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OK - first off - this is a co-authored account, established to work on Shifting Gears. Since then we have branched out a bit into some solo projects.

Fic Breakdown

Co-authored - Shifting Gears

Captain A

True Love
Something Blue in Vegas

Captain B

Over My Head
Can't Fight the Moonlight
Bet On Love
The Road Not Taken

Now a few words from your captains.

Captain A


Well this is where I'm suppose to write a few things about myself, something interesting I suppose, only I don't believe myself to be all that interesting. So now what do I do? I could make up stuff but that just seems lame so I won't. I really don't have any hobbies other than playing xbox 360 but not as of late because nothing has came out that I deem worthy of playing. If anything does look half way decent it proves to be ruined by the fact that it's either fps or doesn't have online co-op.

I dabble a bit in fanfic writing and I like to draw. I like mostly all types of music and will watch just about anything as long as it doesn't suck meaning it has at least one of the four things 1. a good plot, 2. gore, 3. killing (what can I say, I love horror films), or 4. a hot chick.

D.E.B.S is my first fandom that I've jumped into writing, in fact it's the first fandom I've been completely obsessed with. However, I'm trying to pull myself into others, but I highly recommend the movie D.E.B.S if you haven't seen it! If there's anything else you would like to know then I guess the only suitable thing to do is ask, however, that's as good as it gets.

Edited: 9/9/10

I guess it's time for an update on the profile and that's mainly to include my new fandom obsession which is BTVS, if one couldn't have guessed by now. I managed to watch the entire series in about a week's time. I haven't read the comics because I simply like to pretend they don't exist. I just make up my own season 8, it's what the writing is for after all.

Favorite couple is hands down Buffy and Faith, there are other couple I can tolerate and don't really care who they are paired with as long as it's not something gross like Spike and Dawn...but then again Spike paired with anyone is just gross. Unless of course it's Druscilla, I actually liked her and they worked well together. Other than that, I hate Spike. I like Angel better, and that's saying something. Although I will say that I enjoyed Angel more in his own series when he wasn't pinning and whining after Buffy. There's just something about a 250 year old dead guy stalking and brooding over a 15 year old that doesn't cut it for me. Pedophile much?

Seasons 1 and 2 were mostly made enjoyable by the fabulous Cordelia. Any scene she was in was a riot to watch. I enjoyed Season 3, for obvious reasons (Faith) and I enjoyed Season 4 as well, eevn though Buffy had terrible hair in it, but it was witty plus there was a bit more of Faith. Season 5 was okay, I think the best part about it was Glory, she was criminal insanely fabulous. Plus, there was really no 'guy' that the writers felt Buffy had to have in her life, granted it probably would've been Ben but he turned out to be the other half of the big bad. But hey that didn't stop them from going with the ick factor in Season 6, and well all I can say about that is Spike, so reread section above. Season 7 was an okay one (more Faith--do you see a pattern here). I also enjoyed the finale "Chosen". They all put aside their differences for the greater good and fought side by side and Spike died! A champion no less. Which if you ask me, one season of rocking a soul does not make you champion material.

All in all I don't like Spike, Faith can do no wrong in my eyes, and Buffy I'm on the border with. It can go either way with her.

Previous profile elements still stand. Still rocking the 360, although I'm not playing as much as I should be or would like to be, but the lack of games and the abundance of writing is playing it's part. Same goes for the movies, no new shit that's worth watching so writing gets pushed to the forefront. But something that trumps them all, the gaming, watching movies, writing? Laziness! There's nothing like saying fuck it all and going to take a nap.

Oh. And this is a co-authored account, this is just one-half of your captain speaking. Perhaps my equally lazy counterpart will decide to throw up her own nonsensical ramblings. In fact I give her a month to realize this has been changed :P

Captain B

Edited 10/16/10
This is the other half of your captain speaking (and yes there really are two people on this account, not just one insane one). And I totally noticed the change in less then a month, my laziness just trumps all. And on that note the reason I bothered to log in, just to clarify a bit, and post the start of a short fic.

If anyone cares - Shifting Gears is completely co-authored, and at the moment, kind of on the back burner, since Captain A is busy cranking out Fuffy (True Love and Something Blue in Vegas), and me (Captain B) is pretty much obsessed with Glee (Over My Head). We do still plan to finish Shifting Gears (eventually, and motivation/guilt in the form of reviews never hurts) but other projects are taking precedence.

Please take your seats and buckle up, its bound to be a bumpy flight.

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