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Author has written 10 stories for Protector of the Small Quartet, Fast and the Furious, and Tangled.

g'day all! yep, that's right, i'm australian

general disclaimer - i am a FANFICTION writer and therefore the characters and settings that i write about aren't mine. characters i make are mine but that's it! i only own the ideas and the crazy things that i make the characters think and do. i am writing this here because i don't want to write it at the beginning of my stories.

I also have a tumblr account under:


Please look me up!!!


first story 'TWINS' follows the journey of kel after she falls pregnant with dom's child. she goes to the yamani isles where her mother is, where she can raise the child in privacy, with no worries of anyone from tortall finding out. dom doesn't know that she's pregnant OR that he's the father, kel is sure that he wouldn't care anyway. so why does lord wyldon suddenly appear? this is complete.

my second story 'A FAVOUR' is about kel being head over heels in love with dom. (who isn't? come on, honestly guys!) dom's mother holds a rather large family party. this leaves dom without someone to take. as a last resort he asks kel who just happened to say yes. just when kel thinks things are perfect she realizes that things aren't what they seem. this story is a one-shot with three chapters.

my third story 'SHE WOULDN'T BE GONE' is a song fic and is about dom loosing kel. it helps if you listen to the song while reading it.

my fourth story 'LETTERS OF A DISTANCE LOVE' is the beginning love of kel and dom. it was a working process and all about the letters they share.

my fifth story 'TO EVERY GUY' is a series of one shots based around kel and dom. it is one shots taken from the above post. they are sweet fluff and are something i have thought of doing for a while.


All the fast and furious stories can be stand alone but they are all joined/linked to one another.

'SECOND CHANCES' is all about having a second shot. this is about a young woman learning to trust and know that sometimes all you need is another shot to get it right. this is set before Finding Home and is a vince and OC story. progress - still being written

'FINDING HOME' is about a young girl trying to make sense of the world she lives in after running away. she moves to LA where she meets the toretto team. this story is set after the first heists and is a dom and OC story. COMPLETED/FINISHED

'LEARNING TO LOVE AGAIN' is about learning to trust your heart and not judging appearances but their personality. COMPLETED/FINISHED

still to come is a sequel and a conclusion to Finding Home; and possibly a stand alone story of Letty or Leon.

i want to thank everyone out there that actually read my stories and review! i can't thankyou enough!

if you have any suggestions for any stories i should try to write or for a chapter in one of my on going stories please tell me!

i love you all for reading my profile and PMing me! xoxo

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A one-shot taken from the song "She Wouldn't Be Gone" by Blake Shelton. It is a Kel/Dom fanfiction. "“Dom, I’m leaving.” “Don’t be stupid Kel.” He took her hand and kissed it softly. She didn’t smile, not like she use to."
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