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I'm currently on hiatus.

School is just too busy, I haven't been able to find time to write, and I'm sorry to say that A:TLA isn't that fascinating to me anymore. I just go through these phases when I'm obsessed with something, and then after a while, it fades away. I don't know when I'm going to write again,

YAYS!!! Long chapters!! I know - where did I learn how to write these long chapters?!?! My brain is being happy right now.

I want to say thank you so very much to Lone Fairytale, who inspired me with her amazing (and finished!) story, Star Blessed, and sent some very awesome reviews.
I also want to thank Evalyd Yamakazi, who has also been sending awesomeful reviews that have given me some serious cases of the warm fuzzies.

And thank you to my best friend, Qiron, for being my minion and helping me so very much!!!

THE NOTE: If you've read my new songfic, then you'll know about this note. Here it is:

In Flames and Forgiveness, Zuko is 19 because I had to fit in Julie and the time they spent together. So, he was banished at the age of 16 and he met Julie when he was 12. Oh, and his mom left when he was 10, instead of like 7, or something. Okay? And Julie's about 18 in Flames and Forgiveness. Now everything probably makes more sense. Hopefully. (I guess the gAang is just the same age as they are in the shows...)

Now. I'm sure you guys want to know about me. Here are the basics. Rant is to come. Don't you guys just love rants?

Name: I have a lot of names. Fuzzy, Isabella, and Crystal, just to name a few. I'm CS9 to some people, I guess you could just call me Liz right now. I like Fuzzy, tho, :) I got that name for a girl named Moo. Ok, I do have crazy friends. Moo is just some random girl at a camp. Really. That seems to be my permanent nickname now.

Age: Middle-school age

Hair: Black, side bangs, messy and desperately needs a haircut. Shoulder length in the front. I don't even know how long it goes down in the back. LOLs

So, now I think you guys have a pretty vague metal image of me. What's my personality? It depends on 1) How I'm feeling 2) Who YOU are and 3) How much sugar I've ingested. Some of my friends can tell you I'm pretty scary after I've eaten Cow Tails. Yums. I just LOVE those things.
No, they are not meat you weirdos. THEY ARE CARAMEL WITH VANILLA CREME IN THE MIDDLE!!!! YUMMIES!!!

Hmmm... If you must insist on a personality, here it goes: shy, dorky, awesome, weird, a generally nice person. But I do have an explodifying anger issue thing going. Not so much, but still anger issues. hehe. Yes, it's a pretty strange soup of personalities. I'm weird like that. I guess you could say I fit into the nerd category :P

AND NOW... *cue drumroll*... THE RANT!!!!!

I'm your typical middle school girl with an obsession for pretty things. It could even be a mental issue. I love kawaii, I love little things made out of glass, and I absolutely love vintage jewelery. It's really a mental issue. You see, this summer, I discovered kawaii. From this little place called ShanaLogic. You might have heard of them, they advertise a lot of Fanfiction, which just so happens to be a place I frequent. So I went to ShanaLogic and I found the cutest accessories on the planet. Little puffy bunnies, clouds, ice creams, kitties. There is just so much stuff. I had to restrain myself from buying them ALLLL!!!!!!! MWAHAHAHA!!! And now, I have this thing for cute stuff. I think I've always had it. I love little glass things (as mentioned above) and I got this box of glass animals from my grandparents in China (I'm asian!!! There's your explanation for the dorkiness!!) They are so amazingly pretty and cute, and I love the little chickie. It's teeny tiny, about a centimeter long and half a centimeter tall which tiny green wings, a little dot for the beak, and teeny little eyes. I love my chickie. You know what, I think I'll name him Peas. His wings are so cute!!!! Peas lives in a little wooden house with a pig, a snake, and a dog with teeny fuse bead cast (*sobs* his foot broke off!!!!). And my awesome friend brought me four glass swans from Italy that also reside in the glass house with Peas and his little glass friends. Among other things, Peas lives with Aurora (Animal Crossing figurine) the puffy penguin, a little turtle made out of shells named Spectacles (he has these cute little glasses!) and a little Maneki Neko. You know, one of those little asian kitties that waves its paw at you all the time? A lucky cat.

Ok, enough with Peas and his friends. KAWAII KAWAII KAWAII!!!! I have this thing for reading blogs, which maybe be why I am ranting so much. I follow this blog by an awesome lady named Jenny who shares my obsession for cute things. And sugar. Visit her blog at Japanese stuffs!!! YAY!!!! And there's another blog called Hawaii Kawaii. The lady who runs it really lives in Sweden. I think. But she loves Japanese things. I think she has this thing for Totoro tattos. Anyhow... her blog is at

Now, hobbies. As you can tell from the list of books below, I do love reading. It completes my dorkiness.
I also draw and paint with a very talented teacher and I am currently painting a farm in China. It is very pretty but I'm being frustrated by the stupid purple in the road. It's like not exactly purple, but still purple. GRRRRSS!!!!! And there's a blob next to the house that's a sorta darkish green-blue. That's supposed to be a tree. It's a blob right now because I suck at painting trees. And that is why I am frustrated. I also made the house in the middle very neat, so neat it looks almost Chibi-ish. Which sucks because it looks totally out of place with the messy fields and path in front of it. If only I was a bit messier... Now there's a line you don't hear much in the world of drawing.
I play soccer with a rec team, and I'm starting again for the fall season in a couple weeks. I play defense and goalie, but I've also been put into midfield, and I haven't died yet, which is good. You see, my team was a bit small at first, so we sucked and placed last every season. But in the spring, we suddenly got very good (I started playing goalie in the season before the spring, coincidence? I think not :) haha. Anyhow, we almost came in first, except that in the last game we got crushed by a team that I played for during the winter indoor season. Embarrassing. I think the score was 9-1. We sucked. At least we came in second, tho. That was certainly a first for my team.
Unfortunately, the coach of my team just so happened to decide to retire from coaching at the end of the spring season. So just when my team was actually getting good, the team split up. And guess who I'm playing for in the fall season??? My old indoor soccer coach!! That's right: the people who crushed my team in the championships will now be my teammates. Great, huh? The world must hate me. Honestly, their team is good, but I don't think they like me much. I played goalie for them during the winter season and I sucked. A lot. I even managed to let in 6 goals in the last game of the season. Total prodigy here!!! So yeah, it's a bit strange to be playing for hem again. The good new is that my best friend from my old team is also playing for the same team, as are two other very good strikers. Yays! Which means we might dominate in the next season if I play good goalie. *crosses fingers*

UPDATE: I signed up for my old winter coach's team, but there were too many people, and I got booted. I got put onto a smaller team, that, no offense, is pretty horrible. So now I'm being depressed, and I have to sign up really early next spring to play for my winter coach's team.

I just read what I wrote for the first time. I sound like a crazy person. I'm not really that crazy. I just get to exaggerate my craziness online.

Story Stats:

Crush: A Zuko Songfic - Brand new!! I love David Archuleta and I LOVE Zuko!!! So I decided to write a long-ish songfic

Flames and Forgiveness - ON HOLD. School is too much for me right now. Sorry.

Yup. That's a pretty sad story list. *sigh* My other two PJO stories have been taken down because I don't want them in my way. I'll probably rewrite Amber, so look for that in a few months. I just really didn't like the idea, and she's a huge Mary-Sue and the PJO community just isn't as big as the Avatar one, so I'm enjoying writing A:TLA stories now. A:TLA ppl are just so much awesomer. Thanks guys!!!

Favorite books/books series/other stuffs:

Harry Potter

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

Prince Caspian (the movie! im not so into the books)


NEW EDITION: Alex Rider (super cool teenage secret agent. what's not to like?)

i also have this embarrassing thing with star wars the clone wars :P SEASON 3 IS AWESOME!!! It's just that Anakin hasn't been the MC in any of the episodes so far. Darn it. Me likes Ani.

And here are some things that I just started to read:

The Sister's Grimm - one of my bestest friends really likes this series, and I read the first book and really liked it, so I'm gonna start reading them

The Hunger Games - those books are just amazing. I have lots of other friends who are obsessed with them. The last book comes out in august, and I heard they were making a movie! (But I also heard they were making a Sister's Grimm movie, so who knows?)

Theodosia - little known series, GREAT books. They're a bit like Harry Potter - the time frame, like England/London in the, what, 1950's? I dunno, they say blimey and stuff (I love Harry Potter, so these books are great). There are only two - The Serpents of Chaos and The Staff of Osiris and they're written by R.L. LaFevers. Egyptian curses and such. I'm into magic and all that, so a lot of the books I read are like this. In my opinion, the first book is best

Sisters of the Sword - yet another book a friend introduced to me. I'm known for stealing people's books and reading them in school, mwahaha. Set in ancient Japan, I only read the first book, but it's very interesting and a lot like a Japanese Mulan.

Pandora Series - greek mythology = YAYYYY!!! I suck at getting through books - I've only read two of them (there are four so far) but they're really good! just like percy jackson but pandora-style!!!!

Alex Rider - I stole a friend's book during lunch and read like the first 3 pages. I was so totally hooked. Those books are really good! But I was reading like, the third one (is skeleton key the third?) so I didn't have a clue as to what was happening. All well!

So yeah, I'm gonna try to get through these books but my parents aren't letting me visit the library because of stupid math. geez. They go, "Oh, you're not gonna get a good score on the SATs or the HSAs or something. Let me tell you,I think 4 A's in math are good enough. And for the record, I'm NOT EVEN CLOSE to my SATs. HSAs, well, I already took them :)

What's your favorite Avatar episode? Vote in my poll (scroll up!) Here are the choices:

Siege of the North, Part 2

Tales of Ba Sing Se

The Beach

Day of Black Sun, Part 2

The Western Air Temple

The Boiling Rock, Part 2

You've probably noticed that a lot of them are Part 2's. Why? BECAUSE I LOVE THEM (if you know Avatar well enough, you'll known that all of those Part 2's have Zuko in them. ALOT) haha. Well, actually they all have Zuko in them ALOT. hehe, especially The Beach. That's one of my personal favorites. He's so CUTE!!! *fangirl squeal*

I didn't really feel like putting the finale in, though. That would be pretty popular but I DON'T LIKE IT. Can you guess why? I'll give you a hint - three letter word. grrrrr. I think I'm gonna make my own Zuko pairing. Does ZuOC sound good? Zutara does have a nicer ring to it, though. And Toko just sounds plain cute. But I'm into Tokka. That's cuter.

Complete list of shippings HERE:

Zutara (my ZuOC is wayyyy better, but if I went around saying that, people would think I was sorta weird...)



Hmmm. I guess that's all. Only shipping for A:TLA because it's awesome. Percy Jackson doesn't have much shipping-ness - you either have Percabeth, or you have something else that's relatively minor.

Hmmm. I had this question hanging around in my mind one day: You have Maiko, Zutara, and Toko, so do you have Suko (suki + zuko)? That would be... um... a very interesting read *nod nod*. I wonder if it exists. yep. Sokka would probably murder Zuko (if he wasn't already with Toph).


I had to have another section for random rants XD

My two other bestest friends are and The first site has lots of stuffs on characters, food, and animals which I found very helpful in writing my stories. The second site has *cue drumroll* TRANSCRIPTS OF EVERY SHOW!! Those are extremely helpful when you write a story that gos along with the episodes, cause then you know what everyone says!!! I couldn't get over how awesomeful that was!!!

Has anyone seen the Chibi Avatar things? Schooltime Shipping, Bender Battle, and Swamp Skiing Throwdown? Go watch them on YouTube!! I cracked up!"Tiny Zuko is so CUTE!!!" - Katara

I was also watching Zutara vids. Love Song Requim (forget who it's by) is really well made and it made me cry!!! The Zutara Mr. and Mrs. Smith trailer is also really good. I saw some of the movie and it was great!!! What's awesome about the trailer is that it's made the same way the real movie trailer is made. PURE GENIUS!!!

Has anyone seen the Avatar movie? It sounds WAYYYYY different! I watched a fight scene between Zuko and Katara on YouTube. It is SOOOOOOOO slow! How the heck do you turn such an epic show into a stupid boring thing!!!! Geez. Some things are just left better animated.

I saw 2012!! On Netflix, lol. I'm scared now! I'M TOO YOUNG TO DIE!!!!!!!!!! NOOOOOO!!!! My mom thinks it will be a great enlightenment and nature will open its gates to us and we will be able to contact other life in the universe. Yeah, she's optimistic like that. I think we're all going to be wiped off the face of the universe and all of the rich people who can afford one billion dollar seats on the submarine ships will live and be happy. Hmmm. Which one sounds more realistic to you? You've been warned!! Everyone must go to Tibet where they're building submarine ships to save the wealthy. "These people have been carefully selected out of hundreds of millions of people by scientists who have decided that their genes are worthy enough to be passed on." *fat official points to a line of men in business suits and women in fancy dresses boarding the ship* It goes something like that. In truth, they're just rich enough. GO TO TIBET!!! You will find the ships there. They call it a dam. *maniacal laugh* that's all a coverup!!! The governments been hiding this from you!!! Charlie the crazy radio guy who lives in a trailer in Yellowstone gave me a map. I will live and YOU will all die!!!!!
I'm sorry. I ate a packet of Starbursts, as well as a mini Crunch bar. I'm being crazy right now. As soon as you get me ranting, I won't stop.

Bye guys!!! Thanks for reading.

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