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Hiya there! This is Mika talking. Yes, I'm the owner of this account. You probably never heard of me, so that's why I created this profile to entertain those who need entertainment and to those who want to know more about me. Below is my profile.

Name: Like I said, I'm Mika.

Best Friend: My best friend is everyone that I know well.

I came here to: Have fun, to improve my writing skills and to challege my friends in writing.

Favorite Subject: Reading. I read all day long, no matter if it's cold, rainy or sunny.

Hobbies: Mmm, reading, I guess. But I also like to draw and write stories.

Age: I'm fourteen.

This part of my profile is for my favorite couples:

Yusei x Aki
Jack x Carly
Kiryu x Carly

Side Note: I may have more but these are my top 3 on my most favoritest TV show...so this is pretty much what I have for now on my couple writing list. Be sure to come back and check for more updates!

=D =D =D =D =D =D =D

Here are somethings that I like :

~My Work of Writing

Things that I Dislike! :


Side Note: Lol, I don't have many things that I dislike as much as those things, but I might have more...

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