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All Death Note fans: Me and Beyondbirthday93 are co-authoring a story! It's called B's revenge.


Go read it! It's under BB's profile!


Atricis is a non-canon Weyr set in the 9th Pass of Pern. We are accepting applications for candidates, mature dragonriders, crafters, and weyrfolk. We have various site included plots planned and interesting twists around each corner. Right now, our dragon colors include the five canon colors, plus four uncanon colors. We also have lots of fun for Whers and wherhandlers, so if you are a lover of these photophobic little creatures, feel free to check it out.

Things about me you should know:

I am a Wiccan.

I have a Fictonpress account! My first story is up and running, if you want to go read it! It's about a ghost and. . . well, I'll let you guys decide weather or not you want to know. The account name is Shiko13 (I know, aren't I the most original person ever? XD) Arigato everyone!

My word document is being cruel. Until I can fix it, chapters will have to be written here, and I cannot guarantee anything. Don't angry mob me. DX Shiko

Fallen Angel

Your angel is a fallen angel. Once an innocent, pure angel, she was corrupted at the Fall and was doomed to this Earth. She was bitter, and decided to take her pain out on a human: you. But that doesn't matter, you'd prefer a fallen angel, feeling as if you had already fallen from grace. You are a match made for each other, with her whispering ideas to you and you happily obliging, you two are a mess. However, you do feel deep down that the darkness is not what you want, but you can't cope without it because it has defended you for so long. You hate betrayal, and you can't go through with ditching your salvation. Don't worry, there will come a time when both you and your guardian will discover darkness isn't always the key to happiness.
Your angel is dark and mysterious, sent to you not as a punishment but as a salvation. She was hurt once, and as a payback she has decided to work through you and hurt her enemies in return. She will help you get out of trouble, and will ultimately lead you down the right path.

Heck with my dog; Beware my snake!

I have a guardian angel. She's bipolar. Don't mess with me, cause you mess with her.

BEWARE: In my family, if you mess with them, you mess with me. Yes, that DOES include my adopted family, thank you very much.

PimpinSushi adopted me as her baby sister! XD Hi Sushi! Assuming you're reading this! 9/26/10

BeyondBirthday13 adopted me as their cousin. Hi BB 11/3/10

I adopted L.E-Chan-Hetalia-DN-Fangirl as my little sis. 11/22/10

My little family is growing quite large. . . You three are awesome, you know that?

"If there was a way to take everyone's pain away...
And heap it all on the shoulders of just one person...

A way to let every man, woman and child,
black or white or red or yellow,
live their lives knowing only happiness...

At one person's expense...

I'd do it."

The Complete Wiccan Rede

Bide the Wiccan Law ye must,

In Perfect Love and Perfect Trust;

Live ye must and let to live,

Fairly take and fairly give.

True in love, ever be,

Lest thy love be false to thee.

With a fool no season spend,

Nor be counted as his friend.

Soft of eye and light of touch,

Speak ye little, listen much.

Ever mind the rule of three,

What ye send out comes back to thee.

This lesson well, thou must learn

Ye only get what ye do earn.

Eight words the Wiccan Rede fulfill -

An it harm none, do as ye will.

Deosil go by waxing Moon,

Sing and dance the invoking Rune;

Widdershins go by waning Moon,

Chant ye then a freeing tune;

When the Lady's Moon is new,

Kiss thy hand to Her times two;

When the Bow rides in the eve

Turn to what you would achieve;

When the Moon rides at her peak,

Then thy heart's desire seek;

When the Sickle shows Her face

Release the old with proper grace.

Greet the Days and greet the Nights

With joy and thanks for all delights.

Sing the seasons all around

Til wondrous awe and love abound

Heed the North wind's mighty gale,

Lock the door & trim the sail;

When the wind comes from the South,

Love will kiss thee on the mouth;

When the wind blows from the West,

Hearts will find their peace and rest;

When the wind blows from the East,

Expect the new and set the feast.

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