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NOTE AS OF4/29/12:

So I'm still alive, and I've gotten myself started on what is planned to be a long one-shot. I'm hoping that it's enough to get the creative juices flowing. It's not at all related to "Ashes", but that doesn't matter. It's something I'm actually writing.

I've got the beginning all planned out, and I'm going to attempt to plan out more while I jump in the shower. Dog and horse snot are gross and impossible to get out of your hair without a shower. I tend to plot in the oddest of places. The dogs look at me like I've got two heads because I sometimes talk to myself while I do it, changing my voice and accent as necessary. It's quite comical to watch, or so I've been told. I never claimed to be normal... which is way over rated anyway.

Okay, so off to start the shower, put on a pot of coffee and then get down to business. Need to put some music onto my phone, bring the charger out to the living room, get settled in my comfy chair and hopefully write all afternoon.

crosses fingers*

Wish me luck! If all goes well I may have something for everyone to read soon, and possibly have the next chapter of "Ashes" well underway when I post the one-shot. Here's to hoping!!.


Hm, I suppose the best thing to put in my profile would be a bit of information about me.

To start, you can call me Muse, or just M if you'd like. I am in my mid 20's and reside in upstate NY. While I do love to meet new people and chat, I am, for the most part, a pretty solitary person. That doesn't mean you shouldn't introduce yourselves if you'd like -I love hearing from my reviewers-, just be aware that I like my peace and quiet (although my house is normally anything but), so it is not unusual for me to just turn off messenger and ignore the internet world for a few days every week. It lets me catch up on my writing and plotting, and I do a fair bit of that.

As far as fanfiction goes, I am by no means new to it. Been reading and writing for ages now, some of it published under a different name and some of it collecting dust on my hard drive. I am not at all afraid to admit that I am very ADD- if the inspiration for a story leaves me, it will more often than not get moved to a back burner, waiting ever so patiently for me to return to it.

My updates are normally slow and as a reader I hate waiting for new chapters, so it annoys me to no end that I am one of those authors that takes forever to get something new out. I am currently trying to be at least two chapters ahead when I post a new one, so that I can go back and proof read, change, add, whatever, but still not be behind where I want to be that updates will be somewhat frequent. Also, I tend to write everything as one document, and break it up accordingly when I'm ready to post- I find that this helps me stay on track and move a bit quicker, but it also means that chapter lengths may be inconsistent. If it flows right and is an acceptable place to break, but is shorter than the previous chapters, or the next chapter is two or three times as long, I don't care. Anyone that doesn't like it, tough.

The majority of what I write is slash. I am of course not opposed to het, but it's not what I normally write, at least not as a main pairing. I am a very open-minded person, and not easily offended or turned off by things most people are. Anything the I feel requires a label and/or warning will get it- you will never be able to say there wasn't a proper warning on something I've written. I write what I want and do not -will not- curb myself to appease the masses. I will not list warnings in every chapter unless I feel there is something in it that isn't/wasn't already noted. The first chapter of every fic will hold all warnings, labels and disclaimers. After that, I jump right into the next chapter. I am not one of those authors that thanks everyone who's reviewed in a two page authors note either. Anything I feel needs to be addressed will be done at the end of the chapter.

Reviews = much love. I, like most authors, love getting reviews. What my readers think, what they like and don't like about my fics, that's important to me. Despite writing for my own enjoyment, it's very nice to know that others enjoy it too. Creative criticism is more than welcome, the good and the bad. It helps me grow as an author. However flames will not be tolerated. I am not at all opposed to replying in kind. I do not bite my tongue, and will, very plainly, tell you exactly where you should go and how to get there. Reviews along the lines of "OMG!! Plz update soon!" are all well and good, but tell me ab-so-lute-ly nothing. Do not expect a reply or special mention for something like that, cause you won't get it. And yes, I know I come across rude and like a bitch, but understand that I am not a teeny bopper author- I am an adult, and much prefer to converse as such. I will always write things out to their fullest, and be as articulate as I can. I, like everyone else, can be left speechless, but in such cases make a point of rereading what it is that floored me, and reviewing when I can make it decent and coherent. Trust me, reviews like that are worth more to an author than a hundred like "~swoons and dies~ More?".

~thinks~ Yeah, that should be all you need to know about me for the time being.


PS: I may, at some time in the near future, require the services of a beta reader. All interested parties please email me. I am also going to be putting together playlists for certain fics as well as photo albums- any suggestions as to where to put them? Don't have my own web hosting at the moment (I will eventually tho. Want the design to be done and written first)

Current Works In Progress


From the Ashes
Harry Potter
Rating: M, over all.
Pairing(s): Harry/Draco (main), others to be announced (because I haven't gotten that far yet).
Spoilers: Everything up through OotP.
Slash, creature!fic, dark, character death, Dumbledore bashing, eventual MPREG. More to come as the plot develops further, I'm sure.
Summary: He's had enough. Enough of fighting, enough of war, of death, of manipulative old fools, and of hiding. He's going to do what should have been done a long time ago. He's going to bring the Wizarding World to its knees and make it remember.

Misc. Notes:
Basic plot outline complete. Writing and proofing has commenced. First couple of chapters have already been posted. Please be aware that I am a rather slow writer- expect updates about once a month. (as of August 2009)
N/A as of yet.
N/A as of yet.

Fandom(s): Harry Potter/Twilight
Rating: M, over all.
Pairing(s): Harry/Edward(main), Draco/Luna, others to be announced (because I haven't gotten that far yet head hits desk).
Spoilers: Everything up through OotP, and the first Twilight book (although I must admit I've only seen the movie).
Slash, creature!fic, dark, character death, Dumbledore bashing, Bella bashing. More to come as the plot develops further, I'm sure.
Plum colored eyes narrowed when they rested on a brown-eyed girl across the cafeteria. "Hello, Alice," her mind whispered darkly when she met the playful topaz eyes across the room, "something wicked this way comes."
Misc. Notes:
Please note that the basic plot has been outlined. No release date has been determined. (as of 6/25/09).
Playlist: N/A as of yet.
N/A as of yet.

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