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Poll: GOOGLEWARD Challenge - Winners Vote Now!
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Hosted by Oxygen.and.Cucumber

"My pokemon brings all the nerds to the yard, and they're like... you wanna trade cards? Damn right, I wanna trade cards. I'll trade this but not my charizard."

Winners of the Blind Poll

First Place: The Pool Boy by madcowre. Prize - oneshot of 3,000 words and a banner for "The Pool Boy"

Second Place: Ctrl Alt Del by Leon McFrenchington Prize - oneshot of 2,000 ords and a banner for "Ctrl Alt Del"

Third Place: Tritones by lisa89 Prize - oneshot of 1,000 words and an avatar for "Tritones"

Banners are still in the production stage and will be posted to you as soon as possible.

Best Awkward Edward "Awarded to the person who writes the best stuttering, uncomfortable, fidgety Edward possible."

First Place: The Pit by edward-bella-harry-ginny -ebhg

Second Place: Let's Dance by xXx.La.tua.cantante.xXx

Best "Google It"

First Place: Google It by AliceEl1zabeth. "To Google: switching to Yahoo. The name complies better with my current emotion."

Second Place: Release Me by snozzberryfaery. "I didn't need the genuis of Googe to know, for a fact, that my luck was finally turning."

Best Unique Plotline "For someone who goes further than just writing a 'Geeky Edward'. They make him, not just a lovable character in his actions, but in his history, and his potential future - and create a plot other than him just winning over Bella."

First Place: A Modern Fairytale by AnaG

Second Place: I See Her by sisterhoodfan

When Life Gives You Questions, Google has Answers.

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