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Poll: Guys, if terrorists captured you and you had to be changed into a different race, which would you choose? Don't pick the race you already have! Vote Now!
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Author has written 3 stories for Percy Jackson and the Olympians.

Here's some facts about me:

Name: Whats it to ya

Birthday: It depends if you're willing to give me 50 grand as a present

State: Yeah right

City: Uh huh

Zip: Hell to the no

School: Only if your promise to bomb it and knife my band director

Race: Read on

Religion: Nope

Mental Addiction: Your mom

C'mon guys! Do the poll thing!

Here's what I gotta say to all you political racists out there:

You know what i don't get about this country?

How come Obama is elected to be president and your all:

"OMFG Obama can't be the president!"

"The chain of white presidents is broken!"

"I hate you Obama."

What is wrong with you people?

Do you not see that America is needy of changes?

Do you not see that we are in an economical crisis?

America needs change; to change from its old ways and be better.

And what better way to start changing than to have a black president?

Yeah, and to all you people who think that Obama's bad enough cuz he's black, then let me tell you.

One day, there will be an ASIAN president who will lead the nation and restore its pride!

Most of you disagree with me, and i accept that.

Some of our presidents were really good.

Take our favorite monkey, George Bush.

He led the nation into an economical crisis.


Why did he do it?

To be a retard!

How did he do it?

By living his life.

Take Hoover for another example.

He was the guy who led America into the Great Depression.

He wa awesome!

The people loved him so much that about 30 percent of the nation quit their jobs so they could live in jank dumpster towns and fight over garbage!

You know why?

Cuz those jank dumpster towns were named after him!

Well, political racists you kinda see why America needs more change?

And here's the moral:


Here's what I have to say about Asians






I'm sorry, I kinda got outta control there. but it's true. Asians do have superpowers. We get our energy from our daily meditation.

In fact, I was born cross legged doing the wierd hand symbol.

Here's a list of the top five powers.

1. Death squint- You know why Asians have squinty eyes? It's because it's a lethal weapon.

Yeah, you piss us off, we give you our squint and WAPPA! you a dead man... or woman.

You see, a smiley tried to piss me off. I gave him the squint and yeah. My first kill. And that's why my username is deadsmiley

2. Levitation- When we Asians gotta jump from a building, we don't get hurt.

We focus on the gap between us and the ground and tell the air to compact and move where ever we want it to.

That's how I jumped from the Empire State Building and survived.

3. Open locks, lockers, etc. without the key- We focus on the lock and tell it to open. And there you go.

4. Kill someone with a pair of chopsticks- All Asians are trained to be able to use chopsticks as a knife.

5. Kill someone by playing table tennis- All Asians are good at table tennis.

It wasn't long before someone figured out that you could kill someone if you hit the ball with the right force and it hits the right.

Another thing that Asians are fond of is that there is a secret Asian brotherhood.

when you mess with one brother, you mess with the entire family. a huge family numbering in the billions.

It's basically an Asian gang. To see what happens when two guys mess with my gangster brothers, click here.

That was the veitnemese division.

Actually I'm Chinese, but since we were all brothers, they let me in.

I was the guy on the right wearing the white cap in the scene when they walk.

Also, every Asian knows how to Asian rap.

For Example:

Click here to see Thai rap.

Click here to see Chinese rap. They actually rap in Chinese!



Abortion is an act of murder and irresponsibility.

I'm pretty sure that we all know where babies are from.

And I'm pretty sure that we all know that making babies can be... fun.

And to all you people who don't know where babies are from, here's the answer.

Well, there is a man and a woman.

They like each other and after a period of time, they decide to sleep with each other.

Then, they move around and squirm and make weird noises.

And after about 10 months, the woman may get really fat.

Then, she goes through a very painful process called giving birth.

Basically, she lies on a bed and squeezes out the fat from her body.

And the fat can move and is alive.

And that's a baby.

Now, we all know that some people just wanna squirm and make noises in bed just for the fun of it.

And the woman get really fat.

And she doesn't wanna squeeze out her fat.

So she gets a needle and kills the fat.

That's abortion.

It's murder!

It's killing of her own son/daughter/it/whatever/Fred.

That son/daughter/it/whatever/Fred could have been an Asian!

I hate you abortionististsists!

Well, Fred's white.

And gay.

So he can't be an Asian.

But still abortion is bad cause you're killing someone.

It's not just direct murder.

You killed someone before they saw their first speck of light.

Before they took their first breath of air.

That's so mean.

Those two precious moments are to be remembered forever.

Abortion is bad.

Read this wre's story.

"I had been dating Bob for 6 months when I found out I was pregnant. Bob didn't want me to have a baby considering we were only 18 and 19, and he thought that this is just a second chance. I didn't want to give up the life was inside of me. I didn't know who to turn to. My family is Catholic and against abortions, and the people I usually turn to were also against abortions. The only person I could tell was Bob and a few friends who I knew had abortions in the past. They all encouraged me to have an abortion and no matter my view on it, I felt highly pressured to have one. I looked on the Internet and found a clinic in Ohio. I was so scared. I had the abortion October of 2000.

I don't remember much of it because they gave me something to relax, through an IV. I do remember telling them that it hurt, even if I can't remember the pain it must have been very painful because if I am saying it hurt when I had something to relax me, it must have been horrible. When the abortion was finished they took me into the recovery room where several girls were. Bob was unable to come in with me because it would be uncomfortable for the other girls in there. The nurse asked me if I wanted to see what they took out and I said yes. It didn't look like much, but I felt emptiness. I was in pain for weeks afterwards, bad cramping and spotting. I called to make sure it was normal and they said as long as I don't have a fever it was.

Since the abortion my periods were on time. This past year I missed 3 months, and had to go on a hormone to get it started. I just missed another 2 months and decided it was time to get checked out. I went to the gynecologist for my annual check up and found out that I have cysts on my ovaries and have scar tissue on the lining of my uterus. He told me that the scaring is from the abortion, and I will probably not be able to have kids. For some of you this may sound good now, but think ahead in life. When you get married don't you want a family? My abortion has caused me so many problems in my life. From depression to eating disorders, to guilt and regret. I have a hard time being around babies who would be the same age as my baby had I decided to have it. I am no longer with Bob, after 2.5 years I realized how much I was been verbally abused and manipulated. I look back and can only learn from the mistakes I have made.

With every experience you have you grow. I can only share my story, because I am unable to go back and change the decision I made."

Now that fk'n bch'n wre's story is sad.

Because she is sad.

She had an abortion.

She killed her own son/daughter/it/whatever/Fred.

And she wasn't able to have kids anymore

She was really stupid and sorry.

Because she killed her own son/daughter/it/whatever/Fred.

So remember.

Abortion equals a pair of eyes to never see.

Ears that will hear.

A nose that will never smell.

A mouth that will never speak.

Lips that will never kiss.

A heart that will never beat.

A pair of hands that will never hold and touch

A pair of legs that will never run.

Abortion is a bad, stupid and irresponsible choice to make.

And to all you virgins out there, be anstinent, meaning have sex when you're married.

Make the right choices and you won't have to kill your son/daughter/it/whatever/Fred or have to raise your son/daughter/it/whatever/Fred at an early age.

And your son/daughter/it/whatever could have been an Asian.

So all you you virgins out there, don't get your lives messed up and kill an Asian before he/she/it/whatever is born.

And to all you abortionististsists out there, I feel angered by you.

You've made some bad choices in your life.

But I will forgive you if you've learned your lesson and will be more careful and make the right decisions in the future.

Which all of you probably already have.

So, copy this into your profile or write it somewhere.


This is Rocky the rockstar.


Copy and paste him onto your profiles to help him rule the Internet and make him popular.


Guys, a new poll is up! Vote!

One day, my friend asked me what would happen if a specific girl from the series would be my girlfriend.

Here's what I came out with:

1. Annabeth

2. Clarisse

3. Thalia

4. Silena

5. Rachel

I am single. And I'm alright about it for now. For 1., I wouldn't date her because then Percy would kill me.

But I want a girl who is like her. Smart, intelligent, brave, caring, responsible, and beauty is what I'm after. Though I don't consider Annabeth as that beautiful. Oh man, my doorbell just rang. I'm not gonna answer it. It might be Percy. Shudders

As for 2., I she's okay... but we woud break up after two weeks.

And 3., is... okay, I guess. but Artemis would kill me if we were caught kissing. And besides, i don't think that she's my type. Now Zeus is all pissed at me.

4. is... no. I'm not gonna mention 4.

And number 5. is... not my type. I consider her kinda ugly from the picture I saw on the website.

The PJO Movie.

Guys, I looked up the cast for the new PJO movie... and I'm disappointed.

I hate you Craig Titley. The damn director.

Here's the cast and my opinions:

Pierce Brosnan is Chiron- He’s okay… old and stern. Very Chiron-ish.

Rosario Dawson is Persephone- She’s okay… she seems to be Cock Asian (No idea if that’s how you write it… no I did not mean to write it like that) (Hurray for partially asianess!) which fits her. She has a bad smile.

Sean Bean is Zeus- Three letters. W. T. F. He’s like, friggin forty! Zeus is like, a bajillion years old! And he looks friendly! WTF!

Uma Thurman is Medusa- Waaay too pretty for a monster. I’m thinking something like… my friend’s aunt. shudders

Catherine Keener is Sally Jackson- How should I put this more… nicer? She’s a friggin jolly fat ass who reminds me of Mrs. Clause!

Logan Lerman is Percy Jackson- He looks okay… needs to be… more friendly looking.

Kevin McKidd is Poseidon- W.T.F.H. times his age. Does he look like a god of the sea? Which god of the sea has red hair? If he sat down on the street and wore a wool hat, I swear I will mistake him for a hobo.

Erica Cerra is Hera- Does she look like a god of marriage and family? She looks like she’s been drinking and murdered her sister and did it with her boyfriend in one night!

Steve Coogan is Hades- No. Total fail. Is he pale? Does he seem cold and heartless? No!

Joe Pantoliano is Gabe Ugliano- No! does he seem fat? Ugly, yes, but he seems like those managers who donate thousands of dollars to children’s hospitals!

Alexandra Daddari is Annabeth Chase- Fuck you Alexandria. You ruined the Annabeth Chase in the movie. Hello? You’re not even blonde!

Serinda Swan is Aphrodite- Okay… I guess. I’d recommend Ms. Texas 2009. She is HOT! Like, almost as hot as Asian death glare hot!

Melina Kanakaredes is Athena- No. She looks ugly and stupid. she looks like she graduated from community college and works in a barber shop and goes “I don’t get why I have to cut people’s head fur!” every five minutes.

Brandon T. Jackson is Grover Underwood- GROVER AIN”T BLACK!

Chelan Simmons is Silena Beauregard- Not bad…

Jake Abel is Luke- Hell no. He looks too friendly! He’s got this positive Little Ms. Sunshine auro around him!

Stefanie von Pfetten is Demeter- She looks like a business woman. Not a farmer God.

Dimitri Lekkos is Apollo- Looks like a pop singer. Not a strong man who drives a car across the sky to get the sun up.

Marie Avgeropoulos is an Aphrodite Girl- Maybe.

Maria Olsen is a Teacher / Fury- No opinion.

Christie Laing is an Aphrodite Girl- IDK

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