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How are ya? Anyway, incase you didn't know I am the all mighty god of the arts Wolf! 21/m/ light skinned brotha from Atlanta, Ga! (I know Rorie is jealous!). Big home team fan, (I've loved the Falcons, Braves, and Hawks since forever. Through the ups and downs. I'm not a big hockey fan, but i started watching simply because we have a hockey team. GO THRASHERS! Favorite College team is UGA, I support them because I grew up watching them.) I'm not too shabby at writting and drawing(I have a picture in Newtype USA December 03'and June '04 issues).I take to the arts like a duck in water so I'm gong to stick with my guns through out life. I may sound a tad arrogant and that's because I am a confident person. It just comes off that way but I'm really not that bad. Oh I love anime. Watch all kinds, can draw it with the best of em'and hopefully one day I'll be able to do one! So if you know of a good one I might not have seen tell me about it! I'm always looking for new ish to look at. The Uncut versions are always the best, that's what I watch okay! I update this page allot, because i always get a hold of new anime. So, feel free to come back and check what's new any time. However Adult Swim does one hell of a job mind you.Oh yeah, I try to update as much as possible but I'm a very busy man. I have allot to do and school comes first.

Personal Favorite anime series:

Dragonball Z(where would anime be without fighting and shameless toilet humor eh?)

Full Metal Panic (I like it because it's a refreshing change of pace, who doesn't like a love story here and there. One of my top favorite)

Gundam Wing (classic)

Outlaw Star (props to the editors at cartoon network way back when, how they got that thing on TV is beyond me)

Cowboy Bebop (classic)

Inu-Yasha (But has to be my favorite out right now, well it's tied with...)

Full Metal Alchemist (it's quite engaging)

Neon Genesis Evangelion (classic.)

Noir(this story is rich and thick! It's so good, a must see! classic)

Madlax(allot like Noir, but not...but still good)

Martain Successor Nadesico (check it out it's a good one! over looked too)

Love Hina(wouldn't call it a favorite...but it's still pretty damn entertaining)

Big O (ah Batman meets Gundam! The story is pretty interesting too!)

Trigun (Vash the stampede, good humor and solid action. What more can you want!)

Gungrave(love that mafia ish main)

The Get Backers (it is what it is!)

Ikki Tousen (or Battle Vixens for you manga heads . And I do like the manga better)

Chrono Crusade (classic)


Azumanga Dioh(not bad at all)

Samurai Champloo(This ish is just tight...no holes in this anime)

Tenchi saga's (I wish somebody could tell me when Volume 2 of Ryo-Ohki was coming out)

G-Gundam (it's different)

Golden Boy (that thing is just freakin' hilarious...bit perverted too but funny non the less)

Gundam Seed(classic)

Salior Moon (only when it's the real version, can't watch it any other way.)

Chobits(Dunno why, but it's kinda interesting to me. And Chi is so cute)

FLCL(what can I say, it had me trippin' through all 6 episodes)

Witch Hunter Robin (great show)

.hack//sign (big fan of the dot hack series. I play the games, watch the show. Has a good story)

Comic Party(as an artist I can honestly say i understand completely, you might not like it if you don't draw)

Ghost in the Shell(movies and TV series alike. Love it all,and wait till you see 2nd Gig)

Cromartie High(don't ask just watch)

Gunslinger Girl(chicks with gats...nuff said)

Burst Angel(good so far)

Girls Bravo(It's different)

Ah! My Goddess(this ones pretty nice too)

Goddanar(It's like Gekigangar come to life! Don't know what Geligangar is...watch Martian Successor Nadesico...JOE!)

Genshiken(I'm not quite the otaku these cats are...but I can relate, sort of)

Maburaho(it is what it is, i like it though)

Girls Bravo(the "in hell" thing gets old, but still quality)

Dears(it's like a less spastic Chobits!)

Gankutsou (It's the Count of Monte Cristo...in space!)

My-Hime(It's something you kinda just have to see!)

Melody of Oblivion(it's just cool to me)

Anime's that freaked me out but I still thik are worth checking out:

Note: When I say freaked out, this doesn't mean they disturbed me...they just mean they're strange and not everyone may like them. I'm kinda fond of things that are real different and strange so while they may float my boat...it could sink yours.

X (gorey as hell, but solid.)

Angel Sanctuary

Gantz(violence, sex...and violence!)

Lain(what the hell? All I can say)

Excel Saga (it didn't freak me out, in fact it annoyed me at points, but strangely enough it was entertaining because..well it was just strange, funny at certain points. Should be checked out on gp)

Uber Classics:

Venus Wars (the anime that started my love for the style)

Devil Hunter Yohko movie series(another one of my first loves)

Endless Waltz (still a great movie in my opinion)

Fatal Fury (this is considered to be one of the basic anime flix! If you haven't seen it..shame on you that and...)

Street Fighter II(not the live action...that thing was horrible)

The Simpsons (it isn't anime, but it's still a great cartoon! Anything besides spors that can last on Fox for more than 4 seasons deserves recognition) Family Guy (blatent rascism! Gotta have humor about those things Favorite line: "The South...is that where the Black guys are real lazy, and the white guys are just as lazy but mad at the black guys for being lazy?" Gawd I love it!)

Biggest gripe I have is that people assume anime is for kids because it's animated when they're actually geared towards mature teens and young adults. So don't call it a cartoon it's anime. I love how detailed it is too in the drawing and painting and all.

Disliked anime

Najica: Blitz Tatics- I may be jumping the gun because I've only seen one DVD, but the fact that every female has on a mini-skirt, white panties underneath (and an average of 30 crotch closes up per episode) gets real old real quick. I'm all for a little fan service every now and then, but flooding the market with it is just plain annoying. The story doesn't seem to go anywhere, and the action is just dry. It's like they tried to recreate Noir, but failed...sigh At least the animation isn't bad...

Yu-Gi-Oh -I don't like to be insulted...Yu-Gi-Oh does just that. I don't need to have every friggin' thing spelled out for me...example: "I'll Play the Wind Card!" "No...the wind card has wind properties...and my monster has earth properties, earth properties cancel out wind properties,I had 6000 points but after he plays that I will have 2000, because the wind card took 4000 points!" "Ah! Now you are in trouble unless you play the reverse card which will negate the properties of my last card...then hell have all his hit points back and my attack will be for naught. But if he combines it with the mufu card which has a counter properties as well I'll loose 4000 points out of my 7000 I have which will leave me wit only 3000 points!" Sorry but it feels like you need half a brain to enjoy that. I don't mean to offend anyone but I just don't get it. You can't save the world playing cards. I don't see Dave Navar (that how it's spelled) saving the planet because he got two pair! It's bad anime run amuck. But that's me.

Pokemon- this show started out okay, it was kind of cute actually. I didn't mind watching it with my younger cousin through like the first two seasons or so (jiggly puff was adorable even main! That thing had some pimp in him with the S-curl and all), but now that show has just gotten re-damn-diculous! Ash just needs to get with the red head, and call himself a pokemon master. How many tournaments do you have to win before you become one! I thought that was the point of the friggin' show, that and capture the little bastards in the ball! I mean jebus, evertime he catches one, another new one pops up! There's no end to it! And it's pointless! What makes anime great is it's detail characters and strong story lines...this has 50 of the same nurse and goes no where! Sorry to all those pokemon fans out there but I just don't get the big craze.

Flame of Recca-Bad voice acting meets half-assed plot. I can cut slack to old anime (in the word of Excel) "but got-damn...". Who uses there new super special technique on low level lacky's! Recca that's who. And how convienient do attacks get? A dragon that sucks all the power out it's enemy but doesn't kill him! Come on man...

Mouse-when someone figgures out what the hell is going on...then we'll talk

Anyhow I'm rambling. Please check out my fics and tell me what you think eh! Review my friends! BTW I hope no one clicks on the homepage thingy, it's just a joke.(duh! you need to be smacked if you thought else wise.) AG stands for Annoyed Greatly...I am THE Dark Wolf, wolf is my real nickname...got a Wolf tatted on the top of my right arm (standing in the moonlight with Japanese konji scrolled on the side that says, Proud Warrior, designed it myself, quite righteous)

Any beef with my bio...too bad! Love, Peace, and Chicken Grease!

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