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About Me

Well, what is there to say about me? I'm known as D. Taína, and yes, I'm a woman. ;) I'm twenty-nine years old. I've lived in Puerto Rico all my life. My native language is Spanish, but I've been working on perfecting my English for a long time. I'm a Gargoyles fan, but I've been a Superman fan for the last two years. Funny thing about that... I used to really dislike Superman until a friend dared me to see Superman Returns. Long story short, I became a fan overnight!

I have many hobbies, but my favorite hobbies are drawing, making webpages, role playing, and of course... writing. I spent years writing stuff about Gargoyles until I ran out of ideas and hit a serious writer's block that lasted a long time... until Superman came along and pulled me out of it! So, I have Superman to thank for getting my writing back on track. I'm currently in the planning stages of "The Kryptonite Infection," the sequel to "The Day After."

I have two websites, Taina's Holy Temple (Gargoyles-related) and the Gargoyles Imagery Resource.

I also have a DeviantART account.

If you want to talk to me, then you can contact me via the following:

AIM: DTaina

MSN: demona3@hotmail.com

And don't worry, I don't bite! ;)

Story Progress


"Expect it sometime next week," she says, and here she is, nearly four years later.

Has it been four years since I posted the last chapter of The Day After? I've just had so much going on in my life and sadly, Superman hasn't been a priority. But one of my readers reached out to me and now, I intend to finish Kal-El's Nightmare and post it in the coming months. I think I owe it to myself and my readers (those who haven't moved on anyway) to post that missing piece of the story. Let's see if anyone's still around to read it... at least I know one person will!


Okay, I've been stalling long enough. It's time to finish the nightmare fic!! Expect it sometime next week!


Man, I'm horrible. I haven't worked on the stories at all. I've just been so busy with Gargoyles, my new job, and other things. But in a way, I'm kind of glad I've been too busy to write. I'm sure you've all heard by now that Superman Returns is not getting a sequel. I'm really bummed by it, which is a huge understatement. First, the Gargoyles license doesn't get renewed, and now this. Why are my shows always getting cancelled?! Well, it makes me want to make the sequel to my story even better. I'm getting a sequel to Superman Returns even if I have to write it myself! So, I'm going to work on that.

I'll continue posting updates here!


So much for almost being done. You see, I've been a Gargoyles fan since 1994, but became obsessed with Superman in 2006... so, there's a huge battle in my head between these two franchises. Sometimes, I'm all into Gargoyles... and sometimes, I'm all into Superman. I don't know what triggers the phases, but I've been into Gargoyles for almost two months now. But today, my Superman story reached 300 reviews, and that triggered the Superman phase! I don't know how long it'll last, but I'll finish "Kal-El's Nightmare" and start "The Day After" sequel before Gargoyles kicks in again!

By the way, Gargoyles? Awesome show. I highly recommend it!


Still working on Kal-El's Nightmare! It's aaalmost done...


Still working on Superman's Nightmare. The story itself is done... meaning, I've made it to the end of the fanfic, but I'm not happy with the prose, so I have to work on that. I've just been so busy lately that I've barely had any time for myself. Well, so far, I'm calling it "Kal-El's Nightmare" due to the way the dream turned out, but that's subject to change. And I still refuse to go with "The Night After" for a title, 'cause that would be so lame...


I'm working on Superman's Nightmare! I still haven't picked a title, and I refuse to go with "The Night After." That would be incredibly lame, me! Whatever you do, don't pick that title! Oh, I'll probably pick it anyway. Darn. Well, I hope to be done with it soon! I think you guys will like it! Man, I hope you do, because it's basically what I have planned for the sequel!


"The Day After" is finally complete!! I've been working on that story almost as long as I've been a fan of Superman and it's hard to believe it's over. I'm very proud of it. I feel that I've grown as a writer just as the story has grown. I think my English has gotten better, too!

Now that it's over, I can tell you a little bit about the history of it. The story was originally called "Sick Day" and it was supposed to be a simple fluff piece about Jason going to see Clark at the Daily Planet, giving him a hug, and saying that he wanted him to get better. That was supposed to have been it. I kept trying to write Jason into the story but I ended up with Jimmy and Perry and going to Lois' house and then I couldn't stop!

I ended up giving it the name it has now (after I remembered that "Sick Day" was taken -- wonderful story, by the way!) and posting it on here. Chapter I was originally much longer but I ended it at Richard's line because I thought it was funny and a great cliffhanger. I remember telling a friend of mine that I wouldn't get reviews, just seconds before I posted the fic. I never expected people to like the fic. Heck, I never expected the kind of response the story would get! Never in a million years did I see it coming! Thanks a lot! I hope you enjoyed reading the story almost as much as I enjoyed writing it!

I have fifty pages of outtakes from the story that I hope to post on my site somewhere. I will post one outtake here, straight out of the epilogue. I removed it because I didn't want the conversation in the elevator to go on too long, being an elevator and all. Anyway, In Chapter IX, Lois dropped a coffee cup in front of Superman. He later cleaned the mess in the kitchen, but he didn't catch the cup. Why? The answer...

Clark/Superman: "Well, Lois, I’d like to say something meaningful like, judging by the distance between me and the cup, and the short distance between the cup and the floor, I would’ve had to go at such speed that I probably would’ve knocked you off your seat and caused more damage than just letting the cup fall... not to mention that I probably would’ve broken the cup anyway from catching it at that speed... but the truth is, I just had so much on my mind that I forgot."

And now you know!

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