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Poll: I don't know what I'm going to do with Cedric after he meets Haldir. Should I... Vote Now!
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Favorite stories and movies/shows:Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Warriors, NCIS, Primeval, Bones.

Favorite characters: Harry Potter: Harry, Luna, Fred, George, Sirius, Hagrid, Draco, Bill, Charlie. Lord of the Rings: Pippin, Merry, Legolas, Gimli, Aragorn, Haldir. Warriors: Firestar, Brightheart, Sandstorm, Bumblestripe, Graystripe, Mistystar, Jayfeather, Dovepaw, Lionblaze. NCIS: Abby, Tony, Gibbs, Ducky, Kate, Tim, Ziva, Mike. Primeval: Abby, Conner, Stevan, Nick. Bones: Booth, Temperance, Jack, Angela, Zach.

Least favorite characters: Harry Potter: Fenrir Greyback, Bellatrix (Sometimes she's rather amusing), Dolores Umbridge, Snape (Every story I've read with him in it he's either cold, a bastard, or both), Fleur (Depends on the story), Dumbledore (Depends on the story), Percy, Ron, Hermione(She's so annoying, Lucius. Lord of the Rings: Suruman, Sauron, Eowyn. Warriors: Breezepelt, Daisy, Ashfur, Tigerstar, Brokenstar, Leopardstar, Berrynose. NCIS: Jenny, Ari Primeval: Helen, Oliver, Jack. Bones: Cam, Daisy.

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Z: Can be funny and dumb at times

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Favorite Quotes:

'When there is nothing else better to do, laugh, even though there is nothing funny going on, laugh, even without a reason to do it, laugh just for the sake of knowing that you still haven’t lost the ability to do so.'

'Hate is too close to love, and the immense obsession of thought required to produce the emotion is undesirable. One could come to rely on the one they hate as they would the one they love.'

'Honor the dead, fight like Hell for the living.'

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