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Author has written 5 stories for Harry Potter, and Twilight.

My penname used to be ARosesBloodThirst.


I go by Trivium Bondrasi.

I'm a girl. Although I'm one of those semi butch lesbians that surounds themselves with guys and tend to act like them.

My eyes are green, grey, or blue. They change colors depending upon my mood.

I'm an oreo and proud.

Medium length curly natural brown/red hair. I have a cream blonde under layer and streak on the left over my eye.

My personality is a mix of Severus Snape, Lucius Malfoy, Voldemort, Harry Potter, and Wolverine. Mix it all together and you have my very confusing personality.

Favorite colors are dark purple, dark green, and silver.

I'm Pro Slytherin. However, I would be in Ravenclaw or Gryffindor. Slight chance I'd end up in Slytherin.

What I Do

I mainly write for Harry Potter. I might dabble in something else every now and then but it's not likely. I am writing a Crossover Harry Potter/Twilight story.

What I Like

I have the annoncement that after five years of reading Harry Potter fanfiction I am now reading stories that Harry is not the main character! Yay for me! Still I seem to only be able to read Slytherin or Dark Wizards with The Light Wizards. Mainly Severus/Remus right now which is all good!

I love the Twilight books. Not the movie. I went to watch the movie and my sister had to stop me from throwing my popcorn at the screen. And even then I was pointing out all the things wrong with the movie as it went on. New Moon was slightly better.

My favorite pairings in Harry Potter are:




Harry/Voldemort (Only if it's not some capture and torture fic)




Edward/Jacob (non-Mpreg)






I really only read novel (chapter) fics. One shots get on my nerves if I'm not in the mood. I like the build up and romance stuff like that. I LOVE Inheritance stories. Love them. I like most all of them if they have Harry in them and are slashy goodness. It's hard, though, to find any were Harry is the Dominant partner. That makes me sad because people are writing him off as a weak, need a lean on kinda guy. I see him as a take charge dude. I dislike Dumbledore. He's a manipulative bastard. Ron, Hermione, and Ginny Bashing are excellent. Sometimes I hate them.

If anyone would like to do fan art for any of my stories I would gladly post the links on my profile and give the artist credit.

Favorite Quotes

"Oh, posh, Lucius, dear, Draco's gayer than a Cher concert in San Francisco!...Seems only yesterday he was criticizing my shoes and planning to become a back-up dancer for Madonna..."Narcissa said this to Lucius when they were arguing over who Draco was to marry in the funny story Rid Dragon Tamer by jennavere on fictionalley.

Favorite Stories

Nothing Left To Hold » by Branwen777

A Harry/Edward Cullen story. Well written and touching.

Gypsy Caravan by witchdragon

Beautifully written and different for a story about Harry growning up. Harry/Draco

Defy not the Heart » by Aewnaur

Harry/Edward Cullen Cute story

Favorite Authors


My Current Stories


This story is an inheritance slash fic. Harry is the Dom and Draco, Severus, and Tom Riddle Jr. are his Subs. There will be Dragons and Elves in this fic. This does have a plot and it is already unfolding. Currently on hold.

Lavender Rose

This is a fem slash with Hermione and my original character,Princess Trivium Eden Bondrasi. Trivium is a vampire who is going to Hogwarts on a whim trying to do something new. Hermione is a broken soul with only Harry to comfort her until she meets the Princess at school. They form a connection and this story follows them through school and Trivium's world. This story is purely character driven. Currently on hold.

Here By My Side: An Angel

This is a Harry Potter/Twilight crossover. It is going to be between Harry/Jasper, Harry/Emmett, or both. Plot driven. Harry, Draco, Severus, Remus, and Sirius runaway to Forks, Washington to hide from Dumbledore. They fall in love with Forks residents and shake up the town and its inhabitants.



kaiistar-Lavender Rose

Dark Catalyst-Here By My Side: An Angel

Story Assets

Mine: N/A

Lavender Rose: N/A

Here By My Side: An Angel:

HBMSAA House Video Pictures - The House of Stone and Glass. This is the house that Harry and his family move into at Forks. The actual chapter with this house in it isn't up yet but I had already built this so I put it up on youtube. This video is just the layout of the house telling you where everyones rooms are and what the outside of the house looks like with pictures.

HBMSAA House Video - The House of Stone and Glass. This is the actual video going through the house. Its not pictures.

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