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Author has written 2 stories for Final Fantasy VII, and Hook.

Name: Allie. That's it. That's all your getting! (:

Age: 24

Hobbies: Horses, hunting, camping, ATVing...pretty much anything outdoorsy with family and friends. I love music, and have played an instrument nearly my whole life and am a classically-trained dramatic contralto singer (don't mess up musical terminology, or I will frown at you). Video games (favorite is Final Fantasy VII, honorable mentions include the Halo franchise and the Legend of Zelda), writing, drawing, and watching movies.

Personality Traits: Collected and reserved, though I LOVE to laugh and love making people laugh, but being an introvert, you'll only see that side of me if I know you really well. Stubborn and tenacious, especially when I know I'm right or when I really want something. Self-confident, but not arrogant; I know my strengths and weakness, and I don't like it when people doubt me or belittle me. I have a BA in Sociology, so I am naturally an observer, a people watcher for strengths, weakness, personality traits, socially-driving behavior, etc. I hate secrets kept from me, but don't expect me to spill mine... Muahahaha. Prone to anger when I am caught off guard, so I am a controlling person, but only of myself and my environment; translation to writing: I like to control my characters so that nothing is left to chance.

In the end, the Scorpio that I am always shines through. I was born on the strongest day of my sign, and thus I am often called a walking contradiction typical of a Scorpio; outside, I can be seen as being situational-aware, calm and passive, but on the inside is a boiling cauldron of emotions and...well, that's none of your business. I am fiercely loyal and dedicated to a select few and will protect them unyieldingly; I am not a very trusting person, but once you have my trust, you better as hell not break it. And my observant, resourceful nature, in addition to my type-A personality, just adds prowess to the independent creature that I am.

Writing Strengths: Emotionally-driven, psychologically powerful descriptions and writing style. I've been told I strike the heart of the reader, so much so that they even hear the voice of the character in my writing, rather than their own voice/my voice. Extremely structured grammar and sentences; doing research papers most of my life has forced me to be almost excruciatingly detailed in descriptions, painting a vivid picture of the world I wish to convey.

Writing Weaknesses: Much, too much, detail. Throughout AP and Honors English and upper division writing classes in high school and college, more often than not for a ten-page paper I'd come out with fifteen pages, and I despise cutting things out because it could potentially bring vagueness into the picture.

Writing Fandom: My first, and probably my only, will be Final Fantasy VII. I love that game and canon, and have had a deep-seated affection for Vincent Valentine since I was about twelve. ^_^ (Not what you were expecting? Nope, I am not a hormonally-driven fangirl...and especially not one of Sephiroth or Cloud, though those two I could spend hours talking about from a sociological stand-point.) I REFUSE to read/write yaoi/slash/fluff/smut because it is unnatural to me. Offended? Don't bother reading my stuff then, because ALL pairings will be male/female unless on a friendship- or enemy-basis.

Favorite Pairings: ~Vincent x Yuffie. It is so passionate, so fiery...it works. They are literally exact opposites, and as they say opposites attract. She's a loud-mouth, materia-loving Wutai princess bad-ass; he is an emotionally unstable, brooding and protective human being who has been through hell and back...and still finds meaning in life to continue on each day, especially in her when it's written correctly. I am extremely picky about how writers voice Vincent, though, because he is my favorite; I know him so well and often people mess up his personality; it drives me nuts.

~Sephiroth x Cloud. Period. There is no story without the hatred between these two characters. Their ties run so deep, emotionally, spiritually, and psychologically, that if we did not have everything that they have done to each other...let's face it, Final Fantasy VII would not be what it is. It's a tragedy of nearly Shakespearean proportions, in my opinion, because here you have a shy youth who idolizes this nearly-divine, emotionally broken hero and, in the span of five minutes, while saving the life of more than one friend, he makes an enemy no one would wish on anyone. Sephiroth was a human at one point, but because of everything that was done inhumanly to him, all it took was for someone to say he was a monster and he snapped, becoming the very monster he so despised. These two are doppelgangers to the full meaning of the word, and you simply cannot have one without the other. I feel sorry for Sephiroth and Cloud, but for different reasons.

One last note: Don't get my hopes up by watching/favoriting a story and then removing it/deleting it when it ends up not being what you were expecting. I am very personal about my writing and take moves like that personally. Please, be respectful, and if you aren't sure about a story, keep reading it as updates appear on the feed. Also, regarding comments: Don't just say "hey, great story" or "can't wait till the next chapter." It bugs me because it tells me nothing about the story itself; as in, what you felt was strong, particularly interesting, or weak, etc. Give me details, folks, otherwise I'm gonna think everything is just peachy!

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