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May 6th, 2021 update: Oops, I'll try to keep responds to reviews in the Guest Review Responses section. This profile page of mine is turning into a mess, though there's not really any other way to communicate with guest reviews. I'm still shocked OOM-9's Revenge is on anyone's radar anymore. I'm sure anyone who is left is fed up with the lack of updates.

January 15th, 2020 update: So in regards to the questions posed by the anonymous guest on Chapter 48. I still plan on continuing to write and update the story. The problem is that real life keeps me busy. For example, it is supposed to be my day off today yet I still have to go in to work for a meeting. Not to mention that on any given day off my coworkers are always texted me with questions or problems that they're having. On top of trying to keep everything together and running, writing pretty much has to take a back seat to everything else. I try to do some drawings here and there (which are much quicker to do), that you can find over on Deviantart. I also think part of my problem is that I'm just discouraged. Most of the time when I see that my story gets mentioned, it's met with derision simply because it's fanfiction and about battle droids. As if CIS/droid army fans aren't allowed to have anything ever. Not even a fanfic. It's all about the Jedi/clones and if you don't get on board with that you simply don't have a place in Star Wars. Droid army fans don't get novels or comics or videogames or shows or movies from their point of view. What did we get? OOM-9 and Sev'Rance Tann's campaigns in Galactic Battlegrounds and then the ability to play as them in Pandemic's two Battlefronts and now DICE's Battlefront 2. Not much there. I think the CIS is one of the more interesting factions and there's a lot to explore there if you actually do some research on them and they have a lot of cool looking stuff. Battle droids could grow and be expanded on as characters in the same way that the clones were, after all, droids are able to grown and learn from experiences without memory wipes and this has been established in Star Wars for a long time. But I doubt this will ever happen. Dave Filoni turned the whole faction into a joke back in 2008 as low grade humor for a younger audience and that's been the established norm ever since. Yet in the movies and games and content before TCW, the droids were at least competent. They're much more dangerous in the novels and some of the games like Jedi Power Battles, where even B1s can send Jedi flying with uppercuts. The TCW version that everyone has accepted and run with just doesn't do it for me. The CIS military is a joke, and most of the characters were reduced to Saturday morning cartoon villains. Part of it feels like the writing team trying to make the Jedi/Republic out to be the good guys, because I don't think George Lucas succeed in the Prequels if his intent was to make the CIS evil. They have a lot of legitimate concerns which no one ever acknowledges and everything just goes with the easy argument that they are mostly controlled by the Sith and corrupt corporate leaders, when the exact same thing can be said about the Republic at every level. But official writers always ignore all the money that Kuat and Kamino are raking in from the war and that Darth Sidious himself is running the government, where Dooku is running the CIS as an expy. If you look at the war at face value the way the common people of the galaxy would, it's the Republic that has to invade, take and police the Confederacy's territory. The CIS has no stated mission to conquer and enslave the Republic. But from what you see in TCW, you'd think the CIS was some foreign invading force from the Unknown Regions the way no one is aligned with them and they are the ones constantly attacking (therefore more easily able to be construed as irredeemably evil), with the except of the Umbara and Geonosis battles. I would say go and explore the video games/novels/comics before 2008. I think it's better than the cartoon and there's certain a difference in tone and maturity level. But nobody remembers that stuff. I wish we could get a gritty, mature Clone Wars war show. But the best I can do is just write a fanfiction. It's just hard to be a CIS fan these days.

Some of my opinion of DICE's Battlefront 2 has changed because the game itself has changed. They did away with the pay to win system and added a lot of content. For me, the problem is this should have been the product they delivered to us back in 2015 and then added upon that. The game looks great and sounds great but I think the level designs need some work. But DICE's game is oddly segmented. Maps are still locked via era and modes are still PvP only. I'm getting on in years and my reflexes aren't what they used to be. Hard to get into a PvP game where all I do is die because I get killed before I can learn the map or even play against opponents with better reflexes and weapons/abilities. I don't have the time or desire to try and rank up my stuff. The game pretty much ignores the CIS. OOM-9 will never be a hero despite actually being affiliated with the droid army and could actually be workable. The pilot droid skins have backpacks when they didn't in the movies. Just the lack of detail is very telling. Everyone is always focused on the clones. The grating, annoying TCW droid voices that you can't switch off. They go for universe cohesion, but this is what they go with? The annoying parts that don't make sense in-universe? Or that the battle droids have training droid skins? The Republic controls those. If anything they should be alternate skins for the Republic troopers. Think about it. If the CIS were to attack Kaminoan facilities with ground forces, the Republic would probably set the training battle droids from training mode to a legitimate combat mode and the droids would fight alongside the clone against the invaders. There's plenty of other skins from toys and such or just other cool ideas that you could have for actual CIS droid skins. But it's not going to happen. Also I preferred the old class system that had the engineer/support because let's face it, pretty much all the factions in Star Wars have cool pilots that they could use for that role. Not a fan of the heroes not being faction specific but rather good or evil. I don't need Kylo Ren or Captain Phasma leading my battle droids. It's hard to give DICE too much credit when I see videos of modders making better use of the game then they are. Ex: Modding the droids to be more movie accurate or making the NR-N99 tank droids playable. I mean c'mon! I see those dwarf spider droids in the background on Geonosis. They bothered to create the model but you can't play as them. Cross era play would be fun but that's never been apart of Battlefront games. To be honest I just don't ever have the urge to play the Sequel era and even less so when the certain game modes can't choose the specific era and then you're assigned a faction. Really low odds for someone like me who just wants to be able to play as the droids. And the Empire.

March 2018 update: One of the reviews of OOM-9's Revenge asked is I was satisfied with the new BF 2. I am not. It's very limited and not very fun for me to play. I love the droids, but the factions and maps are on a rotation that you have no control over. Also the factions are limited to specific maps. Lack of CIS heroes. Lack of tons of stuff. I could write so much on this. Love the droid tri-fighter noises since we never got to hear them talk until this game. It was an improvement over the 2015 game but even positive things they seem to have implemented poorly in my opinion. (Ex: battle droids with First Order weapons, still can't enter/exit vehicles) But overall I still have more fun playing the old Pandemic Battlefronts and Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds to be honest. Sorry about the lack of new chapters. Work and trying to keep everything going in my life takes up a lot of my time. It's one step forward and three steps back. Between work and chores and errands and then the week goes by and I realize it's time to just to it all over again. Stuck in a hamster wheel kind of thing. I'm not falling behind but I can't get ahead. Also I've had a lot of expensive dental work recently that has set me back quite a bit. I need a vacation. I'm kind of just... blah. Trying to come up with something good enough for my story. Also looking back and wanting to improve old chapters. In the future I might cut down on the length of chapters in order to create something more manageable for me. So, there'd still be the same story, but more chapters. Maybe that would help me out in updating on a more regular basis instead of leaving everyone hanging. Life just keeps grinding me down and there's very little of me left. I'm feeling a bit like Major Katen at the moment (as if that's any surprise, I haven't been okay since 2015). Sorry guys.

November 2017 update: I'm making good progress with the next chapter of OOM-9's Revenge. It's just one of those annoying to write longer chapters. Though I've noticed on Wookieepedia that the game Star Wars: Commander has B1 battle droid sentinels, B1 battle droid oppressors, B2 battle droid sentinels, and B2 battle droid oppressors. I've found images of the droideka variants but can't find images of the B1s and B2s. Has anyone ever seen these droids before or is Wookieepedia lying to me? I haven't played this game so I don't know. I'd love to include them in OOM-9's Revenge if I can find images of what they look like so I know how they would work. If anyone can point me in the right direction that would be helpful.

August 2017 update: So the links to my pictures and stuff for my stories don't work anymore. Does anyone know of any sites that I could use for images? I'm over on Deviantart but that's for art and some of the stuff I'd like to post images of for the story are screen caps (which technically aren't allowed on that site). I know my art isn't the best but at least I try. I like to add in the visual components to supplement my stories I just don't know what site to use anymore. Kind of feel like doing some sort of OOM-9's Revenge wiki or something. I'm still working on the story too, and I've actually been making progress with the next chapter believe it or not.

June 2017 update: It's difficult for me to do much. I haven't been recovering the way I thought I would. I suffer from depression and have for a couple years now. I have long since lost interest in everything I used to enjoy, including writing. I can't afford anti-depressants and even when I was on them, they don't solve your problems. You want to blame someone, blame the woman that tricked me into thinking that I could be in a mutually beneficial, life-long relationship of love and affection. And instead that turned into the most emotionally and mentally abusive thing one could imagine. Lesson of the story? Don't get into relationships. It only allows people to hurt you. Don't even try. Work takes up a lot of my energy and I hate my job. On my off days I tend to sleep in till 3 or 5pm, because of the depression and if I'm not forced to do something like work or errands or chores, I tend to do nothing because I'm an empty husk with no energy left. Anyway, I'm still trying to write and finish these stories, but sometimes it's hard and I get stuck on things and I want to try and churn out half-way descent chapters. So I've gotten very slow at this.

September 2016 update: So, I'm still not doing well in my personal life, but what else is new. I'm going to try and start updating more often. Also, Disney is bogus for invalidating the EU. What passes for 'canon' now sucks. Some much of official canon now is based off of half-assed phone app games. It's ridiculous. I feel bad for the B1 grapple droid. Originally it appeared in Jedi Power Battles, but it appeared in this newer phone app game, but they used the model for the plasma battle droid for the grapple droid. So now, officially anyway, the B1 grapple droid is apparently what the plasma battle droid used to look like. It just, frustrates me. Anyway, just to make sure there is no confusion, my B1 grapple droids in my story are based off the ones from Jedi Power Battles i.e. "Legends" article of the B1 grapple droid if you look them up on Wookieepedia. I don't mean to sound like an jerk but I clearly put more effort into my fanfic than people who are paid to create Star Wars content. A lot of OOM-9's Revenge will follow from things that are now considered "Legends." I spent a lot of time trying to make the story of OOM-9's Revenge reasonably fit into Star Wars lore, only for Disney to invalidate it. I will do some things differently in the story, because I don't always agree what with official canon says, especially since TCW is still canon and that whole show is just a Republic propaganda piece. My story already doesn't fit into the lore considering the battle droids in OOM-9's Revenge aren't a bunch of bumbling idiots with high-pitched squeaky voices.

I've been feeling a bit validated regarding the HouseKarl battle droids and Z1 special ops battle droids in my story OOM-9's Revenge. It has recently come to my attention that there are B1 electrostaff droids in Kinect Star Wars. I found some videos of them in action on Youtube, they act very similar to the HouseKarls. And I found out that in one of the Battlefront Extreme mods for Battlefront II, someone added a Shadow Droid, which is a black B1 that can turn invisible with a stealth mode. And then there's the canon character Mr. Bones, a hyper-violent and dangerous B1 battle droid on par with my own characters. I guess my ideas for battle droids aren't really all that out there or unreasonable.

Guest Review Responses (Since I can't really respond to you any other way) (or responses to reviews where other readers might like to know the answer as well)

May 6, 2021: In response to Ares897's review on Chapter 49: Yes, I am very much alive. I believe I caught the virus in February of 2020 and my sickness seemed to last until late May of 2020 and me still trying to recover from it fully all the way through October. I think I caught it from my workplace. I'm apparently one of those type of people that never fully recovered from it. I do have both of my shots now, so maybe I'll be okay. Considering I never update anymore I guess it's understandable some people might think I'm dead. It's really just work and life that keeps me busy. I've been sitting on this half-finished chapter forever. I'm familiar with those Youtubers. Sometimes I don't always agree with what they have to say. But when it comes to Star Wars, a lot depends on what source you're looking at, and a lot of sources conflict. Disney cancelled the EU, but as time has gone on, I have noticed they're doing the exact same thing with conflicting information that the old EU did. So yeah, so much for starting with a clean slate. When writing my story I try to blend the lore from the different sources when I can so long as it can make sense. And some things I just drop, obviously I'm not going to get very far in a story about the CIS if the battle droids are all wacky cartoon idiots so I tend to drop some of the aspects of the more Filoni-inspired Star Wars and draw from the older novels that were more mature. And some things I am going to outright change or repurpose. This is just a fanfic after all and since Dave Filoni doesn't seem to respect anyone else's contributions to Star Wars lore, I see no reason to respect his. I mean seriously, it's getting really boring seeing the CIS and Galactic Empire continuously retconned into buffoons while the clone troopers are endlessly elevated above everything else to the point that it's absolutely insufferable. It's really difficult to like Star Wars anymore. I'm sure there's other good people besides Mina Bonteri in the CIS, not that we'd ever get to hear or see them since the CIS is reduced to this one-dimensional faction of generic bad guys. It's all so tiresome.

February 4, 2021: In response to Liz H's reviews on Chapter 49: Thanks very much. I think O9R would work very well in a visual medium. I'm always trying this balancing act of not putting in too much detail in the action scenes vs. trying to let the reader see what's in my head. I know at times in my writing I can get very particular. I would love to have O9R in some kind of visual medium but the best I'll ever be able to do is a few drawings over at deviantart. Anyway, the idea you've suggested I actually already have planned. Are you reading my mind? And I plan to implement it very soon. "Soon," being relative considering how slow I am to update anymore. I know I'm an absolute mess of a writer. But I think at this point it's more due to my circumstances rather than my mental health anymore. Despite a pandemic and so many people out of work I've never been busier in my entire life. I think my current life setting just needs to change. I do apologize for the lack of updates though. That is a creative idea and I'm open to hearing more. Maybe it might kickstart my writing again? Who knows at this point.

To anyone who still reads O9R, I'm honestly shocked that anyone would possible read or follow a story that has ground down to such a painful and prolonged halt. Sorry about that. Things have been busy in real life and it's just been so hard to enjoy Star Wars for so long. Reviews go a long way in boosting my enthusiasm. It's nice to know I'm not alone in my interest for a story about the more normal CIS soldiers. It's such an underutilized faction but interesting faction that goes totally ignored in my opinion.

In response to Guest's review on Chapter 49: I try to blend the various Star Wars sources together. But there are some massive contradictions in the lore depending on what piece of media you're looking at. I try to be reasonable when blending together the world-building from various sources but this is supposed to be a fun space fantasy story about the more rank-and-file of the CIS, so it's not my job to reconcile some of the bad writing that's infested Star Wars even though I occasionally do try to address discrepancies. So yeah, I will drop or ignore some elements of canon when I feel the story and setting would be better suited to something else. My characters are not generic, boring, watered down white knights of supreme goodness but I don't try to make them the mustache-twirling cartoon villains that TCW tries to paint the CIS as either.

In response to Ares987's review on Chapter 49: I'm so glad you noticed that stuff. I don't really know if readers always catch on to that type of thing or not. I try not to make my characters one-dimensional blobs but sometimes I wonder if instead they come across as directionless and ill-defined. I try to write them as real people (or droids) and people in real life tend to be complicated. And they are changing over time. Zako and Katen have kind of switched places from where they were at the start of the story. The droids don't change quite so much but I imagine it takes robots a little while longer to change, if they do at all. And yes, there is a lot of obscure, underutilized content out there. I think I have a bit of an advantage in this as I was really into the videogames and novels of the late 1990s and early 2000s. How many people even know about Galactic Battlegrounds anymore or played the classic Battlefronts? The novels feel like they're just been completely buried by time. In terms of HK-47 and KOTOR stuff, it kind of may feel random that I pulled HK-47 and G0-T0 into the story just because I like them or nostalgia. But they do have roles to play that will make sense later on. Since I'm so slow I'll give you guys all a hint. More than just HK-47 and G0-T0 are planned to come back. Droids are easy enough to bring back, after all, I did write OOM-9 out of his presumed grave at the end of Episode I. But there is another prominent character from one of the two KOTOR games that could make it into the Clone Wars era, who is not a droid. You may have to do some research to figure out who it may be. But if a people of people pile onto me about it I could always just tell you guys who it is if you wanted. There will be a bigger presence of the CIS leadership and politics later on. OOM-9 is just one of many hundreds or perhaps thousands of generals in this galactic-level organization. But we've seen this story start at the beginning of the war, and OOM-9's group has been doing very well. With their string of consistent victories (coupled with so many other CIS military leaders either dying or being captured as the war goes on), they are going to get more much renown and be bigger players in politics whether they like it or not. As the story is now with the Star Forge arc coming to a close, we're rapidly closing in on the end of the first year of the war and things will escalate beyond the smaller pitched battles we've been accustomed to and things start to get really messy. I will say the bigger picture of who makes up the CIS is full of holes because the faction is never really focused on. There's mega corporations in alliance with various planetary and sectorial governments. But besides the Geonosians and Umbarans, how often do we really get to see or learn about some of these regional powers? Or even spend time with or learn about the corporations? Other than the Trade Federaton and to a much lesser extent, the Techno Union, we don't get to see much. Take the Corporate Alliance for example. We know they are an alliance of various smaller corporations come together under one banner but as far as I know we don't really know what any of these so-called corporations are. This leaves me with a lot of wiggle-room to explore who the Confederates are.

October 31, 2019: In response to OCsProtagonistAlliance's review on Chapter 39. The Stag Beetle fighters are the basic starfighter unit of the Trade Federation from Galactic Battlegrounds. If tool tips are on in the game, if you hover over their build icon at the air base they are simply known as "droid starfighter" but on Wookieepedia I believe they have been labeled as light droid starfighters in order to differentiate them from other droid starfighters. The Stag Beetle fighters are not the Trade Federation's advanced droid starfighters (the final tier of the fighter options, with the Vulture droids as the middle tier).

March 19, 2018: In response to the Guest review on Chapter 47 on this same day. Thanks very much! It's been a while but I do plan on updating on continuing the story. It kind of sucks that the version of Star Wars that I'm passionate about is fading away since Disney took over. But all the novels and games and toys and stuff is still out there. Just fading into obscurity, where it always was to begin with. But I thought so much of this stuff was so cool and the only way to get it all in one story is to do it myself. I don't ever expect to see a CIS-themed novel or comic or videogame or movie at this point. Or ever, really. It's too bad. It's such an interesting faction that's so often ignored. There's tons of cool stuff to have fun with. For the most part I try to pull things from actual Star Wars sources (like the E-6 blaster rifle from Galactic Battlegrounds) but every so often I have to make up my own stuff as well. Always trying to come up with things that fit within the Star Wars universe without hopefully feeling too boring or recycled.

In response to the recent reviewer Anon on OOM-9's Revenge: You could say that the size and movements of the scorpion droids are similar to Scorponok from the 2007 Transformers movie. Though the scorpion droids don't have the drill claws and cannot tunnel underground the way Scorponok does. Also, to be more specific, the scorpion droids are larger than Scorponok. In chapter 41 it is stated that the scorpion droids stand 1.98 meters tall (excluding the tail). That is the same height of dwarf spider droids (excluding the antenna). Clone troopers stand at 1.83 meters tall. Dwarf spider droids and scorpion droids are taller than humans. Scorponok from the 2007 movie is shorter than the humans (the top of his body excluding the tail). So there is quite a size difference between the scorpion droids and Scorponok, but it's not an unreasonable comparison. An extra little note I'd like to add (that I didn't put in the Author's Notes) is that when my beta reader read chapter 41, when he got to the scorpion droids, he told me he immediately thought of Scorponok from the 2007 movie. A hope you are able to find this answer to your review, Anon reviewer of OOM-9's Revenge. There is no way for me to contact guest reviewers. I'll answer all guest reviewers questions on my profile page and leave them up for a while. One time in OOM-9's Revenge I tried answering a guest review with a review to the story, but that's just going to make a mess and make me look like I'm trying to pad reviews to my story (which I'm not trying to do). When I think about it, the track Scorponok from the Transformers movie OST would make a really good fit for the scorpion droids' theme.

In response to Glycogen on OOM-9's Revenge: Super tactical droids will be in the story but it's still going to be a while before they make an appearance.

In response to Glycogen on OOM-9's Revenge again: Kul Teska is a rather tall guy. Though I came up with Dr. Quartz first. I first published OOM-9's Revenge in June of 2009, and Quartz shows up as early as chapter 2 (though I was writing the story even longer ago than that as I didn't immediately start posting it to the internet). Republic Heroes didn't come out until October of 2009. I guess Skakoans with gatling guns is a cool concept. I may include Kul Teska in OOM-9's Revenge at some point.

In response to a guest's comment on OOM-9's Revenge: Zako very well could become more of a cyborg as a result of his bomber crashing. Or he might walk away without a single injury, that often happens when main characters in Star Wars crash their ships. Or he might actually be dead. This is why I like working with minor characters and OCs in a story that loosely stays within Star Wars lore. Everyone knows characters like Anakin and Obi-Wan make it to Episode III, so it gets boring knowing they're always going to survive. But no one can be sure how long my characters will last. They might make it all the way to the events of Episode III and the end of the Clone Wars, or they might not. They may even survive past the events of Episode III. There's no telling what's going to happen. Knowing that the characters actually have a chance of dying at any time hopefully makes the story more exciting.

In response to the guest commenter on OOM-9's Revenge regarding General Grievous: Grievous has many military victories but also a lot of defeats. But I would have to disagree that Grievous is a good leader. He may be a competent military officer and successful tactician and strategist, but he is not a good leader. He often kills his own subordinate out of sheer frustration (both droids and organics). At least with characters like Emperor Palpatine or Darth Vader, you had to at least screw up first before they killed you. With Grievous (and Ventress), droids and soldiers get killed simply because they are in reach (sometimes they are the ones responsible but other times Grievous is just angry). If you look at it from the perspective of the rank-and-file soldiers of the CIS, they probably really hate Grievous and only follow him because he has the backing of Count Dooku. This story is more about the common troops of the CIS, 'normal' organic soldiers and battle droids, not the top of the heap like Dooku, Grievous, or the Separatist Council. I've been very fair to Grievous. He's had several defeats, and sometimes he might get mentioned in the story in a less than positive light (which is understandable since the battle droids and lower-ranked soldiers despise him, and in fairness Grievous also despises the military force that he is in charge of). But I haven't made up any fanon battles for Grievous to lose or anything. And the few times he has actually appeared in the story, I have depicted him as competent. I've never shown him to run away or lose a battle.

In response to Whyeren's comment on OOM-9's Revenge: Thanks and congratulations on being the first reader to recognize that quote.

In response to a guest's comment on OOM-9's Revenge: Sorry for the long delay in updates for the story. I've been trying to get back into the habit of writing regularly but I can't in good conscious give a timetable for an update. Just know that I do have a chunk of the next chapter complete and I'm not going to abandon this story.

I can also be found over at DeviantART, where I also go by ZakoBattledroid. I also have a few journals over on that site that explain some of my thinking behind my stories. I can only put so much information on as author's notes and there's no sort of "journal" feature on this site and my profile page is getting large enough as it is. I'm also on Star Wars HQ, Tumblr, Know Your Meme, and Youtube, where I go by the same pen name. Come talk to me if you want to.

As my pen name suggests, I'm a fan of the Zako Soldiers from SD Gundam Force and the battle droids from Star Wars. I also like the grunts from Halo, the sligs from Oddworld and the ChassisBots from Timesplitters 2. I just seem to have more fun writing and reading about rank-and-file mass production troops than overpowered heroes. Though in my stories the mass production troops come off as overpowered.

Watching the Star Wars movies, the droid army always seemed interesting to me. A lot of fans don’t like the prequel movies and have utter contempt for anything in them. I thought the droid army had an interesting artistic design. They were something new and different yet still felt like Star Wars. An art book for Episode I shows that the battle droids started off as looking like robotic stormtroopers, and went through several incarnations until they arrived at their final design. Time and effort went into their design as opposed to the clones, which are just stormtrooper armor spliced with Boba Fett armor in (in my opinion) what looks to be a lazy attempt to appeal to the fans. I know I’m in the minority in this. Most people only have disdain for the entire CIS faction. The battle droids are written off as moronic mecha mooks too dumb to live. I didn’t get that vibe from them (at least in the movies). Sure they were odd and a little ineffective, but they knew how to do their jobs. They had annoying uniformly squeaky voices in Revenge of the Sith, but I think people are associating annoying voices with stupidity. If you ignore the voices, the droids aren’t actually incompetent. There was that scene with R2-D2 burning two super battle droids to death, but that just seemed like forced comedy that fell flat. People claim that the droids can’t shoot straight and use inferior weaponry. But the E-5 blaster rifles shoot just fine when the good guys steal them. And more than half the time in the movies, the battle droids are firing at Jedi, who are deflecting their shots back at them. And the other half the time the characters the droids are firing at have plot armor. Plus the droid army gets labeled as the ‘bad guys’ and are therefore designated as inferior (the Imperials also unfairly suffer from this). But the droids did okay the few chances they were shown fighting other generic cannon fodder. In earlier games like Star Wars: The Clone Wars (2002), droids and clones fought each other in huge battles all over the place, with infantry of both sides taking massive casualties. The dynamic between the clones and droids changed in the animated television series Star Wars: Clone Wars (2003-2005). The series had a greatly exaggerated animation and combat style and the Jedi and clones were portrayed as unstoppable. Then the Star Wars: The Clone Wars (2008 television series) took it a step further: portraying nearly the entire Republic military as a relentless force of Mary Sues while the battle droids were painted as a group of bumbling idiots whose sole purpose was comedic relief. It never made any sense to me that anymore would manufacture robots that stupid. People may point out that the CIS leadership was cheap and produced inferior soldiers to save money. But there’s a limit to how low you can go. Eventually you’d reach a point that you’d save money having somewhat competent troops that don’t get destroyed at the drop of a hat. I can’t take seriously that anyone would manufacture combat droids to be that stupid. But I’m not being fair. Star Wars is meant to be marketed to children (especially the television shows). So I can’t really take it seriously at all. In some books like the Revenge of the Sith novelization or Labyrinth of Evil the CIS droids are portrayed as much more competent and dangerous. In the videogame Jedi Power Battles, the old B-series droids are strong enough to send Jedi flying with powerful uppercuts and are a legitimate challenge (all without any dumb droid humor). The worth of the droids really depends on what you’re looking at, but it seems that the droids being useless idiots is the accepted view of the fandom, even if it makes no sense. With OOM-9’s Revenge, I hope to present an alternate perspective to the Star Wars universe and show the CIS in a more believable light.

Another thing I’ve noticed is that it is the Rebel soldiers that are the least effective out of the four factions in the movies. At some point or another the droids, Imperials, and clones are all shown to be able to effective in combat but the Rebel troops are never good at fighting. The fleet troopers onboard the Tantive IV get slaughtered by the stormtroopers. The soldiers on Hoth get decimated by the Imperial walkers (though to be fair there wasn’t much they could do). On the Forest Moon of Endor, the Rebel soldiers are also ineffective. It’s the Ewoks that do most of the fighting. The stormtroopers get a lot of crap for being beaten by the Ewoks, but the Ewoks do the Rebels’ fighting for them. The best some of the Rebel troops do is survive the battle.

I remember the first time I saw Episode I in theaters. The movie failed to make me care about the main cast of characters, but I did enjoy the droid army. They were a refreshing change from the Empire. I do like the Galactic Empire, they had a lot of cool stuff, but they were horribly inept in the original trilogy. The Imperials were only ever shown to be effective under the leadership of General Veers at the Battle of Hoth and at the beginning of the first movie during the fight on the Tantive IV. But other than that, they were terrible at fighting and were constantly defeated, despite their massive, impressive superweapons. The Death Star was blown up by a single fighter, the AT-ATs get lassoed by tow cables, the stormtroopers get clubbed to death by Ewoks, the Executor gets taken down incredibly easily, the Death Star II gets blown up. And there's the stuff in the EU (which has been reduced to the status of fanfiction now, I guess), the Tarkin, the Galaxy Gun, the Sun Crusher, the Darksaber, the Eclipse, the supervirus of the week. The list went on and on. Some gamechanging superweapon was churned out only the be almost immediately stopped before it could really do much, often this was done by the same small group of heroes. The formula got really repetitive and old to me (though I did like the World Devastators, at least they were creative). In Episode I, the droid army didn't really use some trite superweapon. The Lucrehulk ships were gargantuan, being bigger than most capital ships and even some space stations, and making the Imperial star destroyers look like peons. But the Lucrehulks weren't used as superweapons. They didn't burn Naboo from orbit, they took control of the planet using the droid army. That aspect was a nice change of pace. And the battle droids actually managed to kill people on screen. They couldn't get the Jedi or those with plot armor, but really, who can? The battle droids even took cover when it was available. There's no cover on an open grassy field, so they just flooded the area with troops because they could. The actions of the droids seemed to be based on their current situation. I don't know why people think they were so stupid (ignoring the dumb forced comedy, that happened mostly in Episode III). The clone troopers act the same as the battle droids do. They change their behavior based on the situation. The clones are good a shooting the Jedi in the back, but the Jedi weren't expecting their allies to suddenly turn on them. When the 501st marched into the Jedi Temple in Episode III, they did it parade-style in massive numbers, similar to how the battle droids flooded into the Geonosian arena in Episode II. In the beginning of Episode III, a bunch of security battle droids fight Skywalker and Kenobi on the Invisible Hand. Later in the movie, a bunch of 501st clones fight Yoda and Kenobi at the Jedi Temple. The battles are nearly identical, just swap Skywalker for Yoda. A limited number of droids (or clones) take on two powerful Jedi. Both sets of soldiers has a habit of running towards the enemy as they fire and they both met with failure. The clones aren't any better than the droids in the slightest. I don't see how there can be a consensus that the droids are inferior to clones, or anyone else for that matter.

If anyone is interested in accuracy in Wookieepedia, that site has the Shielded E-STAP droid starbomber and Advanced E-STAP droid starbomber switched around. The Shielded version is physically the largest, not the Advanced version. The Advanced version is only the second largest out of the three E-STAP bomber types. I know this because I have Galactic Battlegrounds and can just play the game to know for sure. I’d correct the mistake myself, but I don’t know how to alter Wookieepedia and don’t have the time to bother to learn how. It's probably really simple, but I just have too many other things to do right now.

I'm a fan of the old video games Body Harvest and Armorines: Project S.W.A.R.M. These two games came out in the late nineties and have fallen into obscurity. I can't even find any fanfiction relating to these games, not to mention fan art or even descent screen shots. At one point these games were included in Massively Screwed Up, but I cut them out in order to make the story shorter and more manageable. I've considered writing fanfics for these games, but I doubt there'd be much of an audience for obscure games that were released well over a decade ago. I think they were fun enough that they'd deserve at least one fanfic apiece, but I have enough stories to work on that I probably won't try writing any unless they're very short one-shots.

Back when they were included in Massively Screwed Up, the giant alien bugs from Body Harvest would have acted in a similar manner to how they acted in the game. They would have been a foreign entity (much like the reapers of Mass Effect) that came to harvest several planets in the galaxy. The CIS, Republic, Citadel, and smaller factions would all have to deal with the invaders, which may or may not have resulted in some factions teaming up to fight their common enemy.

In Armorines: Project SWARM, the alien bugs exhausted the resources of their homeworld and invade Earth. In Massively Screwed Up, it would have been the same. The alien bugs would have invaded Earth for its resources but would be beaten back, just like in the game. After a massive defeat by the Earth humans, and their own planet dying, the bugs were desperate when Count Dooku offered to help. In exchange for refuge on Separatist planets, the bugs would serve in the Separatist military. So besides the regular droid armies, the Separatist Covenant, and the Magog Cartel from Oddworld, the CIS military would have also had the bugs in their ranks. 2-3 characters in the story would have been the bug aliens. But a lot of this stuff would just be backstory, and they didn't play a big enough part in the story itself, which is part of the reason why I cut them out.

Ultimately, the aliens from Armorines and Body Harvest didn't even have specific names for their species. They're both just referred to as 'bugs.' If I wanted something specific, I'd have to come up with it on my own. And then there was all the different bug types within the species as a whole. It was all just too much to go through, and I'm probably the only person that remembers any of this anyway. I've already gone overboard with obscure stuff in my mega crossover and Body Harvest and Armorines would have just made things even more confusing for the reader.

And while I'm on the topic of Body Harvest and Armorines: Project S.W.A.R.M., I recently uploaded a few of images related to theses games to my photo bucket. One shows the alien hierarchy of the Body Harvest aliens, while a couple others show the one of the alien queens from Armories. The other has a picture of some of the alien bug combat troops. It's some pretty cool stuff. If you see the picture of the Armorines Guardian and Brain Bug, you might understand why I thought they guys would look natural alongside battle droids, grunts, hunters, sligs, and elites.

Update: I went ahead and included the bugs from Armorines into Massively Screwed Up. Though in the story, I cut out their history with the Earth humans. Now they are merely a species affiliated with the CIS. I figured I might as well go ahead and include them since I'm unlikely to ever write a story as crazy as Massively Screwed Up again.

I've drawn a few pictures for my stories but if you'd like to see them you'd have to try looking at my account over at Photobucket or Deviantart (where I go by ZakoBattledroid).

Longer stories with a large cast of characters sometimes include a dramatis personae- a list of characters in the story. This can be used as a general quick reference for readers. They are typically located at the beginning or end of the novel. But lists are not permitted to be uploaded as chapters on this site. So, they have to go up on my profile page.

OOM-9's Revenge

Dramatis Personae

OOM-9: CIS general (command battle droid)

EEK-176: CIS senior commander (command battle droid)

SSA-719: CIS captain (security battle droid)

KJZ-8267: CIS lieutenant (pilot battle droid)

3B3-888: CIS sergeant (B1 battle droid)

Karl Zako: CIS commander (male human)

Ashley Katen: CIS major (female human)

Melissa Sledge: CIS captain (female human)

Dr. Gatling Quartz: CIS scientist (male Skakoan)

Dr. Destroyer: CIS Force-sensitive scientist (male Ithorian)

OOM-8: CIS commander (command battle droid)

KLO-657: CIS commander (Z1 special ops command battle droid)

TH-1066: CIS commander (tactical droid)

GD-79: (B1 grapple battle droid)

DSD-08: (dwarf spider droid)

8EX: (B2 super battle droid)

5TE: (B2 super battle droid)

Z23-Y75: CIS commander (command battle droid)

CDC-76: CIS commander (command BX droid commando)

RKT-421: (rocket battle droid)

Veronica Vex: CIS officer (female human)

Zada Zincer: Baroness of Zakkudos (female human)

Zok Zuuk: CIS Senator of Zalost system (male Neimoidian)

Vulpus: CIS commander (male human)

Trench: CIS admiral (male Harch)

Lok Durd: CIS general (male Neimoidian)

Grievous: Supreme Commander of the Droid Armies (male Kaleesh, cyborg)

Dooku: Head of State of the CIS, Sith Lord (male human)

Palpatine: Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic, Sith Lord (male human)

Zif Korlo: Jedi (male Neimoidian)

Krane: Republic commander (male human, clone)

Mr. Purple: Republic 187th trooper (male human, clone)

Dr. Vellenjer: Republic scientist (Verpine)

Del Nittin: Jedi Knight (male Jawa)

Obi-wan Jakoby: Jedi Weapon Master (male human)

Ace: Republic commando (male human, clone)

Jack: Republic commando (male human, clone)

Kicker: Republic commando (male human, clone)

Tai: Republic commando (male human, clone)

Lancer: Republic commander (male human, clone)

Minecar: Republic lieutenant (male human, clone)

Gnasher: Republic sergeant (male human, clone)

Klo Toon: Republic captain (male Kel Dor)

Screwball: Republic pilot (male human, clone)

Black: Republic 189th commander (male human, clone)

Night: Republic 189th captain (male human, clone)

Shade: Republic 189th lieutenant (male human, clone)

Shock: Republic 189th sergeant (male human, clone)

Coal: Republic 189th private (male human, clone)

Cody: Republic 212th commander (male human, clone)

Bultar Swan: Jedi Knight (female human)

Pong Krell: Jedi Master (male Besalisk)

Mace Windu: Jedi Master (male human)

Kit Fisto: Jedi Master (male Nautolan)

Adi Gallia: Jedi Master (female Tholothian)

Barriss Offee: Jedi Knight (female Mirialan)

Luminara Unduli: Jedi Master (female Mirialan)

Yoda: Jedi Grand Master (male alien)

Anakin Skywalker: Jedi Knight (male human)

Obi-Wan Kenobi: Jedi Knight (male human)

Nem Bees: Jedi Knight (male Ortolan)

Disraeli: Republic captain (male human)

Filn Jervous: Republic captain (male human)

Wurtz: Republic admiral (male human)

Here's a timeline of OOM-9's Revenge and the Clone Wars in general. I figure this may be helpful considering how muddled this particular era has become considering the endless parade of contradicting sources. I take into account what's going on in my story, coupled with sources from the novels, comics video games, and the movies themselves. This will be an ongoing little side project as it will take a while to fill out and also as I continue on with the story. A lot of these events you can look up for yourself but in some instances I'm going by more specific dates than what is actually given, this can be particularly noteworthy for Sev'rance Tann's campaign from Galactic Battlegrounds: The Clone Campaigns.

Going by the Great ReSynchronization GrS (established in 35 BBY) the numbers read as Year: Month: Day

13 GrS (22 BBY)

Battle of Geonosis 13:5:21

Combat training on Felucia 13:5:21 (OOM-9)

Eos factory reconstruction operation begins 13:5:22 (OOM-9)

Battle of Atraken 13:5:24 (this battle lasts for one year)

Battle of Kaer Orbital Platform 13:5:25 (Sev'rance Tann)

First Battle of Rhen Var 13:5:27 (Kenobi and Skywalker, Dark Reaper Campaign)

First Battle of Tatooine 13:5:29 (Sev'rance Tann)

Battle of Eredenn Prime 13:6:4 (Sev'rance Tann)

Conquest of Raxus Prime 13:6:7 (Kenobi and Skywalker, Dark Reaper Campaign)

Battle of Alaris Prime 13:6:8 (Sev'rance Tann's hunt for the Decimator)

Second Battle of Alaris Prime 13:6:10 (Kenobi and Skywalker, Dark Reaper Campaign)

Battle of Bespin 13:6:11 (initial CIS victory but ultimate Republic victory)

Second Battle of Rhen Var 13:6:13 (Kenobi and Skywalker, Dark Reaper Campaign)

Battle of Ossus 13:6:16 (CIS victory)

Battle of Asteroid 426 13:6:19 (Sev'rance Tann)

First Battle of Sarapin 13:6:20 (Sev'rance Tann)

Battle of Thule 13:6:20 (Final battle of the Dark Reaper Campaign)

Mission to Mako Woundo 13:6:20 (OOM-9)

Second Battle of Sarapin 13:6:22 (Echuu Shen-Jon)

Battle of Koru Neimoidia 13:6:22 (OOM-9)

Battle of Praesitlyn 13:6:23 (Skywalker vs. Pors Tonith)

Second Battle of Tatooine 13:6:24 (Echuu Shen-Jon)

Battle of Aereen 13:6:26 (Echuu Shen-Jon)

Battle of Kile II 13:6:27 (OOM-9)

Battle of Krant 13:6:28 (Echuu Shen-Jon kills Sev'rance Tann)

Battle of Wor Tandell 13:7:6 (OOM-9)

I realize I have a lot of characters in my stories. It's difficult to have it any other way considering I keep writing stories from the perspective of cannon fodder. Characters with limitations that need to work as a team in order to succeed hold much more appeal to me.

Since Massively Screwed Up has potential to be extra confusing, I'll organize the characters according to the fictional universe they originated from for the time being. As always, there are many obscure canon characters and OCs. If you're having trouble remembering or don't even know who someone is, most characters will have an article about them on the different wikis. Most of the OCs also appear in either OOM-9's Revenge or Yayap's Story (with the one major exception being Krunch, this is the first story he's appeared in at all). I'll put more characters in as they show up in the story. I went ahead and put the Collector General in the list even though he hasn't appeared in the story yet. I figured it was obvious he was going to be in the story since he's one of the characters on the cover.

Massively Screwed Up

Dramatis Personae

Star Wars

OOM-9: CIS commander general (command battle droid)

EEK-176: CIS senior commander (command battle droid)

SSA-719: CIS captain (security battle droid)

KJZ-8267: CIS lieutenant (pilot battle droid)

3B3-888: CIS sergeant (B1 battle droid)

Karl Zako: CIS commander (male human, bio-linked cyborg)

Ashley Katen: CIS major (female human)

HK-47: mercenary bounty hunter (assassin/protocol droid)

4-LOM: bounty hunter (modified protocol droid)

Zuckuss: bounty hunter (male gand)

Mass Effect

Zaeed Massani: mercenary bounty hunter (male human)

Tali'Zorah vas Neema: machinist (female quarian)

Lena'Xel vas Ebon Hawk: machinist (female quarian)

Penn'Norek vas Ebon Hawk: captain, Ebon Hawk (male quarian)

The Collector General: leader of the collectors (unique collector)


Yayap: CIS special ops grunt (male unggoy)

Zakap: CIS special ops grunt (male unggoy)

Curlap: CIS ultra grunt (male unggoy)

Mehmep: CIS heavy grunt (male unggoy)

Gagaw: CIS major grunt (male unggoy)

Nomnom: CIS minor grunt (male unggoy)

Deadside: CIS special ops hunter (mgalekgolo)


Abe: former Rupture Farms employee (male mudokon)

Krunch: Magog Cartel security (male slig)

Kremlo: Magog Cartel commander (male slig)

Aliens vs. Predator

Grid: (male xenomorph drone)

Ellen Ripley: (female human)

Jones: (male cat)

William Gorman: Colonial Marines lieutenant (male human)

Zoe Kennedy: Colonial Marines private first class (female human)

Dead Space

Dr. Terrence Kyne: Chief Science Officer of the Ishimura (male human)

Zach Hammond: Chief Security Officer of the Kellion (male human)

Isaac Clarke: CEC engineer (male human)

Kendra Daniels: computer specialist of the Kellion (female human)

Chen: pilot of the Kellion (male human)

D. White: First Officer of the Ishimura (male human)

Chic: Second Officer of the Ishimura (male human)

Alissa Vincent: Chief Security Officer of the Ishimura (female human)

Jacob Temple: Second Engineer of the Ishimura (male human)

Dr. Elizabeth Cross: (female human)

Dr. Challus Mercer: Second Science Officer of the Ishimura (male human)

The Hunter: (unique necromorph)

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

Lyra Heartstrings: (female unicorn pony)

Rainbow Dash: (female pegasus pony)

Vinyl Scratch: (female unicorn pony)


Claw: (male encada arthrocopteran)

Krieg: (male encada arthrocopteran)

Krang: (male encada arthrocopteran)

Here's a basic timeline of events leading up to the beginning of Massively Screwed Up. A lot more about the crossover universe will be explained soon in upcoming chapters but I thought that a simple timeline might be a useful, easy-to-access resource.

Massively Screwed Up: Timeline

580 BCE

The asari begin to explore the mass relay network, and eventually discover the huge Citadel space station at a hub of many mass relays.

520 BCE

The salarians discover the Citadel and open diplomatic relations with the asari.

900 CE

The turians are granted a seat on the Citadel Council in recognition for their service in the Krogan Rebellions.

1000 CE

The Galactic Republic makes contact with the Citadel.

1852 CE

The Trade Federation is founded.

1895 CE

The Geth War: the quarians are reduced to living as space faring nomads aboard the Migrant Fleet. As punishment for creating the geth, the Citadel Council closes the quarian embassy on the Citadel. The geth isolate themselves behind the Perseus Veil.

2096 CE

January 7: Ellen Ripley is born.

2126 CE

The events of the movie Alien occur. Ripley and Jones enter hypersleep on the Narcissus.

2154 CE

April 11: Jane Shepard is born.

2156 CE

The Trade Federation discovers Oddworld.

2157 CE

The First Contact War: war between the turians and Earth humans.

2160 CE

The Systems Alliance Parliament is formed.

The Blue Suns mercenary group is founded by Zaeed Massani and Vido Santiago in the Skyllian Verge.

2165 CE

The Systems Alliance is granted an embassy on the Citadel. The Earth humans are recognized as a growing power in the galactic community.

After a disagreement between Vido Santiago and Zaeed Massani over hiring batarians into the Blue Suns, Vido betrays Zaeed and leaves him for dead. All records of Zaeed's involvement in the Blue Suns are erased.

2168 CE

The Trade Federation begins a massive military buildup in response to unrelenting pirate attacks on their trade convoys. OOM-9, EEK-176, SSA-719, KJZ-8267, and 3B3-888 are created on Eos.

2170 CE

The Naboo Crisis: the Trade Federation blockades and invades Naboo as protest of the Galactic Republic calling for the taxation of trade routes to outlying star systems.

2174 CE

The Citadel-Covenant War begins: The Covenant discovers a Systems Alliance colony planet, and the war that breaks out drags the Citadel into the conflict. The Galactic Republic offers no assistance to the Citadel against the attackers.

2177 CE

The events of Halo: Combat Evolved take place.

The Great Schism, also known as the Covenant Civil War, takes place. The Covenant is dividing into Loyalists and Separatists.

The Citadel-Covenant War ends.

2178 CE

The Confederacy of Independent Systems is founded. The Covenant Separatists join the CIS.

2179 CE

The Covenant Loyalists join the Galactic Republic.

2180 CE

The Clone Wars begin: war between the CIS and Galactic Republic. The Citadel remains neutral to both sides.

2183 CE

The events of Mass Effect occur.

One month after the Battle of the Citadel, the Normandy is attacked and destroyed by an unidentified assailant, resulting in the death of Jane Shepard.

Tali'Zorah joins a pair of quarians that go hunting for geth.

Massively Screwed Up begins.

Separatist Military Ranks and Organization

Here's a list of Separatist Military ranks I made up since there is no comprehensive canon list of Separatist military ranks. It's based off of ranks I've seen used for the Separatists before (and I fill in some of the blanks). I use this for both OOM-9's Revenge and Massively Screwed Up. The organization comes from The Essential Guide to Warfare.

CIS Army

Supreme Commander of the Droid Armies

Commander General

Major General

Senior General


Master Commander

Senior Commander






Second Lieutenant

Master Sergeant

Senior Sergeant


Senior Corporal


Senior Private


CIS Army Organization

Squad: 8

Platoon: 56

Company: 112, plus support droids

Battalion: 784, plus support droids

Vanguard: 1,232, plus support droids

Regiment: 4,368, plus support droids

Division: 21,840, plus support droids

Corps: 109,200, plus support droids

Army: 218,400, plus support droids

CIS Navy


Vice Admiral

Rear Admiral




Lieutenant Commander



Chief Warrant Officer

Master Chief Petty Officer

Senior Chief Petty Officer

Chief Petty Officer

Petty Officer 1st Class

Petty Officer 2nd Class

Petty Officer 3rd Class

Senior Spaceman


CIS Navy Organization

Section: 2-4 vessels (led by a captain)

Flight: 4-16 vessels (led by a commodore)

Squadron: 12-64 vessels (led by commodore)

Task Group: 36-640 vessels (led by rear admiral)

Task Force: 72-1,280 vessels (2 task groups, led by vice admiral)

Fleet: 200-4,000 vessels (3 task groups, led by an admiral)

So, currently in OOM-9's Revenge, the 8th Fleet has 12 Lucrehulk-class ships as of Chapter 46. Two Lucrehulk droid control ships: the Scrapyard and the Magna Musai. Ten Lucrehulk battleships: the Glaciarium, Saak' ak, Profit, Blue Garage, Dormant Scorpion, Karlsruhe, Work Wheel, Hexus, Hollow Shell, and Vicegrip.

According to Star Wars: Episode I Incredible Cross-Sections (by way of Wookieepedia) states that a Lucrehulk ship can carry a compliment of over 329,600 battle droids. That number is just for soldiers to be deployed to fight on the ground, it's not counting the actual crew of the ship. So take that number times the 12 Lucrehulk ships in the 8th Fleet and that equals 3,955,200 soldiers. That's not even including vehicles and aircraft, just soldiers. And that number only takes into account the Lucrehulk ships. There are still troops carried by the Karajor, the Banking Clan frigates, the Commerce Guild destroyers, the two Separatist supply ships: the Reinforcement Bonus and Ghost Economics, the Techno Union ships, Trade Federation freighters, super freighters, repair ships and missile frigates. Given all of that and the 8th Fleet is easily carrying around more than 4 million soldiers. Divide 4 million by the standard number for a droid army (218,400), and that means that the 8th Fleet is carrying around over 18 droid armies. Phew! That's certainly nothing to sneeze at. It's no wonder they keep winning their battles. The 8th Fleet has been adding ships throughout the story, so it's safe to assume they would receive more ships in later chapters. Their numbers keep going up.

And in Massively Screwed Up, the 8th Fleet is substantially larger and includes other, more exotic ships from the Covenant Separatists and the Armorines bugs in addition to the regular Star Wars CIS ships.

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Star Wars - Rated: T - English - Sci-Fi - Chapters: 19 - Words: 56,707 - Reviews: 156 - Favs: 152 - Follows: 119 - Updated: 12/26/2011 - Published: 12/28/2008 - General Grievous - Complete
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OOM-9's Revenge reviews
After the Battle of Naboo, OOM-9 is reactivated and serves the Separatist Droid Army during the Clone Wars. Story contains many obscure canon characters and OCs. Rated M for battle droids who excel at combat, maladjusted human CIS officers and a Skakoan scientist that would be charged with war crimes if the Republic ever caught him.
Star Wars - Rated: M - English - Adventure/Sci-Fi - Chapters: 49 - Words: 440,662 - Reviews: 184 - Favs: 192 - Follows: 190 - Updated: 3/26/2020 - Published: 6/25/2009
Scorpions and Skeletons reviews
The most unlikely of people find themselves charged with saving Tamriel from Oblivion. Charged with crimes she didn't commit and thrown in the Imperial Prison, a Scorpion Daedra finds herself paired with an alcoholic necromancer. Will they be able to save Tamriel? Would they even want to? Will these misfits even be able to get out of the Imperial sewers alive?
Elder Scroll series - Rated: M - English - Fantasy/Adventure - Chapters: 5 - Words: 39,429 - Reviews: 7 - Favs: 17 - Follows: 22 - Updated: 11/20/2017 - Published: 8/18/2015 - Hero of Kvatch, OC, Breton
The Necromancer and the Archer reviews
Two nothing characters that mean everything.
Elder Scroll series - Rated: T - English - Humor/Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,577 - Reviews: 2 - Published: 6/28/2017 - Complete
The Choice reviews
Reality comes crashing down on a necromancer.
Elder Scroll series - Rated: M - English - Tragedy/Angst - Chapters: 1 - Words: 3,398 - Reviews: 1 - Favs: 2 - Follows: 1 - Published: 8/28/2016 - OC
Blood and Ash reviews
Morrowind is in decline after the eruption of the Red Mountain. A Dunmer guard on a routine patrol finds someone along the road and events take an unexpected turn.
Elder Scroll series - Rated: T - English - Fantasy/Adventure - Chapters: 1 - Words: 7,527 - Reviews: 3 - Favs: 1 - Follows: 2 - Published: 4/20/2016 - OC, Dunmer - Complete
Massively Screwed Up reviews
Mega crossover between Star Wars, Mass Effect, Halo, Oddworld, Aliens vs. Predator, Dead Space, and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. A galaxy bursting at the seams with violence is on the verge of collapse when three ponies are teleported there. They manage to befriend a group of misfits but can the power of friendship save them from the horrors that await? Probably not.
Crossover - Star Wars & X-overs - Rated: M - English - Adventure/Fantasy - Chapters: 30 - Words: 225,145 - Reviews: 39 - Favs: 16 - Follows: 17 - Updated: 4/20/2015 - Published: 2/16/2013
Shattered Remnants reviews
After the Primagen's defeat at the hands of Turok, his armies are scattered and disorganized. A human finds a portal to the Lost Land. His appearance threatens to alter the balance of power. Takes place after Turok 2: Seeds of Evil. On hiatus.
Turok - Rated: M - English - Adventure/Fantasy - Chapters: 8 - Words: 33,072 - Reviews: 8 - Favs: 4 - Follows: 3 - Updated: 12/23/2014 - Published: 10/31/2013
Ales, Scales and Skeletons reviews
Two Argonians, Runs-With-Scissors and Violet-Fang are hired by an innkeeper to kill a necromancer.
Elder Scroll series - Rated: M - English - Fantasy/Adventure - Chapters: 1 - Words: 3,881 - Reviews: 6 - Favs: 9 - Follows: 2 - Published: 5/4/2014 - Argonian, Breton, OC - Complete
Yayap's Story reviews
Yayap escapes the destruction of Installation 04 only to be faced with the war against the humans, the Sentinels, the Flood, and a Covenant civil war. On hiatus.
Halo - Rated: M - English - Adventure/Sci-Fi - Chapters: 12 - Words: 42,118 - Reviews: 22 - Favs: 14 - Follows: 12 - Updated: 3/10/2013 - Published: 10/9/2009
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