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Basically this is going to be my online FanFiction diary, to keep you up to date with my stories! Also I just wanted a place to write about how my stories are doing! HaHa! So this is my first entry and it's going to be a short one as I don't want to make it to long because you and I would both get bored! LoL! So yeah, be sure to check out my first EVER fanfic: Take a Look at me now - which is in progress but will slowly draw to an end (Yeah, right more like 5 yrs draw to an end! LoL!). I know it's a bit short but I WILL write longer ones... Hopefully! Well actually I'm working on chapter 2 of take a look at me now and I am going to try and make it pretty long so it might come out a little bit later than i hope :-( but hopefully it'll be good enough for you guys to leave good reviews! Also make sure to check out my first, short and sad oneshot... It almost made ME cry! :'( ... So yeah, I will shut up now and get back to writing chapter 2 of: Take a Look at me Now! Live. Laugh. Love. X


Okay so I've updated Take a look at me now and all I've got is 2 reviews :'-( i spent a lot of time and effort into it and i only get two reviews.. So please all I am asking you, pleasse can you review so I can see how I can improve it for your benefits! I also wrote a one shot called: I'll be there and it got 1 review :'-( You guys that are reading the stories and you just leave without saying how rubbish i was or if the story was good! Anyways moving on... I wrote another one shot called the: The Goodbye. I really like this story of mine so yeah make sure to read and reviewww! :-D! I'm going to go now and btw I'm going to update Take a Look at me now as soon as I have at least 5 reviews so I will know that people are interested in it. Because what is the point of having a story and no one is reading it? Okay make sure to check out The Goodbye and to review!!!!



Heyy! Okay I haven't updated Take a Look at me now as it seems no one wants to read it but I'll put one chapter up and see if anyone reviews it! Also I have just written a Sonny With a Chance one shot, so make sure to check that out to k? LOL! Well tamz is OUT!

Live. Laugh. Love.


OMG! So happy loads of people have favourited my new story Forever and always which was a SWAC! AAHHH! So happy! I have just uploaded a new SWAC which is really sad so check it out!



I am soo happy! I cannot believe how many people have favourited and reviewed my new story: A stab through the heart! Thank you soo much and a big thank you to the people who have reviewed! I might stop my HSM stories and just write SWAC but I'll be sure to finish I'll be there or I might not! :-S...

But thank you so much for all my reviews as I can now tell that SWAC is quite popular!



Hey Hey!

Well I haven't really updated my 'Online' diary in a while right? Well anyways... As you probably already know, I haven't deleted 'Take A Look at me Now' but it is on Hiatus as I have completely lost intrest in it and when the intrest comes back that's when I'll update it ha!

Well anyways make sure to check out my new stories because you love me so much! HA!

Also I've changed my profile name from: Tamz97 to x-Tammebaybii-x lol! So if I message you, you'll probably be like who the heck is this person? HA! LOL!

Well gnna go nw babes xxx TTYL!


Omg hii!

Its been waaay too long! :O! So here I am doing this diary entry while listening to Justin Bieber and writing the next chapter of Shattered!

Oh and btw the weather in England has been waaaay to good ;) lol! Well anyways gonna get back to my story and any ideas for a one shot? Just PM me and I'll write it for you! Also I'll dedicate it to you! :D! I'll actually write loads of one shots for everyone - YOU MUST PM SO NO ONE FINDS OUT YOUR IDEA SO DON'T LEAVE IT IN A REVIEW BUT DO MAKE SURE TO REVIEW ;) LOL, but this offer is only lasting for a month or so! If people tell me write them a one shot, please give your plot of the story! Also the two things I write for is HSM and SWAC so PM and tell me! X

Okay so make sure you PM me ASAP before the offer goes!


Missed me? I bet you did lol!! Well basically I updated Shattered! Shocking, huh? Well like 7 chapters left till I finally decide that I'm gonna end it! Well How are you? Hope your good! Lol! Thank you so much for all the sweet and adorable reviews! Well I know my story get's confusing... So just PM me telling me what bits you don't understand and I'll explain! AND I GOT 37 BLOODY REVIEWS!!!! AHH! Thank you to all of you people who take the time to review my story as it means a lot to hear what people have to say! LOL! BTW I'm not gonna be ablse to update as quick just to warn you, so to make up for it I'll write chapter 8 even if I didn't get 15 review lol oh well! Better get into it anyways! Ha! BTW make sure to check out the song: California Gurls by Katy Perry and a one shot on that song will be coming out VERY soon HA! Xxx

Bye for now!


Hey! It's been ages right? Well I haven't really had time to update my online diary since I've been updating my stories! Haha! And I've got big news!!! Shattered got 50 reviews!! That's like loads for me! And I've only done 9 chapters! :D Also I know I haven't updated it in ages that's because I've been busy with my BRAND NEW HSM story: Hearts in Sync - which is also doing really well as it's got 20 reviews within 3 chapters :-D So that makes me a VERY happy bunny :-D ... Wait hold on... I'm NOT a bunny! I've gone officially crazy! LOL!

Also thank you to everyone whose reviewed, put input into my stories, alerted, favourited and so on! You do not know how much it means to me! I love you all! :-D x

And my song of the day is: Jesse McCartney - Body language... IT'S AMAZING!!! He looks SO good looking in this video! I recommend you listen to it AND watch the music video! Lol! BTW just to let you know in England it's our summer holidays so that means much more updates coming your way! By the end of my summer (which is the beginning of September) i want to have finished Shattered so except a sad goodbye to my first PROPER multi chapter! :-( LOL! But not yet! Love you all!

Speak to you soon x x x


Hey! I published a new story called: A scar lasts forever and it's quite sad but good in my opinion! Make sure to check it out! And also I have offically deleted Take a look at me now from the website as it was haunting me with it's rubbish writing and I couldn't have it there!

Well I know I NEED to finish off one if my stories at least so I chose Shattered! I am going to finish it! I've got a plot in my head so about 3 more chappys!

Anyways gonna go now! Bye! x x x

Live. Laugh. Love...


Hey, hey!

How is everyone?? Hope you're all good! Ah nearly the end of summer *Sigh* which means less updating. I'm sorry, but school is my top priority, I have to do well this year otherwise no computer *GASP* I KNOW! But it's fair I guess... Anyway!! Thank you so much for all the reviews on Shattered - Yes, I have completed it! I finished my first multi chap, got 55 reviews, and got my first flame (which I HATED by the way!). Yes, yes I got my first flame and I know I shouldn't be saying it, but that person can F* * * * themselves. I mean they could at least give me constructive criticsm? Nooo, they have to give me hate! Well I'm not gonna say that I was fine with it because I wasn't! I mean give me constructive cristicsm and I would be fine with it! But they had to say that my story was 'disconnected'.

Oops, I started rambling, right? SORRY! Well anyways please check out my stories and give me Constructive criticsm - NO FLAMES! :L LOL!

Live. Laugh. Love. x x x


And remember those SWAC oneshots, I was going to do? Well I fail. I can't do them. I haven't got any inspration for SWAC anymore, since my story Shattered finished, my idea's for any SWAC stories went with it. So don't look forward to a sequel any time soon. There may be one coming, but not right now, not when I've got three stories that have barely even started to update!

But can I also say thank you to anyone who has reviewed Spread your wings and fly, because within three chapters I've got thirty-four reviews! That's the most I've gotten within three chapters on any story! I'm absoloutely estatic! I don't think I could be happier! So thank you! And thank you to everyone whose reviewed all my other stories as well! :D

All my love and more.

Live.Laugh.Love. xx


Wow. It's been over one year since I've updated this profile page! I've scrolled through everything and realised how immature I was! Honestly, I put five thousand x's after everything I wrote, and Laughed out loud to almost everything..stuff that wasn't even funny. I needed help back then..why did none of you tell me? Gawsh! ;) So, I know that all of my fans on here hate me so much right now considering I haven't updated in months, but I've got the busiest school year yet! Lamest excuse but it's nothing but the truth. I swear down that I will try my hardest to get back into the writing, but as some of you will know that school is far more important than updating.

I promise that I will update, and start a new story or one-shots, just please be patient.

Much love,

Me :) x

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Tv Show: Sonny with a Chance

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A Stab through the heart - One shot, Complete.


Tv Show: Sonny with a Chance

Couple pairing: Channy and Chawni (Tawni Hart & Chad Dylan Cooper)

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Title: Reflection of another World.

Tv Show: Doctor Who

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Your Love is my Drug reviews
If only he knew that his love was her drug... She couldn't get enough of it... x SONG FIC!
Sonny with a Chance - Rated: T - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,845 - Reviews: 5 - Favs: 4 - Follows: 3 - Published: 6/11/2010 - Chad D. C., Sonny M. - Complete
A Stab through the heart reviews
She counted to three and it was all over...
Sonny with a Chance - Rated: T - English - Hurt/Comfort/Angst - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,187 - Reviews: 9 - Favs: 11 - Follows: 2 - Published: 5/16/2010 - Chad D. C., Sonny M. - Complete
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