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Author has written 20 stories for Shugo Chara!, Ojamajo Doremi, South Park, and Assassination Classroom/暗殺教室.

Where to begin?? Let's re-do all of this.

Apologies: Many, many, many apologies to my Shugo Chara! readers and reviewers. It's been such a long hiatus. When I look back on my chapters and stories, I cringe and shake my head, wondering how I manages to finished and even make a promise to finish all of my stories. Sigh. What a foolish and naive 15-year old I was. So what's going to happen is most likely this. I will either...

1) Take back all my unfinished work and desperately go back to the drawing/writing-board. Probably re-write some of them or its chapters.

2)Delete the stories I deem unsuccessful and non-interesting so it would be like it never existed in the first place.

3) Continue on.

4) Quit.

Again, many apologies to my readers and reviewers. If you'd like any hope at all that I'd continue and finish, I'll say this. I hate seeing it un-finished. Temari Is Not A Cheerleader (is that what it's called?? Look at me, I even forget the titles), I actually had a hard time trying to see its end since it's close to finishing itself off, never really got there because my brain fried. I got the ending, it's getting to the ending that really got me. My goodness.

On to other stories. The favorite, Two So In Love With One (is THAT what it's called???), is going to need major reviewing, re-reading and note-taking. My first story, I'll be nothing in this world but unworthy if I DON'T finish it. Sigh.

Also, I've deleted the last two chapters to He's A Computer. It's going to stay a one-shot you guys, I made that my final decision.

And the other's, well...they're more fun and time-wasting to be honest.


A little bit of my (basic) favorites.


Naruto (anime/manga)

1) InoxNaruto (NaruIno): They're both pretty hot and blonde and blue-eyed and loud. They just grew on me, and I'm not usually fond of blonde females in anime/manga. That's saying a lot. Beside that fact, when Ino is put into a more...let's say, affectionate and non-stuck up, more of a worrying kind of character, when she's put with Naruto, his heartache I feel, slips away kindly and it just works out. Especially with how our favorite whisker-face in hung over the cherry blossom.

2) InoxSasuke (SasuIno)

3) InoxKiba (KibaIno)

4) HinataxNeji (NejiHina): Err, putting aside the incest (let's almost ignore it), they're cute. Shy and caring with quiet and tough? Pretty cute.

5) TemarixShikamaru (ShikaTema): Hands down the best couple in Naruto's universe.

6) KarinxSuigetsu (Suika): These guys are just cute and funny together. Hot-and-cold, you know?

7) InoxGaara (GaaIno): This one fanfic, Pot Calling Kettle by secretsofgray, totally got me hyped up on that pairing alone.

Harry Potter (book)

1) DracoxHermione (Dramione): Sigh. The two wizards who almost hate each other so painfully so, there's a lot of chemistry authors put between them. When I'm in need of desperate (and sometimes humorous) jealousy, it's these two I got to. And I get a good laugh out of our favorite Slytherin, when he's embarrassed, it builds up until Hermione is left with a painful decision... I really like these two together.

2) HarryxCho

3) HarryxHermione

4) Fred/GeorgexHermione (either will do)

5) BlaisexHermione

6) TheodorexHermione: I like the bookworms together. And since not much is known of Theodore Nott in the Harry Potter universe, he's left with a mysterious aura about him and I love when Hermione gets dragged into his world. Or his in hers.

Golden Sun: Dark Dawn (game)

1) MatthewxKaris (DawnShipping): You start out playing with these two and have been best of friends since childhood. I really like Karis' attitude and how she matures over the game. They have a friendly bond and are comfortable with each other. I think they mix really well since they know each other inside out. Out-spoken girl and quiet yet observing main character. It nice to have a bond like that. The ending with Sveta (though I like her too), pains me to say that this might not happen in the next game. If there is a next game of this series. Their little SpiritShipping is *ahem* getting out of hand.

The Legend of Zelda (game)

1) LinkxZelda: No brainer there.

2) SheikxZelda: I find it really interesting, their spiritual connection few authors have ventured into. It's daring and pure in a dark sense.

Pandora Hearts (anime/manga)

1) Gilbert/RavenxAlice

Vocaloid (misc.)

1) MikuxLen

2) MikuxMikuo

3) DellxHaku

4) HakuoxHaku

Pokémon (game)

1) Gold/Ethan/Hibiki/JimmyixKris/Crystal/Marina (Questshipping)

2) Barry/Jun/PearlxDawn/Hikari/Platinum (TwinLeafShipping): Stories that start from childhood and build into adulthood are my favorite kind. You get a more clear sense of how they feel for each other, whether it's love and affection to irritation, annoyance and even sometimes, bordering hate. But they always support each other and trust in one another's (which--yes--I squeal at most often) abilities that could make anyone swoon. These two will always be there for each other.

3) DawnxAsh

Final Fantasy VII (game)

1) CloudxTifa (CloTi)

2) YuffiexReno (Ruffie)

3) YuffiexVincent (Yuffentine)

4) Aerith/AerisxZack (Zerith)

Final Fantasy VIII (game)

1) SquallxRinoa: I like how in the beginning Squall is just a foul kind of character. He's one of those kinds whose hard to understand and get along with unless you've known him for a long time. He's a very quiet kind of character and when he's approached by someone like Rinoa, well, walls fall down and we find out how Prince Charming he can be.

Bleach (anime/manga)

1) IchigoxRukia (IchiRuki): I like these two the best. They're just so funny and connect together simultaneously and easily. They're easy going and the amount of trust they have in each other sometimes takes my breathe away.

2) HitsugayaxRukia (HitsuRuki): They're both ice-wielders so it's kind of cool to see them connect the way authors have done.

3) ByakuyaxRukia (ByaRuki)

4) GrimmjowxNeliel (GrimNel)

South Park (cartoon)

1) StanxWendy (Stendy): Because they both have black hair and I just really like them in general. It's a hair length and color thing for me.

2) KylexWendy (Kyndy): They're the smartest of their class, hold high values and I always imagine them working and agreeing with each other constantly. When pissed off however, I like how aggressive their personalities can be as they clash against one another. It's pretty romantic.

3) KennyxWendy (Kendy): Naturally, I really like Kenny, so I really like Wendy with Kenny.

4) CraigxWendy (Crendy)

5) ClydexWendy (Clyndy)

Powerpuff Girls (cartoon)

1) BrickxBlossom (Reds): They're both the leaders. It's hard to find a good story with them out there because they're probably the most difficult pairing to write. I know that the Greens and Blues have more out there, and that's probably because more people can relate to their personalities. These two, being leaders, have to be more brains and tactful. They're also probably the most stubborn ones too. Romance between them takes a long time to build but I think that's the beauty of it. They can find love in the most simplest and most complicated notions. It takes a lot of thought to write something good between them. They're usually the last to admit their feelings for one another.

2) ButchxBlossom

3) BoomerxBlossom: He's a dumb blonde who follows others and she's the smart one of the bunch who gives the orders. There's few stories between them, but I find them to be pretty cute because somehow, they balance each other out. Blossom is someone who will take her time and invest in everyone and to do her best for them. When Boomer falls in love with Blossom, it's just something that can make you swoon.

Kingdom Hearts (game)

1) RoxasxXion

2) VanitasxXion: He's like the bad boy and she's just the quiet, good girl. Vanitas is tricky and very dark, so when I imagine Xion handling him, well, it gets bloody interesting. Note on the bloody. Romance between them though, I think it's cute in a dark, twisted way.

3) AxelxXion: I love Axel's attitude and character. And Xion is just my favorite girl character.

4) SoraxXion

5) VentusxXion

6) VentusxAqua

D. Gray-Man (anime/manga)

1) KandaxLenalee: These two go back longer than the other's, and Kanda's personality and attitude to Lenalee is much softer than what he gives to everyone else. He's the fierce, quiet, always angry kind of guy and Lenalee's sweet characters just softens him to the core. Adorable, really.

2) TykixLenalee

3) LavixLenalee: Lavi likes Lenalee. Hands down. He even says it in an interview.

4) AllenxLenalee

DNAngel (anime/manga)

1) DarkxRiku: Riku really hates Dark, so it's always entertaining to read a good fanfic with these two out there. Especially with how smitten authors make Dark out to be. And with a tailing Risa behind their backs, it's chaos and I love it. I admit, I like the stories where Risa does not get a happy ending, because I'm that kind of person with that Harada.

2) SatoshixRisa

Glee (tv)

1) Noah/PuckxRachel (PuckleBerry): The original Good Girl and Bad Boy. They're good-looking and clash so well together. The beginnings are my favorite because that's when everything is messy and they're just starting to find out about each other. I also like how authors take their Jewish heritage into play because if they have a personal connection beforehand, it's just more fun to read how Puck would change into Noah. Cliché as they are, I just love them to pieces and adore how well they go along.

Ojamajo Doremi (anime/manga)

1) MasaruxHazuki

2) OnpuxTakeshi: Takeshi will most likely end up with his childhood friend--Mutsumi--but these two grew on me. My first Ojamajo Doremi fanfic, I consciously slipped these two in there and hinted a pairing.

3) DoremixAkatsuki

The Simpsons (tv)

1) BartxLisa: Let's try not to go there.

Shugo Chara! (anime/manga)

1) KūkaixNadeshiko (Kūkade)

2) IkutoxNadeshiko (Ikushiko): To be honest, I couldn't choose between Ikuto being an older brother or a really handsome boyfriend. He can fit one or the other, or both for all I care. This pairing really grew on me when I dared to venture into a unique relationship--of course in Nadeshiko's favor.

3) TadasexAmu (Tadamu)

4) TadasexRima

5) NagihikoxNadeshiko: Now now, in all fics they're siblings. But...yes, I have a little something I wrote out of boredom that if they weren't, they'd be pretty good together too.

6) DaichixTemari (DaiMari)

Hunger Games (book)

1) PeetaxKatniss

Sonic the Hedgehog (game)

1) ShadowxAmy (ShadAmy): Yeah, I venture here sometimes. What I like about ShadAmy--or the ones I like to read at least--is that Shadow naturally has no dislike for Amy. In the original games at least, he has no dislike. And Amy seems to be even fond of Shadow. The infamous scene between them in Sonic Adventure Battle 2 made me think a lot about their small connection. Now, he might like her just a little bit because she reminded him of Maria's promise, but I like how the only one whose seen any soft affection from Shadow is Amy. It gives room for others to explore--and explore well--especially with the whole Amy's-Sprung-Over-For-Sonic thing going on. These two can be just too cute and furry--literally.

2) CharmyxCream (Chaream): They're both six. I think they have a pretty good chance of being together. But what I usually like between them is their childish antics and behavior. They're so different that it's fun to see Charmy mature in a fanfic.

3) SilverxAmy (SilvAmy)

4) TailsxCream (Crails): These guys are just cute and cute and cute.

5) SonicxAmy (SonAmy)

6) KuncklesxRogue (Knuxouge): I love Knuckles behavior when it comes to Rogue. Especially since she knows what she's doing, seeing her pull stuff over our favorite echidna is always a nice laugh. And they can get so heartwarming with each other. I'm interested in this pairing also because Knuckles just seems to pure and innocent to romance.

Inuyasha (anime/manga)

1) InuyashaxKikyou (InuKik): I have tried so hard to like Kagome. I've known this anime/manga almost my whole life. I'm pretty much an adult now, and I still can't bring myself to like Kagome. I like the revenge seeking maiden who's actually just misunderstood and lonely underneath all her calm and cold actions. And maybe because Kikyou's story is so tragic... I like her better with the hanyou. Though Inuyasha might have more chemistry with Kagome (as much as it pains me to say), Kikyou had a history with him that broke the ice. You know what I'm saying? Their love that was torn apart by Naraku just gives me a better feel of them. One thing for sure is, Kikyou will always have a place in Inuyasha's heart. She's his first love after all! Who forgets their first love?

*Please note that any opinion here is biased due to my fangirl side which I grudgingly still have and do not want to possess which in turn gives extreme hate to other pairings against these from any archive and will thus see only light in previous pairings mentioned above due to my stubbornness. Thank you.


- RICE (Jasmine)

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- Sushi

- Ramen Bowl (I like the Hot-N-Spicy and Kimchi flavors.)

- Pork-chops *mouth waters*

- Salad

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- Homemade cheesecake with an Oreo crust

- My best-est friend's cooking from scratch


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As of today:

Sorry for not updating anything you guys. I'm on my cousin's laptop and my own laptop with all my other work has a virus. I went to Geek Squad and they can clean it, hopefully everything will be okay with it because I wrote a lot. Just prolonged my updating and now look at what happened. So until I get enough money for them to clean--trust I've been prolonging that too because of all the deaths that has been happening in my family--feau and such. But until then, I'm on another break! But I am still here.


Latest works:

Quite the Quiet Pair: On hold.

I have the later chapters of it. I haven't updated it because--and this is truthful when I say--I want to write more chapters of it before posting them online. Sorry for the inconvenience readers of this story. There's another story that's been on my heart for a while.

A Taste of Humanity: On hold.

It's suppose to be really short, it shouldn't take me too long to get back on it since I've already got the beginning down. At most, it's suppose to be a quick 3 chapter story. Hence, there's been another story that's been on my heart that I feel like I should write.


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