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The Tale of The Utterly Gutsy Shinobi:

Naruto knew something was up the moment he landed in the strange forest; being sucked into the sky should have been his first clue. How's a shinobi supposed to adapt to such a strange new environment? Easy, one step at a time.

Edit @ 6th September 2015: (n)th number of patch done for this story. It's been quite an overhaul. So enjoy a more polished and well-rounded read.


Bam! (Also spoilers):

After the battle with Pain, Naruto is transported to Earthland after a malfunction with the Anima. Having no clue as to how he came to another dimension, he struggles to adjust to his recent discovery, and in his ensuing anger, destroys part of the forest where he found himself in. Feeling terrible after allowing his anger to get the better of him, he recovers, stunned but determined to find a way home.

His first few days are spent acclimatising himself to the new world. He meets his first few friends in the town of Camoa and Diligeon, who after being rejected from the first guild [Mermaid's Cove] he found, then point him towards another called Cait Shelter.

His initial meeting with its youngest member and her feline companion does not go off to the best start. Slowly, the trio begin to bond, and Naruto finds himself getting comfortable with his day-to-day routine in his new guild, but is sceptical that he does not feel entirely welcomed by the isolated community chiefed by their Guild Master, Roubaul. He brushes it off as part of him being the third member of the guild to have joined from the outside. Their first mission ends in shambles, but the three reaffirm their committment to help each other and grow stronger as a bonafide team.

It is only weeks later before Naruto discovers a new organisation [The Ninth Circle] who declares an interest in him courtesy of of an unstable individual known as Stange. Stange shows interest in his potential, having seen the destruction he had wrought in the forest near the town of Camoa. Naruto is found out to not be from this world, whom Stange initially implies that he is from Edolas. The man is intrigued to learn that he is not, before suddenly leaving with a vague notion that he has information on other worlds. Naruto is frustrated at his failure to learn more.

Three years pass.

Naruto is older and more experienced, and barring his first mission with his team, has accomplished a decent record of missions under their belt, but they fly under the radar due to how small and unknown their guild is. There's isn't much that could faze him in this world, and he grows more and more comfortable with the routine he has with his team. In the time skip, he has slowly been accruing information on how to return home from his network of contacts. He then finds information pertaining to The Ninth Circle, but it leads him to a faraway town near the borders of Fiore. He is reluctant to go and leave his team alone.

This immediately follows a relaxing weekend in Akane Resort for the trio. Naruto is unable to find a connecting train to Hargeon, and is left stranded in Magnolia during their annual Magnolia Harvest Festival. At Wendy's behest, the team stays for the night and Naruto and Wendy visit Fairy Tail. After initially being denied entry, he develops a budding friendship with Mirajane the next day, but is unaware that Wendy has an ulterior motive during this visit. He follows Mirajane back to her guild and sees Wendy being confronted by an irate Gajeel. Naturally, Naruto steps in. The ensuing fights ends wholly in Naruto's favour, and before others could enter the fray, Makarov stops it altogether.

A tense meeting ensues between Naruto and the Fairy Tail mages, but Makarov is flippant about the entire thing, even after angering Naruto with a callous remark about Wendy. The tension thickens between Naruto and Erza, but disappears entirely when it is made to seem that Erza is punishing Wendy for Naruto's actions. In the end, Naruto and Erza come to an understanding and Erza, in an effort to save face, proudly declares a friendship between both their guilds.

Weeks pass after the event at Magnolia, and Naruto is called into Chief Roubaul's office. Over the years, their relationship has devolved to the point of only exchange pleasantries; terse but cordial. Roubaul calls him out on it. A fierce discussion ensues, with Naruto unhappy with the way Roubaul has treated Wendy. It ends with Naruto undertaking a mission with the Light Alliance to destroy Nirvana and stop Oracion Seis... and a sucker punch as Roubaul not-so-discreetly implied that he knew about his status as a jinchuuriki. He then asks Naruto not to let his faith waver in the presence of Nirvana, or else the evil within him would corrupt and devour him whole.

Staggered by the implications, he leaves without a word.

The mission to destroy Nirvana begins in earnest. Unknown to the rest, even his teammates, Naruto has his own objectives to complete, after being tasked to help destroy Nirvana by Chief Roubaul. After the briefing with the Light Alliance at Master Bob's summer mansion, the rest board The Christina, an airship owned by the Master of Blue Pegasus. Naruto leaves a clone aboard with his team and leaves to scout for his separate objective. He is later ambushed by the Flying Hellfish, an assassination guild under the thumb of Oracion Seis. Similarly, the Light Alliance is ambushed aboard the airship, and Naruto is helpless to do anything as The Christina explodes with the rest still onboard. The survivors, injured and weary, are immediately pounced upon and defeated by a full-strength Oracion Seis.

Brain takes Wendy and Carla with him to revive Jellal, but in the battle, Angel falls to Gray, spent after sustaining her Celestial Spirit Gemini during the ambush. He then leaves her in a perpetual state of near death.

When Naruto arrives at the scene of the explosion, the Light Alliance is in shambles with their two major players, Erza and Jura, half-dead. The rest round on him and accuse him of having an ulterior motive in the mission. Exhausted and worried for his own team, he finally relents and explains his other objective. Many remain unconvinced, but Angel vouches for his story. In return for information, she begs Naruto to kill her. Despite the initial arguments from the others, he agrees, but does not go through with it at the end.

The others remain wary of him when they plan their next objective to rescue Wendy and Carla. They break off in their own groups and it leaves him alone. Unknown to the rest, one of his clones had already encountered Hoteye, and he prepares himself for his next confrontation.

Naruto wins, captures Hoteye and returns to the Light Alliance after Hibiki informs him of his team’s impending return. After healing Jura and Erza, Wendy, distraught from the traumatic experience, confides in Naruto about what she has done.

Nirvana activates.

Erza escapes to find Jellal, and Natsu and Happy charges off once more to stop her. Lucy trails after the duo after a minute of indecision. She promptly loses her bearings in the large forest, because why not? Red hiding hood style.

She chances upon Sherry, whom was unduly influenced by Nirvana’s activation after seeing Lyon’s supposed death. They fight, Lucy summons a new spirit, the few she had procured from Angel—the Celestial spirit, the Chisel. It comes to her aid and turns the tide of the battle to prove that she isn’t a dainty damsel-in-distress.

She blacks out at the end though. Because... Because.

Erza and Jellal reunite. Mushiness ensues. Cobra interferes while actively trying to stop the destruction sequence of Nirvana. Luckily, Brain arrives. Natsu as well. Both Dragon Slayers throw down once more.

The rest of the Light Alliance board Nirvana, coming across Lucy, Gray, Lyon and Sherry. They break apart: to deal with the remaining Oracion Seis, as well as Nirvana. Hibiki, Lucy and the Cait Shelter team are task to do the latter. Thanks to Hibiki, they find one of the six chambers that houses the lacrima orb and investigate.

Sadly, before this, Carla had a premonition.

Of fire.

She breaks off with Wendy in tow, without Naruto. They find out that Nirvana is headed for their guild. Drama ensues, and worsens when Midnight intercepts them. He annihilates Wendy after a valiant attempt, and captures Carla.

Naruto arrives late to the scene. Midnight proceeds to goad him.

He loses his shit.

A mindless four-tailed Naruto does battle with Midnight. An intense confrontation ends with a point-blank tailed beast bomb. Make your own assumptions about what happened. Naruto then continues his rampage, only to come across Erza and Jellal, who had come to Wendy’s and Carla’s aid.

Another tail emerges.

Jellal hangs back, and does everything in his power to stop Naruto, not knowing who he is, as he promised. Erza leaves him. The Light Alliance reconvenes via telepathy link, and learn the terrible truth.

Meanwhile, Jellal is defeated.

A new plan is enacted to stop Naruto. Carla brings Wendy back to Cait Shelter, where Roubaul is conversing with Agatha Bagsby, the Guild Mistress of Mermaid’s Cove, who has sent her two of her own, Minori, and Sarah-san, a healer.

More drama ensues. Roubaul releases his hold over his thought projections and vanishes to help Naruto.

In his mindscape, Naruto makes the long journey to the chamber that houses his prisoner. Nirvana has affected his seal in ways he never imagined; alien black mass eats at the gates and beyond.

Growl. Growl. Menacing monologue. Snarl.

Then, the gates shatter.

*Up to Chapter Sixteen - Salvation*


A Gritty Reboot:

A surprising discovery led Harry to question the fine line between normality and the supernatural. Drawing inspiration from the generation's brightest minds, he sought to answer the proverbial question. Was he a mutant or some sort of humanoid alien?

A sequel is not in the works. While it does sound appealing to pull something like Jbern's 'The Inner Eye of Harry Potter' and chronicle the life with a chapter for every year, I neither have the patience nor the talent required to detail all of the seven years of Hogwarts. Though introducing a masked vigilante on Wizarding Britain does sound pretty enticing.

The Universe:

I stand before God and blink. "Hey," she says to me. "You're the new transfer student, right?" AU.

My most polished story yet, I think. Go in with an open mind when you start this story; it's not bad or anything. It's just different. This is my attempt at experimenting with different writing, a first-person perspective, and a decently thought-out plot. It's finished, to boot. So come on, this story needs more love.

Announcements Thread

As at 22nd Aug 2015 -

I just finished "The Universe", so any plans of returning to TUGS can only come should inspiration hit me. I haven't written anything for it in over a year, so do not get your hopes up.

As at 6th Sep 2015 -

For reals, TUGS has been updated. Only 400-ish days since my last update. Not bad.

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