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some things about me.

Name: Like I'll tell you! But you can call me by my nickname, AJ.

age: 19

Gender: Male

Hobbies: Watching Television,writing, getin' money,cooking, playing video games, riding my bike, listening to music, and Rapping

Pokemon OC Stories

Platinum Academy

The school for trainers(Emerald house), coordinators(Diamond), and Breeders(Gold) alike. Zackary(Zack) E. Durrel, 3rd year student, is a trainer of the Emerald house and also one of main trouble makers. But this school is a liitle different from the others as its one of the only schools located in a forest filled with dangerous wild pokemon. But that's only a small problem for what some evil psychotic mastermind has in store for which could lead to the destruction of the school, and everyone in it.


9 is my OC who lost his memories when a strange group called the Black Crows(A group of pokemorphs. think of the Espada From Bleach) captured him and experimented on him to find the origin of his tail. Once he escaped an aura was released that gave other human pokemon abilities. only 8 chosen humans who were born with a number located on them can help 9 save the world, but the first task is finding him. But when they do find him they find out that he doesn't trust humans or pokemorhs. Can they earn his trust and stop the Black Crows before it's to late?

Pokemon Shadows

Ryusaki Ketchum,(my OC) member of the Shadowmark and cousin of Ash Ketchum. They've been seperated for 15 years without knowing of each others existence. But when Ryusaki is forced by a Shadowmark commander to attend Kanto Academy to recruit Ash, things will change for the both of them as the Organization begins to strike.

War of Worlds

Masters Okom and Dante, fierce rulers of the pokemon Galaxy that we know and love. Lately in the past thousands of years 11 certain planets seem to have forgotten about them and they're tired of not getting their respect wishes from those certain planets. The two of them, along with their messenger Mokaii, decide to show them what happens when they don't get what they want and come out from hiding after all these years.

My Main OCs:

Name: Ryusaki Ketchum

Age: 15

Gender: male

Appearance/Clothing: black-spikey hair that is red at the tips and crimson red eyes. He wears a red t-shirt with black dragon designs over it with a black vest over it, red and black gloves, black pants, and red and black shoes.

Personality: Ryusaki is the type of person who doesn't let trouble come to him, instead being one of the main people to cause it. He's constantl flirting and/or dating girls he's probably just met. During the day he likes to have 'fun' by toying with the police such as pulling pranks on them and stealing from stores(though he has the money to pay for them) then running away. He also isn't the type to follow all, and sometimes any rules an authority gives him.(police, teachers, and even higher ranking Shadowmark members.)

When it comes to battle it's a more serious matter to him. If the one who he's fighting provokes him or threatings to kill his friends he won't hesitate to kill them in an instance. He likes to come up with things as he figths so that his opponents don't have time to think, so if they're not those type of people who study there opponent and come up with a plan before the battle then they'll have a tough time.

History: Ryusaki grew up in the streets of Jubilife City since he was 5, being raised by the ancient pokemon known as Shrowd(You'll find out about him later on) Jade, her brother yang, and Rex, the three of them became quick friends. Seeing as he had no adult to tell him right from wrong, he often stole from and fought a LOT of people, even if they were way older then him. A year later when he turned 6 the Shadow mark began recruiting more members and they saw Ryusaki and Rex's fighting skills and took them as the first recruits.

Opinion of Rex and Ryusaki:

Rex: "I consider Rex to be my big brother since he helped me out when we were younger."

Role: Shadow mark member and student

Element:Fire, Dark, Dragon, Fighting

Fusion: As of now he can only fuse with Drago because he hasn't gained enough power and skill to learn how to do there fusion

Drago: Not much changes about his appearance except that he grows large Dragonite wings, as for his abilities, his speed and strength are increased ten times his normal strength and speed, and he gains the ability to fly


Demon Awakened: ???

Shadow sheild: Shadows form around him for protection whenever someone attacks. It can only be activated whenever he's at the edge of death or by will when he commands it himself.

Black Aura Connection: Ryusaki connects his and anyone esle he wants aura to each other making so if he or anyone esle who's connected dies then the others who are connected will die to. He's saving this move for a certain person incase he can't defeat as a last result becuase once someone is locked in it can never be removed until everyone in it is dead, including Ryusaki who has to be connected for it to work.

Pokemon: Shrowd, Infernape(Blaze), Dragonite(Drago)

Love interest:That's for me to know and you to find out but if you really want know I'll tell you, it's an Oc(hehe).

Other: Has a demon inside him known as Sauras(Not the one Ryusaki had changed into that was just a transformation) and a tendency to call people batards when mad

Name: Tyrell Jackson (Rex)

Age: 17

Gender: male

Appearance/Clothing: Black with a muscular build, and 6 feet tall. He doesn't wear a shirt revealing his muscles but he does wear black pants, blue shoes, and blue and black gloves.

Personality: unlike Ryusaki Rex is a nice guy who actually obeys rules. He's almost completely different from Ryusaki. he has a strange paranoia about wearing shirts for some odd reason. He often scolds Ryusaki about getting in trouble with the police, but sometimes let's it go depending on how he's feeling at the moment. Rex is extremely strong and smart for a 17 year-old and use it to his advantage when he spars or fights.

He treats everyone with respect especiallly higher authorities. he has a large patience but when you make him angry(if it's possible) he's like the incredible hulk. Rex often has to get Ryusaki out of trouble or bail him out of jail when he gets arrested(which happens often) for something he's done(which is mostly stealing or starting a fight or something with someone else). And as for the name Rex, he never like his real name and after he and Ryusaki joined the Shadow Mark when he was 8 he was given this nickname for his fierceness in battle and when he's angered and just stuck with it.

History: Rex was an orphan since birth, he never knew his parents but he was still very happy considering all the friends he had in the orphanage. There he met Jade and Yang who became his lifelong friends. On his 7th birthday he found Shrowd, an ancient pokemon that can bring lengendary pokemon to their knees, in an alley hurt for some reason, and took it to the orphanage with him , and the next day he, Jade, and Yang found 5 year-old Ryusaki late at night half dead covered in blood crying for help. When Ryusaki first saw them he ran scared but passed out from the pain he had endured. When Ryusaki awoke they tried to ask what happened to him but he was to scared to talk about it so they stopped asking. Later all of them Rex, Jade, Yang and Ryusaki joined the Shadow Mark and created the Shadow siblings and became one of the most powerful groups in the Shadow Mark. Then later when Rex was 12 Yang and Jade(who were brother and sister) were muredered by someone named Pain.

Role: Shadow mark member and student

Element:Rock, ground, water, normal


Rocky: His skin and entire body becomes completely black Stone and his eyebrows disappear(like a super saiyan 3)and his strentgh is increased by 2x(some people don't even think that's possible considering how strong he already is.)

Gator Mouth: He grows huge long blue spikey hair that reaches his ankles which he can use to cover his entire body, 12 water blades also form around his body. The powers he gains are the ability to create water from the evaporation in the air for attacks and as for the water blades, self exclamatory

Ditto: His apparance doesn't change but he's able to copy any move and or appearance of someone


Rock Claw: Rex's hand becomes covered in the rocks or sand from his sorruondings to form sharp claws on his fingers for a dvastating attack.

Water clones: creates special water people which causes anyone who touches them to be under his command

Destruct: Rex creates a huge dome that surrounds his enemies inside then blows up

Pokemon: Onix(Rocky), Ditto, Feraligator(Gator Mouth), Ryhorn,

Love interest: He did have one with a girl named Jade who joined the Shadow Siblings to be with Rex but was killed along with the oldest and strongest member of the Shadow Siblings, Yang(He was also the leader)

Other: He and Ryusaki are part of their own group in the Shadow called The Shadow Siblings, though two of the oldest and strongest member were killed 5 years ago

Opinion of Rex and Ryusaki:

Ryusaki: "My younger brother, man he really needs to stay out of trouble."

Name: Kiirod Kinroo

Age: 16

Time Period: 1300s

Personality: Kiirod is a very calm person, it's rare for him to be mad at someone. though he has trust issues he's usaully compassonite to everyone human and pokemon alike. due to the fact on how he was raised he'll follow the orders of higher male or female. He's very brave and doesn't back down from a challenge. Kiirod's honest, speaks what he thinks, and is basically during the right thing when training. when he's not training he'll play tag and other games with his pokemon or cook food for them. It's hard for him to think of an insult for anybody(seeing as though he can only see the good in people) and constantly gives complients to people which some girls take it as him flirting. He's mostly loyal to his friends and will die to protect them if he needs to.

Appearance: Kiirod has Blue hair in a ponytail to his mid-back, has a muscular build, a completely black katana(right) and a wooden(left) one on his sides and blue eyes. has an open black and white kimino that has the Yin-Yang symbol on the back and black hakama pants. he also has sandals and a long diagonal scar from his right shoulder to the lower left of his stomach, and bandages wraped around his feet, ankle, and stomach.

History: He's never really cared if people liked him or not or the fact that he was one of the most well known people in the world. He only trusted his pokemon and closets friends, which is why he's used to living outdoors with nature. The forest was his actual only home and as a result he cares for injured pokemon as a thanks to mother nature. Began training in his father's Dojo as a samurai ever since he could walk, Kiirod was the most unusual of all the students there since he could talk to pokemon and understand them. He also Used Aura abilities he learned from his Lucario to boost his own abilities, making him the strongest and a primary target to fight during his lifetime. When he turned 13 his father hosted a tournament with the best fighters from around the world. It wasn't until Tyran had gotten to the finals that he found out that it was set up to get him killed in the process. After he had won he left the village to avoid being attacked.

Occupation: basically every since Kiirod was born he was training to be a samurai. Trained with his pokemon every to become the best samourai he could.

Pokemon: Machamp, Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan, Lucario, Primeape, Makuhita

Name: Tyran Frostman

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Occupation: Breeder

Physical Appearance: purple hair in a ponytail, purple eyes, and is about 5'8. Slightly tanned and has a scar on his back.(From not giving his munchlax enough to eat.) Has headphones around his neck, wears a black and red T-shirt with a slaking on the front, black gloves with a small snorlax on the back of each one, black cargo pants, and red and black sneakers or tennis shoes. His swim clothes are black and red swimming trunks and night clothes are a black T-shirt and boxers with snorlaxs on them.

Personality: he's very laid back so he doesn't take many things, or people, seriously. he's very flirty with girls and sometimes has fights with his pokemon but usaully wins. He usually makes people luagh and he loves cooking. He also often sleeps while he's cooking which usaully is the reason he and his pokemon have fights. (With as many poppins and food he has to make for his pokemon including his almost bottomless pit of a munchlax you would be to). When it comes to a girl he really likes he will give her one of the few rare blue roses he has and will usually carry heavy things for them.

Pokemon: Male Snorlax (Crunch), Female Monferno (Flare), Female Pupitar (Ty0, Male Hitmontop (Dj0, Male Ditto (Sift.)

Love Interest?: A girl he can get along with and competitive. Also a girl that nice to his pokemon and can help him out with his pokemon. And lastly someone whos good enough to get his Snorlax to actually do what its told by beating it in a battle.

Other: He's mastered over 200 recipes and is always stocked up with plenty of food hidden somewhere close by where his Snorlax can't reach it

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