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Well, let's see...things about myself.

I'm a college junior. It makes updating on here incredibly difficult, but I'll manage somehow.

Writing is a new hobby of mine. I first really enjoyed it when my tutor in the 8th grade always tried to help me refine my prose and essay-writing. She really gave me the most insight on writing, even though she was only a few years older than I was. I recently got back into it after my senior year English Teacher really stressed its importance. She was the first English teacher I had that ever taught me to write well. Now, it's still going strong, and I'm always searching for a way to create and perfect my craft.

The above is funny to me: I'm now a Math Major with a focus in Statistics. I find it ironic that I'd take an interest in writing at all: I used to hate it and thought it was a dying skill. Boy, how wrong was I back then?

I've actually combined the two in being a sports blogger: combining sports, analytics, and writing. What more could I want? Speaking of sports and things I love...


I'm a huge sports fan. Baseball is easily my favorite sport. Love the Padres. I'll pretty much watch any sport: love hockey, football, basketball, soccer, tennis, and golf as well. But baseball will always be love number 1.

Baseball - San Diego Padres
Hockey - Anaheim Ducks
Football - San Diego Chargers
Basketball - Los Angeles Clippers
Soccer - Southampton FC

One thing to note. I HATE when fans trash talk. You can have the "go big or go home" attitude, but leave the talking to the players. You have no say in what the athletes can or cannot do. I respect your team (doesn't mean I like them), and I won't say anything I can't back up. Trash talk is ALWAYS something you can't back up, unless you yourself can go out on the field and have a hand in the outcome. If you're a spectator, whether it's at the stadium or on your couch, keep your mouth shut.

I'm also my teams' biggest critic. People see this as me not being a true fan, but I love my sports teams in a way that coaches love their players or parents love their children. At the end of the day, win, lose, or draw, you'll still love your team. Whether you're the world champ for the year or picking first in the next draft, every team has their loyal fans who, despite disappointment for all but one, will still come back and support regardless. I love my teams and want them to be successful at what they do, and I want them to be the best they can be. You can't ever settle or think that there's no room to improve. I hold the teams I root for to a higher standard, not because I want to see them fail, but because I want to see them succeed. Because at the end of the day, I'll always root for my team, through triumphs and disappointments. I've faced my share of disappointments: my favorite teams in the Big 4 sports are a combined 1-4 in the World Series (0-2, 1-8 in the games), Stanley Cup Finals (1-1, 7-5 in the games, lost in a wrenching Game 7 to the New Jersey Devils before a breakthrough in 2007 against the Ottawa Senators in 5), Super Bowl (0-1, one of the worst beatdowns in history: San Francisco got to bench Steve Young after he threw 6 TD Passes), and NBA Finals (0-0, never made the Western Conference Finals). Here's to another season!


One note before I list out some of my favorite games. If you're young and being pressured into giving up video games because you're "growing older", don't do it. You get a much bigger appreciation and sense of enjoyment from video games as you grow older, especially from the ones you grew up with. I've been told year after year since I was 10 that I'm too old to be wasting my time playing games. But you really grow to love them more the older you get. So don't give up your love for video games, ever!

Pokemon: Pokemon was my childhood. I got Yellow Version for my 6th birthday, which was right around when it came out. Yellow turned into Blue, then Red, to Gold, followed by Crystal, which was before Silver. Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald, then after a hiatus, Soul Silver, Platinum, White, Black, Heart Gold, Pearl, Diamond, FireRed, LeafGreen, Emerald again (lost it before I could finish), and now Black 2 and White 2. I've been playing Pokemon for almost 14 years. Simple childhood obsession that never died. I now keep up with the competitive metagames and just play through all the games for fun, since the STORY is my favorite part. I truly believe I'll be playing this series for the rest of my life and will definitely keep up with it until they decide to produce no more games.

Legend of Zelda: I truly love this series. Ocarina of Time is the first video game I ever owned. Titles keep coming out, but these games hardly disappoint, whether it's Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, Wind Waker, Twilight Princess, A Link to the Past: the list of spectacular works goes on and on. I never played too many games in the series, but after trying a few, I really want to try and play through them all.

Rareware Games: Rare made some fantastic games for the N64. Everyone knows of Perfect Dark, but I'm not much for first-person shooters. My personal favorites are Donkey Kong 64 (a challenging, engaging, and addictive game) and Jet Force Gemini (an interesting third-person shooter, but still challenging nonetheless).

Ratchet and Clank: A platformer centered solely around blowing as many bad guys up and collecting money. This is a pretty linear game, but its main focus of just collecting suits me perfectly. I can play this series for hours on end: it's so much fun! Insomniac really throws the kitchen sink at you in terms of weaponry, storyline, and comedy. I definitely recommend this series to anybody who owns a PS2 (or later console version)! Third to Pokemon and Legend of Zelda!


Zatch Bell/Konjiki no Gash Bell: Was always something I thought was a neat idea from the anime. Manga of it is incredibly well-written though. My personal favorite series: there are so many great characters and scenes.

Naruto: It's become so twisted and ridiculous, but I do keep up with it on a weekly basis. I don't watch it: I lack the time, but reading a chapter a week is enough to keep me interested.

Dragonball Z: The classic anime/manga that most every fan has either watched or read completely (in my case, both). This was my childhood: Toonami was my life in the second and third grade.

Hikaru no Go: I actually play Go a little. I'm not very good, but it was interesting to find a manga on it. I found it pretty entertaining, but some of the stuff went over my head. And I didn't learn a single new Go strategy from this. Oh well!

Digimon: Its similarities to Pokemon never really irked me like they did to my other friends. I actually found it to be fairly interesting and definitely better written than the Pokemon anime (that's just traveling and battles, mainly: Digimon actually has a plot).

Yu-Gi-Oh!: Again, it actually has a plot! Made it worth watching: a lot of arcs were fairly enjoyable to watch because of how interesting they were and how much they got me into the events.

Toradora!: Recently discovered Toradora!. A friend recommended it to me, and after reading the synopsis, I didn't think too much of it. However, said friend has real good taste in anime, so I thought it was worth a shot. Absolutely loved it: extremely funny, but extremely cute (Tsundere characters are some of my favorites). Finished all 25 episodes in 2 days, and I'd definitely go for another round: probably my next favorite anime series after KNGB.


It's a huge part of my life. I was in choir throughout junior high and high school, played piano for 10 years, played in a church band, and love trying to learn a new instrument or hear a new band. I love rock music, namely Progressive Rock and Power Metal. To be clear, I hate screamo. They are not the same thing. Progressive Rock and Metal change meters (beat divisions) constantly, and Power Metal is Rock with very clean, usually high vocals. Screamo is reaming your voice by displaying vocal aggression. Nothing against it, I just like listening to healthy singing. That said, I listen to just about all types of music, including Indie, Alternative, Soft Rock, and such. Just because I like Metal doesn't mean that's ALL I listen to! Don't fall for stereotypes, guys!

Dream Theater: They made me want to make music and really appreciate the intricacies of it in the first place. I wouldn't have my knowledge base or my desire to create something bigger than myself without the influence of this group. Seeing them live is something I won't ever forget. They'll forever be timeless.

Stratovarius: Consistent models of excellence in the music field. They're like a strong baseball organization. When talented people leave (Kainulainen, Tolkki, now Michael), they always find young, unknown Finnish musicians to replace. Porra and Kupianen have revitalized Stratovarius and vaulted them to a level I haven't heard in so long. Kotipelto is an incredible singer, and Jens Johannson is a master of the keyboard. By far my favorite keyboard player: beyond talented.

Circus Maximus: One of the few young and upcoming bands I really enjoy listening to. The members are all very talented and they create the most carefully woven, intricate pieces. I truly believe they're going to be the next big thing in progressive and power metal: they're as good as many of their influences right now, and I don't believe they have even peaked. A mix of many of my favorite bands is present in this group, from Dream Theater to Stratovarius. This band is special to me because unlike most bands I listen to, I actually took the time to find out about these guys on my own.

Seventh Wonder: Another band similar to Circus Maximus (though this one was found by recommendation, not scouting), Seventh Wonder is a talented group of young musicians. They're quickly on the rise, with albums getting a lot of great reviews around. Mercy Falls was one excellent piece of work (one of the best concept albums I've heard), and their latest album has their whopping 30 minute epic The Great Escape, which is quickly becoming one of my favorite musical pieces of any band. Their singer splits his time with Seventh Wonder and Kamelot.

Manticora: I'm not the biggest fan of metal if it's completely centered around speed. Manticora, a Danish band, does a great job infusing speed with the technicalities of progressive music while still staying true to the power metal standard. A new band that I've started listening to, Manticora has quickly surged up my favorites list. Love how deep their albums are: numerous concept albums based a lot on literature, mystery, and horror works (they have an album dedicated to the Hyperion Cantos, for a start).

Coldplay: Coldplay epitomizes music. Always changing and progressing. Musicians should never settle for one type of sound, in my opinion: that restricts creativity and stops expression from going places. Music is really just like words on a page: unless meaning is added from one word to the next, it's just characters. They always create catchy songs while always experimenting with who they are. Quickly, Coldplay has become one of my favorite bands.

Others: Symphony X, Sonata Arctica, Angra, Moonlight Agony, Status Minor, Illusion Suite, Wuthering Heights, Mumford & Sons, Kansas, Rush, Iron Maiden, Edguy, Hammerfall, Sabaton, Pagan's Mind, Rhapsody of Fire, Blind Guardian, Iced Earth, Theocracy, Cain's Offering, Cellador, Chickenfoot, Symfonia, Liquid Tension Experiment, Metallica, Avantasia, Gamma Ray, Helloween, Lost Horizon, Kamelot, Powerglove.

Favorite Books: I do enjoy reading for leisure. I like a mixture of classics and modern writing.

East of Eden: My favorite book. I've always loved Steinbeck's writing style, and this is by far his best work and the best book I've ever read.

Grapes of Wrath: Another Steinbeck. People get onto the descriptive nature of this book, but I still greatly enjoy the story and how it's written.

Of Mice and Men: The first Steinbeck book I ever read. Short and sweet, but definitely gave me an interest in some of the larger works he wrote. From this one, I read Grapes of Wrath and, eventually, East of Eden.

The Hunchback of Notre Dame: Again, very descriptive: after reading this book, people can probably map out the generic area. Classic work: I'm a sucker for epics, whether books or music.

Dandelion Wine: Bradbury is a classic author. I've read his works like Fahrenheit 451, but this one always stood out to me.

The Great Gatsby: I used to absolutely hate this book. However, I picked it up again a few years ago and was surprised that I could have ever disliked it. I guess it takes a few years to learn how to truly appreciate American Literature.

Animal Farm: I don't bask myself in satire or sarcastic books, but Animal Farm is just so classic and well thought-out by Orwell. A joy to read.

Brave New World: I enjoy reading works that deal with the idea of utopia. I believe perfection is found only in imperfection, so I enjoy reading to find how the characters grow to realize that perfection cannot exist. Huxley's novel is fantastic.

The Fault in Our Stars: A friend recommended John Green to me. I enjoy YA books because they're more similar to the plots I want to write. Green's writing style and voice are the kind of humor and voice I use when I speak or write. This book is very well-written: I'll definitely look into some of his earlier works.

Lord of the Flies: A very enjoyable, short read. I find it very enjoyable to see the progression of the children on the island as they try to survive.

Hardly Perfect: A book written by one of my favorite authors on this site, it's a deep YA novel very similar to what she posts on this site. It's quickly risen up to become one of my favorite books to read because it's so engaging.

Current Story Updates:

7-30-12: A New Life - Chapter 6 is now posted online! As always, I appreciate reviews and constructive criticism. Thanks everyone!

A New Life: My first story. All the previous chapters I had written when it was first posted are now completely edited and posted. I know where I want to go with this story, and I am now working out final kinks on details. If a Book Keeper appears in the story, it's most likely that their demon will as well sometime in the future. As it stands, 18 pairs of Human/Demon partners will be in it, as well as other progressively important characters.

Personal Life:

5-23-13: I should have given notice that this story was put on a temporary hiatus. College sucks. I didn't think I would have been that busy. Luckily, I have three whole months to work and bounce some fresh ideas around. I'm truly excited to get back into the swing of writing. So now, I'm officially removing the hiatus label that I never stuck on this story in the first place!

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