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About me: Hello! I’m a girl from Sweden that likes to read and listen to music (rock, classical and more). I also enjoy reading manga. My name is Linnéa, but everybody is calling me RF (I have no idea how that happened) and I'm a vegetarian (a real one, nothing vampire related). I also take piano lessons and guitar lessons, which I enjoy quite a lot. I like to read lots of things, but it's mostly supernatural and science-fiction or old classics.

Hotmail: Just Email me if you want to ask me something, give me advise, send hate mail (I really hope you won't do that...), remind me how a suckish updater I am (just do that if i take too long to update, and I'll try t update faster).

Other Accounts: I have another account on a website called Scribd where I upload stories as well. It's basically the same stories, just a different website, but if you'd prefer Scribd over you can just click on this link ( and it'll take you to my account there (My name there is MadeByRF as well):D


Mr. Smith:
My first fan fiction is Mr. Smith. When I wrote this, it was mostly for myself. I didn't really plan to publish it (let alone that anyone else besides me would read it). Then I decided to upload it just to give it a try. The grammar and spelling may be very, very bad (and I apologize for that), but this story was just for fun so don't expect it to get very serious :D

The plot is that Bella and her class (including Edward) are going on a camping trip together with their teacher, Mr. Smith. Bella is sort of an outcast, and never talks or interacts with any other student in the school. That is until Edward Cullen moves to Forks. He instantly begins to talk to her and acts like they’ve known each other for years, even though they’ve never met. But as the camping trip begins, Bella soon begins to realize that some things are not as they seem…

It’s very unserious, but funny (and of course a little drama as well!).
Status: Complete

He's back:
He’s back is the sequel to Mr. Smith. This time, I decided to take the writing a little more seriously. At first, I continued in the same manner, but towards the end of the story I really tried to improve my writing and storyline (Haha, notice that I use the word try).

Here's the plot: Bella finally regains her memories of her 4 years in Alaska, and is more than happy to go back to her calm but normal lifestyle in Forks. The thing is, not everyone is willing to let her. Alice is determined to make Edward and Bella go out together, and Smith is still in love with Bella and wants nothing more than her to return his feelings. But even though all this chaos is going on in her everyday life, strange things are beginning to happen that makes her previous issues seem like nothing…

Like Smith, this story is also unserious at first and funny in its way, but this time, more romance and drama will appear! ;)
Status: Complete

You stole my heart, he stole my memories: Is the prequel to Mr. Smith. It's mostly a feel-good, cute story about how Bella and Edward meet and get to know each other and how their lives develop during the years Bella stay in Alaska. Of course I'll throw in some cute, fluffy, juvenile romance and some childhood-hardships :P

Status: In-Progress

All is fair in love and war: This fan fiction is set in the early 1900s. Bella is a servant and best friend to Caroline Gray who took Bella in when her parents died in a fire. One day, Caroline decides to bring Bella with her on a cruise. But what if no passenger onboard, including Caroline, is human? And what happens if she meets Edward?
It'll be lots of drama and romance for the two of them ;)

Status: In-Progress

Renéesme’s Choice:
Another fan fiction is Renéesme's choice (RC). Renesmee 4 years old and Edward and Bella finally decide to let her go to school together with the rest of the Cullen’s. But one sunny day when the rest of them have to stay behind at home, Nessie meets a boy and falls in love. Neither Jake nor Edward approves, not liking that she’s developing romantic feelings for humans, and clearly forbids her to see him. But fortunately for her, there are no rules in love and war…

This fan fiction will be mostly serious, but I’ll probably throw in some humor there too :D
Status: In-Progress, irregularly updated

Interviewing the Twilight characters:
The title says it all; different interviews with all the Twilight characters. It will be very funny and sarcastic and I hope that you'll like it.
With this fan fiction, I would really appreciate if you reviewed and give me some questions for the characters. In interviewing the twilight characters, I will interview everyone of them, from bad ass Jane to Billy the bomb :P (It's the line from the movie were Charlie says: 'yeah man, you're the bomb.' I'm such a nerd...) Anyway, it would be really nice if you decide to leave a review with some questions in it!

Status: Removed due to violations against publishing rules. Can be read on my account at Link here.

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