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Author has written 8 stories for Spyro the Dragon, and Wings of Fire, Tui T. Sutherland.

Name: Cody

Age: 24

I'm also on Xbox Live and known as Dragon of Fates, and if you ever want to play against me or with me, just give me a shout and I'll try to be there.

Stories & Series

The Legend of Cyril: Broken Soul (Might have it deleted soon, still thing about it though). (On hold).

Spyro & Cynder Series (I have planned five stories for a series called The Spyro & Cynder Series, which will explain Spyro & Cynder's relationship and Light's feelings for Fire, and other things.).

Spyro & Cynder: The Deadly Plan Of The World

Spyro & Cynder II: The Flying City Of The Skies (Won't be updated till my first story is completed, so it's on hold for now).

Spyro & Cynder III: Dragon Of Returning Darkness (Story talks about Light's rival returning to kill him for good).

Spyro & Cynder: The Deleted Scenes-Before & After (Stuff that was cut out from the first three stories).

The Legend of Light the dragon: How It All Started (prequel to the Spyro & Cynder Series, explains Light's haunting past when he was younger).

Fox & The Vixen: The Story Of Young Love (On Hold).


I've Tried (Done).

I Wanna Be With You (Done).

The Darken Cave (Done).

Ghosts Of Dragon's Bay (Done).

Wolves Of Howling Mountain (In the works).

I'm Coming Back Home (Still in the works).

She Had A Bad Day, I Had A Great Day (Working on it).

Ten & more charcaters that are returing for Spyro & Cynder II: The Flying City Of The Skies:

Spyro the purple dragon: Will be the main character.

Light the dragon

Onyx the dragon

Cynder the dragoness

Lightning the light dragon

Fire the dragoness

Scarlett the fire dragoness

Cyril the ice dragon/Guardian Of Ice

Forever the ice dragoness

Theresa the ice dragoness

Inferno the purple dragon - (Belongs to Neo Dragon X)

Sapphire the dragoness - (Belongs to Neo Dragon X)

More to list though.

Characters that aren't returning for Spyro & Cynder II: The Flying City Of The Skies:

Ember the dragoness

Hunter of Avalar

Chief Prowlus

Malefor a.k.a (The Dark Master)

More to list.

OC's character's from other Author's or writer's that are appealing in Spyro & Cynder II: The Flying City Of The Skies:

1. Savrith the dark dragon - (Belongs to Ferelga).

2. Lynthia the dragoness - (Belongs to Gravidal The Dragon).

The spots for OC characters are now closed, for those who wanted their OC characters in my story, it's too late.

Writing: like to write stories and mostly songs.

Musical Influences: Shania Twain, Alan Jackson, Emmylou Harris, George Jones, Patty Loveless, Alison Krauss, and Keith Whitley.

Influences From Thorn's Lad and Shade105.

Authors from Spyro who Impacted my writing:

OnyxtheDragon17: Thank you for reviewing my every songfics and stories, you are great and wonderful friend to have. And by the YOU ROCK OnyxtheDragon17. Your writing and storytelling will live on. And thanks for your words of encouragement, pureness, and greatness.

Beta Reading For: Twilight Dragon God & Darknight254

Favorite music genre: Country all the way and a little bit of pop and rock. Rap, Hip-Hop, and Gothic music can burn in hell.

Favorite Singers/Songwriters: Shania Twain, Miranda Lambert, The Wreckers, Alan Jackson, George Jones, Dolly Parton, Anne Murray, Emmylou Harris, Reba McEntire, Alison Krauss, Keith Whitley, Randy Travis, Dwight Yoakam, Clint Black, Garth Brooks, Ian Tyson, Beverley Mahood, Terri Clark, Lisa Brokop, Jessie Farrell, The Rankin Family, The Pretenders, Blue Rodeo, CCR, Dire Straits, John Mellencamp, Lee Ann Womack, Patty Loveless, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Martina McBride, Highway 101, Steve Earle, Vince Gill, Bellamy Brothers, ABBA, and Avril Lavigne.

Favorite Songs: "Your Still The One " - Shania Twain

"Here In The Real World", "Someday", "Remember When", "Small Town Southern Man", and "Blue Ridge Mountain Song" - Alan Jackson

"He Stopped Loving Her Today", "I'm A One Woman Man", "The Race Is On", "The One I Loved Back Then", "The Grand Tour", "White Lightning", "Choices", "Who's Gonna Fill Their Shoes", "She Loved A Lot In Her Time","Rockin' Years" With Dolly Parton, and "Finally Friday" - George Jones

"(You Never Can Tell) C'est La Vie", "Save The Last Dance For Me", "Bad Moon Rising", "Root Like A Rose", "Wheels of Love", "Gold", & "Rose Of Cimarron"- Emmylou Harris

"You Saved Me", "Blame It On Your Heart", "Why Baby Why", "The Pain Of Loving You", and "Lonely Too Long"- Patty Loveless

"Steel Rails", "That Makes One Of Us", "Tonight I'll Be Lonely Too", "Baby Mine", "Find My Way Back To My Heart", "Ghost In This House", "Let Me Touch You for Awhile", "The Lucky One", "New Favorite", "If I Didn't Know Any Better", "Restless", "Paper Airplane", "My Love Follows You Where You Go", and "When You Say Nothing At All" - Alison Krauss & Union Station

"I'm Losing You All Over Again", "Nobody In His Right Mind Would've Left Her", "Don't Close Your Eyes", and "When You Say Nothing At All" - Keith Whitley

"Coat Of Many Colors" and "Just When I Needed You Most" - Dolly Parton

"Snowbird"- Anne Murray

"If You Could Read My Mind" - Gordon Lightfoot

"Navajo Rug" - Ian Tyson

"Mama's Opry", "Higher Ground", The Shores Of Jordan", "The Way I Should", and "Our Town" - Iris DeMent

"Never Again, Again", "The Fool", "I Hope You Dance", "Why They Call It Falling", "The Healing Kind", I May Hate Myself In The Morning", "I Think I Know", and "Last Call" - Lee Ann Womack

"Much Too Young (To Feel This Damn Old)" and "The Dance" - Garth Brooks

"Write This Down" - George Strait

"Take Me Home Country Roads" - John Denver

"El Paso" and "Some Memories Just Won't Die" - Marty Robbins

"Here Comes My Baby" - The Mavericks

"Kid" - The Pretenders

"Take It Easy" - The Eagles

"Hold On Tight To Your Dreams" - Electric Light Orchestra

"Guitar Town" - Steve Earle

"Bad Timing" - Blue Rodeo

"Top Of The World"- The Carpenters

"Bad Moon Rising" - Creedence Clearwater Revival

"On Every Street" - Dire Straits

"You're The Best Break This Old Heart Ever Had" and "When You Fall In Love Everything's A Waltz" - Ed Bruce

"Dim Lights, Thick Smoke" - Vern Gosdin

"Gentle On My Mind", "Rhinestone Cowboy", "Southern Nights", "Unconditional Love", and "Galveston" - Glen Campbell

"Fare Thee Well Love" - The Rankin Family

"26 Cents"- The Wikinsons

"Stormy Weather" - Stella Parton

"I'll Be" - Reba McEntire

"Forever And Ever, Amen" - Randy Travis

"A Better Man" - Clint Black

"Fishin' In The Dark" - The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band

"Redneck Girl" - The Bellamy Brothers

"When You Leave That Way You Can Never Go Back" - Confederate Railroad

"The Door Is Always Open" - Dave & Sugar

"River Road" - Crystal Gayle

"When The Thought Of You Catches Up With Me" - David Ball

"I Love A Rainy Night" - Eddie Rabbit

"Tennessee Birdwalk"- Jack Blanchard & Misty Morgan

"I'll Wait For You" - Joe Nichols

"The House That Built Me" & "Dear Diamond" - Miranda Lambert

"Maybe He'll Notice Her Now" - Mindy McCready

"Fox On The Run" - The Good Brothers

"My Love", "How Do I Let Go", "Wildflower", "Band In The Window", and "So Far" - Lisa Brokop

"If I Were You" and "She Didn't Have Time" - Terri Clark

"The First Day (You Wake Up Alone)", "Could Have Had Me", "Come To Me", and "Anything is Possible" - Beverley Mahood

"Everything To Me", "Roadside Sandwich", Let's Talk About Love", and "Fell Right Into You" - Jessie Farrell

"Sold (The Grundy County Auction Incident)" and "Life's A Dance" - John Michael Montgomery

"Guitars, Cadillacs" and "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" - Dwight Yoakam

"I'm Gonna Drive You Out Of My Mind", "Waiting On You", "Someday I'm Gonna Ride In A Cadillac", and "The Other Side" - Charlie Major

"10,000 Miles" and "Down At The Twist And Shout" - Mary Chapin Carpenter

Singers I Hate The Most: Carrie Underwood or as my family pits it as "Carrie Underpants", Taylor Swift, Keith Urban, Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, Johnny Reid, Lady Gaga, and Lady Antebellum.

Favorite Games: The Halo Series, Soul Calibur 2 & 4, F.E.A.R. 2, The Legend of Spyro- Dawn Of The Dragon, Gears of War 2, Fable 2, Dynasty Warriors- Gundam 1 & 2, TimeSplitters 2 & Future Perfect, and Ninja Gariden 2.

Favorite Books: Silverwing Series, Halo Novel Series, Wings of Fire series - Tui T. Sutherland, The Inheritance Cycle series, Hunter's Moon: A Story of Foxes, Midnight's Sun: A Story of Wolves, The Sight and Fell - David Clement-Davies, Age of Fire, A Black Fox Running, Guardians of Ga'Hoole, Wolves of the Beyond, String Lug The Fox, The Talon Saga, The Wolves of Time: Journeys to the Heartland & Seekers of Wulfrock, The Wolf Chronicles, Seraphina & Shadow Scale - Rachel Hartman, Even More Ghost Stories Of Alberta, and Red Fox.

Favortie Authors: Kenneth Oppel, Christopher Paolini, Garry Kilworth, Tui T. Sutherland, & David Clement-Davies.

Favorite Movies: Twister- The Dark Of Nature, Aliens, Kill Bill Volume 1 & 2, The Ring 1 & 2, Mirrors, The Unborn, The Uninvited, and The Eye.

Favorite TV Shows: Reba, The Dead Files, A Haunting, Family Guy, Red vs Blue, and Creepy Canada.

Favorite Anime/Manga: Gundam Seed, Gundam Seed Destiny, Naruto & Naruto Shippuden, Bleach, Inuyasha, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brother Hood, and Wolf's Rain. I'm very picky about anime shows I watch, I only choosed these anime shows because of how great and wonderful their stories and characters are.

Favorite Quotes:

“You, I shall never forgive” from Ivy Valentine in Soul Calibur 4.

"Silence! I can change my own destiny!" from Ivy Valentine in Soul Calibur II.

"Be careful, or you'll feel the pain." from Ivy Valentine in Soul Calibur II.

"No One Can Escape From Me!" from Ivy Valentine in Soul Calibur II.

"Let's see, what shall I cut off first?" From Ivy Valentine in Soul Calibur III

"Your suffering will be over in a moment." From Ivy Valentine in Soul Calibur III

"Did you actually think you could win? How naive." From Ivy Valentine in Soul Calibur IV

"You, I shall kill with my own hands." From Ivy Valentine in Soul Calibur IV

"I don't care what you think of me. Begone!" From Ivy Valentine in Soul Calibur IV

"Cursed soul! Leave this world!" from Ivy Valentine in Soul Calibur V

"Your corpse is proof enough of my victory." From Ivy Valentine in Soul Calibur V

"Seriously now... is that the best you can offer me?" From Ivy Valentine in Soul Calibur V

"I'm sorry! Please try to understand!" from Talim in Soul Calibur II

"Wind, guide me." from Talim in Soul Calibur II

"Why do you fight?" from Tailm in Soul Calibur II

"Your eyes... have so much sadness." from Talim in Soul Calibur III

"I'm not afraid anymore." from Talim in Soul Calibur IV

"You will be hurt as well, so why?" from Talim in Soul Calibur IV

"You. You've been manipulating this." from Talim in Soul Calibur IV

"The wind and the stars are crying!" from Talim in Soul Calibur IV

"You're not even worth killing." from Raphael in Soul Calibur II

"To be honest, I'm irritated." from Raphael in Soul Calibur II

"Even beasts know when to give up." from Raphael in Soul Calibur II

"Now, I'll take you out of your misery." from Raphael in Soul Calibur III

"You shall tell me everything I want to know." from Raphael in Soul Calibur IV

"Not bad...but I've had quite enough." from Raphael in Soul Calibur IV

"I've wasted enough time on you already!" from Rapheal in Soul Calibur V

"How pathetic and weak. You've learnt your place, I trust?" from Raphael in Soul Calibur V

"Better luck... Next time..." from Raphael in Soul Calibur V

"So, you wish to cast away your life. Perhaps that is one answer." from Zasalamel in Soul Calibur IV

"Your existence is meaningless. Disappear!" from Zasalamel in Soul Calibur IV

"A dream is still a dream; even fools eventually awaken." from Zasalamel in Soul Calibur IV

"And just like that, you are gone. A pity." from Zasalamel in Soul Calibur IV

“Servants of the evil sword you shall not a escape” from Siegfried in Soul Calibur 4.

"You conceited wretched human!" From Nightmare in Soul Calibur II

“Darkness!! Give me darkness” from Nightmare in Soul Calibur 4.

“Dirty hands can not wipe away your tears” from Ashlotte in Soul Calibur 4.

“Toys are almost beautiful right before they break” from Tira in Soul Calibur 4.

"Next time you disobey, it's going to hurt much more!" from Tira in Soul Calibur V

"Broken already? Well aren't you delicate." from Tira in Soul Calibur V

"How many more should I send to the grave today?" from Tira in Soul Calibur V

“I will burn you to ashes!!” from Cervantes in Soul Calibur 2.

"What an annoying little girl you are!" from Cervantes in Soul Calibur IV

“Just stay close to me” from Spyro in The Legend Of Spyro- Dawn Of The Dragon.

“Then I’m with you” from Cynder in The Legend Of Spyro- Dawn Of The Dragon.

“Now it’s Spyro time to shine” from Cyril in The Legend Of Spyro- A New Beinging

“Halo it’s finished” from Cortana in Halo- Combat Evolved.

“I’ll use In Amber Clad’s rector just like we did the Autumn’s” from Cortana in Halo 2.

“Sir, finishing this fight” from Master Chief in Halo 2.

Favorite Pairings:

Spyro x Cynder (The Legend Of Spyro Series)

Thorn x Saphira (Inheritance Cycle Series)

Prince Winter x Moonwatcher (Wings of Fire - Tui T. Sutherland)

Stonemover x Queen Thorn (Wings of Fire - Tui T. Sutherland)

Pike x Princess Anemone (Wings of Fire - Tui T. Sutherland)

Prince Arctic x Foeslayer (Wings of Fire - Tui T. Sutherland)

Shade x Marina (The Silverwing Saga)

Soren x Otulissa (Legend Of The Guardians: The Owls Of Ga'Hoole)

Shadow x Venus (Spider Riders)

Tod x Vixey (Fox And The Hound)

Pairings I Hate The Most:

SpyroxEmber (Worst pairing of all time)



NeroxCynder (Worst pairing of all time)

My OC Characters:

Light the Dragon or Lightmare when in Armor Form:

Birth Place: Northern Light City

Birth Date: February 14 (Valentines Day in human time)

Age: 20

Height: Same height as Cyril, in Armor form about 7’5’’. He's an adult now.

Weight: Won’t tell anybody; in Armor form about 200 to 210 pounds.

Wing Span: Like Cyril's Wing Span

Eye Color: Purple like Spyro, but in Armor form they are green.

Race: Dragons

Gender: Male

Likes: Fire the dragoness (in love with her), Spyro, Cynder, Cyril, Forever, Ignitus, Remember, and Flame

Hates: Sparx, Ember, Terrador, Volteer, and Malefor.

Appearance: Golden under belly and white scales. His horns and wings are like Cyril wings, but different color and wing length and has Cyril's muzzle. Wears armor on his left front leg when in dragon form also wears gold bands around his hind legs, three on his tail, one his front right leg. Now when in Armor form he stands at 7’5’’ and about 200 pounds, but the weird part is that Light turned himself into an orb of light at age 7 and found armor and placed himself into it calling himself Lightmare.

Powers: light, ice, healing, (which could kill him if using to much of his energy), wind, lightning, reflection, deflection, fire, disappear, ghost, and cancel (Cancels all elements including the Dark Elements, Light Elements, Earth Elements, and even a god's power, Light the dragon can use his powers while his enemies cannot use theirs, when he cancels his enemies/rivals/opponents elements it makes him very hard and very dangerous to kill).

Weapons: Forbidden (a giant sword like Soul Calibur in a way, different blade though).

Family: Father/Cyril the dragon

Mother/Forever the ice dragoness

Brother/Lightning the Light Dragon

Twin Sister/Scarlett the Fire Dragoness

Sister/Theresa the ice dragoness

Brothers/Spyro the Dragon

Grandfather/Restless the light dragon

Grandmother/Mystery the purple dragoness

Light the Dragon's Personality: Light is mostly calm, quiet, collective, smart, and fearless. When it comes down to his enemies though, he speaks to them in a cold, calm, and hard voice, this by trying to scare them off easily or make them run away, which has happened before, but only seems to work on Moles, Apes, and cheetahs. While others charge forward to defeat their enemies quickly, they seem to forget the number one rule, never judge a book by it's cover as the saying goes. Light never does this, instead lets his enemies charge forwards towards him, this by letting him study his enemies moves, attack, offence, defense, and the environment around them while using his advantage against them. When facing off against a large army Light will usually go for the leader and kill him/her, so he can quickly end the battle while the army scatters in disarray and confusion. Light also has hard time trusting others with powers beyond their imagination such as Malefor and Ember, who are bent on destroying the ways of life. He also seems to distrust The Chronicler, due to him for having the power time and reading into dragon/dragonesses dreams and minds, which according to him shouldn't be allowed. Like many battle born dragons, Light has a soft side which is rarely seen by others, other then Fire and Ariel.

Light the Dragon Relationship:

Grandson of Restless the light dragon & Mystery the purple dragoness.

Grandson of Lie the water dragon & Willow the ice dragoness, his mother told him they are deceased.

Son of Cyril the ice dragon & Forever the ice dragoness.

Nephew of Shade the shadow dragon, Cyril's twin brother.

Nephew of Fog & Destiny the dragons, both were killed though warfare.

Nephew of May & Patty the dragoness, Forever the dragoness older sisters.

Great Grand Parents, killed though warfare according to his father and grandfather.

Older brother of Lightning, Scarlett, Theresa, & Spyro the dragons. (He, Lightning, & Scarlett are triplets, but they where taken away to three different locations to hatch, much to their parents sadness and due to Malefor looking for the three eggs).

Raised and taken care of by Angel the fire dragoness, who worked at Northern Light City Orphanage as a worker and helper. Light also grew up at the orphanage, but doesn't talk about it to any one. The only ones who of this are his parents, Onyx, Fire, brothers, sisters, the Dragon Guardians & the World Guardians.

Captured and taken to jail by Malefor, who plans to take Light's powers for his own.

Meet, befriended, and escaped by & with Onyx the dragon, Onyx was sent to help Light out of jail before Malefor could take his powers away. Light and Onyx would later be the greatest of friends and would later travel together on many journeys and adventures, which they still do to this day.

Meet & befriended Fire the dragoness, during his stay there with Onyx for two years, Light deeply fell in love with Fire, but kept it a serect to himself for some time, but what he found out from Onyx was that Fire was in a relationship with Silver, it crushed him deeply. So he and Onyx would later leave Sky Fire for good, Fire was sadden by this that they left without saying goodbye, but she knew she would find them one day. Light and Fire are now in a romantic relationship in the events of Deadly Plan of the World.

Meet & Hates Silver the dragon, due to him dating Fire the dragoness.

He and Onyx were trained by Master Spectre the ghost dragon, he trained them both and taught them everything they need to know about Ghost Element. Right now, Spectre is in hiding.

Defeated and fought Malefor the purple dragon aka The Dark Master Three times before the events of TLOS: A New Begining & SC: Deadly Plan of the World.

Transformed into his Armour From known as, Lightmare.

Defeated & nearly killed Gaul the Ape King, before the events of TLOS: ANB & SC: Deadly Plan of the World.

Defeated & purified Scarlett the dragoness, would later found out that she is his sister, before the events of TLOS: ANB & SC: Deadly Plan of the World.

Fought, defeated, healed, & befriend Cynder the dark dragoness, he informed her that she has a larger role in life then just being evil. Happened before TLOS:ANB & SC:DPOTW.

Defeated, fought, & later befriend Ignitus the fire dragon, before the events of TLOS:ANB & SC:DPOTW.

Meet, befriended, & defeated Theresa the ice dragoness, she told him that they are brother and sister.

Easily defeated Sun the light dragon, Sun changelled Lightmare (Light) to a fight, but was easily defeated by Lightmare. According to Theresa, Sun was killed.

Defeated & destroyed Darkness Steel's whole body, however Steel's soul escaped before he could be destroyed before the events of TLOS:ANB & S&C:DPOTW.

Defeated & sealed away Terror the light dragon, Light was the last dragon and light dragon to seal away Terror the light dragon before events of TLOS:ANB and S&C: DPOTW.

Meet, befriended, & defeated Keeper the cheetah & Venus the fire dragoness, before the events of TLOS: ANB & SC: Deadly Plan of the World.

Meet, befriended, & defeated Lightning the light dragon, he later informed him that he and Light are brothers. Happened before TLOS: ANB & SC:DPOTW.

Meet, befriended, former lover, and sealed away Ariel the fire dragoness, still regrets the days he sealed her away. Happened before TLOS: ANB & SC: DPOTW.

Blames the death of Ariel the dragoness on her older sister, Ashley the dragoness.

Joined The Ten Elements, but were soon killed off by one of its member, Shadow the darkness dragon. This making, Light and Shadow the only members left.

Hates & rival of Shadow the darkness dragon.

Trained & witnessed six young light dragons being killed by Hunter the cheetah, but later found out that Chief Prowlus was behind the order.

Blames the World Guardians for separating him from his family.

Befriend The Dragon Guardians.

Told by Forever, that she and Cyril are his parents, this knowing that his family is alive.

Defeated & nearly killed Assassin the Ape before the events of TLOS: ANB & Spyro & Cynder: The Deadly Plan of the World.

Defeated & fought Flame the dragon, before the events of TLOS: ANB & Spyro & Cynder: The Deadly of the World.

Defeated & fought Ember the pink dragoness, but she escaped with the book she stole from Light's castle before Light could deliver the final blow.

Encounters & befriends Spyro & Sparxs, tells him that he and Spyro are brothers and that their family is a live.

Created a plan for Spyro to get captured by Cynder.

Found out that Ember had killed Prowlus.

Surprised that Fire found him and his home, and even more surprised that Fire was in more relationships then he was.

Encountered Mystery the purple dragoness spying on him, she asked him where Restless was, Light told her he didn't know. She told him of her plan of separating Spyro & Cynder, so he agreed to use it. But later, start's to regret about it.

Meet, helped, & befriended Inferno & Sapphire, asked them how then found his home, they told him they were attacked by Ember for witnessing her burning a building, this by Light helping them out and healing Sapphire from her wounds and coma.

Asked Onyx to go spy on Ember and find her new location, while he took Spyro and Theresa back to the temple for their advanced training.

Light the dragon's nick name: "Terror Of The Lands", "The White Knight", & "The Ghost Of The Winter Skies".

Lightning the light dragon:

Birth Place: Floating Islands

Birth Date: February 14 (Valentine's Day in Human time) Born the same day as Light and Scarlett.

Age: 20

Height: Same height as Cyril, adult now.

Weight: Lost weight recently

Wing Span: Has Cyril's Wings

Eye Color: Pure Green eyes

Race: Dragons

Gender: Male

Likes: Venus the fire dragoness, Light, Scarlett, Theresa, Spyro, Cynder, Fire, Onyx, Cyril, Forever, and Ignitus.

Hates: Pretty much everything that's annoying and flys around, Sparxs.

Appearance: Being a light dragon, his appearance is the same as Light's, being the second oldest of the five, unlike his older brother Light, he doesn't wear platinum bands around his body, however he does wear leg armour which is on his left hind leg and uses it for fighting and kicking away his enemies and blocking his enemies powers, his leg armour color is covered by gold plating and has V marking in his armour. His tail blade is a knife which is used for cutting and killing.

Powers: light, ice, lightning, ghost, disappear, wind, reflection, deflection, location, and cancel (doesn't use it very much, he thinks he'll hurt someone dear to him when using it in battle or fightning).

Family: Father/ Cyril the ice dragon

Mother/ Forever the dragoness

Older brother/ Light the dragon

Sister/ Scarlett the fire dragoness

little sister/ Theresa the ice dragoness

little brother/ Spyro the purple dragon

Grandfather/ Restless the light dragon (alive, Lightning knows he's alive and well).

Grandmother/ Mystery the purple dragoness (Light told him she's alive and searching for her mate, Restless the light dragon).

Uncle/Shade the shadow dragon ( Cyril's twin brother and friend).

Best friend/ Venus the fire dragoness (Founds her to be a bit annoying, but has deep feelings for her that he won't let out because he thinks she's his weakness. She's also his traveling campion and Keeper's campion).

Servant/ Keeper the Cheeth (Is a annoying cheeth who thinks Lightning is the greatest dragon in the world, his job as a servant is to try and protect Venus from emenys, the two always fight with each other and mostly Venus wins the fight. He does not like his emenys making fun his master and talks back to them usually ending with a fist in his face or a kick from Lightning. He also thinks Lightning could beat Light any day and any time, even though their brothers, he also has deep hatred for Hunter and Prowlus. He also likes Lightning's family which are Cyril, Forever, Light, Scarlett, Theresa, Spyro, Shade, Restless, and Mystery. He also knows of Light's deep hatred for cheeths and will sometimes back off from him, knowing he'll get stuffed from Light).

Lightning's Personality: Lightning is mostly quiet, calm, collective, wise, and smart. He never talks to any body unless it's his family, Venus, or his annoying servant Keeper. When he strikes his emenies down he doesn't give them time to escape and kills them without mercy or remorse. When Terror the light dragon kidnap Venus, Lightning quited fighting Terror's forces and went after Venus and saved her life. He's does show kindness when he talks to Light, family members, and friends, he loves kid dragons and tell them some of his stories of his adventures, he'll also do anything to protect Venus even giving up his own life for hers.

Lightning's Relationships:

Defeated Terror the light dragon: Kidnap Venus and tried to kill her, but Lightning showed just in time and saved Venus from being killed. Lightning and Terror fought against each other for two hours before Lightning used his light fury on him and wounding him. After Terror was defeated, Lightning continued on his adventure with Venus and Keeper in search of Lightmare.

Defeated Flame & Ember (with the help of Venus): Lightning, Venus, and Keeper were in city called Warfang looking for the were abouts of Lightmare, many moles or dragons told him that the Knight In White Armour is a nice and great knight who helped Warfang from going to war and stopping it from happening. As they left the city, the three of them encountered Flame and Ember who the time had killed several dragon leaders for some dark magic books. When Flame and Ember encountered Lightning they attacked him, Venus attacked Flame and fought him while Lightning fought Ember, as they fought, Venus had used her fury on Flame and wounded him greatly and hit him in the face with her tail there by defeating him, Lightning didn't use any of his powers and instead used combat on Ember, Ember was becoming tired and weak from Lightning's hit, so Lightning hit Ember with his tail and defeated her. After the the trio went on their adventure.

Defeated Gaul the Ape King: After Gaul was defeated by the hands of Lightmare, he encountered Lightning and his group, with one sword already reforged he attacked them. Lightning already knowing of Gaul's defeat was tired and weak from his duel with Lightmare, so he shattered Gaul's one sword and swung his tail at him and defeated him.

Defeated Malefor a.k.a. The Dark Master: After the trio's encounter with Gaul, they encountered Malefor who was already defeated by Light the dragon the third and final time, Lightning knew they were getting closer to Lightmare, Malefor saw Lightning fought him in deadly duel, Lightning had the upper had while Malefor was once again losing the duel, Lightning then used his lightning fury and defeated Malefor badly, after Malefor's retreat, he told Lightning that Lightmare had changed into his real from, after that Malefor flew off to heal himself of his wounds with the trio went on their adventure.

Defeated Theresa the ice dragoness: After Malefor's defeat, they found Light and were ready to face him, before they could get to them, Lightning encountered Theresa and Scarlett and asked them why would help that evil being, Theresa told him that Light was a good dragon and was not evil, but Lightning attacked her and fought for two hours, Venus fought Scarlett to a duel, but ended being defeated and bady wounded, Keeper attacked Scarlett with his sword, but Scarlett had shattered his sword and knocking the air out him and was defeated. Lightning and Theresa were fightning each other, but Lightning got tired of fightning used his light fury on her and defeated her. Scarlett picked up a defeated Theresa and was about to leave when Lightning asked her about Light, she only said that Light the dragon is a very powerful light dragon and has defeated many emenies including Malefor three times, Terror the light dragon, Darkness Steel, Cynder the dragoness, and Gaul the Ape King, with that Scarlett left with Theresa back home. Lightning knew that facing Light would be dangerous, but he wasn't scared at all with that he picked up both Venus and Keeper and had taken to home to heal and Sleep.

Tied Against Onyx the dragon: After Venus and Keeper were cured, the trio went on to find to Lightmare, after many days of traveling they stopped in the mega dragon city Northern Light City there they meet Onyx the dragon, Lightning knew him of being Light's bestfriend so Lightning attacked Onyx, what he didn't that both Onyx and Light had trained together from many masters of dragons, Onyx attacked back and managed to knock off Lightning's left hind leg armour and destroying it, Lightning used most of his powers on Onyx, but Onyx deflected back at him, after many hours of fighting both Lightning and Onyx used their main furys on each other at the same time, when light and shadow furys meat they created a big Vortex that was ready to destroy the city, but Light came in and used his light fury and destroyed it. After the fight was over, Onyx told they tied and also told him your a great fighter, but can't defeat Light. After three days of healing and building new armour for his left hind leg, the trio went on and left the city.

Defeated by Light the Dragon: After so many days of searching, they finally found Light by himself. Lightning walked up to him and was shocked that Light had the same features as he did, but Light had purple eyes and he had green. Light told him that he and Scarlett are his older brother and sister, Lightning thought this to be wrong and attacked Light head on as did Venus and Keeper. Venus and Keeper did some damage, but not enough, they were easiler defeated, but for Lightning he managed to land some great damaged on Light and the same with Light on Lightning. With Lightning was about to use all his furys together, Light canceled his powers and Light and Lightning fought to hand to hand combat, Lightning had the upper hand and was wining, but Light was using faster and harder combat attacks against him and Lightning was forget about his defenses which Light was breaking, Light decided to finish him off, Light used his tail and wrapped it around Lightning's neck and bought him up in the air, Light did a backward flip and fung Lightning to the ground, Lightning managed to get up but was weak and tired, Light then used his light fury on him and defeated him. After Lightning woke up, he was healed by Light and he told Lightning that he, Scarlett, Theresa, and Spyro are brothers and sisters, Lightning believe him and decided to help Light on his adventures. Right now Lightning is in hiding along with Venus and Keeper, Lightning's worried that if emeny finds out about him being Light's brother, then their family is in danger. A other reason for hiding, is to locate the emenies and were their hiding, Lightning has powers of location and knows where to find most his emenies and allies.

Lightning the light dragons nickname: "Lost Of The Unknown" & "Deadly Dragon Of Fear"

Fire the Dragoness :

Birth Place: Sky Fire

Birth Date: February 20

Age: 20

Height: Same height as Light

Weight: She won’t tell any body.

Wing Span: Has her fathers wings, Ignitus

Eye Color: Yellow

Race: Dragons

Gender: Female

Likes: Light the dragon (in love with him),Scarlett the Dragoness, Theresa, Cynder, Spyro, Cyril, Forever, Remember, and Ignitus

Hates: Ember, Sparx, Terrador, Volteer, and Flame

Appearance: Gold under belly and red scales. Same horns as Ignitus and his muzzle (female verson) and same body appearance as Valentina, but with a less more weight.

Powers: Fire

Family: Father/Ignitus

Mother/Valentina the dragoness (OC character belongs to OnyxtheDragon17).

Grandparents (Died when Fire had hatched out her egg).

Fire's Personality:

Fire is sweet, charming, quiet, smart, and brave. Even though Fire has had more than 11 boyfriends and had been defeated alot, but she made it up by defeating other dragons such as Ember to Silver her ex boyfriend.

Fire's Relationships.

Defeated Ember:

Defeated Flame:

Defeated by Scarlett:

Defeated by Malefor:

Defeated by Evil Cynder:

Defeated Silver: Her ex-boyfriend tried to kill her, but Fire kicked his ass and used a Fire fury on him.

Tied Against Sun the light dragon: Read his infromation.

Tied against Onyx:

Defeated Moon the dark dragon: Moon is over 11 million years old, when he asked Fire if he could teach her how to fight, Fire said no. Moon attacked her, Fire seeing as he was weak from his battle with Evil Cynder, used a Fire Fury and Fire storm on him, he fell defeated and wounded. Fire was nice enough to take him to Warfang hospital where he could heal and rest. Moon thanked her for her kindness and friendship. So far nobody has heard or ever seen where Moon is, some say he died, but according to Fire he went out to find Lightmare and defeat him, so far Moon hasn't found him yet.

Defeated by Theresa: Fire had fallowed Onyx, but was attacked by Theresa. Fire asked her if she could see Lightmare, but Theresa said no and told her not to fallow him, knowing Fire would get killed in battle. So Fire attacked her by using everything she had on Theresa, some of her attacks managed to hurt and wound Theresa badly, but seeing Theresa had the upper hand in this fight, so Fire waved her right paw (which is meaning, I'm done or I'm defeated). So Theresa told her go and have a nice happy life. Fire and Theresa right now are friends, Theresa also says Fire is like a older sister she never had.

Fire the dragonesses nickname: "The Twisting Twister of Flames" & "The Guardian Of Flames"

Forever the Dragoness:

Birth Place: Winter Mountain City

Birth Date: March 12

Age: 39

Height: Same height as Cyril, just a little smaller.

Weight: She won’t tell anyone, but Cyril

Wing Span: 25’1’’

Eye Color: Green

Race: Dragons

Gender: Female

Likes: Cyril (her lover), Light, Spyro, Cynder, Sparx, and Ignitus

Hates: Ember and Remember

Appearance: White under belly and light blue scales. She has a nice sender body and a deadly tail blade.

Powers: Ice and light (She doesn't tell any body that she has light powers only Cyril and Ignitus know about it).

Family: Father/Lie the water dragon (Deceased) (Died when Forever was only two years old). (Father died when he was 55 years old).

Mother/Willow the ice dragoness (Deceased) (Died when Forever was only four years old). (Mother died when she was only 54 years old).

Brother/Fog the water dragon (Deceased) - (Killed though Warfare).

Brother/Destiny the ice dragon (Deceased) (Killed in the Battle of Lost City).

Sister/May the water dragoness (Still alive. She lives in Warfang were her grandparents used to live).

Sister/Patty the ice dragoness (Lives in small town called White Light Soul near Warfang. Has a family too).

Grandparents/ (Deceased) (Both Died when Forever was only five years old due to their old age).

Mate/Cyril the ice dragon

Oldest Son/Light the dragon

Second Oldest Son/Lightning the dragon

Oldest daugther/Scarlett the Fire Dragoness

Daughter/Theresa the ice dragoness

Son/Spyro the dragon

Brother in law/Shade the shadow dragon (Cyril's twin brother. Will be featured in my new story).

Master of Malefor

Forever's Relationships:

Defeated Terrador:

Defeated Volteer:

Defeated by Ignitus:

Tied against Cyril:

Tied against Onyx:

Defeated Remember:

Defeated Gaul the Ape King:

Defeated & sealed away The Sword of Destiny before the events of TLOS:ANB & S&C: DPOTW.

Forever the ice dragonesses nickname: "The Ice Of Pureness".

Remember the Dragon:

Birth Place: Warfang

Birth Date: July 1

Age: 39

Height: Same as Ignitus

Weight: Unknown

Wing Span: 26’5’’

Eye Color: Red

Race: Dragon

Gender: Male

Appearance: Silver scales and White under belly. He has battle wound on his belly and his tail blade is shaped like an arrow head.

Powers: water, wind, and time

Family: Parents/Unknown (he thinks their dead)

Remember's Relationships:

Defeated by Forever:

Defeated by Cyril:

Tied against Terrador:

Tied against Volteer:

Defeated by Ignitus:

Defeated by Malefor:

Defeated Ember:

Defeated Sun:

Defeated by Onyx:

Defeated by Cynder:

Remember the dragons nickname: "Ladies Man".

Sun the Dragon:

Birth Place: Northern Light City

Birth Date: September 19

Age: 16

Height: Same height as Theresa, just a little taller than her.

Weight: Unknown

Wing Span: 7'4''

Eye Color: Orange

Race: Dragon

Gender: Male

Likes: Theresa (Deeply in love with her), Light, Onyx, Kiwi, Fire, Spyro, Cynder, Cyril, Forever, Valentina, and Ignitus.

Hate: Ember, Sparx, Terrador, Volteer, and Remember.

Appearance: Gold scales and platinum underbelly. Same horns as Volteer and tail blade is an snow flake.

Powers: light, fire, ice, wind, and Soul reflection (Takes the soul from the body, living or died and shattereds the Evil or Pure soul into pieces making the dragon/dragoness losing their soul and life. Also captures the Evil and infected soul than turns it into a perfect pure soul, no matter how evil the dragon/dragoness can be).

Family: Parents/ (Deceased) (Died when he and Theresa were just turning six years old) He's also a only child.

Sun's Relationships:

Defeated Terrador:

Defeated Ember:

Defeated Flame:

Defeated Gaul The Ape King: Gaul tired taking over Sun's mind, but Sun's power was so powerful that Sun ended up destroying Gaul's armor and weapon and giving a Gaul a great scar on his chest and than disappeared.

Defeated Evil Cynder: During a battle.

Defeated by Cynder: Cynder changelled him to fight and won.

Defeated by Light the Dragon: Sun wanted to changell Light to a fight, but Light refused making Sun attack Light any way for no give choice, but Light defeated him and give him some great damage but not much, Light even pured his almost infected soul and told him to walk the path of light instead of dark. After the fight both Sun and Light became great friends.

Defeated by Onyx the Dragon: During training. Sun also looks up to Onyx and Light as his greatest influences of all time.

Tied Against Fire the Dragoness: During a Power Match at the Dragon Anea, both of them were evenly matched for power. It's unknown if Ties are allowed in the Dragon Anea, making Sun and Fire the first ever dragons to Tie a Power Match.

Defeated by Shade the shadow dragon:

Tied against Spyro:

Defeated by Scarlett:

Tied against Theresa:

Defeated by Ignitus:

Defeated by Cyril:

Tied against Volteer:

Defeated by Remember:

Sun the light dragons nickname: "The Sunlight of the Sky".

Current Status: Dead

Theresa The Ice Dragoness:

Birth Place: Northern Light City

Birth Date: September 19

Age: 16

Height: Same height as Sun, but she's just a little small than Sun.

Weight: Unknown (Doesn't want to tell).

Wing Span: 6'5''

Eye Color: Green

Race: Dragons

Gender: Female

Likes: Sun (Deeply in love with him), Light, Fire, Onyx, Kiwi, Spyro, Cynder, Cyril, Forever, Valentina, and Ignitus.

Hates: Ember (Wants to chop her into millions of pieces), Sparx, Volteer, Terrador (She doesn't like Terrador because he focus on training too much) and Remember.

Appearance: Blue sky scales and white platinum underbelly. She has her fathers horns which is Cyril and has her mothers tail blade which is a star and well around and short muzzle.

Powers: Ice, light, and reflection (Capture's the picture of the dragon/dragoness of who ever looks at it than the dragon/dragoness see their Soul in the reflection neither water or anything that reflections the image of the dragon/dragoness can see their soul. Once they look at their reflection the dragon/dragoness power is in it and then the reflection shattereds making the dragon/dragoness powers disappear from their body. The reflection is amazing powerful, any power can be shattered by this power any power including Light, Dark, and amazing a gods power).

Family: Parents/ Cyril & Forever.

Older brother/Light the Dragon

Second Older Brother/Lightning the dragon

Older Sister/Scarlett the Fire Dragoness

Little brother/Spyro the Dragon

Grandfather/Restless the light dragon (Deceased)

Grandmother/Mystery the purple dragoness (Deceased) (First and only purple dragoness to live in dragon history).

Theresa's Relationships:

Defeated Malefor's & Gaul's northern army of apes in one day, no other dragoness or dragon can do this, other then Light, Lightning, and Shadow.

Defeated the armies of the south, west, east, and north, this giving her the nickname.

Defeated Gaul The Ape King: Attacked Theresa and had an battle against her, but ended up being defeated by her Reflection power that had taking 80 of his soul making him weak and drained of his power. Theresa was only nine years old when she defeated him.

Defeated Evil Cynder the dragoness: Cynder and Theresa battled against each other for two days, but Theresa lost to much of her blood and Cynder's powerful attacks were becoming to much for her so in one finally attack, Theresa used her Reflection power against Cynder and captured her soul, but Theresa's Reflection power only had taken about half of Cynder's soul making Cynder weak and drained. Theresa used her ice powers against Cynder and giving her dangerous cuts, so Cynder decided to stand down and make a run for it leaving Theresa to live. Theresa right now is a great friend to Cynder and telling Cynder she has friends too.

Defeated by Scarlett:

Defeated Fire:

Defeated Ember:

Tied against Flame:

Tied against Sun:

Defeated by Spyro:

Theresa the ice dragonesses nickname: "The Deadly Ice Killer of the Battlefields" & "The Ghostly Mirrors".

Scarlett the Fire Dragoness:

Birth Place: Well of Souls (Known as "The Mountain of Malefor").

Birth Date: February 14 (Valentines Day) (Born the same day as Light and Lightning).

Age: 20

Height: Same height as Cyril, she's an adult now.

Weight: Unknown

Wing Span: Has Cyril's Wing Type, Adult wings now

Eye Color: Light Crimson

Race: Dragon

Gender: Female

Likes: Cynder, Light, Fire, Spyro, Theresa, Sun, Cyril, Forever, Ignitus, Valentina, Kiwi, and Moon.

Hates: Sparxs, Ember, Terrador, Volteer, and Malefor.

Appearance: silver underbelly and dark red scales. Has Cyrils horns which are snow white along her claws, wing tips, and tail blade. Has Forever's body appearance and a muzzle like her mothers (which is Spyro's muzzle, but with more female features).

Powers: Dark Fire, Mind control, Fear, Shadow, Light, deflection, ice, reflection, ghost, disappear, and cancel.

Family: Master/Malefor the purple dragon

Parents/ Cyril & Forever

Older Brother/Light the Dragon

Second Oldest Brother/Lightning the dragon

Sister/Theresa the Ice Dragoness

Little Brother/Spyro the Dragon

Grandfather/Restless the light Dragon

Grandmother/Mystery the purple dragoness

Master of Cynder the Dragoness

Scarlett's Personality: When Scarlett was Malefor's top and royal general at the time, she was killing everything in her path feeling no remorse or care, her mind was filled with rage, fury, royality, and anger. The only thing stopping Scarlett from killing dragons and dragonesses at the time was her pure and good side which she hade from Malefor before being turned into Malefor's puppet and royal servant, Scarlett was six years old before falling into darkness. When Lightmare aka Light the dragon defeated Scarlett, he told her she, him, Theresa, and Lightning were brothers and sisters, but Scarlett refused to believe it and returned back to Malefor broken, weak, and what she didn't at the time purified.

Scarlett's Relationships:

Defeated Fire:

Defeated Theresa:

Defeated Sun:

Defeated & purified by Lightmare aka Light

Defeated by Spyro:

Tied against Onyx:

Defeated Flame:

Defeated Ember:

Defeated All The Dragon Guardians:

Trained & fought against Cynder:

Scarlett the dragoness nick name: "The Twisting Mind Control of Madness", "Mistress Of Madness", & "The Phantasm Of Fear & Dread".

My Evil OC characters:

Darkness Steel:

Birth Place: Unknown (He can't remember his birth place.)

Birth Date: Unknown

Age: Unknown (He's switchs bodys every 10,000 years so he can live on forever).

Height: Same height as Malefor.

Weight: Unknown

Wing Span: Large

Eye Color: Blood Red

Race: Dragon

Gender: Male

Likes: Training Malefor, killing almost everything, and killing The World Guardians.

Hates: Well, he hates everybody inlcuding Restless and Light the most.

Appearance: His body is completey covered in Dark, the only thing you know about his appearance are his blood red eyes and a tall dark body with large black wings and a long black tail. It's unknown what his original form looked like before being defeated and killed by Restless the light dragon.

Powers: Dark, Shadow, Fear, Shattered Soul, Drain, Poison, and lightning.

Family: Master of Malefor.

Parents/ They no longer matter to him (Deceased)

Brothers/ (Deceased) (Killed by their older brother paws).

Mate/Lover: Faith the water dragoness (Where abouts are unknown, but according to Darkness Steel she should be deceased).

Darkness Steels relationships:

Parents were killed by Crimson Steel, he does not know of this.

Brothers, they were killed by his older brother's claws, Crimson Steel.

Mate of Faith the water dragoness, her where abouts are unknown. But to according to him, she is deceased. He is still looking for her.

Seeks revenge against his older brother, Crimson Steel.

Fell into darkness by an Unknown being, others call him, "The God of Darkness".

Master of Malefor, trained him in the ways of darkness and it's powers.

Defeated The Original Dragon Guardians:

Defeated Malefor, Malefor turned on him.

Defeated & fought by Restless the light dragon.

Defeated The New Three Dragon Guardians a.k.a Ignitus, Terrador and Volteer:

Defeated & fought by Cyril the Ice Dragon:

Defeated Terror the light dragon, Terror got in his way, before the events of S&C: DPOTW.

Defeated by Terror the light dragon:

Defeated & nearly destroyed by Light, his soul escaped from his destroyed body before Light could finish him off for good before the events of TLOS:ANB and S&C: DPOTW.

Darkness Steels Personailty: Well due to his dark and evil nature, his mind is filled with darkness, murder, and fightning. His personailty is very dark and creepy, but his personailty is filled with anger, rage, death, fighting, and quiet.

Current Status: Alive, but hides in the shadows.

Darkness Steel's nickname: "The Ever Lasting Shadow".

Terror The Light Dragon:

Birth Place: Unknown, he can't seem to remember.

Birth Date: Unknown, doesn't remember.

Age: Existed since ancient times.

Height: A little taller than Malefor and Darkness Steel.

Weight: Unknown

Wing Span: 20'1''

Eye Color: Orange

Race: Dragon

Gender: Male

Likes: Destroying every life in the world, murdering, fightning, and dying.

Hates: Restless, Cyril, and Light the most of all Darkness Steel.

Appearance: Like Darkness Steel, Terror's appearance is completey covered in light from head to wings too tail, (its the same thing with Light the dragon when he is in his Ultimate form) the only thing to notice from Terror's appearance are his orange eyes which are said to bring fear into his enemies and the battle field.

Powers: light, shadow, wind, poison, fear, and drain.

Family: Parents/ (Deceased) Killed by his own paws and powers.

Brothers & Sisters/ (Deceased) Killed by his powers and paws.

All other family members were killed by him.

Mate/Lover: Sunny the light dragoness (Doesn't remember her anymore, and doesn't seem to care about her anymore. Her where abouts are unknown).

Son/Wrecker the wind dragon (He longer cares about his son. According to Lightning, Wrecker has been living in the mountains away from the cities and the wars, it's unknown if Wrecker will help them in their battles against the darknes).

Terror's Relationships:

Defeated by Darkness Steel:

Defeated Darkness Steel:

Defeated The World Gaurdians:

Defeated The Original Dragon Gaurdians:

Defeated & Sealed Away by Restless the light Dragon:

Defeated Malefor:

Defeated The New Gaurdians a.k.a Ignitus, Cyril, Terrador, & Volteer:

Defeated, Fought, & Killed by Light the Dragon:

Terror's Personailty: Terror's personailty is much more violent, destructive, ruthless, deceitful, dark, terrible and dreadful then Darkness Steels or Malefor's. Terror wants everybody even the whole world to suffer as much as he has.

Terror the light dragons nickname: "The Light That Doesn't Shine".

Current Status: Dead


Birth Place: Warfang (Light's old armour came in contact with the Sword of Destiny).

Birth Date: Just recently

Age: Existed since Light the dragon's mission's began.

Height: 7'11''

Weight: Unknown

Eye Color: Red

Race: Unknown

Gender: Male

Weapon Type: Zweihander Type

Weapon Name: Sword of Destiny

Likes: Unknown

Hates: Unknown

Appearance: Same old armour as Light's.

Powers: light, wind, ice, fear, shadow, drain, poison, reflection, and soul blast.

Family: Unknown

Alter-ego of Light the Dragon

Recreated from the dirt from the dragon realm by Sword of Destiny's power.

Lightmare's relationships:

Alter- ego of Light the dragon.

Defeated Flame:

Saw Ember's dead body while being recreated.

Defeated by Spyro & Cynder:

Defeated The Dragon Gaurdians a.k.a Ignitus, Cyril, Terrador, & Volteer:

Defeated Hunter:

Moon is fallowing him.

Lightmare's Personailty: Even through Lightmare can talk, his personailty seems to follow in calm, quiet, violent, destructive, ruthless, deceitful, dark, and anger. Lightmare does not want to take over the world unlike Terror, Darkness Steel , or Malefor have did. Lightmare wants to pure all of the worlds evil even if that person has a good soul, with him carrying the legendary sword, Sword of Destiny while his alter-ego Light carries the Sword of Hope, which is Sword of Destiny's counterpart, Lightmare will stop at nothing until he completeys his goal.

Lightmare's nickname: "The Knight of Fear".

Onyx the Dragon's OC plays a large role in my songfics and stories including the new one. Here are the dragons that Onyx the Dragon OC Onyx has defeated and tied against.

Onyx's Relationships:

Defeated Ember:

Defeated Flame:

Tied against Scarlett:

Defeated Sun:

Defeated Remember:

Tied against Forever:

Defeated Gaul the Ape King:

Tied against Spyro:

Tied against Cynder:

Tied against Fire:

Defeated, Fought, & Killed Hunter:

Defeated The Hemit:

Defeated Chief Prowlus:

Onyx the dragons nickname's giving by me for his role in my stories are: "The Darkness of the Night" & "The Phantom Of Shadows". I thought I'd give him a nickname since he's one of mine my favorite characters in my stories and Onyx Da Rager's stories, unless Onyx Da Rager tells me other wise, if Onyx Da Rager has a nickname for his character already and wants me to use his, I'll gladly do it, but that's Onyx Da Rager decision to make, if he likes it, fine, and if he doesn't like it, well I have to switch it.

Spyro and all Spyro related characters belong to their owners and company. But here's their infromation about their relationships in my stories.

Spyro the Purple Dragon's Relationships:

Defeated Evil Cynder:

Defeated & Killed Gaul the Ape King:

Defeated & Sealed away Malefor a.k.a The Dark Master (with the help of Cynder):

Defeated Scarlett:

Tied against Onyx:

Defeated Theresa:

Tied against Sun:

Fought Ember to a tie:

Fought against Flame:

Cynder the Dragoness's Relationships:

Defeated by Light:

Defeated by Theresa:

Fought & Tied against Onyx:

Defeated Fire:

Fought & Tied against Scarlett:

Defeated by Sun:

Defeated Remember:

Defeated Sun: After Sun defeated her, Cynder after she turned normal decide to fight Sun to a fight, he agreed. Sun being unable to attack her do to her speed and powers defeated Sun. Sun and Cynder right now are friends, but don't talk every much to each other, but they know they their friends.

Defeated by Spyro:

Defeated & Sealed away Malefor the Dark Master (with the help of Spyro):

Defeated Ember:

Defeated Flame:

Defeated Silver:

My OCs for Interitance Cycle:

Light Shade Valentine:

Birth Place: Unknown, (born in Alagaesia though).

Birth Date: March 1

Age: 20

Weight: 189

Height: 5'11"

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Orange

Appearance: Light Valentine wears nothing but clain mail and Knight's armour, his helmet is like Nightmare's from Soul Calibur 3, but with bat wings coming on the sides. He's got spikes on his shoulders armour, basically his knight armour comes from Nightmare from Soul Calibur 3, but without the big claw.

Weapons: Broken (Zweihander Type), Lost (Snake Sword), Reflection (longsword), Nightmare of Dreams (Long Bow & Arrow), and Strike (Short Sword).

Weapon Names: Broken, Lost, Relfection, Nightmare of Dreams, and Strike.

Powers: Light Valentine is a very powerful magic spellcaster and warrior, his magic level is higher then Eragon's, Brom's, and Galbatorix's combined. The color of his magic spells is white.

Dragon: Freedom, Light Valentine's parnter and great friend. Freedom hatched when Light Valentine was only eight years old and soon after grew into a giant dragon. Freedom is taller and sightly builder then Saphira and Thorn, he relies on speed, stength, and defense, and will attack when his emenies when their defense is opened, Freedom is also great friends with Thorn, and some Saphira. Light Valentine and Freedom have fought many battles and fights, after they defeated Galbartorix and Shruikan in a deadly duel, they managed to return home and heal from their battle wounds from their fight. When Light Valentine turned 18 and Freedom ten years old, they meant dragon riders Oromis and Glaedr, Oromis wanted to train Light, but he refused and told him he was trained by his parents, but Oromis and Glaedr wanted to test their skills, so Light and Freedom decided to duel, doing their duel Light mangaed to knock Oromis off his feet and use some spells on Oromis which made Oromis defeated, Freedom had already passed his test of flying and attacking, after that Light Valentine and Freedom went on their adventure to find Murtagh. When Light Valentine turned 19, he told Freedom to go into hinding so Galbatorix wouldn't find him or kill him, so Freedom understood and left Light on his own, Freedom wouldn't come back in less then a year. After one year, Freedom had returned to his rider Light Valentine who 20 years old and were already for their next adventure, doing this time they heard of a other dragon rider, but didn't bother to look for them and instead went on to find Murtagh. After many battles, they finally found Murtagh, but were surprised when Murtagh had his own dragon, Thorn. When Light and Murtagh meat they did not attack each other, but talk and talk, Freedom and Thorn had talked also, but not very much. After that Murtagh and Light would work together secretly and bring down Galbatorix once and for all. Light's also working on finding Murtagh's and Thorn's true names so he can free them from Galbatorixs mind control. Freedom's scarle color is white, and has green eyes.

Known Treachers: Trained by his parents. Tested by Oromis and Glaedr.

Hates: Galbatorix, Shruikan, Eragon (If Eragon kills Murtagh in battle, Light will come and kill him for his actions), Varden, Elfs, and Dwarfs.

Likes: Alison (His wife, died by the hands of Galbatorix), Murtagh, Thorn, Freedom, Arrow, Shadow, Adin, and Saphira.

Family: Parents/Deceased (Died when Light was only ten years old.)

Brothers & Sisters/All Died from the wars. All of the Valentine's are dead, Light Valentine is the last and only Valentine left in the family.

Best friend/Murtagh (Grew up together when they were kids).

Bestfriend/Arrow Shadows

Friend of Adin (OC belongs to Neo Dragon X)/Light and Adin are good friends, but have their fights like friends always do with each other.

Husband to Alison Ann Valentine (Her last name was Rain until being married to Light Valentine)/When Light Valentine and Freedom escaped and defeated Galbatorix, they managed to find a farming village and would stay and heal from their battle. As they were healing, Alison had found them sleeping under a tail and decided to help them heal their wounds, once she left to find them some healing stuff, she come back and found Light starring at her, she and Light knew that they were falling for each other which would lead to sadness. Light had let her help them heal and eat, after she and Light had talked to each other for the past two days about everything from their life to their favourite past times, Light and Alison had enjoyed each others company and were indeed falling for each other, but on the third and final day, Light Valentine and Freedom had told her that they were leaving, this sadden Alison a lot that Light was going away, but told them to have a great adventure together, but Light told her "We will meet again some day." she told him that she be waiting, after that Light and Freedom were gone. It would take two years for Alison and Light to meet again, and that day came. When Alison turned 19 on March 5, she and Light meat again and this time Light was staying with her, after that Light and Alison would spend time togther and would get to know each other even more the fallowing days, after they started going out togther on dates with each other. After five months of dating, Light poped the question if Alison would marry him, she said yes, they wed on September 8, Murtagh, Arrow, and Adin were Light's best man at the wedding, Freedom wasn't there when Light and Alison got married, he himself found a mate named Ocean the wild dragoness and are hoping for some of their own eggs. But sadness came one day for the married couple, on March 18 just days after their 20 birthday, Light was in town shopping for food and stuff while Alison stayed at home and did the work, as Light was getting home he spotted smoke coming from his and Alison's farm house, Light getting worried dropped the food and ran towards his home, when he made it, it was too late, the house was burn down and the golden field on fire, as he reached the garden behind the house he found Alison on the ground with a slit in her stomach from a sword, Light knew what sword did this, it was Galbatorix's sword, meaning Galbatorix found him, but killed his wife intead of him, Freedom at the time had returned and found Light crying over his dead wife's body. Light never had a chance to say goodbye to his beloved wife, but decided to give her a crystal grave under the tree where they first meant each other, after she was buried, Light wrote on her grave saying "Beloved wife and bestfriend a husband could ask for.". Light then found his armour and his weapons, he and Freedom went on their next adventure leaving the farm for good, on their next adventure, Light and Freedom will find Murtagh, Adin, and finally defeat and kill Galbatorix, being piece to the world.


Light Valentine's Personality:

Ever since Light lost his entire family to Galbatorix's men and the Varden soldeirs, his personality changed from a nice and loveable kid to a calm, quiet, collective, smart, and dark spellcaster and dragon rider. Even though Light suffered much, Freedom help him get through the toubled times into the good times no matter what the costs were. When it comes to Murtagh, he and him talk nicely and some what laugh, the two promised they would never fight each other, no matter what, just so they can keep their friendship. Light does not care for Eragon or his wise ideas, if Eragon attacks Murtagh or Thorn in battle, Light will come and help Murtagh defeat Eragon. But if Eragon and Saphira kill Murtagh and Thorn in battle, Light and Freedom will come and defeat and kill them both for their actions of killing Murtagh and Thorn, making Light some what of a dark person. Light also said to Murtagh, "If Eragon kills you, I will come and kill him without regret or care.", basically Light and Eragon don't get along and have a deep hatred for each other. Light also dislikes Elfs and Dwarfs and will not speak their language no matter what, he calls Elfs weak and not brave when entering the battle, but he also said they have spirit when fighting and are some what useful in the battle field when helping their team, he calls Dwarfs "too short for battles" and "too easy to kill", Light also said "They are brave when facing off against larger emenies and have guts when doing it". Light also has a deep hatred for the Varden and Galbatorix's men, one of Varden people asked him to join, but refused and wounded the warrior from Varden as a warning for its people, warriors, and dragon rider. One of Galbatorix's top warriors also asked Light Valentine and Freedom to join, but they refused and defeated him badly, Light Valentine and even Freedom will never join The Varden or Galbatorix, seeing how both sides always go to war. Light Valentine and Freedom are consider good, will have nothing to do with the Varden or Galbatorix's warriors, this making them good characters, not Evil.

Light Valentine's Relationships:

Defeated Galbatorix & Shruikan: Worked for him until Light turned 17 and Freedom turned nine, Light and Freedom had decided it was time to leave Galbatorix, find where Murtagh was hiding at, when they made out of Galbatorix castle, Galbatorix and Shruikan were waiting there for them, they both attacked each other, both using powerful spells on each other, clashing swords together, and dodging each other's attacks, after three hours of fighting, both Light and Galbatorix had lost a lot powers and were becoming tired, so in one final move, Light used his most powerful spell on Galbatorix and attacked him with his snake sword Lost at the same time. Freedom at the time had already defeated Shruikan, he him self was becoming tired and weak, when Light's snake sword Lost, clashed against Galbatorix sword, his sword was shattered and destroyed, so Light used his snake sword and made a cut on Galbatorix's stomach which made him fall and not get up, Light seeing his chance at escape, called Freedom and left Galbatorix castle forever. Light and Freedom have told any one Galbatorix defeat, the only who knows is Murtagh and Thorn.

Defeated Brom: Light at the time was staying in Eragon's home town to heal and buy some food, Brom noticed him and asked him questions after questions, Light didn't say anything and walked away, Brom got angry and swang Zar'roc at Light, Light managed to guard it in time with his longsword Reflection. The two dueled, Brom had the upper hand and maganed to make Light's sword fly out his hands, Light without a weapon grabbed his snake sword and clashed it against Za'roc, Light had the upper hand and knew that Brom was weak from age, the two clashed swords for the final time, Za'roc was turning red, Light knew that Morzan's sword and made quick thinking, Light then grabbed the blade from Brom's hand and took it away and threw it and punched Brom in the stomach and fell defeated. Light would usually shatter the blade, but decide against and went on his adventure.

Fallowing Murtagh and Thorn:

Hoping to Find Adin:

Traveling with Arrow Shadows & Shadow

Might defeat Eragon and Saphira: Light and Eragon have a deep, deep hatred towards each other, if Eragon and Saphira kill Murtagh and Thorn in battle, Light and Freedom will come and defeat and kill Eragon and Saphira for their actions, Light will kill Eragon without care or remorse. Light finds Eragon to be a pain and a insect, Eragon how ever hates Light so much he's willing to defeat Light in a duel and battle, but Light told him don't get your hopes up, because there'll come crashing down.

Tested By Oromis and Glaedr: Light and Freedom are some what friends with Oromis and Glaedr, but won't train under them because since Light and Freedom had mastered their training by Light Valentine's parents and their dragons training.

Being Fallowed by one of Galbatorix's Top Shade's:

Defeated An Army of Undead:

Defeated Five Shades:

Defeated a group of Varden Soldiers:

Defeated a group of Elfs & Dwarfs:

Light Shade Valentine's Nick Names: "Dragon Saviour", "The Dragon Rider Of No Fear", & "The Deadly Knight".

Arrow Night Shadows

Birth Place: Unknown

Birth Date: March 7

Age: 20

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 186

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Hair Color: Blown

Eye Color: Red

Appearance: Like Light Valentine, Arrow is also wearing chainmall and armour from head to toe, Arrow's helmet has bat wings on his right and left side of his helmet and bat wings on his shoulder armour and leg armour. His armour color is black.

Weapons: Deflection (snake sword), Terror (long sword), Disappear (snake sword), Reason (Short sword), and Truth & Lies (long bow & arrow).

Weapon Names: Deflection (main weapon), Terror, Disappear (secondary weapon), Reason, and Truth & Lies.

Powers: Arrow's powers are very powerful and extremely dangerous, he's able to block out his enemys from entering his mind and finding his true name, if his enemies do enter his mind, he will send a death spell at them which will kill them. His spellcasting is also something to watch for, his magic is very powerful and extremely dangerous for his enemies, not even Galbatorix or Eragon can match his powers or skill level. Arrow is also extremely drangerous with his swords and defense, he's very dangerous and deadly. His color for his magic is black.

Dragon: Shadow, is a dragon with patch black scales, wings, and tail, his eye color is dark blue. Shadow hatched when Arrow was eight years old, around the same time as Freedom hatched for Light Valentine, during their time Arrow treated and feed Shadow as a pet and bestfriend, when Shadow grew big and strong, Arrow and Shadow decided to train under their parents. After seven years of completed training from his parents, Arrow and Shadow decided to train under Oromis and Glaedr as new students, Oromis and Glaedr agreed to train them, after completed their training for two years, Oromis asked Arrow if he knew Light Valentine and his dragon Freedom, Arrow and Shadow told them yes and that their were childhood friends with Light, Murtagh, and Freedom, after that Arrow and Shadow left them and went on many adventures. When Arrow turned 18, he fell in love with a village girl named Ellen, but their relationship lasted only two months and they broke up, after that Shadow though had found his mate named Hope the dragoness and are planning for a family one day, but not until Galbatorix is defeated and dead. By July, Arrow had meat and fell in love with Jennifer, a small town girl who trained as a soldier and spy, she too fell in love with Arrow, after four months of dating, he asked her to marry him she said yes, they were married on March 7, Arrow's 19th birthday, Arrow's best men at his wedding were Light, Adin, and Murtagh who was drunk and had hit Shadow in the head with a pot. When Arrow turned 20, he heard from Light Valentine that his entire family was killed by Galbatorix's soldiers, Arrow and Shadow were shocked and sad that his entire family, was killed, so Arrow sent his wife to work and spy on the Varden and report back to him with messages, Jennifer agreed to it and told him to spend some time with her when he's ever around, Arrow agreed. With that Arrow put on his black armour and weapons flew on Shadow to defeat Galbatorix for once and for all.

Known Treachers: Trained by his parents. Trained by Oromis and Glaedr.

Hates: Galbatorix, Eragon, and The Twins.

Likes: Light Valentine, Adin, Murtagh, Thorn, Freedom, Shadow, and Jennifer.

Family: Parents/ Recently Dead

Entire Family/Recently Dead



Childhood Bestfriend/ Light Shade Valentine

Childhood Bestfriend/ Murtagh

Other Bestfriend/Adin



Masters/Oromis & Glaedr (Deceased)

Arrow Shadow's Personality:

Arrow is smart, very quiet, calm, collective, hopeful, loving, and strong. He rarely speaks to any body unless its his friends, wife, or his dragon Shadow, then he'll talk. Arrow had has hated Galbatorix his whole life and wants him gone for good. Arrow also doesn't like Eragon very much, but will work with him in order to kill Galbatorix, so their on medium terms with each other. Like Light Valentine, Arrow will not work with the Varden, he has little respect for them and their soldiers, he doesn't trust them yet. Arrow does speak Elf words, but won't speak Dwarfs words, he just doesn't care any more. Arrow and Shadow are consider good.

Arrow Shadow's Relationships:

Defeated The Twins

Defeated Lady Arya:

Hoping to Defeat Galbatorix.

Masters/Oromis & Glaedr

Defeated a group of Dwarfs

Defeated a undead king

Was Being fallowed by Eragon & Saphira

Looking for Adin

Found Murtagh & Thorn: They are working secretly together with Light Valentine and Adin.

Traveling with Light Valentine & Freedom

Husband to Jennifer Shadow

Arrow Shadows Nick Name: "The Unknown Rider"

Songwriting: So far I’ve written 35 songs to date. I write mostly sad songs, but I will sometimes write some happy songs when I'm in the mood.

Musical Instruments that I play: 12 String Acoustic Guitar.

Requests for writing stories about Cyril the Ice Dragon, The Guardian Of Ice, & Mentor of Spyro & Cynder:

I will take requests for writing short stories and long stories about our favorite ice guardian, Cyril. Seeing how there's not that much of stories about Cyril these days I will take requests, but only about Cyril.

As for requests, I will only take five or three requests, I know it sucks, but get over it.

As for rated M stories, well I really want to work with other authors on this one, if they want to work with me and write together, Please PM me on this first if your interested in it, and if your not that fines with me.

That's all I have for now, but I'll put more on later.

From: Light the Dragon 23.

Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

A Captive Viper by Nikolaides reviews
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A White Sport Coat (And A Pink Carnation) reviews
It's prom night for the Winglets at Jade Mountain Academy and is one night that only happens once in a life-time for them. This is a long short story, not a songfic. All Wings of Fire characters are in Anthro Form, including a few OC's as well. Pairings: WinterWatcher, Turtajou, Osbli, ThornMover, Ripnami, and OCxOC. And mentions of other great Wings of Fire characters as well.
Wings of Fire, Tui T. Sutherland - Rated: T - English - Romance/Friendship - Chapters: 1 - Words: 8,019 - Reviews: 6 - Favs: 1 - Follows: 1 - Published: 2/15 - [Winter, Moon] - Complete
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Ember has plans to capture Spyro and Cynder alive, however though Light, Onyx, and their friends stand in her way from completing her goal from happening, will Ember take over the world or will she destroy it. Old chapters are being redone and fixed. (Some Good News, next chapter will be posted up on May 8 or 9th, was to be posted up tomorrow, but I'll be busy this weekend. Sorry.)
Spyro the Dragon - Rated: M - English - Romance/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 18 - Words: 106,539 - Reviews: 51 - Favs: 36 - Follows: 32 - Updated: 12/8/2016 - Published: 6/5/2010 - [Spyro, Cynder] Ember, OC
Spyro & Cynder II: The Flying City Of The Skies reviews
Two months have passed since Ember and her gang have been defeated, and Malefor sealed away, the dragon realms were at peace. However, Spyro has become deathly ill and the means to save him are of little chances, with an ancient evil awoken and time on their paws slipping away, its only a matter of time before Spyro fades away from the world, forever.
Spyro the Dragon - Rated: M - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 586 - Reviews: 2 - Favs: 1 - Follows: 2 - Published: 8/10/2012 - Spyro, Cynder
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On hold for now, might renew it if there's enough interest in the story.
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New song written by me. Cynder and Spyro have children and are loving their lives together. One night their children ask their mother Cynder, to tell them a folk tale, which they haven't heard before neither. Songfic by the way, please review, thanks.
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Spyro wrote a song for Cynder, so he decides to sing it to her. Light also remembers a past that will always haunt him, but Fire the dragoness is there to help him get throuh it. Song is written by me, Light the Dragon 19. New OC character as well.
Spyro the Dragon - Rated: T - English - Romance/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 1 - Words: 2,605 - Reviews: 2 - Favs: 2 - Follows: 1 - Published: 3/26/2011 - Spyro, Cynder - Complete
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Just another songfic. Light is hosting a show for singers, songwriters, and comdies. The first performers of the show are Spyro, Cynder, Onyx, Light, and Theresa, lets hope the crowd loves them. The song is written by Light the Dragon 19. Hope you enjoy!
Spyro the Dragon - Rated: K+ - English - Humor/Friendship - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,592 - Reviews: 2 - Favs: 1 - Follows: 1 - Published: 6/30/2010 - Spyro, Cynder - Complete
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No more award show.
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