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Author has written 4 stories for Harry Potter.

Well now I actually tried to write something I probably need to fill this bit in.

I'm a mid 20's male and late convert to fanfiction. though so far its only Harry Potter based. I used to be predominantly Harry/Ginny ship and its still probably my favourite. I really don't get all the Ginny bashing. To me it seems there's an awful lot of people pissed because they got rejected by their school crush and take it out on an innocent fictional character.

Beside that I love a good Harry/Daphne and Harry/Susan as much as anyone else and have been known to read a number of Harry/Fleur and Harry/Tonks stories (Harry Potter and the Summer of Change is still an absolute classic. Kudos to Lorddwar). Harry/Hermione is a little too close to incest to my taste though one or two have sneaked on to my must read list.

That said I am particularly drawn to Harry/Rowena and Feels Like Home is an attempt to write something in that vain. I have no idea how far I'll get with it. I have a pretty good idea of all the back story but the way to proceed is a bit iffy.

I also have tentative plans for two other stories. Lore of Familiars - A post Chamber Harry/Ginny story, in which a rather odd parental figure helps Harry accept his role rather earlier than canon, and Octaurus - An A/U Harry/Daphne story covering all seven years about the fifth Hogwarts house.


Okay the plans for Lore of Familiars clearly aren't quite so tentative anymore - I actually have another few Chapters of this, up until the start of third year, mapped out but I'm not sure how to work the whole Prisoner storyline.

I decided to fill this out a little bit more though so in alphabetical order my top five Harry Potter fanfics

Dangerverse - whydoyouneedtoknow - The sheer scope of the rewrite is astounding and some of the best OC's out there

Harry Potter and the Summer of Change - Lorddwar - If you haven't read it yet you really should, it's been out for years seriously get it sorted

Partners - muggledad - Harry/Daphne classic. Aside from the rather quick getting together a joy from beginning to end

Taking Control/Free Life - Fake a Smile - Lost count of the number of times I've read it. The reason I tried my hand at writing

The Lie I've Lived - Jbern - The story that made me want to stop writing as I know nothing I do will be that good.

Honourable mentions.

Harry De Vie - Kassien - Fantastic start and premise. Rather hope it gets updated soon

Harry Potter and the Cursed Summer - Mountain907 - Only the fact that its not finished stops it being higher

Harry Potter and the Magic of Merlin - GeekUSA - Over on SIYE. A tragedy that it was never finished

Harry Potter and the Refiners Fire etc - Abraxan - Excellent just a little too much SuperHarry! to make top five

Jeconais's entire back catalogue - Nothing else need be said

Runic Animagi - Kassien - Awesome


I seem to find myself adding to this daily now but I think I need to take the time to answer a few things that have come up in reviews as well as a few other little points that have been bugging me for a while

My Stories

Lore of Familiars -

Okay this was originally an attempt at giving Harry a father/mentor relationship with someone who puts him first but also instills him with a sense of duty. Frankly this has been done better elsewhere, or at least the mentor relationship has. Though not with a griffin to the best of my knowledge.

Secondly just giving Harry a phoenix is almost as bad as the Deathly Hallows. All of a sudden, with no real effort he has an exceptional companion and a means of traveling wherever he wants. Don't even get me started on Deathly hallows, the Elder wand almost ruined the series, pretty much vindicating the fact that Harry never actually trained for his fight. Besides if a phoenix is a light creature and the only definition we have of someone who bonded a phoenix is Dumbledore, we know Dumbledore can't kill after what happened to his sister so given Harry's task we could say a truly light creature wouldn't bond with Harry. Besides Griffins are just cool. If you want to overanalyse it as well you could even go down the 'he's a true 'Gryffin'-dor' route.

Next, no matter how much Chapter 9 may make it seem otherwise I have no intention of this ever being a harem story. I have read quite a few and some are great, some are hilarious and some are just some snotty teenager trying to get their rocks off. While there are ones that work really well it's not something I would ever feel comfortable writing as I don't think I could write it without it turning into a ridiculous amount of smut every other paragraph. The aim of this Chapter was two fold to sow the seeds of House unity and to give Harry a pseudo family and the support structure he needs. If you look at the roles of the girls, and indeed of everyone in the story:

Ginny - Ultimately the love interest but she isn't ready for him yet nor is he ready for her (I know plenty of couples who got together at 13 and 14 and stayed together but none at 11 and 12). Instead she is becoming a friend, his closest friend other than Kali because she is the only one who can understand his new drive. In the end this will lead to more.

Hermione - In the pseudo family she takes on a mother/older sister role, she is the one who has looked after him, made sure he is doing his homework, basically trying to help him better himself.

Ron - The younger brother, there to make sure Harry's life isn't all work and no play. Exceptionally immature even for his age but also able to relax Harry and take his mind off things better than anyone else. This isn't always a good thing but it can be.

Kalcon - Father figure, someone for Harry to look up to. If I was a better writer I might try and make him flawed but i'm not sure I could do that to Harry.

Kali - twin sister, equal, confidante - An utterly dependable and stable friend.

Susan - Mother figure, almost the anti-Hermione mother figure, where Hermione is striving to make Harry better in the future Susan tries to make sure he is okay now.

Katie - The fun older sister. Someone who isn't quite a parent who he can go to with unusual problems. Any of the quidditch girls could fill this role but I have a soft spot for Katie.

Daphne and Tracey - The ones who will educate him in the less savoury aspects of the world. Bring out his inner Slytherin concentrating not so much on the cunning aspect but the ambition.

That was, and is, the plan with the structure of this story, but reading back myself the last chapter (9) does make it seem like I'm just throwing women at the story. My argument about that is that given the way Harry grew up, however bad Petunia was Vernon and Dudley were worse, making him much more comfortable around women than men. Also if Harry and Ginny are going to get together earlier than canon then his hormones needed to be stirred up a bit earlier than they were by JK Rowling. A summer around bikini clad girls will do that. Incidentally that's also my argument against Harry slash stories, given the way he grew up treated by men, I actually think Harry would be celibate if he really was gay.

A side note I had half thought of doing Lore of Familiars Red, Green, Yellow and Blue where the story starts off the same but Harry ends up with a girl from a different house in each one, Ginny, Daphne, Susan and probably Morag MacDougal in deference to Itsme66 and the brilliant Mandatory Marriage Contract Fic. However I don't have the time, patience or imagination to pull it off. I would however love it if someone fancied doing it.

Feels Like Home -

This is actually the story I feel closest to at the moment as I have so much of the back story worked out though not necessarily where its going. I also realised I hadn't mentioned either Harry Potter and The Root of All Evil by LordAnarchy666 or Independence of a Hero by Egyptian Flame as significant inspiration for this story. Sorry.

This story gives an explanation as to why Hogwarts felt like home for Harry much more than everyone else. For anyone confused by the story the basic premise is that six years after the canon Epilogue the DoM discover an extremely effective method of time travel. Canon Harry, the head Auror becomes aware of it and tells his wife Ginny who insists they use it to get Fred back. She goes back to after Harry learns the Prophecy to convince herself and Harry to train much more effectively. Harry agrees and goes to the RoR with the thought 'I need help' meanwhile Ginny half thinks shes dreaming and is half trying to convince herself shes over Harry decides not to listen to her older self.

The RoR sends Harry back to the time of the Founders where he trains and becomes the man he should be (see Feels Like Home Diary) and participates in the building of Hogwarts. Twenty eight years later (or the next day for everyone else) Harry returns with his wife and turns the world on its head...

FanFiction Peeves

Deathly hallows, in particular the Elder Wand. Mentioned it above but its the very definition of Deux Ex Machina and lazy writing by JKR. This obviously isn't a fanfiction peeve but its worth saying anyway.

Ginny. I feel Ginny has been especially shortchanged by the canon series. She has no story arc whatsoever going from squeaking fangirl to smoking hottie after disappearing for three books. that said her treatment by a lot of fanfiction writers is at least as lazy, Indoctrinized by her mother to be a slut or a maniacal stalker. If you don't want them together fine but at least do something interesting or forget about her altogether like JKR did for 3 books.

SuperHarry! - I actually like a few SuperHarry! stories (This Means War! for one) but it just seems so lazy if not done right and he rarely has to work for it. That's another major peeve. Harry studies magic for a summer and suddenly he knows enough to take on Voldemort. fifty years Voldemort has been studying and honing his skills. One summer doesn't quite make up the difference.

Phoenix - Whether its a familiar or animagus form it's been done unless you have an incredible idea I really hope you avoid it. A familiar makes hedwig redundant while animagus form feeds back into the SuperHarry! thing.

My Own Writing

There have been a few comments about my writing style, a surprising number complimentary and I thank you for that but a number complaining about various things such as apostrophe and comma use as well as general sentence structure and letters and words missing, saying its untidy and unprofessional and they are absolutely right.

As I have said throughout my stories I have no intention of being a professional writer, what I do have is a number of ideas of the starts for a number of stories, some stick with me and I have started writing those, and others I forget. I write the stories I am interested in reading, partly to get them out of my head as quickly as possible, hence the mistakes, and partly in the hope that a better writer will take something I have written and use it to write their own story that I am going to appreciate.

It has been mentioned by one reviewer that my stories are rehashes of various ideas from various stories thrown together in a not entirely new way and honestly I can't defend myself against that. So it may be a while before I update again in order to make sure I have a fair idea of the way I wish the stories to proceed.


Well it's been a while since I went through update 5 times a day for about three days so i thought i should do some more. A few things have changed, I like to think my new version of my real project Feels like Home is better, i know the start is but will have to see where the rest takes me when I'm not rushing it. It is no longer Harry/Rowena given the limited number of Harry/Rowena stories on here it felt like I was trying to compete with Root of All Evil which is just daft as thats awesome. That might leave it obvious as to who the love interest is but I like to think i have some surprises in the story.

As for other stories Lore of Familiars is on hiatus I was more interested in the idea of a Griffin being a familiar than in the story itself and frankly I don't know where it's going. There are some nice aspects to it which I might use elsewhere but I can't see me ever fixing it. If anyone wants it they are welcome. I also think there is a kind of pressure writing a Harry/Ginny story which concerned me a little when the reviews started coming in and i'm not interested in getting involved in that.

As for Octaurus, that's still kicking around, no longer Harry/Daphne though. The recent explosion in Harry/Daphne stories to me means any Harry/Daphne story can be lost in a crowd.

Away from my stories my feelings for stories have developed and while I still love Harry/Ginny stories thre aren't many new ones that are that interesting to me, though perhaps Taking Control, Saving Harry and Nightmares of Future Past have set a high bar. Harry/Daphne are still good but frankly a lot of the recent ones are disappointing, though again Partners might be the problem there. I actually find myself really intrigued by Harry/Quidditch girl pairings. and there really aren't enough of them about

I also have to say I'm becoming increasingly anti-Hermione. Far too many authors end up treating her as a Mary-Sue. She's a stunning genius who has a massive collection of friends outside the trio and is all round perfect when Harry finally wakes up and notices she's a girl. I don't see her that way at all I see her as a socially backwards bookworm who ends up at the end of DH as an attractive, intelligent young woman with a more open mind. For all the bashing of Molly largely based on the bit where she's talking about love potions and Ginny for giggling about it Hermione is there giggling as well.

It's not that I support Hermione bashing I don't support bashing that much at all really though I can see case for it in particular for Dumbledore and Molly and to some extent Ron but to my mind Ron and especially Ginny are on the receiving end far more than they deserve.

And also the whole redeeming Snape bit, he is not a nice guy, however brave he may have been he still wanted Lily for himself and took his frustrations out on kids. That does not make him a hero that makes him an arsehole.

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