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Not sure what to write here, never really done one of these before, not so much paperwork, ‘cause I’ve done shit loads of paperwork, but this whole bio thing - awkward.

Here goes: I’m an Aquarius. I love classic rock and heavy metal. I have a thing for a good hamburger. Recently I got this writing bug, 'cause hell, if Chuck can do it, anyone can. Also need to find me one of those ‘beta’ thingies. Anyway, I’ve also got a pain in the ass younger brother, you seriously have no idea, if I had a dime for every time I wanted to kick that kid’s ass I’d be a millionaire. What else, oh yeah, we had a Marine’s upbringing, so I like weapons, hand-to-hand combat and girls. I really like girls.

Guess that’s it, at least for now.

Oh wait, just a public service announcement, if you ever meet an angel (and yeah, I know the odds), but if you do, small head’s-up … angels are dicks! I’m just saying.

Oh, and Zeppelin totally Rules!

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