dragons that were attacking him. His last word is "Ehtar." Also, Watson sees a figure quickly leaving the scene, and picks up the Egyptian blow pipe that was dropped.

After the funeral, Holmes reappears and proposes that he stay with Elizabeth in her uncle's old rooms while they investigate the three murders. She accepts at once, and presents Holmes with a battered old deerstalker cap that had belonged to her uncle.

Holmes and Watson look into thier one clue--the blow pipe--by visiting an antique dealer. In exchange for the info, Watson must buy something, and he--of course!--purchases a curved smoking pipe. The pair is next directed to an Egyptian owned bar, but the owner and patrons threaten to kill them once they produce the evidence. The owner screams "Rahm-ehtep," and the party is over.

Returning to the school, Watson says that he had heard a tinkling both at the scene of the professor's murder and somewhere in the school library. Holmes goes to that section, and pulls down a book on Egyptian history. There, he learns about the "Rahm-ehtep," a fanatic cult that uses a hallucinagenic dart to subdue its victims. Elizabeth then recalls that her dog had heard the same tinkling bells before ripping a piece of cloth from the culprit. Holmes is elated, and spends much time on chemical analysis of the cloth, finally concluding that it originated from a certain address in a shady part of London.

The trio journeys there, and comes upon a humongous wooden pyramid built inside of the building. Peeking in, they witness a bizarre ceremony involving full Egyptian costume and much chanting to a man with a jackle-head mask. As Holmes surruptitiously steals a box full of the darts from one of the participants, he sees that they begin to pour hot wax (or something similar) onto a mummy-wrapped girl, who screams. Holmes calls for them to stop, and they, of course, give chase to the three spies, hitting each with a dart.

The three run into a spooky cemetary, and Elizabeth is the first to go: she thinks that she has fallen into a grave and that her uncle is burying her alive. Holmes kindly ties her up, but Watson has disappeared. He approaches a crypt, which subsiquently opens to reveal many sweets and cakes that are sporting arms, legs, and eyes. He is tempted to eat one, but they attack him. Holmes, meanwhile, goes to another crypt in which his mother is seen crying and his father accusing Holmes of interfering. Apparently, Holmes--in all of his detecting glory--had uncovered his father's promiscuity, and let his mother know. When Holmes is then attacked by a bedecked Egyptian wielding a curved axe, he thinks it is a hallucination, but fights it anyway. Lestrade bales the three out, and Holmes leaves him the darts he had stolen. Lestrade still doesn't believe them, and swats at the darts, poking himself neatly in the finger.

Holmes and Watson are back in the professor's study, looking for clues, when Watson comes across a rendering: Holmes identifies several of the figures as the murdered men, and one as a man who had been seen several times in suspicious circumstances. Just then, the three are caught by Rathe and the school nurse. Watson is told to leave the school or be expelled; Holmes, to go to his brother, as originally planned; and Elizabeth, to have her dog put down. They are locked into seperate rooms (by gender) for the night, but Holmes easily finds an escape. They go to Elizabeth's room, and she gives Holmes a nice "good luck/I love you" sort of kiss.

Holmes and Watson go to the home of the one remainging man from the rendering, and are almost shot as he tries to protect himself. He allows them to come inside, and proceeds to explain the situation: he and the murdered men had been in business together in Egypt many years before. The small village near them had rebelled against the Westerners, and held them hostage, so the the British Army had to rescue them. The town was masecured as a result, and the 5 princess mummies of the "Rahm-ehtep" were destroyed. An Anglo-Egyptian boy and his sister had been visiting England at the time, and thier family and all thier friends had been killed in the attack. The boy vowed revenge through the "Rahm-ehtep." The nervous man felt a pinch on his neck and started to go into hallucinations about fire, but Holmes brought him out of it by reminding him repeatedly who he was. Then, again, the man man thought that Holmes was this "Ehtar," the boy who had pledged revenge, and tried to strangle him. Only Lestrade's helpful intervention saved him; the policeman had almost hanged himself under the influence of the dart's poison.

Back at the school, Elizabeth hears the tinkle of bells, turns, and sees the school nurse looking sinister. She realizes that she must be the assassin, and runs into Rathe in her frenzy to get away. He is no help, however, as he turns out to be the person who had worn the jackle-mask at the ceremony. Rathe uses his hypnotic ring to question Elizabeth as to the boys' whereabouts, but she refuses to tell.

Meanwhile, (somehow) Holmes puts two and two together, and figures out that the bad guy is Rathe. They sprint to the school, hoping to save Elizabeth, but she is being spirited away by the Rathe and his sister (the nurse). Holmes, determined to catch them, comandeers the late professor's flying machine (with working wings), and dispite Watson's added weight, they successfully take off and follow the escaping coach. Unable to land, they crash into the Thames, thick with ice, and the contraption sinks as they clamber off of it. They reach the pyramid just as Elizabeth is being mummified for that lovely ceremony described previously. Holmes is flummoxed, unsure of his next move, until he determines that if one wooden rafter were removed, the entire building would collapse. Conciquently, he has Watson stand by a winch attatched to a chain attatched to a huge, heavy chantelier, waiting to release it. Holmes, meanwhile, climbs agiley across the rafters, tying a stout rope to the chandelier, threading it over a rafter, and tying it securely to an important structural stabilizer. Once he is safe (just in time for Elizabeth), he signals Watson, and the plan goes off flawlessly. The thingy the pours the wax is diverted a few feet, thus missing the still-drugged girl, and enraging the armed population. Watson threads his way through the throng to get Elizabeth, and they stumble up the stairs, trying to escape, but Rathe sluggs Watson and grabs the girl.

Meanwhile, Holmes is valiently fighting off all attackers, and instructs Watson to chase after the escaping Rathe and his prisoner. Making his way back up to the third floor (top of the pyramid), he sees Rathe struggling to shove Elizabeth into his coach. Seeing a long rope with a grappling hook at the end, Watson has an idea: he ties one end of the rope to the chain holding the chandelier (which is conveniently positioned just within reach) and slings the other end over a rafter and then over the side of the balcony. After two attempts, he manages to hook the rope to the coach's undercarraige, just as it drives away. This, too, works like a charm, and the chandelier is drawn rapidly up (with Holmes lying unconcious on it). Once it stops at the top, Rathe's coach stopps abruptly, and he runs away.

Holmes leaps up, and he and Watson go down to free Elizabeth. The three are content to leave Rathe to the police, but he attacks them from a distance with a pistol aimed at Holmes' heart. Elizabeth leaps in front of him at the last second, and takes the fatal bullet in her abdomon. Holmes is shocked and outraged, grasping his sword tightly and telling Watson, "I'm going to get him." Then proceeds the lengthy, all-out battle between Rathe and Holmes with swords, then whatever they could reach. They eventually make it out onto the Thames, and the ice begins to break up. Suddenly, Rathe slips into the frozen waters and disappears. Holmes rushes back to Elizabeth, but Watson confirms that there is nothing to be done. After a few parting words with Holmes, she dies, and Holmes weeps.

The last real scene shows Holmes once again packing to leave, and discussing the details of the case with Watson. It is mostly about how Rathe built up his followers. The two share a warm, friendly good-bye.

During the credits, we see a horse-drawn coach moving across the open snow. We, of course, assume that this is Holmes' carraige. But as we come to an inn, and the innkeeper puts out the guest book to be signed, the name that is written is "Moriarty." Then we see the writer: it is Rathe, sporting a new scar on his cheek from Holmes' sword. Interesting, if inaccurate. I hope this suffices.

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Enjoyment is not a goal, it is a feeling that accompanies important ongoing activity -- Paul Goodman
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