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Well, as you can see, this is my profile. Supremely extravagant? I think not. Well thought out? I like to think so. Maybe. Sort of.

Now, so far I am only working on one fanfic. I will not be working on any others until it is complete, so do not expect me to be answering any PMs asking "ZoMFg, wIlL u weRk on DiS, Pl0x?!" The answer, my grammatically incorrect friend, will be a big, bolded "No." Of course, I will turn you down in the most polite manner possible. That is, unless you consistently and diligently send me PM after PM relating to the previously mentioned question. I will update my profile further as the time passes, and I'm sure you care about that. If you didn't, then why the hell would you be reading this?


Update- 11/6/09:

The Prologue to Purge is finally up! Chapter 1 is currently in the works, and should be done by either tomorrow or Sunday.

Update- 11/10/09:

Chapter 1 is up. It was a little shaky in the beginning, but I think I was able to clean it a third of the way through. Chapter two starts first thing tomorrow morning, unless my fever returns. Being sick sucks.

Update- 11/25/09:

Chapter 2 is up after much delay. So... I think I've pretty much decided the direction I'm going to be taking. The rough spot will be pre-Shippuden, but I think I have a generalized idea of what's going on and when. The only major thing that I can't decide on is whether or not Sasuke will leave the village. Should he or should he not? I like the idea of a "nice" Sasuke, but I can't really think of a way to improve the relationship between Naruto and Sakura if Sasuke is always there... gah! I'm going to be spending a lot of nights thinking about this, I just know it.

Update- 12/20/09:

Alright, I know what you guys are thinking. "WHERE THE HELL IS MAH CHAPTER?!" Well, fear not, readers! Chapter 3 is currently at 16 pages and counting, and I must say that it is big. You'll be in for some tasty treats when I complete it either tonight or tomorrow, and then it's full steam ahead with the break time for Christmas. I'll have so much free time it'll be overwhelming, and the only thing I think I can do with that time is typing. I'm estimating two chapters within a two week span, and one of those will begin the Chuunin Exams Arc. There'll be more treats then, and after that everything will just fall into place. But now, I have the need to rant about the manga, more specifically Chapter 476.

The Rant: I currently, somehow, like the way the manga is progressing. Besides the near "lose-my-sanity" moment I had at the end of 475- when it was revealed that yes, Danzo does indeed have a Sharingan fetish- I am enjoying the manga quite well. Although, I did shout multiple profanities when Danzo magically appeared behind Sasuke after he clearly killed him with Susanoo's fist... grumbles Now, about Sakura. I laughed when her murderous intentions towards Sasuke were revealed, but I can't help but think she's keeping something, like she has an ulterior motive. MAYBE SHE CARES ABOUT NARUTO! No, wait... nevermind. Can't get my hopes up, right? But I do think she has a secret. I did some thinking, and came up with this: Sakura is going after Sasuke because Sasuke keeps causing Naruto pain, and she wants Naruto to stop hurting. Therefore, she is trying to kill Sasuke to help Naruto, which means she cares about him! WOO! But, on the flip side, Naruto and Sakura are best friends, and one could argue that Sakura simply doesn't like Naruto being sad and hurt. She cares about him because they are friends, nothing more. That makes my argument void, and I'm left disappointed and feebly attempting to ward off a headache. Y'know, I have a feeling Kishimoto never intended for Naruto to have pairings. It would make everything so less complicated...

Update- 12/22/09:

Chapter 3 is finally up! Hallelujah! It has a little bit of everything: plot (BIG plot points), action, mild character development, etc. Stuff is going to get interesting really soon.

Update- 1/3/10:

Happy New Years! So... yeah. I know I said I would get some chapters up over Christmas break.

My computer committed suicide. It was a horrible experience.

So, there was the crash, the swearing, the "WHAT THE HELL?! WORK DAMN YOU." moments, and much more that I don't really think I should type down. Know this, though: I did not, by some miracle, lose the Purge files. Once this godforsaken piece of technology was operational, I went to check and found everything perfectly fine. What a stroke of luck! Unfortunately, time travel is impossible, so I'm going to have to start the new chapter tomorrow.

Update- 2/11/10:

You know, it's funny how real life sucks. I'm not going to give you guys anymore excuses though. That's that, just know that Purge has not been forgotten. Ideas for new plot twists and stuff circle through my mind every day. I haven't found any real time to work on it, so the new chapter is currently stuck at five and a half pages. And it's TOUGH. I hope someone understands how unbearable it is to sit down, open OpenOffice, and then try to resume a story that's taken a back seat to life's problems for a month. But I will persevere. Moving on... should I talk about the manga? I think that's suitable.

The Rant: BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I salute your brilliance, Kishimoto! Yes, I was originally disappointed as I read the last page of 482. How could Sakura be so immature, so dense, so unbearably oblivious? But upon rereading the chapter, I noticed something.

Kishimoto's gonna reunite Team 7.

It's actually quite funny. Kakashi and Sai are following Sakura's trail, and Naruto is following Kakashi's. And on top of that, we're going to see Sakura's attempt at using one of the oldest military techniques in the book: the "friendly enemy", otherwise known as the double-agent. Sakura is going to attempt to earn Sasuke's trust by leaving Konoha. And then she implants the kunai into his neck. Simple as that, really. Or she could just be testing him to see if he actually cares... but we all know the answer to that, don't we?

Thanks to all of the people who have been patiently waiting for the update. You don't know how nice it feels to know people actually care about Purge, and I hope you guys can still trust me enough to know I WILL update. I promise.

Update- 2/19/10:

This pace is killing me. I feel like I've lost my ability to write, and as such the writing for Purge is basically crawling along. It's a damn tough chapter, too, but enough of my bitching. 483 more or less confirmed my suspicions, and Kakashi has officially been fully redeemed, at least in my book. Now, if Kishimoto doesn't KILL HIM OFF...

The update will get here, don't worry. Excuse me while I go try to get my writing back up to snuff.

Update- 7/25/10:

Finally, after much delay, the next chapter has arrived. Hopefully the next one won't take so damn long.

... I gotta get some sleep.

Update- 5/26/11:


Update- 6/1/11:

Happy June, all! Guess what just got another long-overdue update? Begins with a P.

Update- 8/20/11:

Wow, I actually kept the promise I put at the end of Prelude to The Second Continent. Purge has been updated. Now excuse me while I go get a cookie to reward myself with.




Black ops/spec ops soldier design (without the dispersion cloak)

Update- 8/19/11:

I've come of the belief that, in order to stave off that horrid symptom known as writer's block, I will need another story to focus on as well. And good news: I have an idea. I'll be posting all related art to the new story on here over time (I did some searching for acceptable designs), as well as reorganizing this entire thing with separate labels for Purge and its new cousin. So, tonight, I'll be posting the short prelude to The Second Continent. It'll be decidedly sci-fi AU in nature, but... I believe it's also startlingly unique. Hope some of you enjoy.

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