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Hello all! The name is Jack a.k.a Jammin Jabala and I'm your typical teenage boy...yet I enjoy writing Fan Fiction. My main category for writing is videogames, particularly the Sly Cooper series. Sly Cooper is my all-time favorite videogame series and on this site I've been called "The Ultimate Murray Fan." A title I take with great pride :). Also I enjoy taking and giving constructive criticism. So if you ever have any suggestions on how to improve my writing, please feel free to drop me a PM or review. Vice versa, if you ever want help or suggestions with anything just ask. So with that, have a very Jabala Day and BYE!!!

NOTE: If you are or were a reader of my story Sly 4: The Lost Thief you probably noticed I had gone on two very lengthy hiatuses. First of all I'd like to apologize for that, and secondly it should be know that I have officially returned to the Sly Cooper fandom. No more hiatus for this guy!

SLY 4 WATCH is something I made to help myself and Sly fans alike keep up to date with all things Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time, the latest installment in the Sly Cooper franchise. The same Sly installment we have been waiting 6 years for. Here I will be posting info on the game as it’s released. This info will also contain the dates they were released on. Trust me, since its announcement at E3 this past June I have been all over this game. But if I do miss anything important, just let me know and I will include it on here.

11/9/10 The Sly Collection is released by up and coming developers Sanzaru Games. After beating all three games on the collection, a teaser logo for Sly 4 is shown after a brief clip of Sly hiding behind blades of grass and spying on some guards.

6/6/11 At the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) Sony unveils during their conference a teaser trailer for Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time developed by Sanzaru rather than Sucker Punch, the developers of the original trilogy. The trailer features the character Dimitri posing as Sly Cooper, performing Sly’s usual stunts. The trailer ends with a blackout, as you hear Sly and Bentley’s voices talk about how it was a bad idea to leave Dimitri in charge of the safe house. It is obviously on the PS3 and release is some time in 2012.

6/6/11 The same day pictures are released. Some of them are basic concept art of Sly doing his usual moves, and the rest are silhouettes of Sly, Bentley, Murray, Carmelita, Dimitri, and a mysterious new character all standing in their respective colored circles. Similar to the mission complete pictures from Sly 3.

6/7/11 The CEO of Sanzaru does many interviews at E3 as he shows off a boss battle against a new tiger villain named El Jefe. (El Jefe is voiced by Nolan North, of Uncharted fame.) The CEO confirms that the original three, Dimitri, and Carmelita will return, but is very secretive about the remaining Gang members and returning villains, if there are any. As for the story, the CEO says that the pages of the Thievius Raccoonus are vanishing. Because of this the Gang reunites and uses Bentley’s time machine to save the Cooper Clan legacy. He also reveals that clue bottles and coins are back, boss battles are more extensive, and there is a new feature that allows Sly to collect disguises throughout the game, each granting him with special abilities. (Through the demo they are showing, we see that one of the disguises is some sort of samurai armor.)

6/7/11 More pictures released. Three of them are screenshots from the boss battle we viewed, and one is a screenshot of Murray. Due to the PS3 graphics he seems to have a new design. He is still pink but looks more like a hippo than he did before. He is now dressed more like a racer. With red stripes on his boots and a yellow arrow running down the back of his mask. In the picture he seems to be pulling a lever on some sort of tropical island. He is also near a pirate ship. (In my opinion he looks awesome.)

6/8/11 Sanzaru releases two pictures on their Twitter. The pictures are of Matt Olsen (Bentley) and Chris Murphy (Murray) at Sanzaru Studios. This confirms Sanzaru’s statement about how they had hired the original voice actors.

7/29/11 At the San Diego Comic Con, Sanzaru plays one of the classic, cartoon cut scenes. This cut scene is for El Jefe, the same tiger villain we saw Sly fight at the E3 demo. From the cut scene we learn that El Jefe is an egomaniacal, cigar smoking tiger. He is a lethal mercenary and an expert in military strategy. He has taking over small countries all across the globe, usually for the highest bidder. Interpol was apparently just closing in on him, right before he slipped through their fingers once again. But despite Interpol’s failure, the Cooper Gang has tracked him down and are preparing to strike. The cut scene can be viewed on YouTube like the trailer. Something of interest in the cut scene is that when they talk about “the highest bidder”, it shows El Jefe handing a globe to a shadowy figure. The figure looks very similar to the new, mysterious character. Because of this there is speculation they will be the game’s primary antagonist. (Through Sly’s narration you can also tell Kevin Miller has returned as Sly.)

NOTE: The game is still in the Beta stages. This means that info on graphics and character design is likey to change.

If this section is empty it is because I have given up on the idea, started writing the idea, or simply have no ideas.

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