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This account is gonna be shared between myself, Avery, and my twin Rebecca! So, you'll probably hear from both of us!

Name: Avery Grace. But please, just call me Avery.

Height: 5"3 and a half.

Hair: Mid back, and black with neon green tips. I luvers it!

Eyes: Light Green. I luvers them too!

Age: 17

Personality: I guess you can call me Emo. I don't care, but I don't cut. Or cut anymore... I used to but I don't now so, yeah. I'd rather read a book than go shopping. I like to stay indoors, I don't like it outside. I could be a happy person though, I mean, if I like you. If you're just yourself and not pretending to be somebody you're not, then I'd probably get along with you just fine.

I'll be blunt about it right now. I am a TWILIGHT BASHER. I honestly cannot stand the books. I read the first one, due to pressure from friends. I found it horrible. New Moon was just as bad. Bella has no... how do I put this... she has no backbone I guess. All her thoughts revolve around Edward... which is very unhealthy. Unfortunately for my well being and sanity, I read Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. Let me just say I wanted to take my brain out, wash it with bleach and other acids, to get rid of the memories of reading the books. People say that it is an amazing love story, better than Romeo and Juliet. I say, what the hell is your problem? Are you mentally retarded? Stephenie Meyer has ruined the reputation of vampires and werewolves all across the world! Sparkling in the sunlight!? What is that? And I don't think vampires are supposed to be drop dead gorgous... that's a no no.




The Emo has spoken.
(//_T) Avery

I guess you can call me a gamer. I like to play my Xbox 360. I like to play my Wii. War games, and Mario. Yes, Super Mario. I have nintendo, all the way from Nintendo. Then Super Nintendo, Super Nintendo 64, then Game Cube but it got busted by my sister... haha, Xbox, Xbox 360, and all the little hand held GameBoys in between. But I am not a fan of Play Station. The reason I like games so much, well, I have an older brother that liked gaming, but is more into BMXing now, (which I do to thankyou very much) and my younger brother likes to game, so I game with him. My sister though, cannot game to save her life... no offence honey.

Rebecca Here! I saw what you wrote Avery! I can too game to save my life!
Avery: Nope. That's why the GameCube is broken!
Rebecca: I didn't break it! It magically got sick of being played, and jumped into the wall.
Avery: More like out the window. 'Members??
Rebecca: Okay, fine... I can't game. But you don't have to be so harsh to Twilight.
Rebecca: Joking sis! Gosh. But I don't mind the books. Just Edward and Bella's relationship is sooooooooooooooooooo x 100000000000 unhealthy. I lovers the Volturi though! Jane and Alec are my favs!!
Avery: Okay, yeah, I guess the Volturi are cool. But they could have attacked in Breaking Dawn, I mean, Everybody else would have gotten owned. Cause if they all went after Bella, then they could take down everyone else. GO JANE!
Rebecca: See, was that so hard my favourite Emo sister!
Avery: You just called me emo! :(
Rebecca: Yep. And you know it's true!
Avery: shrugs The Emo Has Spoken. (//_T)

Harry Potter though, is a different story! I LOVEE Harry Potter! Now that series of books, those are good books. And you know what, I don't think I could write FanFiction about it, because all the characters have so much depth, and induviduality and actuall personalities! So, who cannot possibly wait for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince?? I know I can't! I had a Harry Potter movie marathon with Rebecca, and some of her friends and muh friends. It was AWSOME! They were so cute in the first movie!

Rebecca agrees!


The Emo Has Spoken
(//_T) Avery

HEY EVERYBODY! This is ALL MEEEEEEE! Rebecca, Avery's sis!

Name: Rebecca! But some people can call me Becca, but I like Rebecca!

Height: 5"4 Ha, Avery, I'm taller than you!!

Avery: Grr...

Eyes: Uh... they go from grey blue, to ice blue! It's wicked!

Hair: Mid back, dark brown. Just dark brown... nothing fancy and it's pin straight too... whatevs! I like it!

Age: 17.

Yepp... I am Avery's non identical sister! YAY! TWIN!

Avery: OMG! TWIN! That reminds me... you wanna tell them Becca?
Rebecca: YES!

Okay people. For those that hate Twilight! (Avery and myself included!) Go read the House Of Night to help restore your faith in vampires! It is AWSOME! First book, BAM so much depth and personality! Unlike Twilgiht that is setting sooooo many poor girls up for disappointment. Sigh. Who wants to join a coupe!? We will take down Stephenie Meyer, obtain the rights to Twilight AND Burn the Books in hell! Let's make Twilight the 'COOL' time of day again! Not the safest and saddest. Psh, Twilight time of day... it is pretty, and COOL! WHOO!

Of course, to also help restore faith in vampires, read other great vampire books! Or watch great vampire shows or movies, like... Interview with a Vampire! Or the classic Dracula! Hmm, Twilight vampires, You are not real. Vampires do not sparkle in the sun, and you can kill vampires with a silver cross, or whatever it is you use, lol. YOU TWILIGHT VAMPIRES ARE THE NOT REAL ONES!

That is all. The Twin has spoken.

Avery: HEY! You can't use something like that! It's to close to 'The Emo has spoken'
Rebecca: Then what am I going to use??
Avery: How about... whispers to Becca
Rebecca: Mkay. lol.

The GameCube Smasher has Spoken!

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