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Note from Kuma: haha i was bored and i came and spamed my friends page >=) i just came and made a bunch of comments. What i say will always be in bold.

Where I live: Animestan (it's a country in the middle east made entirely of anime, also known as Miyazakistan) - courtesy of NPR

Age: Same age as Kuma the Wolf Alchemist, aka Tristan Marui, and I'm the same age as Joey Yanagi. Basically: 567,254 years old. I know a lot more than you.

Kuma: Or old enough to be your mom

I play: a ton of instruments. I actually happen to name them...

If you must ask: no, I don't want any pizza. I'd rather have Tacos

Well, all I can actually say about me is:

I've got an addiction to Wintergreen TicTacs (if you want to cheer me up, or bribe me, use those)

Kuma: You won't find her selling drugs on the streets, you'll find her hustling tictacs

And I will get a Snow Blue Lamborghini Murcielago someday. It's my dream.

I am car obsessed.

I love: (Prince of Tennis) Keigo Atobe, Ryoma Echizen, Oshitari Yuushi, Syusuke Fuji, Eiji Kikumaru, Bunta Marui, Kiosume Sengoku, Choutarou Ootori, (Pandora Hearts) Oz Bezarius/ Vessalius, Gilbert Nightray, (Fushigi Yuugi) Tamahome, Nuriko, Tasuki, (Fullmetal Alchemist) Edward Elric, Havoc runs a close second, (Shugo Chara) Ikuto Tsukiyomi, (Rouroni Kenshin) Kenshin, and about twenty bazillion more guys, I just don't have time to name them all! (And these aren't in order of how much I love them.)

And yes, my real name is Mochi.

If you say anything bad or mean about Keigo-kun, you will die.

Kuma: I guess i must have died at least 50 thousand times already XD YAYZ

Also, I sat in a 1970 Maserati Ghibli with a Ghia body this summer. One of 428 or something like that made. According to Kuma the Wolf Alchemist, "Sitting in a rare car is like seeing a rare Pokemon."

At a sleepover at a friends house:

Mochi: Hey, Kuma guess what?

Kuma: half asleep what?

Mochi: In a few hours the sun will rise!

Kuma:...shut, up and go to sleep

Update: 6/11/10

Well, for those of you who have been wondering, the next chapter of HCIHYPN is coming out soon! By soon, I mean, within the next month! But I have even better news! Due to the great reviews on RikkaiDai Goes to Walmart, I will be releasing another one-shot! This time involving Hyotei! =D *Evil grin* Expect this by the end of next week, I'm hoping I can get it on here today. But I'm debating whether to make this a two-shot or not. So far it's 3,452 words. And it's not even done yet. I just got to the climax. So yeah...I'm not sure how many of you readers want to read a 5,000 word one-shot. Becase I'm pretty sure that's how long it's going to end up being. o_O

That's a lot of words. But now, since I'm out of school and done with exams, I have a lot of time on my hands to work on this.

Oh, and by the way, how many of you like the Brave Little Toaster movie?

Hahah. Yes, it does have something to do with this.

Another Update: 6/11/10, about 10 hours after the original

So, I put up the first version of Hyotei Goes to the Junkyard. My younger sister was displeased with the original, so I've been urged to create a second version. So that's exactly what I'm doing. Yes, I'm making a second one. I never even considered making a second. I figured I'd make one and be done with it, then I could relax and wait for Kuma's part of HCIHYPN to come in. But no, I'm redoing the last half of Hyotei Goes to the Junkyard, namely the last hour of their adventure, after know what? I won't spoil it. And I think I might change the ending a little, too. Haha no more Shishido with coconuts.

Read it if you want to find out what the hell I'm talking about. And by the way, the original ended up being over 5,000 words. Suck that other one-shots!

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