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Author has written 23 stories for Life With Derek, and Lockwood & Co..

07/04/2023 ...and now for something completely different. I never thought I would ever write a fanfic for a different universe, but the opportunity to write in a British setting for once, really appealed! (I haven't ditched my LWD stories, I promise!). If you haven't watched Netflix's Lockwood & Co, you are missing a treat. If you've only watched the netflix adaptation, much of my story won't make sense. You need to read the books or listen to the audible adaptations. (Watch netflix, then listen to books 3-5).

Anyway, The Cursed Sister is a real departure for me, but I'm very excited about it.

For my LWD readers, this will hopefully get me past my writer's block! It's all good!

23/09/2022 Oh the good intentions I had 18 months ago! And what an 18 months it has been!

I'll start with the less good stuff first. I had to resign my beloved librarian job in July (workplace politics!) and subsequently found out I have breast cancer. (Caught early, surgery done. Onto the treatment to stop it coming back. Please, please, please listen to your body and look after your health. If something doesn't feel right, get it looked at - whatever your age/gender. I found my cancer. If I had waited for planned screening, it would have been another year passed and my cancer would have been far more advanced.)

The good stuff: What it does mean is I have lots more time on my hands where I can't do a great deal, so theoretically I now have more time for writing! (Yay!). I also have an apology to make as I have been working on the next chapter of Code Blue for a very, very long time. BUT it's is 75% done, so fingers crossed you won't have to wait much longer.

I have read everyone's messages and reviews. They mean a lot to me. I do listen to what people say, although they NEVER managed to change my plans for the plots!

Talking of plots, obviously we are looking at a new movie in the LWD franchise screening in 2023. So how will that impact what I write?

My approach with LWD fiction has been to take the basic premise and work with that. Have I watched every episode more than once? Of course! Do I follow everything religiously? Absolutely not! Mainly because, if you pay attention, the show's writers don't either (plot holes, character's ages change, episodes are screened out of order). If the writers aren't canon, why should I be?

You may find that I go back and edit some of my stories. This is because society has changed significantly in the past 17 years. Words and phrases and characterisations that were acceptable at the time of writing now make me feel uncomfortable. It doesn't make me a bad person for writing them, because we were all unaware back then. But I can do something about changing them now. (It may take me a little while to go back through them. I think I have almost 3 million words to review!) So if you read something you are uncomfortable with, please be reassured, it is most likely already on my review list!

Right! Off to finish chapter 20!

01/01/2021 A new day, a new month, a new year! (and hopefully, soon a new chapter of Code Blue!). Please bear in mind that the current world situation often means different pressures for different people. Believe it or not, a librarian has to work even harder when working remotely, the job doesn't just go away!

I write for pleasure and to give people an escape. We all need this right now.

If you are struggling with the world and reading doesn't make things better, please do seek help from the professionals. You can find out how books and writing helped one man rebuild his life by looking at the author Matt Haig's books "Reasons to Stay Alive" or for younger readers, he has also written, "The Truth Pixie".

On a lighter note, if you haven't discovered Joey, the Sea Otter and his friends at Vancouver Aquarium, you are missing out in life! Meep!

09/09/2018 I do like to chat with people about the stories as I write them. If you want to ask a question about why I've written something the way I have could you please PM me so that I can reply directly. To answer a recent query as to why I changed the name of the sixth sibling to Robbie...I didn't. I started writing these stories before the final series and before VWD. I created additional characters before they were created in the series. Robbie existed before the baby did, so the baby has always been Robbie as far as I was concerned.

The LWD characters I use are quite similar to those written on the show but they aren't entirely canon. People seemed to like my additional characters so I've kept them. If it makes you feel better, try thinking that maybe my character is known by his middle name. x

31/08/18 So "Code Blue" finally arrived! I can't commit to a particular writing and posting schedule, certainly not my old "one chapter a day" rate. But I'm hoping to stay around one chapter a week.

In the past I've written author notes in the first few lines of the chapter, but I'm hoping to avoid that this time. It spoils the flow when you read the stories back later on. There are many things I want to say about the plot, but I don't want to spoil things. By now you should now that the Derek and Casey I tend to write about are always post-school and therefore come with a degree of maturity missing in the tv series - personality and content-wise. The only thing I will say about Derek in Code Blue (other than we aren't talking "Male Code Blue" here) is - as with all of my stories - there is a reason for everything, including Derek's maturity. Happy Reading! (and trust me.) x

I am...

A mum - to two beautiful sons.

A wife - to a very supportive husband.

A sister - to a nice guy who just became a dad!

A daughter - to the hardest working people.

I am also...

a librarian - let's face it, what else is there in life?

a graduate - Computer Engineering if you are interested.

a veteran - of life for four (ahem) decades. (Therefore too old to be using fan fiction for the fandoms I inhabit).

easily upset - by people who speak without warned.

I write...

what I want to read.

as realistically as I can.

for a young adult audience. If that isn't you, you take responsibility for your own actions.

I want my stories to...






BOOK RECOMMENDATIONS: (One of the benefits of being a school librarian!)

"Marian" by Judith Grimshaw (available for download) - she's a friend and the plot looks great! Give it a go! (There are sequels).

"A Company of Ghosts" by Berlie Doherty - If you were stranded on a haunted island - alone - what would you do every day? What would you think about?

"Rooftoppers" by Katherine Rundell - Above the roof tops of Paris there is a secret world.

Anything illustrated by Chris Riddell...but, especially:

"Fortunately, the Milk" (perhaps for younger readers but who cares?)

"Goth Girl" (Likewise)

"The Graveyard Book" (Chris Riddell editions!)

"The Sleeper and the Spindle" - a very anti-pink version of Sleeping Beauty.

I have written nearly 40 stories for the Life With Derek fandom. A selection is published here. The rest have been retired and won't be coming back! SORRY!

Other Information:

Cover art is by SusanMarieS. (Many thanks!)

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Casey. I really appreciate you giving ‘Hello’ magazine this job... we’ll make this a double sized spread if you sign a commitment to let us handle your next two marriages." "Kendra. There aren't going to be more weddings. He's IT" "Yes but who is HE?"
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