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Q: I want you permission to copy some aspect of your story or write up a story based on an idea you posted on your profile. Do I have it?

A: Yes. If anyone wants to use the elements of my story, in any way, they can do so. This includes, but is not limited to: lifing specific ideas to incorporate them into your own work, copying specific plot twists, forking the story in any direction you see fit, making AUs of this AU, editing the story in a way you find prefferable and posting the 'improved' version somewhere, etc. I'm not really possessive of my stories, especially when they're fanfiction.

Likewise, any ideas I post in my profile are there for the taking. Ideas are cheap. I think up about a dozen ideas (fanfiction or otherwise) a day. It's the execution that is crucial, so feel free to execute one of my ideas. It will only please me to know I inspired someone. You don't even have to feel constrained by what I wrote. If some aspect of the idea doesn't appeal to you, change it! I would have in your place.

[Other questions deleted since they dealt with 'Scorpion's Disciple', and that story is finished.]

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Various Naruto Ideas:

Here's a number of random Naruto ideas that have popped into my head (at least, the more detailed ones). I don't intend to write stories based around them, I'm just getting them out of my head so they don't distract me from the story I'm currently writing. If you want to write a story based on one, feel free to do so. I'd love it if you sent me a link if you did that, though, so I can read them.

The Nine-Fold Prison
Summary: The Kyuubi was far too powerful to be sealed into a single child. Desperate, Konoha sacrifices 9 of it's children to hold the demon at bay. 12 years later, the Rookie 9 are about to graduate from the academy when an incident with the Forbidden scroll leads them to discover why they have been treated with fear and hate their entire lives...
Elaboration: A story where all of the rookie 9 are jinchuuriki, with all of them combined being a sort of containment array. Isolated from childhood, the 9 of them have become close-knit friends. Naruto isn't friendless in this AU. I imagine the nine of them having a bunch of abilities that let them draw strength from their comraderie, like being able to sense each other regardless of distances, being able to meet in a shared mindscape while sleeping, and being able to give each other chakra. A difficult story to write since all 9 rookies would be major characters.
has started a fic under this premise. Use the following link:
has started a fic under this premise as well. Use the following link:

The Trade
Summary: Instead of learning the Kage Bunshin technique, Naruto performs a strange technique that brings him before the Gate of Truth. Finding out he's the Kyuubi jinchuuriki from the guardian of the Gate, he trades the fox in exchange for knowledge...
Elaboration: Yes, it's heavily inspired by Fullmetal Alchemist. However, there is no actual crossover - the knowledge Naruto gains from the gate is of chakra usage and elemental manipulation, not alchemy. Naruto in this AU has an almost transcedental understanding of chakra manipulation, and is able to learn techniques extremely quickly, just by observing them (rather like as if he had the sharingan, though he has no other powers of those eyes, of course)... he's even able to use subelements like wood and ice techniques without a bloodline.

Heroes Never Cry
Summary: Naruto is hiding behind a mask, but it isn't an awesome badass lurking behind the smile - just a boy who gave up a long time ago.
Elaboration: Angst, Angst, ANGST! It's fashionable to mock angst, but I actually like it when it's done well. The story is done from the veiwpoint of others, NEVER Naruto's point of view - his thoughts are never detailed, though others try to guess them. Main characters are Sakura and Sasuke, who try to unravel the mystery of their teammate. Naruto doesn't take his life particularly seriously and intentionally behaves like a storybook hero... In my original concept, the story ends in tragedy, with Naruto sacrificing himself to save his teammates on the bridge during the Wave mission, though admittedly that'a little sad - a more hopeful story would have that as a turning point that brings team 7 closer together.

Summary: Kage Bunshin was a far too complicated technique for Naruto to get it off... but that doesn't mean he didn't get something to work in it's place...
Elaboration: Instead of creating solid clones, Naruto summons a bunch of Narutos from alternate realities. Sandaime is going to get one hell of a headache trying to deal with a dozen Naruto's walking around Konoha... especially since not all of them are friendly. Basically an exploration of what different kinds of Naruto's often seen on this site would say if they met each other. I imagine the following Naruto's at minimum:
- Kyubified Naruto: This Naruto has been trained by the Kyuubi from a young age and has become a half-demon. He knows highly destructive demon techniques and has a rather caustic, unpersonable demeador. He despises Konoha for viciously abusing him as a child and is obsessed with power. His version of Konoha is rather darker than canon version, complete with child-attacking mobs and apathethic ANBU.
- Minato's Son: This Naruto has been raised by his father, since Sarutobi sacrificed himself instead of Yondaime. Trained by his father and revered in his version of Konoha as a hero, young prodigy, and son of Yondaime, this Naruto is extremely capable in all three main areas of Ninja expertese and quite charming. His version of the village is a lot less dark, with no Uchiha massacre and no Hyuuga incident.
- Mysterious Calm Naruto: This Naruto is like Kabuto - an extremely capable ninja of unknown skills that does his best to appear as unthreatening as possible. He knows much, seemingly surprised by nothing he encounters. What is he hiding?
- And so on. A gaggle of Naruto's really, though only a few would feature prominently.
has started a fic under this premise. It hasn't updated in a while, though, and only has one chapter, so it's probably a dead fic. Use the following link:

The Scorned Son
Summary: They say hell hath no wrath like a woman scorned, but the wrath of a scorned son comes pretty close. The day his brother massacred the Uchiha clan, Sasuke shrugged. None of those people cared about him anyway.
Elaboration: AU in which Sasuke isn't obsessed about vengeance, because he didn't really like his family. Since Sasuke is still a quiet, reserved person, few people know he's not terribly bothered by it, especially since mentioning the Uchiha annoys him greately. Even when they're all dead, he still cannot seem to escape their reach. A story of Sasuke's quest to make his own name in a world that insists on associating him with a clan he never felt he belonged in. A Sasuke-centric story, obviously, and one in which he doesn't become a traitor to Konoha.
has started a fic under this premise. Use the following link:

Mandate of Heaven
Summary: When Jiraya throws Naruto off the cliff in hopes of making him tap into Kyuubi's power, Naruto is shocked to find himself in front of a rather different Kyuubi than he expected. ''The world is corrupt,'' Kyuubi whispers to his host, ''it has to be purged. There can be no peace while ninja reign supreme.'' Will Naruto side with the Judgment of Heaven, or with his ninja bretherin? Or is he going to find a third path?
Elaboration: The bijuu aren't demons, but divine emissaries, sent to earth on a mission: to destroy ninja villages, and stop the suffering they spread with their very existence. I imagine the story as something of a deconstruction of a ninja lifestyle - in most of the darker fanfics on this site, the suffering inherent in the ninja system is taken for granted as something unchangeable and normal. What if the gods disagreed? How exactly did the world become dominated by ninjas and what are the consequences of their supremacy? The trick to writing this is to not make ninjas cardboard villains - the ninja villages system is definitely making the world a worse place than it should be in this story, but ninjas themselves aren't pure evil and don't do so deliberately; indeed, Konoha is fairly nice here, the kindest of the ninja villages. The nasty side-effects I was thinking of are things like villages inciting wars to get more employment and to sabotage any strong, competent government that might interfere with their autonomy and activities; sabotage of technologies that could lead to progress due to difficulty in maintaining tight control and secrecy over them (not to mention possible threat to ninja); clinging to a feudal system because any rebellion is immediately and ruthlessly crushed (no amount of ordinary people can take on a squad of Jounin, so peasant uprising are pretty much doomed from the start; of course, ninja are told these are simply 'bandits' and are not inclined to question this too much); absorption of talented people into ninja lifestyle where their genius is used for destructive purposes... subtle things that most ninja don't even know are happening and even those that do know about it don't know the sheer scale of it.

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Scorpion's Disciple has a sequel! Knightmare Gundam of Ni has written a story called Scorpion's Masterpiece, which can be found at the following link:

Also, Wandering the Arid Sea has started his own version of Scorpion's Disciple, called Scorpion's Sting. It can be found at the following link:

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