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Author has written 14 stories for Teen Titans, Final Fantasy XII, Ben 10, Twilight, Sly Cooper, Birds Of Prey, Final Fantasy XIII, Tron, Glee, and Legend of Korra.

I am in dire need of a Beta for a Legend of Korra story that I am making. Chapter 1 is already ready to be reviewed

So, I like almost anything Final Fantasy (X and X-2 being my favorite, of course) Then ther's Teen Titans, Inuyasha, Code Lyoko, Kingdom Hearts (But I suppose that's Final Fantasy too), Avatar: The Last Airbender, Legend of Korra too. Ben 10, and plenty of other shows and games. Part of what I like doing is exposing the past of characters that whoever made it 'forgot' to add to the show.

I'm all about getting better at writing so if anyone wants to beta any of my stories please feel free to PM me. thanks.

Oh, and: To those who follow any long-term glee-fics: My favorite characters are Will, Emma, Santana, Brittany, Puck, Finn, Kurt, Artie and a little Quinn. The others I like, but not nearly as much and people like Lauren and Tina tend to be on te bottom of the totem pole so they won't be getting a lot of screen time. The parings I prefer are reflected in my work. Curious about what those are? Well then there's things for you to read to find out.

My first work in progress is Sister's Grief. A Teen Titan's Fanfick based around Starfire and Raven and the pasts that are intertwined in war and sadness. But how they come together I just can't tell you . . .

My second work is Illness of Fate. A final fantasy XII fanfic that shows the attempt to prevent a war between the hume and viera races. But when Fran, the one chosen by the humes to represent the viera is wounded by one of the viera deities, a normally is a peace loving beast who lives in the next life, the threat is escalated and a furious Jote calls both sister and brother viera to take the world and give it back to the wood where it belings.

My third story is The Treasure of Consentia, this one Ben 10: Alien Force. This time Arget comes out with a stolen gem said to stop a Consentia, something only Kevin knows about. But when he sells it to someone else Kevin leaves his friends and car behind to find it and the one who bought it. But with Gwen all alone things do not go as smoothly as he thought they would and the small group is less safe than they thought.

foruth: Hidden pasts for Twilight. This follows Alice and Jasper's story before the Cullens. It's kinda on hold since I'm really nowhere near twilight mode and no one's been reviewing. I'll get back to it eventually.

Fifth: The Taming of the Beasts, Sly cooper videogames. Set after the third game Connor Cooper, Sly's first and oldest son, has become a cop just like his mom. With a small elite team much like his dad's old gang he intends to bring in a thief better than Sly ever was. One that has never been seen before except by Sly himself. Anything that happens in games after the third aren't going to be put into play in the story.

sixth: Endless Trail, Endless Debt. This time it's a crossover between Birds of Prey and the Oregon Trail game and it's being written in a chose your own adventure style of writing, but is still in third person except for maybe an occasional diary entry for Helena. One of the Birds of Prey has made a deal with a sneaky serpant. What he gave, nine months of happyness. What he askes is nine months of the Birds of Prey's lives. In those nine months they must travel from Independence Missouri to Oregon City without dieing. Who will survive and who will fall? Rated T just to be safe. The trail wasn't pretty no matter what the game makes it seem like.

seventh: L'Cie Basement. Based after the games Final Fantasy XIII and Monster Basement which is a little game I found on the net a long while back. It really is a good game so I would definetly recomend playing it. And the music's good too. Vanille wakes up, alone and hurt, in the bottom of a basement. How she got there she cannot remember, nor does she know how to escape. Fang has dissapeared. She is utterly alone. And something, something is coming after her. And it wants her dead. COMPLETE

eighth: Not the Games: Enter Syrus. Leader of the Militia, trainer of warriors, and gifted with the ability to think like a user by the creator. But the grid is slowly changing, Clu is beginning to take control and the games are becoming a place of torture instead of peaceful combat training. Dark times are falling in the grid. Programs are dissapearing. Iso's are being murdered in the street. And, it seems, no one is there to oppose it.

Ninth: The Attraction. My first work with Glee. I wanted everyone to be featured in it, but the focus is on Emma and Will as they are my two favoriete characters. So if you're waiting on that then be patient. Something's coming up that'll start that. Halloween. A time of Tricking and Treating and spooky haunted houses. But this haunted house is beyond any that has ever been seen. A monster waits inside for the unsuspecting glee club and he intends not to let any of them leave alive. He faces them with one question: How would you like to face your greatest fear.

tenth: A Frozen Moment. Honestly, you guys were great with this one. I did not expect it to be so popular. It was my first (and possibly only) one-shot. It's been weeks since an ad on tv exposed Santana for who she really was. Her family was less than approving, but the punishments for her existance Santana took, suffering in silence. But when Kurt tries to talk to Santana's parents he reveals more than he should have. Her punishment has grown. And she's not sure she can bear it.

11: I lied. I went ahead and did another one-shot for Brittany. The School Night Before Christmas. It show's Brittany and what she sees on the night of christmas eve.

12: Revenge of a Smooth Criminal. After exposing him Sebastian is still angry with Santana even weeks after. He wants to punish her. He will punish her.

13: Brittany. I just love her too much to not do fics of her. This time she and Santana plan on spending the night together for Santana's birthday. Brittany even goes as far as to buy a fettish doll for the both of them to enjoy in celebration. But the doll isn't quite like she expected. Not like she expected at all. COMPLETE

14: Book 2: Blood. In the aftermath of Amon's defeat the world begins to piece itself back together. But there are still people who believe in the revolution, their movement has grown stronger having been led in a lie of a bloodbender. (This one I think is hanging for a while. I love it, but so many things in my head has changed since then)

PM me for requests, questions, and ideas. And do me this one favor and comment on everything. You're words (even bad ones) mean the world to me!

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