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Poll: I'm planning to write a story about Arthur, a wannabe author, who meets a variety of strange characters in life and must learn to consolidate with reality and fantasy. What format should I write this in? Explanations of options in profile. Choose up to two. If two very different options (i.e., blog and fanfiction) have equal votes, then I'll be doing both of them, although the updates would come slower and the storylines may deviate. Vote Now!
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Author has written 11 stories for Naruto, Fullmetal Alchemist, D.Gray-Man, Kuroshitsuji, Hetalia - Axis Powers, and Higurashi/Umineko series.

About the poll:

More Magic, Less Drama: Arthur is a wannabe author whose only wish is for magic to be real. He hates reality, and always wants to deny the things that happen by drowning within books and his own fantasies. But when another, Francis, sits beside him and watches time sidle along, can he continue to deny what he starts to see? Can he ever hope to help those who suffer? Will life, one day, see a "happily ever after"? Or is everything to end in tragedy?

I've been planning to write a story like this for a while, but I've been debating on which media mode I should take. So, I decided to let you all vote two out of the four options! The poll will close when I have ironed out most of the skeleton. The following is the advantages and disadvantages of each option.

Standard fanfiction story: Conventional fanfiction format, third person. Advantage: I'm used to this sort of writing, and updates may be consistent and may be able to be finished. Disadvantage: Readers cannot interact with the storyline.

First person fanfiction story: Conventional fanfiction format, first person. Advantage: It's simple, so updates would be consistent. Disadvantage: I'm not used to first person. First person stories tend to be unpopular, and if I don't have support, I will be likely to drop the story

Tumblr blog story: Standard third person story but readers can choose options after each "chapter" or "section". Advantage: I'm used to this format. People can interact with stories. Disadvantage: Updates can be inconsistent. There might be little support, so votes will be stacked and I might end up dropping this.

RP Tumblr blog story: Standard "personal" Blog by an RP'd Arthur who will be able to interact with followers. Advantage: Dynamic. Readers influence what Arthur does by advice. Readers can ask questions and make "magic anon" etc. The storyline will become far more "real". Disadvantage: I'm not used to this format. This will be strictly based on how well the blog goes with the readers, so there will be a chance that it will be dropped.

Yo. Koko here. Welcome to this profile thing. I usually work with Kit-chan (AKA Hane no Kaze), so check her out too! If you want to keep up with me over tumblr, here is a link right here.

Writing Style: Can't say that I'm good, since I'm always out there for improvement. But, I believe my writing is half-way to decent. I think. I hope. Maybe. You can judge that yourself. But, as you can tell, I mainly specialise in one-shots. I've tried my hand at a few chaptered works, but I've only finished one. Additionally, I usually Kit-chan. Most of our works are partnered fics, except for most of our one-shots.

Reviewing Style: Before, I used to review every story I read, but I think I've been breaking that habit (It's unfortunate). But, there will be times when I'm absolutely compelled to review. When it comes to reviewing, I'm a bit of a concritter. I give out advice. But, remember, I'm no pro, so take my words with salt. I sort of like to mix my reviews with advice and praises, but if I look back at my reviews... Most of my reviews are stacked with praises. I guess I focus on the positive things more than the negative things.

And that should be it about me for a profile. I'm really nothing much to look at.

Updating Progress...

To Create Perfection: On a god-knows-how-long hiatus as I finish some real-life projects with real deadlines.

Stories that I have written and published: Please note that these are the ones that are still up on the website. Past deleted fics are under RIP Stories.


"Courage": My first one-shot ever, along with my first attempted romance.

"A Horror Film": Something I did when I felt like my descriptive writing was a little rusty.

"Dreams of the Crimson Jade": A gift-fic to Mr. Ree, one of my top favourite authors.

"Calling Just to Say 'Hi'": A gift-fic to Kit-chan, my awesome writer-in-crime.

"Frozen Northern Oranges": A gift-fic to Mr. Meenor, Mr. Ree's wonderful editor who deserves more credit than he normally does.

"Trust Nobody is Your Ally": A little SlightHistorical!Hetalia one-shot featuring Russia and France. It basically Fanficified one of my Historical!headcannons.

"Lonely Love Letters": A one-shot that took me more than a year to write, and it's my proudest piece. May become chaptered.

Finished stories:

A Metal Heart: My first fanfic, and my stepping stone for this place. It's a train wreck though. Discontinued.

Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni; Ungranted Wish Arc: My longest-running chaptered fanfic, and the closest one to have gotten finished. Discontinued.

Nihilism: Hetalia AU. My first completed fic. Completed.

Continuing stories:

To Create Perfection: Hetalia AU.

Potentially Posted Stories: Those little plot bunnies that might make it to being published.

Hetalia Fandom:

Return of the Don: It's based off a Hetalia comic about Lovino and the Mafia. AU.

"Failure": Jia Long was a normal Asian kid, striving for top scores and studying as hard as he could, just like every stereotypical Chinese. On the other hand, his sister, Xiao Mei was spending her time having the time of her life, pushing studies and grades in the back seat. Jia Long always hated that about her. But when something happened, he realised that, compared to grades and studies, life was the thing he should focus on. One-shot. Hetalia AU.

Arrows of Cupid: Francis works as a cupid, helping people find their true love. But somedays, he wishes his own arrows would hit him and he would fall in love as well. AU.

Godless: Eliza has been watching over Earth for a long time now, with her partner Gilbert. But one day, Gilbert betrays her and becomes the leader of the Fallen Angels. Will Eliza be able to get along with her equals and combat the evil Gilbert will rise?

Predestined: Heaven is running out of room. So now only a select few people can go. Unfortunately, Natalya has been anything but holy. And as life spans begin to shorten, she realised that she needs to be voted into the Predestined before she dies. Can she somehow weasel her way into Heaven in the end?

Immortal Death: In an age where death is only an option, Feliciano lives as a priest with his brother, Lovino. Like everybody else, he is immortal. But when he meets Ludwig, who has vowed to die due to the death of his brother, what will he do now?

More Magic, Less Drama: Arthur is a wannabe author whose only wish is for magic to be real. He hates reality, and always wants to deny the things that happen by drowning within books and his own fantasies. But when another, Francis, sits beside him and watches time sidle along, can he continue to deny what he starts to see? Can he ever hope to help those who suffer? Will life, one day, see a "happily ever after"? Or is everything to end in tragedy?

Three Idiots Izz Aal Well: A chaptered fic based off of the Bollywood film, "Three Idiots," starring the BFT as the three idiots.

The Grey Plague: "Alfred, they know we're lying, but don't turn back. You're 4 miles away fr--are those missiles? Why are they firing? Where are-Mattie, careful! Mayday! Mayday! We've been hit! Con-dammit! Alfred, whatever happens, don't-" A chaptered ZombieApocalypse!Hetalia AU. Inspired by/Based off of the Zombie Exodus and Zombies, Run! apps. They're brilliant, by the way.

RIP Stories: *ding* May those that don't make it rest in peace.

Unlimited: "What is your wish? My name is Nozomi Gendo, Nozomi the Unlimited." How strong is your wish? How powerful? What would happen if it came true? What is your desire worth? Everything comes with a price, but not everything has a worth. Being unlimited has its price, but does it have a worth? An FMA and Bleach cross-over. Deleted.

Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni Kai; Promise Arc: The sequal to the Higurashi no Naku Koro ni: Ungranted Wish Arc. It would answer all the questions from the first. Won't ever be written.

Optimistic: Sequel to A Metal Heart. Won't ever be released.

Plastic Purple Roses: It is Kit-chan's and my first attempt at chaptered romance. One day, when Oz was getting their next report of their chain hunt, something goes horribly wrong: Gil got drunk! Starting with just mere face misrecognizition, everything starts going down, quite literally, when he and Alice end up falling in a hole created by the chain they were hunting. They have fallen victim to this chain, they had thought, but all the found was a nice little village. There, they meet Clara and her husband Ward. Life was going like any other -- happy with the laughs that everyone desire. And soon, Gil and Alice forgot their will to escape from this total bliss. Little did they know, they were slowly eaten alive. By the fear hidden behind Ward's and Gil's masks. Will the four be able to escape the lies, hallucination... Is Alice's plastic flower real? OCs for character development. Takes place after Book 2 of Pandora Hearts, and it focuses on GilxAlice. Won't ever be released.

Colors of Tsumi: A vocaloid fic based on multiple vocaloid songs. But, the main storyline is going to be based off the Sin Series. Won't ever be written.

Comedy Academy: Really, don't ask. It was about a bunch of characters from various fandoms becoming teachers to a school. It was fun while it lasted! Won't ever be written.

Illusions are Lies: Kit-chan and I have no idea what it was about anyway... We did know that it was for D.Gray-Man. Won't ever be written.

Veggies Basket: A crossover with Fruits Basket and DGM. We have no idea what went through our head when we shouted it out... Won't be released.

6 is the Number of Satan: Allen Walker has only 7 days to stop something, but how the heck can he do that if everyone is dying left and right -- because of his choices? His parish burned down; he finds a boy floating in the sewer; there's a WAR going on; America is slowly cornered; and Chomesuke dies in the sewers with only one message on the wall. "Grave of the Fireflies." Promises unfullfilled, lives cut off, dark secrets revealed: Who is his enemy? Wait, who are his friends? D.Gray-man AU. Won't be released.

A Metal Heart: Nothing seems to go right with the Elrics. When they were just trying to destroy the Gate, Edward ends up being sucked in instead. Now, Ed is in the Naruto world with a few filler characters: Neji, Hinata, Tenten, and Kiba. There is no returning to Amestris. It's a one way street from the Gate. Because of that, Ed plans to redeem himself. But just one question is floating above his head: Was he finally accepted? No, not as a famous military dog of the people, not as a brother, and not as some kid that should be pitied on. As a person. Naruto and FMA crossover. Discontinued.

Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni; Ungranted Wish Arc: A new student came into Hinamizawa. Everything was so peaceful after Rika and Hanyuu have finally broken the chains of fate that had shackled them for so many years. All thanks to their friends -- all the support they have given them. However, Rika is just as pessimistic as ever -- she doesn't trust this new student. He has bright, gold eyes, a big grin, and not a care in the world. What would be wrong with him? On the night of the Cotton Drifting Festival, Hanyuu has finally given in to Rika's persuasion -- they were to murder this boy. What dark secrets would unravel in this dark, cursed night? Higurashi and FMA crossover. Discontinued.

Pandora's Box: Was my first independent fic. In Pandora Academy, a school that just seemed to appear and is shrouded with mystery, there's a lonely girl named Alice, who doesn't know anything about who she is or was. But, one day, the next head of the Vessalius, a large "dukedom" that donates to Pandora Academy, attends the school. During the welcoming ceremony, even the Discliplinary committee (known as the Pandora Dispatch) that is famous for keeping everything in check couldn't keep the problems for arising. The notorious Baskervilles come out, searching for the "key" to Pandora's Box. Is Oz really the "key"? And who is Pandora? What is the box? And, most of all, what's inside this box? Although the main characters are Alice and Oz, the pairings, of course, is AlicexGil and OzxAlyss. A highschool AU. The story in the beginning was based off the books, but later would have deviated. Backgrounds and history was change due to the fact that I had not been up-to-date on the books. Deleted.

Untitled: Really was untitled. It was a Hetalia fanfic with China and Prussia and an apparent apocalypse that took away each country's individualism and culture. It had potential, but I think Kit-chan and I simply died on it. Won't ever be written.

Self-Critique/Self-Review: This little area is where I basically review my own stories. Why? Because I can! But mostly because I want to see what I can improve in retrospect and how far I have come. In truth, this little thingy is personal use, but I'm throwing it up here so peeps can predict what to expect from my abilities in both writing (for the particular story and for my abilities at present) and maybe get a little taste on my reviewing style and credibility. Don't expect greatness is all I can say, story and review-wise. Never expect greatness when it comes to me.

Italicised parts are ones that have changed in my latest update.

Review made: 8 December 2012, 27 July 2013

Finished Fics:

A Metal Heart: Oh, God, no. No. No. No. No. This piece is trash in literary form. A train wreck in every possible aspects. No sane person would even dare to touch this atrocity. I'm keeping it up because it was my first fanfic, but I dare not even look at it. The grammar is horrendous—Okay, my grammar is still pretty bad now, but it has definitely improved from that, and I'm sure of it. The dialogue structure is not only improperly structured, but it is incoherent, cheesy, and in all ways possible, plain. Watch me as I constantly say, "he said" and "she said," clinging onto those dialogue tags because I couldn't even properly express feeling in my characters' words. The overall writing style is gaunt with dullness only comparable to watching paint dry, with little to no substance that could keep anything moving. I had only written the bare minimum of what could half-show what was going on. And don't even get me started on the plot and the characters. I did everything that had made fanfiction notorious: OOCness, exaggerated situations that in truth don't have any significance, hopeless clichés, radically stupid development decisions; you name it, and it's there. In short, this monstrosity is merely a by-product of a literary arrogance of a two-year-old, not even worth any time or attention. And to even say that it can be fixed is like begging God to let the rain turn into gold in a literal sense, not a metaphorical one.

Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni; Ungranted Wish Arc: I can barely remember what this was, but I'll just self-review this without looking at it. Maybe I will fix this later if I ever get around to rereading it. I remember being quite proud of the overall plot, however the habit of bad development decisions is still there, namely the first event with Rika and Ed, and I had plenty of mistakes. My writing style was shaky, but not as much as A Metal Heart, that I remember. However, I was quite excessive, trying my hands on things that I was not ready for. I had fussed over things that were not important, and I probably dulled any edges I managed to scavenger. I think my proudest part of this had been using all the characters for pivotal roles, and the suspense, even though I remember it being cheesy or melodramatic. I will say that it's my best chaptered fic so far, but my only other one is A Metal Heart, so that title has about as much substance as a limp noodle.


"Courage": Pah! No good here either! It's cheesy and more or less botched. It's simple, but that's about as far as I'm going. The descriptions here sound forced together. The characters' actions are plain fake. Coherence was an obvious problem; nothing had strung one idea to the next. The style was barfed out and labeled "a style." Everything about this was forced and fake. I would say that it is similar to A Metal Heart. Actually, scratch that, it is similar to that monstrosity. I feel like a part of my head had been drained away. To conclude, I say that this falls in the same place as A Metal Heart.

"A Horror Film": Well, this wasn't too bad, I guess. I simply hate my sentences though. They don't capture any feeling, any rush as the narrator dashed through halls. There was no movement. It was plain, and I felt absolutely no empathy for the character. It was like reading a character doing paperwork or something. The descriptions trailed for too long, and my transition from one feature to another was hiccuped along. The only figurative speech going for me were similes, although I'm relatively proud of them. Plot-wise… well, there was no plot to begin with. That wasn't the purpose of it. However, I'm satisfied with my simple ambiguity for my narrator identity. But that isn't much either. In conclusion, it's decent. Nothing sticks out about it; good or bad. It's just water: no memorable taste.

"Trust Nobody is Your Ally": Fortunately, for now, I feel like this one is the best one I've self-reviewed so far, and that really isn't say much though. There are a few hiccups here and there; the descriptions seem to have packed themselves together rather than spread out, and that is bothering me a bit. At least I feel like I didn't make the whole story too mushy, although the first part of the scene where France and Russia are in the snow sort of makes me want to shift in my seat and slap myself. The last few paragraphs feel a bit forced too, although it seems to hold my desired effect. But, all in all, I'm really proud of my sky-snow motif and loneliness theme, and I feel like I balanced/connected them pretty well in the end. I think that must be the best part of this whole one-shot.

"Lonely Love Letters": This has to be my proudest piece thus far. I feel that my characterisations are enjoyable, and the plot is simple with a balancing amount of threading complexity (for example, the presence of love letters, the Bible, Gilbert’s promise). Its focus is on the characters and their relationships, and I felt I had accomplished that well. Cheesiness is kept to the minimum and used usually only when needed. However, my writing style is kind of redundant and circling, like some blind fly. Some of my word choices annoy me, and my constant use of participles makes me want to jump off a cliff. My descriptions, especially during the hunt, did not quite flow as well as I had hoped, but it was still an attempt to reflect the movement of the adrenaline rush. I definitely need to shape that technique up if I'm ever going to write something like that again. Nevertheless, I'm proud of this work, and I hope that my sequel "one-shot" will be up to par with this one.

Continuing Fics:

To Create Perfection: Okay, I'm rather proud of this thing so far, especially after I had put so much thought in the storyline, the characters background/roles, and the setting. It's quite big and complex. In fact, it's the least straightforward thing I've written, and you really have to pick at it to understand the more minor story points, just the way I wanted. And despite the subtle developments, everything seems clear enough for other readers to understand a foreign setting, and new depictions of well-known characters. However, on the other hand, this story seems rather flat at some points, or a little boring and drawling. I wish I could write a little better to bring some dynamic feelings in each scene, even when it's minor or purposefully forgettable. My transitions between scenes also leave a lot to be desired too, since the tones have a tendency to change tones given the general atmosphere, but I don't provide a smooth enough push between atmosphere to atmosphere, and I really feel like I'm hurting the storytelling because of it. In addition, I feel like I don't stress the important points enough. Everything is too subtle, and even the points I want you to see immediately gets hidden. Sure, I know that readers will be able to see the storyline as clear as day, but what about the development? The information? Most things drawl too much, and they don't hold your attention as much as I would like. Maybe it's so big that things hide more easily.

Disclaimer: I own nothing. Only some parts of the plots of my fanfics. And Kit-chan doesn't either...

“What is written without effort is in general read without pleasure.”
—Samuel Johnson

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